Wednesday 1 April 2020

Kit Siang's topmost priority if he's PM during Covid-19 war

According to this story,
the government’s move to provide RM100 billion in credit and guarantees for SMEs was not enough.

SME Association of Malaysia president Datuk Michael Kang was quoted as saying that what is needed isn't more loans but direct cash assistance.

I think this is something like asking for BR1M (or whatever they called it nowadays) for the SMEs.

Hmmm....RM100 billion in credit and guarantees are not really enough help.

Okay, whatever. I'm okay with the government helping everyone, provided it has the money for it.

After all, government's money is people's money.

At least, the SMEs are asking for help by not bashing the government for helping the B40 group like some people as I highlighted in this post,

No need for hate-mongering during this Covid-19 war

Well, maybe the SME owners are also desperate to feed their families like the B40 people.

But then again, DAP supremo Kit Siang was also quoted in the report as saying this,


“As I know a lot of SME is facing the same problem. My next door neighbor has 60 workers, five rented factories and some installment paying machinery,” read one of the quotes.
“He needs RM300k every month. At 42, his 15 years of hard work is going to be wiped off if lockdown continues.”
The DAP stalwart said an economic rescue package to bail out the SMEs must be Muhyiddin’s topmost priority now.

So, Kit Siang is saying that Muhyiddin's topmost priority as PM now is to rescue SMEs owned by people like his next door neighbour, a 42-year-old businessman who after 15 years now has 60 workers, five rented factories and some installment paying machinery.

I do wonder exactly how dire is the guy's situation. Does he still have food for his family at home now or does he have any savings to tide things up till the end of this pandemic?

Really? Can't use his savings to save his SME?

Those 60 workers, are they locals or foreigners?


I don't know about you, but no matter how it's put, I still think the guy is above the level of the hawker whose story I highlighted in this posting,

Please help our hawkers, don't hate Taiwan

And that hawker was not even really asking the government for "direct cash assistance" and instead just asking for his community to continue buying food from him and the other hawkers so that they could survive the pandemic.

Well, Kit Siang thinks helping his SME owning neighbour and people like that is government's topmost priority now. That puts helping the hawkers definitely not his topmost priority then. 

For me, the government's topmost priority now should be to stop the spread of this Covid-19 pandemic. The rest are important too but can come later. 

If the government can stop Covid-19, then I'm sure it can also help the SMEs, hawkers, Makcik Kiah and the rest of us.  


  1. Look at all these damned capitalists. They were so greedy and smug about controlling the price and sucking the ordinary peoples blood.

    It was never about saving their employers. It is always about saving their bussines, keep on profitting.

    Now they demand these ordinary peoples money to bail them out. Where tht money they worship so much ?

    To quote someone:
    If capitalist is so great, why do they need socialism to bail them out every 10 years.

    1. Kit Sial is nyanyok. annine maybe can score some brownies points by quoting kit sial. luckly unlike her ex-sister bloggers "hilang ang" she never longing for anna yeoh pussy!!!!!

      while look like this year raya continue lock down with this type of mentality knowing a virus is around still

      A 22-year-old Malaysian woman, who participated in an international tabligh gathering in Delhi, has tested positive for Covid-19, according to the Times of India.

      hope tuhan lebih sayang ia di India. giving end-less troubles

  2. where is dong zhong....what is dong zhong contributing ? or what is dong zhong demanding at the moment ?

  3. Kit siang is just pure stupid..why do u even quote n right the rubbish came out from his mouth annie..really waste of time


    BOTH LIKE MCO!!!!!!

  5. Haiyaa. 2,908 infected and oredi 45 deaths!

    Kalau his friend tak mampu tutup sja bisnes.. sapa suruh buka factory banyak2? Kan itu satu kawan pandai lelong aset, jual sja la factories sure can cover all his debts. Own business pun mau kasi PN gomen pening kepla ke? If still got no money ask him to apply for BRIM.

