Thursday 2 April 2020

Muhyiddin is my PM

I have to admit that Muhyiddin has never been my favourite politician.

Maybe it's because I felt that he's a bit "cold" as a person.

Nonetheless, I actually like his people that I know. I had good times with them, particularly when I was in Japan, South Korea and India.

Still, I somehow never really warmed up to Muhyiddin despite meeting him many times over many years including at his home base in Pagoh.

I was not even exactly cheering when he took over as PM after the Pakatan government's collapse that day.

That despite him being the crucial person who got rid off DAP and the gang from Putrajaya.

Then the Covid-19 crisis started.

That's when I began to look at Muhyiddin differently.

Ya, it was just the past few weeks that I really think the guy actually can do the job.

As far as I'm concerned he is doing well under the circumstances.

His team was also not doing badly except for some minor fumbles.

There were criticisms, of course, but that's normal for any government.

Muhyiddin himself seemed to be going all out and the way he carries himself, I believe he does instill confidence that we can beat this Covid-19 enemy.

For me, he's doing and saying the right things, so far.

Not bad at all.

Bear in mind that the guy is 74 and a cancer survivor.

And today he did something which touched my heart.

Despite his tight schedule and pressure of fighting the Covid-19, he still took the time to post this,

Regular readers of this blog should know that I have a weak spot for those with autism and their caregivers.

I'm glad that Muhyiddin as the PM cares about them even during this time of emergency.

Personally, that's the sort of things that count for me.

Back then, I was also grateful to Najib as PM because he and his wife took the initiative to set up Permata Kurnia early intervention center for children with autism.

Well, I hope we all Malaysians could unite behind the current government in this fight against Covid-19.

Forget about politics for now, as we need to save our country first.

I also hope that Muhyiddin will continue to provide good leadership for us all, at least until the fight is over.

Cheers and stay safe everyone.


  1. We will see how muhi handles recession next 2 quarters. Many will be retrenched. It is not what I wish but it is coming. How many can pn put people on government payroll. There will be dwindling tax collection from companies with dwindling revenue. Companies the business entity are also tax payer. If company close down then no tax collection from these companies. Workers with salary below 3k dont pay tax thus no money to government. Companies making profit pay taxes. Biggest collection of taxes are from companies. It is the interest of nation to help companies to survive in order to generate tax collection. Rich people pay more tax, when there are less rich people then less tax collection. You may not like to hear the fact but you cant address the problem without knowing the fact.

    1. Save the people first. No people, no companies.

    2. and where does this companies get their moneys from ?

      business community will do wht they always do. profit above everything else. capitalism to its fullest. devoid of humanity.

      lets not pretend this is about the people getting retrenched.

    3. PETRONAS alone is losing million per day at us$30 perbarrel!!!!1 and how many people on it paycheck

    4. No companies, no work, no food on table, no monies,no pay tax. 6 million rm question. Can Kerajaan provide bantuan to all peoples. Learn from history lah on the fall of past governments in the world. SO dont be simplistic. We are in vicious cirles with detrimental results. Out of the frying pan into the fire for him. Hope he is teflon

    5. Company did not pay but evade taxes. It is the glcs and their and government staff that paid mostly.

  2. reluctant leader usually made for a good leader.

    lets not forget he save us also from pak lah. way i see it, guy never wanted the spotlight but rise to the occasion when people needs him to.

    1. relutanat?????

      Perbincangan mengenai pembentukan Perikatan Nasional telah dilakukan lebih awal, menurut bekas perdana menteri Najib Razak, lapor Reuters.

      Najib dipetik Reuters pada Rabu berkata "perbincangan mengenai gabungan baru telah berlangsung selama berbulan-bulan."

    2. yeah! selamat dari mulut harimau ke dalam mulut buaya!!!!!!

    3. Alo, u obviously r a kid when the tingkat 4 boys run the nation. He was offered the post when pak lah was sacked. He declined.

      Same with pn. Tun would have been pm still if only he agreed to ditch ph.

      If this was rear admiral he would have taken the post before he was offered.

  3. Annie, your fren Adham Baba bans anyone from seeking medical treatment beyond 10km. That idiot forgot about cancer patients. These ppl cannot wait 4 wks for their chemo or radiotherapy and they can't do it at klinik kedihatan either. Are u sure this guy is a doctor?

