Tuesday 7 April 2020

Luckily, Kit Siang is not our PM

If Kit Siang is our PM now, we would probably not see this,

Please click on image to read more clearly

That's because

would be to save businesses, not lives.


The DAP stalwart said an economic rescue package to bail out the SMEs must be Muhyiddin’s topmost priority now.

He would have in the first place hesitated to impose the movement control order (MCO) which is bad for businesses.

His next door neighbour with five factories would probably complain that an MCO will cause him losses and Kit Siang would listen to him.

"Aiya...few died only what. Still can do business. Why need to shut down everything. Other countries like Canada also not doing MCO yet what."

I can imagine that kind of talks.

I'm not saying saving businesses is not important, but the priority is to save lives and for that this current government got it absolutely right.

Things would be much worse if the MCO was not promptly implemented that day.

That's why I did this posting which I previously never would have thought of doing,

Again, I have never been a Muhyiddin fan before this Covid-19 war.

That's in case some of you think I'm trying to be cute to the guy.

And I think I got it right when I said in the previous posts that the government is not abandoning anyone in this fight against Covid-19.

That include the businesses.

Yesterday, Muhyiddin announced this,

Special RM10 billion stimulus package for SMEs

But, I bet there will still be complaints of it not being enough.

Ya, that RM10 billion on top of the RM100 billion in loans and guarantees given in previous stimulus package will not be enough for some people.

That's why there are the likes of Kit Siang who think they can do better than this current government.

That despite them having screwed up the government when they were given the chance to prove themselves when voted to power in GE14.

Seriously, I think they should just shut up for now and instead of sounding like stupid start to help the current government in a positive way in this Covid-19 war.

Well, things seemed to look better now as we hang on under this MCO.

InsyaAllah, we will rebuild our country after the war is over.

Stay positive guys.



  1. Dey Annie,

    LKS never had any wish to be PM lah.

    In fact no DAP guys ever wanted to be PM for the herd.

    Please lah......why can't you write something enriching in these gloomy times ?

    It is gloom and doom for everyone.

    Stop the spin.Stop the hate.we are all in it together.

    Grow up and get a life lah.

    If you cannot write something to cheer us up.....just stay away from the keyboard.

    It would do a world of good for everyone.

    1. Eh....I wrote "Cheers" what at the end of the post.

    2. Why so stupid aaar?

      Annie is trying to differentiate what will be the probable actions by DAP lead government under Mahathir against BN lead government under Muhyiddin Bersatu. The latter is more humane..

    3. another raykat supporters aka RB....b

    4. annine learn some new english phrases lah!!!!

      like "up to" rm 1200
      meaning may get "telor" rm or near rm1,200

      then only up to 100 or 500 workers

      pun belum tentu ada "lui".
      sebab kalau ada "lui" sudah banyak B40 boleh ambik dari ATM. tak payah tunggu berap hari lagi

    5. Chow Hingus,

      Who is stupid ?

      What was said was to steer clear from politics during these trying times.

      Do you get it ?

      Anyway,it is no point arguing with donkeys.

    6. Ha ha confirm this is DAP donkey making his round in Annie's blog. I agreed with Chow Hin remarks.

    7. Anon 15.55 wow! You cannot counter Chow Hin opinion and you start throwing your tamper tantrum. What a trash!

    8. wow! chow hin
      a person get another to earn his dole is not more humane.
      better old man derma more "fishes" than "fishing rods"
      no wonder even that viets congs been in war half their life
      more better than indepent 60 years

      a DAP donkey

  2. ahh! annine could be celebrating her new year days in home
    if this keep going!!!

    We have been informed by the ministry that we can currently do 11,500 tests each day. However, only about 20% of these tests are used to look for the spread of the virus in the community. The remainder is used to re-test confirmed cases to determine discharge ability, treatment response and possibly repeated tests for suspected cases that are negative the first time (polymerase chain reaction or PCR tests depend on quality of the sample and have only 60%-70% positivity for nasal swabs or sputum).

    really only 20% of 11,000 test is for new suspected infection


  3. Itu LKS eaa aa ,Wa manyak idola sama lia , lulu sampai sikalang tatak habit cekap maa aa .
    Sikalang pon tatak habit cekap ,hali-hali mesti atak cekap lea aa,sana tatak betut ,sini tatak betut, selupa itu macam Aluar jugak maa aa.

