Monday 28 October 2019

Workers protests at Forest City, only Chinese newspapers interested?

Saw this story by Nanyang yesterday,

You all can read it in full at

It happened on Friday.

I tried to find the story in the English and Bahasa Malaysia publications but can't find any.

So, let me give you all some details about it based on the Nanyang's report;

1. A group of construction workers made up of locals and Chinese nationals, gathered at Forest City, Johor in the morning of (25th Oct) Friday.

2. They were there  to demand for arrears of payment from the main contractor for renovation works carried out on a project.

3. The workers, who were employed by a sub-contractor hired by the main contractor engaged by Forest City have not been paid their salary.

 4. As their repeated request for payment went unheeded, the group decided to launch a protest. 

5. It was learnt that the sub-contractor had claimed that it has not been paid for three months for the work done by the main contractor, named by Nanyang as Lijie International Construction Development (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

6. The protesting workers were about to take out their banners when staff from the Forest City sales gallery, together with the company's security team stopped them.

7. Forest City in a short statement said the company had duly paid Lijie  in accordance with the contract and that the dispute was not directly related to the Forest City project or the developer.  

8. The statement also added it was sympathetic with the plight of the affected workers and will help them to resolve the matter.

9. A Labour Rights Service Station have been set up since beginning of the month to ensure swift coordination of such disputes, the Nanyang report says.

My questions ;

1. Is Forest City going to claim it is being “victimised” again or it just doesn’t know how to pick contractors of integrity, at least one that can manage sub-contractors payment on time? Or is there something else going on?

2. Why this kind of pay dispute drama involving the company which is managing Forest City keeps happening? The last previous two were on October 16 involving the Central Park project and on September 7 involving another project at Forest City. Both incidents were reported by the Chinese newspapers.

3. Who are actually these "main contractors" appointed by Forest City who kept failing to pay the sub-contractors causing workers not being paid their salaries? Are they Malaysians or from mainland China? What is their real connection with Forest City?

I hope the English and Bahasa Malaysia media, will take interest in this and find answers to those questions.

I'm not sure why they didn't report the story so far.

I talked with a Johor-based journalist friend working for one of the Chinese newspapers about it and this is what he said;

"It has happened so many times that probably the English and Bahasa Malaysia media have became accustomed to such workers protests at Forest City that they don't feel the need to report it.  Either that or they are still hoping to get advertisement money from the property giant, and therefore don’t cover such news."

Of course he said that in Chinese. I just translated it.

Well, I think the authorities should have a look into it.

After all, this is Malaysia Baru and that is Forest City which was a big issue in the run-up to GE14.

Remember this?

And here is a video of one of those workers protests,


  1. Hahahahaha...kena kencing juga ka..

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    2. Typical "Mak Enon" with her bloody loudmouth asked for it and she got it from Annie.

      He he he


      Multi-billion ringgit Forest City project is indeed in big trouble.....!!

      An ambitious US$100 billion (RM414 billion) island city, built off Johor has found itself in troubled waters - mega project that Borosmah Najib (BN) govt projected to make personal profitering and to pay off debts from 1mdb & SRV massive scandals.

      The project, which is on the pretext to house up to 700,000 people once finished in 2035, was developed by Hong Kong-listed real estate giant Country Garden and a firm partly owned by a powerful Malaysian Sultan.

      Sadly, the development, which boasts international schools, shopping malls, hotels and even an immigration centre, was troubled from the start.

      Clearly it seeems that clampdown on capital outflows from China hit demand, while it became a lightning rod for public anger at growing Chinese influence in Malaysia under the government of BN (Borosmah Najib).

      Also not forgetting, environmentalists have warned times and times that dumping sand to reclaim land for the city could destroy marine life.

      Prior to GE 14, Tun Mahathir has hit out at foreigners buying apartments at the vast development, which is threatening to add to a glut of new residential property in southern Malaysia.

      Locals are unlikely to buy or stay there due to high prices and its relatively remote location, while foreigners do not automatically get long-stay visas by buying a property.

      With the shock defeat of Borosmah Najib (BN’s) government in May last year, what Tun predicted has proven to be true that Forest City could become big wastage - white elephant.
      Itulah padahnya tak nak dengar cakap orang tua....!!

      Tun much earlier had made some of his strongest comments on the development, saying he objected to the project because it was “built for foreigners, not built for Malaysians. Most Malaysians are unable to buy those flats” - i.e. Melayu and ordinary Malaysians only mampu tengok saja. He he he, padan muka kita...!!


      Perkara ini akan saya jadikan modal untuk kempen di Tg Piai di warong2, kedai2 makan & pasar, khususnya pd makcik2 & pakcik2. Anak2 pun dah setuju untuk sponsor homestay di sana.