    1. Im sure with proper documents patients can go ahead and receive treatments.

      Problem with communicating with malaysians where idiots numbers are quite large within the population, the notice need to be short and easy to be understood akin to addressing kids rather than adults.

      Unless u read and hear the statement properly, im sure they add in words like "unless there is emergency" and stuff.

      Otherwise people gets creative with their justifications.

    2. Trying to put the blame on the police & army are we?

      Original instruction:

      Of course after the uproar the idiot minister has amended his instruction. This minister is lucky his KP is a very capable person. Heck, we are lucky the KP is a very capable person.

    3. 11:17

      You got to be an idiot to say write what you wrote.
      Your inability to use your brain is so profound. The petugas PKP have reported many many funny reasons by those stopped at roadblocks. They are not blind, deaf of heartless.

      Please be a little smarter. Or if you want remain dumb, don't show it.

    4. Anon 18:30,

      Your blind faith in politicians are frightening. It is ppl like u that allows billions to be swindled right under their noses.

  4. satu tamparan kat Annine My PieM.
    cantik glamor show pakai "gloves" sekali. dan "masks"
    tak ada sympton tak perlu pakai "masks"

    the government’s assurances of sufficient food supply, saying the people “will tell a different story”.

    Many supermarkets and mini markets have empty shelves with bread and eggs out of stock

    Enough optimistic announcements, go to the ground, group tells govt

    pendek kata "showtimes" is

    1. so many things i can say here. empty shelves could be due to various reason. is it really the supply ? or the mismanagement of the mini markets ? how can u be so sure ?

      things are bound to be imperfect considering the situation. amendments and changes are of course gonna be a new normalcy.

      im not saying the gov is perfect. but u need to be a bit flexible too. this is an uncharted area unprecedented as far as the nation is concern. look at the charts too. we see almost no increase in total confirmed chart which to me is a win.

    2. Anonymous3 April 2020 at 18:04

      do not be lazy like moose
      go to the ground check yourself.

    3. Anonymous3 April 2020 at 19:55,

      what makes u think im not one of the commoners ?

  5. atleast this gov is better than the previous one....and for that reason i am happy and grateful for it....


  6. After a tumultuous week long of political twists and turns, finally we embraced our PM8, maybe not in a celebrative style nor ecstatic mood for some, but to many, that was the best solution to resolve the power struggle impasse. The deadlock had been overwhelmingly dragged for so long which could have created an unhealthy and dodgy situation for the nation at that spell. Thus, a poignant inscription says " better an ending with pain than pain without end," is so true. Grateful that our new PM is no green horn in politics. Hopefully, his vast experiences in administrative governance will help bring forth a better government despite encountering harsh criticism and skepticism. As fate would have it, he is henceforth, almost instantly, put to the test, a fierce one, the Covid-19 crisis to deal with. The outcome of it will definitely determine his future undertakings in the centre of political stage. Well, he may not be perfect, but just wait and see what he has in store for us.

    In his maiden speech, he vowed to be a PM for all the people regardless of race and religion background. That will be another level of challenge. Sometimes, said is easier than done when it comes to walk the talk. Whatever it is, the path that he has chosen will not be a walk in the park nor a bed of roses, or perhaps, the rough and tumble of politics awaits ahead. Only time will tell.

    Truth to be told, thankfully that our PM8 turned out to be TSMY instead of the unbecoming and morally tainted laden person who is now striving hard to put on airs via social media to draw attention and gain support as if he is holier than thou.

    1. wansee c,

      I couldn't agree more. We must realize MY is the longest serving minister in his cabinet by only a 2 years break since fired by MO1. He is no rookie like Annie's friend menteri air panas but has been minister since mid 1980's. That's 35 years la.

      By his appoinment to PM8 the sickly PH politics were locked in the trunk for a while. I am not fond of what has happened that brought about MY's appointment, but Sultan Abdullah knows better to zip the crisis and he chose a former DPM.

      As for how MY handles the Covid-19 pandemic, I'd say he is doing ok. We see his concern for the people. People's lives and ability to weather the pandemic are first priority. Business & economy will be chaotic once the pandemic is over; no doubt. But that is to be dealt with when the time comes.