    Pandai cekap punya olang mesti manyak pandai keleja , lespek sama itu Tun M ,sikalang manyak senyap kasi itu TSM buat keleja ,tatak kacau maa aa.

  4. ?????????
    Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the private sector are being urged to donate food staples to residents of buildings in the city placed under the enhanced movement control order (MCO).
    what's most needed was rice, cooking oil, sardine in cans and flour.
    The aid will help feed up to 10,000 people???????

    PRIHITAN bantuan - millions local????????

    The minister said parties who are interested to help should contact the National Disaster Management Agency (Nadma), Welfare Department (JKM) or Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL).
    The flats - Selangor Mansion and Malayan Mansion in Jalan Masjid India - were placed under enhanced MCO after 15 people from the area were diagnosed with Covid-19.
    Foreigners from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan made up the majority of the residents there

  5. However, the two larger groups of employers must demonstrate that their revenues have fallen by at least half since January.

    The subsidy is also only available to companies registered prior to 2020 and limited to Malaysian employees.

  6. What do these raucous duo aka the fraternal twins, lks and erstwhile PM-in-waiting, have in common? Well, you are absolutely right; they share the same 'kiasu' and infallible characteristics. Both sure are birds of a feather flock together. Being together, they ride on the strength of each other to attain their own personal interests. Unmistakably, one of them aiming and longing for the throne for as long as more than 2 decades. It was an unbelievable goddamned wait. Never mind he has the level of God's patience. That is another remarkable trait that nobody can match.

    As for the Covid19 crisis and Prihatin Packages, they provide nothing practical but grouses that come one after another. Who had scoffed at the idea of army deployment? Who had called for an immediate parliamentary meeting amid the spread of coronavirus was soaring? Who had carped about the punishment for the MCO violators was unfairly imposed? And so forth... such nauseating and blaring hullabaloo offers nothing but merely politicking with the intention to convince people that they can deliver better governance. That is the real deal, making a drama out of the Covid19 crisis to manifest their distinctions. Cheap and cynical, what other words can you put up with them? Problem or inconvenience, for once, they should learn the difference. Maybe they deserve some jeers and catcalls just to hold their tongues up. So, SHUT UP! That makes us hole up better at home if we have some peace and quiet.

    1. wansee c....

      I totally agree with you.

      Why not we just be a good citizen, STAY UNITED, STAY AT HOME, SHUT UP and let the authorities do their job for our own safety.

    2. kalau authorities makin bikin makin kurang kovid-19, it ok.
      tapi MCO, banyak duduk rumah#stayhome diam diam kasi jangkit macam tahfiz kat melaka, selangor masion kat jln masjid india, kl.
      so what the point and bisness semakin kurang

  7. Anon 7Apr 14:33

    "SAVE FOR A RAINY DAY".. didik anak2 "SIMPAN" atau "MENABUNG" at least 10% of their monthly pay utk kegunaan keperluan masa2 kecemasan spt wabak COVID 19.

    Takmau abis sja kelija telus menabung beli #Ekor, hali2 belangan mau jadi instant billionaire. Haiyaaa my shop about 10 doors away from SPORTS TOTO, hali2 nampak lamai masuk melabur sana owh! Donwan like that wokay!

    Syabas.. Pasaraya HSA Cheaper Mart. Semoga berjaya.


    Tok Seman Mad dah order home delivery? Sawi bunga hanya RM1 satu ikat.. ayam RM10 sekok bole makan satu famili 4org + 3ekoq kucen kesayangan, segar dan fresh!

    Free delivery sekadar dingdong loceng gate rumah saja dan staff mrk sgt ramah mesra pulak tu. Apa lagi nak??

    STAY SAFE dan
    Yang songeh2

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. dasar "pon-deek" yang pendek akal!!!!!
      BASTARD! hantar bekalan dah tiga hari tunggu kat kapit sarawak sini. kata boleh hantar!!!!
      PON-DEK!!!! haram jadah!!!!!