    Wabak COVID 19 is far from over, everyone sacrificing their tenaga, masa dan nyawa to help fight the virus. 32m rakyat lain PN gomen trying hard to ensure food on their tables. PATI and refugees some more.

    Coronavirus started as early as Dec 2019, PH lai lai China tourist skrg virus sudah merebak bikin satu negara susah ini Apek masih tak sedaq diri lagi ke?

    Anwar desperate nak bahas RM250b yg sekok sibuk hilang RM250K.. Really sickening people.


    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Masaalahnya.. Prof. bangang... Kerajaan tak benarkan Kilang-Cina tutup-bisness atau buang-pekerja. Maklumlah ramai pekerja-Melayu yang cari-makan bekerja di Kilang-kilang milik Cina. Sebab tu Pakej Ransangan Ekonomi bagi subsidi RM300 untuk majikan bayar-gaji pekerja selama 3 bulan.

      Bukan setakat buang-pekerja, nak potong-gaji pekerja pun, Kerajaan Tebok-Atap tak benarkan.

      Kilang 'own business' milik-Melayu yang hasilkan jus atau tonik/minuman kesihatan dan kecantikan bagaimana? Tak 'peningkan kepala gomen Tebuk-Atap ka?

    2. RD owh RD. door neighbor has 60 workers, five rented factories and needs RM300k every month???.. satu kilang 12 pekerja sja? Kilang apa tu? Buat kereta terbang atau kilang chopstick?

      Klo pi kawasan kilang bangla, nepal, mynmmar, indon berlambak tau!

      Hang tau dak BN buka Petronas saja bole mengaji 48,001 olang! Tu tak termasuk bisnes2 downstream berkaitan!

      5 buah kilang 60 pekerja kepoh semacam la kamu ni.Hang better dok rumah dok diam2 and SHUT UP!

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  6. Don't be bothered by LKS's old-school and outdated political tricks. That is his typical way of survival skills in politics. Everyone thought that he has already vanished in the thin air since Tun M did not pass the throne to his designated successor as promised. Now, look at him, barking up to the wrong tree to call for an urgent debate on RM250 billion economic stimulus package while the government is immersed cracking on the spread of virus transmission. What priority does he have in his mind? politicking or people's life or his personal interest? What a pathetic wheeze!

  7. Ok, let SME collapse. Then all the monkey workers will have no jobs and no income.

    1. In capitalism, new factories will appear. Survival of the fittest meh.

    2. sepet monkey been walking around claiming they are the better human being needing no bail out. the 1st sign of trouble itu duit rakyat jgk ma mau cekau. can see their true color.

      what a joke hahaha.

  8. Ali: Maaak ada orang kat luar rumah!
    Mak: Apa dia nak?

    Ali: Dia kata kilang dia dah tutup. Dia nak mintak tongkat.
    Mak: Haah. Bagi tongkat atok engko tu yang bawah tangga.

  9. Kilang tutup,pekerja balik negeri la. Lagi apa mau ? Tokeh jual 3 kilang, lagi 2 boleh cari makan ma. Kalau tak boleh jugak, jual lagi 1 la. Tinggal 1 pelan2 anak beranak bikin la. Macam tak biasa ! Kalau tak boleh jugak, mintak BSH la. Kerajaan gerenti kasi punya.

    If you want to complain, there are plenty to complain about. But if you are greatful, there plenty more to be grateful about.

    The priority today is to fight Covid-19 first. So have a little patience la, LKS neighbor! Jurucakap neighbor ni pun apa punya nyanyok da.

    1. SEE!
      Ismailk Soobri: No word if MCO to be extended yet again, up to Health Ministry
      hope that after the "blood-bathe" annine can lent a "shoulder to cry on" or "at least a sympathetic ears"to "the litle boy from Loke Yew flats"!!!!!!!
      MOH should continue two more week till mid rahmadan. then pass PieM baton to Najii. moose shortest history PieM



    Professor Nasi Lemak.