      So what if Malaysia falls into deep recession ? We adapt la. Correct or not !

    2. annine info your great masters


      Sabah father chases NGO van on a bicycle to beg for help to feed family during MCO

    3. Anonymous3 April 2020 at 15:20
      Alo, u obviously r a kid when the tingkat 4 boys run the nation. He was offered the post when pak lah was sacked. He declined.

      Pak Lah was not sacked. The "croocks" force him to resigned!!!!

      Moo was not offered, old man only asked if Moo wanted to be PieM.

      Probably your still a sperm and eggs then.

    4. 3 April 2020 at 19:59,

      Anonymous3 April 2020 at 15:20
      Alo, u obviously r a kid when the tingkat 4 boys run the nation. He was offered the post when pak lah was sacked. He declined.

      Pak Lah was not sacked. The "croocks" force him to resigned!!!!
      \\ patato potata. unless u wanna get Cambridge dictionary accurate ? i think people is intelligent enough to understand wht im saying

      Moo was not offered, old man only asked if Moo wanted to be PieM.
      \\ patato potata. asked/ offered. what are u ? walking dictionary ? dude.
      if he was asked means he has the blessing of the ruling party. why didnt he said yes if he is so thirsty for power ? more theory from you maybe ?

      Probably your still a sperm and eggs then.
      \\ obviously im not lol

  7. I had the same feeling as yours when comes to Muhyiddin but being an umno member for so long I have come to realised that no matter what you will always side with the winner. I admired Tengku Razaliegh but when Musa Hitam won I began to support Musa Hitam. When Musa Hitam teamed up with Ku Li I supported them but when they lost I moved my allegiance towards Mahathir. I have great admiration for Ghafar Baba but when he lost his position to Anwar you know who I supported. You see, it is a lot easier to console yourself to change side to the winner rather than wasting your time an effort supporting the loser. Making U-turns or changing sides takes a whole lot of principle. Always be with the winner, that's my principle.

    1. I didnt switch to Pakatan when they won GE14.

  8. Anon 12:00
    ...PETRONAS alone is losing million per day at us$30 per barrel!!!! and how many people on it paycheck..

    So now u understand why before GE14 Petronas had RM174 billion in Petronas' cash reserves?

    One clown got excited and within 20 months wallop RM82+billion for god knows what?

    Neway, tens of thousands of emproyment wr terminated when PH took over, did kit siang do anything to help those people then? So whats your plobrem actually? Sikalang corona virus ikut teladan PH la. Mayak jahat kasi semua olang talak kerja. Make sure GE15 never ever vote for corona virus ya!


    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. bet you and your members got take BASAH money from the clown!!!!!

  9. I know there are many DAP people reading this blog, so I will try hard to ignore those idiots.

    Look, if hundreds or thousands of Malaysians die, then they will say the government is useless. Either way, they will criticize. Anyway the opposition is now back at being what they are best at, just a useless barking dog and snorting pigs.

    Thank god for the change in government. If this didn’t happen and we didn’t close our borders, thousands more will die.

    1. got better things to do like play ping pong.

      Northern Malaysia-Thai border to reopen — but only to allow latex imports for rubber glove production

      aiya! anak kera di susu, anak di biar mati kelaparan.
      Two impoverished people attempted to go fishing for food, only to end up with a three-month jail sentence when they were convicted for violating the movement control order and could not pay the fine.

  10. Malay first Pm.....Kg.Baru folks you are slum dwellers..

    1. And u r the fitting room shitters. Dont even clean them afterwards. Dont make dunno only. Filthy bunch

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  12. kena pakai tak kena pakai?????? masks
    nak dengar siapa???? PENING!!!!!!!

    Pematuhan PKP di pasar borong KL tidak memuaskan, kata menteri
    Bernama -April 4, 2020 5:44 PM

    Tahap kawalan dan pematuhan garis panduan yang ditetapkan oleh Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) bagi kawasan kejadian positif Covid-19 di Pasar Borong Kuala Lumpur tidak memuaskan, kata Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan, Annuar Musa.
    Pekerja pasar itu juga tidak memakai sarung tangan, ramai yang memakai penutup mulut dan hidung kain yang tidak memenuhi piawaian KKM