    2. hoooi!!!! muna-fake!!!!
      kau duk kat luarbandar kampong boleh #styahome
      tapi jangan buat benda tak ber-perikemanusian ambil kesempatan buat naiga

      cari makanan untuk keluarga tenat kelaparan pun masuk
      told of how three refugees looking for food for their families were recently arrested and handed three-month jail sentences for violating the MCO

      food stall operators who normally feed their neighbours quickly found themselves struggling to feed their own families.

      Like many other flats and apartment blocks across the country, the Seri Anggerik People’s Housing Project (PPR) along Old Klang Road in Kuala Lumpur hosts a variety of food stalls

  8. Most people living here are from the B40 income bracket and
    many of them are daily earners who have been affected by the MCO

    B40 kira ok lah itu. tapi "daily earners"???????

    dah 62 years plus 2 years PAKATOON.
    masih kias pagi makan pagi, kias tnegah hari makan petang, kiasa malam, puasa sampai pagi pun nasib!!!!

  9. budak suman ubun lopong .. can u shut up...!! bring yur idola idiot jon doe here...... youuu shut upp..!!

    1. Sangkeng malunya angCOW, dalam terpinga-pinga dan termati pucuk idea, kau terbuat kerja bodoh lajgi bebal sampai menyingkap kain ke atas menutup muka MakNyah kau tanpa sedari kau telah mendedahkan terlopong nganga kemaluan angCOW yg di baeah tuu.....!!

      He he he
      Ho ho ho
      Ha ha ha
      Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi..,.,..

    2. mungkin terlalu banayak kaum "naturalised" yang naik tongkang mali malaya sebab ini

      An NGO voiced concern today that the requirement for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to register with the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) to qualify for government aid will see many Bumiputera businesses left out.

      Majlis Perundingan Pertubuhan Islam Malaysia (Mapim) president said many Bumiputera SMEs have yet to register with LHDN as their revenue is below RM5,000 a month.

      This includes thousands of SMEs under various federal and state government agencies.

  10. Budak suman ni made in Singapork..!!
    Gi berambos ke Singapork Covit19 naik mendadak ... kasi tutup Singapork semua kasi lumpuh ekonomi Singapork super ultra kroni, neposisme lee kwan yew

    Singapork need more super young bravehart like Amos Lee... not like suman u come here buat menyemak di Mesia...... brrambossss

    1. AnonyMOUSE Kejora 14:13...

      Di blog Shahbudin tak sudah2 kau serang aku dgn eksyen angCOW macam bagus....

      Kau berPANTAToon…
      Mmg 9/6/18 nk ke JB Kejora punya rancangan
      Niat mau lanyak ganyang Suman kedi bajingan
      Tapi sblm itu pd bulan Mei, Kejora kemalangan
      Trselamat lah Suman dr Kejora pnya penangan
      Kah kaahh kaahhhh kaaahhhhh kaaaahhhhhhh

      Kemalangan kepala lutut kamu – itu jelas2 KETAKUTAN…..?!

      Apakah PANTAToon Biadab & Angkuh beginian yg kau lontarkan di blog Shabudin mempunyai nilai2 keperibadian luhur, patuh agama, berpendidikan, bertamaddun dan boleh dipercayai.....

      Pantun2 cgu Kejora terus masuk menjunam
      Spt anak panah, dii kepala Suman terbenam
      Menderita tersiksa lah, ini bangsat jahanam
      Dia terus biol mereng, hanya tau kata 9 hb 6
      Kah kaahh kaaahhh kaaaahhhh kaaaaahhhh
      4 May 2018 6:24 pm

      Suman bapok jgn pulak buat aku hampa
      9/6 di Pdg Dtrn JB aku cabar nak jumpa
      Jam 11.00 mlm, jgn pula nak buat2 lupa
      Lps ko tumbang bini kau aku akan terpa
      Kah kaahh kaaahhh kaaaahhhh kaaahhh
      4 May 2018 6:48 pm

