Sunday 5 April 2020

Some only complained, others tried to help

While some complained and demanded bailouts, others took the initiative to help in this Covid-19 war.

This is a good one;

AirAsia launches S.O.S campaign 

to help businesses


It said the campaign would enable merchants whose businesses have been hit hard by measures to contain Covid-19 to sign up at zero commission and zero listing fee to market their products on OURSHOP for the whole of April.
These shops would only be required to cover the banking transaction charges of two per cent for each sale made.
The products that qualify include groceries, daily essentials, food and beverage, beauty products and household items.

I hope AirAsia's effort could also do something about this call for help from me,

Please help our hawkers

For its efforts to help such as this one, I also hope the government could give the airline the loan it needed to survive the pandemic.

Bare in mind that it's not asking for bailout or "direct cash assistance" like others did.

As any other airline in the world at the moment, AirAsia which employs tens of thousands of people needs such an assistance, and for me, it totally deserves it.

Once this pandemic is over, I hope I could afford to take one of the AirAsia flights as a thank you gesture for its positive attitude during this hard time.

Most likely I want to go to Japan again and fulfill my promise to a friend to meet him in Tokyo.


Suddenly, I remembered Japan because my beloved forwarded this to me earlier in the morning.

Ya, I actually imitated the Japanese when I was in their country - I bowed to cleaners, janitors, street sweepers and garbage collectors whenever I encountered them. I also bowed to cashiers, waiters, lift operators etc.

Being polite and around polite people has always been nice.

It may also explains why Japan is clean and has yet to be hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Well, I always learn something good when I visited that country.

But for now, traveling is just a dream.

Okay, time to do some work now.

Cheers and stay safe, okay.

(UPDATED at 14:57)

Just saw this;

AirAsia launches donation drive to support vulnerable communities


All donations will be channeled to social enterprises and charities such as Perak State Parks, SEED Foundation and Beyond Borders Malaysia that provide food and medical aid to Orang Asli families, homeless peoples and refugees.
Donors may make their contributions on AirAsia Foundation’s dedicated fund-raising page at; or at BigPay via the financial app’s P2P transfer option to AirAsia Foundation; or via Local Bank Transfer (available from April 6 onwards).


  1. AA onwers are rich peoples owning football club and hotels etc. Sell of those assets. TAK perlu favor2.utk minta bantuan kerajaan.
    Banyak lagi org miskin perlu bantuan.

    1. I don't really care for AA shareholders but I hope its ten of thousands of employees will not lose their jobs. Again, should be noted that the airline has not been asking for a bailout or cash handout. It just needs a loan to survive Covid-19.

    2. if i am not mistooken in the earlier days, your friens dear annine in the establishment "the ketuanan" BN asking the goverment to shut down AA. Luckly then "atok" Mahathir was the PM. because claim that the MAS is badly affected by unfair competition from AA. but MAS by itself was slow to indulge in e-coomerce. and also many unfair contratcts to cronies for example "Brahmin's foots Industries" which is give more than 200 millions rm as MAS foods caterer. However I wolud like to admit MAS foods is also world class standard.

    3. There are many commercial banks in or out of the country tha AA can go.Govt has limited resources and kena pinjam juga.Tak kan kena cap duit.RM akan jatuh. ALL BIZ should know.As for employees you haveto accept company fails you lost you job that is reality. Tak risau ke MAS employee.

    4. Well, I'm quite sure the government knows why we must still have at least one airline once this pandemic is over and AirAsia is our best bet. They are already about to sell off MAS anyway. Don't worry, I'm confident that AirAsia will pay back whatever loan given to it, asap.

  2. Malaysia is still considered clean. I’ve been to a lot of country, including Japan, and I’m proud to say Malaysia is still clean and Malaysians in general are clean-living people.

    The worst place to live is where people treat their environment like an open air toilet where people non chalantly defecating on the streets, on the beaches and urinating as they please. They eat and sh*t in the same place and lived in filth. Massive piles of garbage everyehere and the people are overpopulated. The country itself is the world’s sewer.

  3. Yup that’s true Annie. The worst complainer of all complainers is the one who consistently undermines, making fun of, mock, thrash anything with got to do with Malay and Islam. Calling the Malay Muslim people the worst possible names. Their achievements, their abilities, their attitude and aptitude ridiculed. Their rights, their privilleges and their affinity to anything religious and spiritual become the subject of his derision and scoffed. What is wrong if they want to be religious?? Depa punya pasal la, bukan depa kacau orang..

    Being in a Muslim-majority country where Islam is the official religion, it’s natural Islam is found in every facet of their everyday’s life. His hatred towards this particular race is unfathomable. Anything they do seem inappriate and wrong in his racist eyes. Throwing expletives at will showing disgust to the Malays and yet picking up verses from the Quran, selectively ostensibly as if he is the true believer of Muslims. Is that a character of a true and well behaved Muslims??

  4. Satu kemudahan terkini by Agrobazaar.. (download Apps). Dengan harapan masalah nelayan2 juga diberi nafas baru yang sama. Syabas dan tahniah!!

    Pai pai pemborong yg songeh dan sombong2. Suka sangat boikot/ugut refused to kutip hasil2 tanaman petani.. sikalang jangan bising orh!!

    Tok Seman Mad senang la sekarang. Bole order online dan hantaran dbuat terus krumah, delivery services FOC pulak tu! Bayangkan fresh sawi bunga satu ikat hanya RM1!!! Ayam dan daging segar2 belaka!!