      9th of June I feel really eager waiting
      11.00 pm, with damn Suman fighting
      Kah kaahh kaaahhh kaahhhh kaaahh
      4 May 2018 6:55 pm

      9 Jun, Suman bapok akan merasa perit
      11.00 mlm di Pdg JB, hamba akan jerit
      Kah kaahh kaaahhh kaaaahhhh kaahh
      4 May 2018 7:00 pm

      09 June 2018, to JB I am going to drive
      At 11.00 pm, Othaman will hardly strive
      Kah kaahh kaaahhh kaaaahhhh kaaahh
      4 May 2018 7:11 pm

      9 June Suman’ll be amazed with my stunt
      I’m going to chase him everywhere he run
      Then I will grab her wife and fuck her cunt
      Sure it’ll be tasty, smooth soft like spong
      Kah kaahh kaaahhh kaaaahhhh kaaaahhh
      4 May 2018 7:19 pm

      9 Jun nak ajar Suman, kuli mamak tongkang
      Bapok kedi tua ini pasti le akan terbongkang
      Kah kaahh kaaahhh kaaaahhhh kaaaaahhhh
      4 May 2018 7:30 pm

      Tak abis2 Kejora pengecut berauta temberang dgn PANTAToon sampah.
      AngCOW masih juga berdenial syndrome dgn alasan PKP & angan2 mat jenin kau tuu.
      Mana nak letak muka kau, Kejora musibat……??

  11. Tuuu dia - 14:13 sekor Tikus AnonyMouse yg tak dapat terima hakikat Borosmah Najib (BN) & Unscrulous Macai2 Najib Organization (Umno) bukanlah lagi powerhouse di Malaysia.

    Bersatu memang2 jelas Powerhouse terkini, sampai2 Spore pun ikut sama memberi cash handout S$600 kpd setiap warga negara mereka.

    TSMY is the Man after TDM. And finally,TDM is now smiling, proud & satisfied with what his successor, TSMY been performing.

    Bersatu memang Ampuh.
    Bersatu kita teguh...!!

    1. Just fancy that....!!

      Tun Dr Mahathir is the only 2X Prime Minister and ruled Malaysia for 22 years 22 months - a feat that no one can emulate....!!


    Private doctor tells Noor Hisham and team to leave their ‘ivory towers’, says MoH failed frontliners

    1. Why don't the private doc himself helps, since he is not too busy? If the DG has to go check each hosp himself, what is the use of the hosp pengarah? Makan gaji buta?

    2. perhaps he is the one whose "child" is a doctor in a goverment hospital informing what is happening.

      11 millions PPE coming!!!!! heard since last not know when.
      but thanking PPE donations from kind individuals!!!!!
      just go see at HKL. not too far right!!!!
      reagent also for 5 more days!!!!! sabah take not sure like more than one week to get new supply and many europe country and us need reagents. if the china syatian coutry sole producer!!!! in the long haul!!!! maybe foreign montori can night call his china friends!!!!!

    3. Anon 8Apr 19:07
      Haiyaa lu tatak tengok ini?


      Belita cakap, lebih 90 libu pelancong China + India masuk tatak lekod keluaq negala. Anih airport system pula losak so taktau mungkin lamai lagi berjaya selit masuk?

      Itu time PH mayak syiok hapi lai lai pelancong China $$$$ lai lai maa!!

      Katakalooo lia olang sakit mesti cali private hospital. Mau contact tlacing mesti ciakap PUSING2 BOHONG macam perangai PH. Kasi susah semua olang. Mayak cilaka.

      Sikalang kematian COVID 19 sudah 65 olang jangan mau ciakap banyak2.

      TIAM TIAM and yg songeh2 just
      SHUT UP

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    4. Dr Musa is a PH fanboy. Still very upset with his beloved DAP kicked out of Gomen. See link below for more;

  13. takda masalah cari masalh. kovid-19 dah setengah, embassy just [angil "deport" aje. apa susah. bangla alone 1 millions. nightmare!!!!
    Kedutaan asing perlu bertanggungjawab menjaga kebajikan warga masing-masing yang tinggal dalam bangunan
    di Masjid India yang terlibat Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Dilanjutkan (PKPD).

    97 peratus penduduk dalam Selangor Mansion dan Malaya Mansion adalah warga asing, dan kebajika
    mereka perlu dijaga oleh pihak kedutaan.


  14. Ketika PKP, ketua bahagian Bersatu Pahang dipanggil berkumpul di KDN

    Ketika rakyat dilarang dari membuat sebarang perhimpunan, kesemua 12 ketua bahagian Bersatu Pahang dipanggil ke Kementerian Dalam Negeri Isnin, 6 April lepas.

    Mereka diberikan pengecualian khas melalui satu surat yang ditandatangani oleh Setiausaha Politik kepada Menteri Dalam Negeri, Seyed Amir Muzakkir bin Sayed Mohammad.

    Surat dari pejabat KDN kepada ketua bahagian Bersatu Pahang.

    Menurut surat kuning yang menggunakan kepala surat Kementerian Dalam Negeri itu, semua pihak diminta memberikan kerjasama agar memberikan “Pengecualian kawalan pergerakan bagi menghadiri urusan rasmi di Kementerian Dalam Negeri”.

    Nota : Sokong saja KDN beri kebenaran pada ketua bahgian Bersatu jika tujuan untuk kalahkan Mukhriz dalam pemilihan presiden. Hapuskan legasi tak guna ini lebih bermakna dari PKP.

  15. Pakej ransangan 20 billion Tun Dr. Mahathir kerajaan PH.

    Dr. Mahathir juga tidak kesah kalau ada peniaga-peniaga kraftangan, pakaian, pengusaha bengkel kereta, bengkel motor, pekerja kilang yang akan kehilangan pendapatan mereka bila kerajaan terpaksa melaksanakan arahan PKP seperti sekarang ini.

    Bagi Dr. Mahathir, RM100 dan dicampurkan dengan E-Tunai RM50, sudah lebih dari cukup untuk menampung keperluan rakyat B40 sepanjang tempuh wabak Covid-19 menular!!!

    Mungkin ada yang kata, masa itu arahan PKP belum dikeluarkan, betul, tapi kita jangan lupa, ketika itu Covid-19 sudah menular ke sebahagian besar Asia Tenggara.

    Ketika itu China sudah mengarahkan 'total lockdown' di hampir keseluruhan negara China dan kebanyakan negara Asia Tenggara sudah menutup pintu masuk mereka.

    Malah ketika itu, WHO sendiri sudah memberikan amaran kepada Malaysia supaya bersedia.

    Mengapa Dr. Mahathir terlalu zalim dengan golongan B40 ini?

    Kerana dalam kehidupan, beliau tidak pernah merasa susah.

    Jadi tidak usahlah terpedaya dengan cerita-cerita sendu Dr. Mahathir kononnya ketika kecil kehidupan beliau sangat daif, sampaikan nak makan mee goreng mamak pun tidak dapat kerana tidak cukup duit.

    Gunakanlah rasional akal kita yang waras.

    1. Bukan ke dia bela bbrapa ekoq kuda? Klo betul, maintain sekoq RM150 sehari pun tak cukup kan?

      Lain la Tok Seman Mad yg jaga kandang kuda FOC. Tahi kuda guna sbgai baja utk tanaman lobak belakang kandang, oso FOC.

      Isssh. Tak bole pikiaq. Budak ni 17tahun, bukan PM bukan DPM bukan medic doctor tapi mulai December 2019 dah dapat ramal akan keganasan virus COVID 19!

      Moh kita tengok sumbangan dia kepada DUNIA ini pun FOC. Maluuu yg konon power2 pangkat tinggi2 latar belakang doktor2 gaji elaun puluhan libu2, bulan Feb 2020 masih blur lai lai pelancong dari negali China $$$$???