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. saya ade kat kapit sarawak!!!! boleh tong hantar!!!
      ayam kampong sekilo!!!!!

      tolong ya Prof nasi lemak. dah tiga mingu tak makan ayam kampong

  5. In a stressful situation when deadly coronavirus continues to hover in the atmosphere, the feeling of fear and anxiety keep bottling up inside simultaneously thinking about a bleak economic outlook now and then, can really drive us out of our mind. What makes things even depressing and annoying are those big-headed opportunist politicians, particularly the embittered self-proclaimed PM8, incessantly nitpicking about PN government for not doing much and decent enough, pushing TSMY and his lineup in a tight corner with the intention of finding fault and belittling the shortcoming of the Cabinet. Undoubtedly, this brainless slip-slop would backfire and only make a spectacle or nuisance of himself. Spewing ..war-like-virus from his contaminated mouth would only give rise to the already existing coronavirus even dreadful. So, if he lacks any constructive proposal to offer, just SHUT UP and stop complaining. We have had enough of miseries and are all in dire straits, no one is spared. Of course, these so-called lawmakers continue to enjoy their lucrative incomes while the rest of the people are making every effort to stay afloat, worse still, those underprivileged fail to make ends meet, what's more, during this agonizing period.

    1. hi! annine lebih banyak "saudara" "naturalised" masa depan. jangan malu jemput.
      lebih bagus daripada kaum Dap-pik yang tak kenal budi.

      Biasa datang sekali berapa kapal!!!!!

      Malaysia intercepts boat ferrying 202 suspected Rohingya

      Once just able to get by, forgotten Rohingya workers in KL now in dire straits


  6. Betut-betut- betut ,manyak setuju sama lu punya cekap ,hali-hali cekap itu salah ,itu tatak betut ,tapi tatak idea apa macam mau kasi betut lor rr.

    Tukang kasi olang salah manayk lea aa .

    1. Abu Hafiz Salleh Hudin, head of the PPBM Youth religious bureau,
      said only critical and essential services had previously been allowed
      to operate during the national shutdown.

      He pointed out that thousands of halal and Bumiputera businesses,
      especially in the small and medium industries, had been asked to remain closed.

      Kaput soon!!! macam pengusaha stasyen minyak!!!!!
      di anggarkan daripada lebih 3000 stasyen minyak di Me'sia
      2400 stysen minyak milik orang malayuu punya.

    2. Haiyaa
      Buka bisnes MESTI ada perancangan dn sikit simpanan for contigencies.. macam Petronas beroperasi puluhan tahun b4 GE14 reserve tunai berlambak (tu sekok excitable clown cekop lebih RM82b entah apa la dia berangan nak buat). Masa senang tak ingat dunia ke?

      Toknek makayah bukan warga negara sini ke zaman2 British, Jepun dan Komunis? Steady la.. susah macam mana pun Malaysia akan tetap membangun semula. Itu la budaya dan semangat perjuangan yg kami warisi dari toknek makayah kami..

      Amboi, lembek2 manja2 nuu.. Tu la rakyat no survival skills langsung pasai dapat Menteri jenis macam ni dulu?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  7. pegawai lantikan politik PH ni sudah sabotaj dan beri pengecualian kilang arak...semua lantikan politik haramjadah PH elok diberhentikan serta merta....


  8. Sunday outings land 554 in MCO dragnet, stern action due to Covid-19 hike
    Ha.ha..ha..nasi putih dgn ikan basi pun jadi lah kt luar hanya dpt Maggie jer dah tak tahan lagi lah kot..suasana kurung lebih kurang sama lagi pun polis tak akan pukul kes2 mcm ini...

    banyak kosong ke...pkp kalau lanjut ramai je sukarela penuhkan tu...duk luar pun xde benda nak makan baik masuk lokap

    laaa semua org nak duduk jail,
    sapa tamau makan Nasi FREE,
    duduk kat keluar yg keje gaji hari selalu lapar nasi bab tade keje dan duit.lapar'laparrr

    Broke duo tries to fish for food, lands in police net, opts for jail
    sekurang kurang nya dapat makan nasi baseee.

    cadagang baik untuk bangla dan indon yang kelaparan. masuk lokup. lepas MCO dapat
    tiket percuma balik kampong. belum tentu dapat gaji dari boss terutama kerja kontract

  9. IMF vs BRICS after Covit19 : BRICs Drive Global Economic Recovery.

    Good bye Dollar America.

    The L’Aquila summit might well have been the last G-8 summit of its kind. You’d never guess (thanks to long-standing arrogance and Western egocentricity), but L’Aquila also hosted the heads of government of the emerging nations known as the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, and China).

    From now on we should talk about the G-20 and actually mean what we say, and not simply pay lip service to the idea. Shifting balances of power, economic importance, and geopolitical strategies make this imperative.

    The BRICs, with 40 percent of the world’s population spread out over three continents, already account for 25 percent of global GDP. Last June 16, the BRIC leaders met in Yekaterinburg (Russia), and their meetings also included representatives of the governments of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), whose members include not just China and Russia, but also Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan, in addition to India, Pakistan, Iran and Mongolia as observers. Sooner or later, the economic importance of the BRICs and the SCO will have to be taken adequately into account.

    As I told it before Malaysia must be first active country in ASEAN in to bocome member in BRICS allies.