      Yang si Saddiq tak pasai2 dok kalut cari duit RM250K dia?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Seorang lelaki dihukum penjara empat hari oleh Mahkamah Majistret di sini hari ini selepas mengaku bersalah ingkar Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP).
      Terdahulu, tertuduh memberitahu mahkamah dia keluar rumah mencari besi buruk untuk dijual bagi membeli makanan.

      more will die from starvation than from the virus.
      a Taiwanese doctor, said that
      it is easier to control viral diseases in countries with hot weather
      and said that Malaysia is “embarrassing” itself for failing to contain it

    3. Compressor naik lemak....

      AngCOW nak merepek-merabanlah, terpekik-terlolonglah...

      Ujung2, botom line.....

      Kini Bersatu pemimpin, memimpin bukan dipimpin.
      Bersatu memang Ampuh.
      Bersatu kita teguh…!!

      Oh yess, what ever it is, the fact remains….

      Tun Dr Mahathir is the only 2X Prime Minister and ruled Malaysia for 22 years 22 months – a historical feat that no one can emulate nor surpass….!!

      I reckon the numerical no. 2 is predestined to be Lucky Numbers for The Grand Old Statesman and augers very well to his political ahievement and career.

      Good day & Salam Nisfu Sya'ban.

  16. Look, our greatest gaffer chief of all time, YB (Yang Bising) lks, has once again come up with yet another far-fetched proposal to call for an emergency sitting to discuss an exit plan to restart the economic engine once the MCO is lifted. Does he not keep abreast of the current pandemic situation where more areas are to be put under enhanced MCO? He simply has to hog the limelight, doesn't he? Making himself politically relevance or intending to ruin the PN plans in handling Covid19? Totally oblivious of the risks at stake and the lives of people. Why the hurry? Why pluck the fruit before its due time? Wait la until thing improves a bit. Knock some sense into him if he refuses to seal his lips up, will you, Annie?

    1. sad! lks and atok will be around long period. is lum ker sial
      kanser progresss.
      atok aand lks tak buat tik tok bahaluu "ke sana, ke sini"
      #cukuplah, #stopMCO, #notmyfault

  17. Covit19 Kamu bukan penjenayah. Kamu langsung tak bersalah - Najib

    Kamu akan dilayan baik.

    Diberi saringan percuma oleh KKM jika memenuhi syarat.

    Diberi rawatan rapi percuma yang sepatutnya, warded jika perlu. (makan 6 kali sehari.. mcm duduk asrama..!!)

    Diberi tempat khusus untuk menginap dan makanan percuma selama 14 hari jika diperlukan untuk kuarantin diri. (WiFi percuma beb..!!)

    Dan jika kamu menjalankan kuarantin diri dengan baik kamu telah menjalankan tanggungjawab kamu untuk melawan wabak Covid.

    Kamu antara mereka yang akan menyelamatkan negara.

    Berhubunglah dengan KKM melalui hotline mereka dengan segera jika risau kamu ada kemungkinan telah dijangkit Covid.

    Duduk dan tunggu di rumah untuk KKM datang.

    Berilah kerjasama penuh kepada mereka.

    Mereka akan layan kamu dengan sebaik-baiknya.

    -Malaysia Gazzette-

    Hotline Covid KKM:
    03-8881 0200
    03-8881 0600
    03-8881 0700

    “Jika Cakap Kencang Tidak Boleh Menyumbang, Jangan Jadi Pengacau”


    Sumber : Najib Razak

    1. adoi!
      nasihat najib tolong cari sumber reagents untuktest covid-19.
      besok habis reagent "'zero" pula kes jangkitan baru!

    2. JUST FANCY THAT....!!

      TUN Mahathir;
      Wawasan 2020

      1 Malaysia

      Stay at home

      Wowwwm - it's incredible....
      Come 2020, 1 Malaysia Stay At Home

  18. Unknown9 April 2020 at 06:22
    Belita cakap, lebih 90 libu pelancong China + India masuk tatak lekod keluaq negala.

    ayam china doll pun dah 100 ribu!!!!
    banyak siok itu HAMNO belia pi main kat karaoke!!!

    gua dapat berita palsu silikalang mula import "itik" china boys!!!!!
    "semburit" monroti kanan dah puas dengan budak "cut/sunat"
    nak try "uncut" ber"palat" debub debub

  19. Prof Nasi Lemakk,Wannssee
    dengar kata Askar Tanah Melayu di bomb air kenncing di Selangor Mansion. berani tak go and tunjuk "kkejantan-an" anti jati melayu. Dah lah PATI kurang ajar pula. Jangan hanya berrani dengan Lim Kit Siang dan Lim Guan Eng

    same with you Annine

    1. Anon 05:21

      Tak payah dok pi menyebuk sana. Pandai la ATM/Polis ajaq mereka NANTI. Famili hang takde dlm Askar atau Polis ke?

      PRIORITY skrg perang Covid 19 dulu. Bab kemanusiaan diutamakn..

      Yang golongan PATI2 tak lama lagi kan kena hantaq balik negala masing2.. pasti sdg mengalami mental stress. Tambah lagi yg guna dokumen palsu!!! Mau lari mana lagi? Kawat besi sudah keliling bangunan!

      Klo bab biadab tak helan gua.. ikut teladan perangai Wakil kawasan mereka. Itu la penghuni warga kota yg kamu semua megah sgt2 kekekeke populated by warga asing full of PATIs!!!

      LKS? LGE? Klo tak bg peluang berkuasa selama 20 bulan, dunia tak akan dapat saksi betapa persembahan wayang mereka. Bole bagi gelaran Tokey lelong dan tokey buang kerja rakyat. Elok suruh meleka lua olang luluk lumah tiam tiam.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  20. Wake Up Malaysia its time joint BRICS members... no more US Dollar trading

    BRICS digital currency would likely be used to facilitate trade transactions. No more IMF , World Bank, Dollar and Oligarth elit comunity.

    The New Development Bank was set up in 2015 with initial capital of $50 billion by the BRICS countries -- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - as a counterweight to the International Monetary Fund. (IMF)

    BRICS and the Digital Money Project: Alternative to US$, New Wave in International Payment System? BRICS New Development Bank focus on off-US Dollar currencies as major currency. No more US Dollar..!!

    Russia began developing a national payment system as an alternative to the Belgium-based SWIFT financial code messaging service in 2014 after Western sanctions were imposed on Moscow. Russia says BRICS nations favour idea of common payment system widely.

    Russian Central Bank governor Elvira Nabiullina said earlier this year that its independent protocol would be ready to replace SWIFT code and counter the possibility of Russia being cut off from the global payments network.

    China, India, Iran and Turkey are said to have held talks with Russia over joint use of the new financial messaging system without SWIFT protocol code.

    China operates the Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS), developed as an alternative or redundancy option in the event that Chinese banks lose access to the Swift network.

    The BRICS association of major emerging economies has discussed developing a digital currency to ease trade in the bloc and reduce its reliance on U.S. dollars in settlement.

    In 2019 Russia, Brazil, India, China and South Africa were planning to issue their own digital money in order to reduce the share of payments in the US currency. BRICS countries are reducing the share of settlements in dollars. In Russia, over the past five years, the dollar`s share in foreign trade payments has decreased from 92% to 50%, and the ruble has increased from 3% to 14%.

    The efficient BRICS payment system can ensure stability of payments and investments between BRICS member countries that generate more than 20% of the global inflow of foreign direct investment.

    The new payments system, which would use members’ national currencies, appears in part to be aimed at reducing BRICS nations’ reliance on the U.S. dollar, and perhaps boosting the Russian ruble’s role in trade.

    Dmitriev said BRICS has already reduced its use of USD in settlements over the last five years from 92 to 50 percent, while ruble-based transactions climbed from 3 to 14 percent.

    BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and Asian countries have become more integrated into the world economy, they have become 'increasingly awareness' of fundamental problems or challenges in the new current International Monetary System (IMS).

    The project, already launched in 2012, will support innovative research on: first, views from the BRICS and Asian countries on the systemic problems that are pushing countries to seek international monetary reforms.

    Wake up Malaysia..!! This is a time Malaysia should joint BRICS member actively to become role model in ASEAN country to redollarisation currency transation among members in Southeast Asia.

    This is a time make monetary war in US Dollar. USA will bangkrupt nation without Dollar currency in world monetary transation.