  2. Huru hara negara bawah PH. Dulu Ustaz-Ustaz yg sokong PH seperti Maza dan Rora dah berpaling. Ramai penyokong mereka juga akan turut serta. Manusia ni tak kenal yg baik sebelum melihat yg buruk. Dulu PH boleh temberang apa saja sampai khinzir pun boleh terbang. Kini kerosakan dan keburukkan PH depan mata. Kencing dah tak laku. Namun pemimpin PH ini masih hidup pada takuk lama. Teruskan kencing tanpa hirau masaalah sebenar yg timpa rakyat. Ada pendokong taksub mereka seperti John Doe, Pak Othman dan Kluangman yg akan hirup segala najis Tun dan PH seolah madu...

    1. Jebon..Jebon..

      Apa yg kau merepek nih, - yg mula buat hal sampai tersebar meluas memalukan di media2 utama seantero dunia tuu, siapa....??

    2. PH dah nazak Pak Othman. Keadaan negara baik dari segi ekonomi, politik atau social dah merudum. Baru ni Prof cina yg dulu pendokong tegar kini mengelar PH 'bencana yg tak dibendung'. Cukuplah dengan bodek orang tua tu. Cukuplah hina PAS dan UMNO. Kembalilah ke jalan yg benar...berapa lama lagi nak hidup dalam 'denial'?

    3. Aaperrr, Pas melepas..umno umnongok kuno tuu, kerr...??

      Hiiihhh..SELISIH Malaikat 44...!!

  3. Thanks Annie.

    Owing money and delaying payments has become increasingly common in Malaysia Baru.

    For the first time, a fairly large medical devices and equipment distributor owed my friend's company which supplies them nine months in arears. He had to tell them to start paying up of no more supply.

    Many escalators and lifts in LRT and monorail stations in the Klang Valley have been "under repair" for many months now.

    Our economy is in bad shape in our "New Malaysia" promised land.


    Ketua BERSATU Bahagian Tanjung Piai, Karmaine Sardini, diumumkan sebagai calon Pakatan Harapan pada PRK Parlimen Tanjung Piai, 16 November ini mendatang.

    Karmaine, 66, adalah bekas guru di Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Teluk Kerang, Tanjung Piai sebelum meneruskan pelajaran dalam bidang seni bina di Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) dan Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM).

    Beliau yang juga anak kelahiran Peradin,Teluk Kerang, Tanjung Piai, kemudian berkhidmat sebagai pembantu teknik dan arkitek di Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur DBKL dari 1978 hingga 1990.

    Karmaine kini adalah seorang ahli perniagaan juga pernah dilantik Majlis Agama Islam Johor (MAIJ) sebagai Imam Masjid Al-Mutaqqin, Taman Sutera, Johor Bahru. Beliau juga penerima Anugerah Ibu Bapa Mithali Peringkat Daerah Johor Bahru pada 2009.

    Karmaine juga adalah bekas Bendahari UMNO Bahagian Tanjung Piai sebelum meninggalkan parti itu dan terbabit sebagai antara pengasas terawal BERSATU Tanjung Piai.

    Beliau sebelum ini bertanding bagi kerusi Parlimen Pontian pada PRU 14 namun tewas tipis kepada Mat Malasan (BN-UMNO).

    Puak Ntah Aper2, "Dolat Terpendam-pendam" camne agaknyer, masih terkial-kial, terkemut-kemut, tarik tali dgn mca ker....??

    Portal talibarut umno, mykemut pun sehingga kini terkemut-kemut diam seribu bahasa.

    He he he

    1. what is this red bean babi othman trying to say ?

    2. Mak Enon oiiii....

      Bengap sangat kerr, tak faham2 jugak....??

      Oklah, diulangi biar jelas & faham.....

      "Dolat Terpendam-pendam Ntah Aper2" pegangan Pasumno, camne agaknyer yer, sampai saat ini masih jugak terkial-kial..terkemut-kemut, tarik tali dgn mca ker....??

      Portal talibarut umno "mykemut", pun sehingga kini diam membisu seribu bahasa.

      He he he

  5. Undilah Karamel ikan Sardin wakakakakk

    1. "wakakakakk" sah2 stigma si bacol pengecut, "TikUS AnonyMOUSE Kejora Musibat" yg sering menyamar pelbagai nama samaran di sana sini.

      He he he

    2. Anon 22:28
      Kucen2 sya hidangkan Friskies Sardine/Tuna in jelly.. nak cari yg datang dgn karamel la gini.. meoww meoww

      Apa pula janji2 baru yang akan dtabur kali ni? Jgn kempen nanti pokpek macam Tok Seman, kerja asyik mimic boss dia memanjang;

      Tepuk tepuk tepuk tepukkk

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Makan ikan sardin takper asal tak makan suap/rasuah, apatah lagi duit riba harami 1mdb yg diperolehi oleh BN (Borosmah Najib) dari Yahudi Goldman Sachs untuk menggula-gulakan rakyat termasuk ibadat haji.

      Belajar panjat pokok tinggi2, dapat tetel "professor" nasi lemak ker atau kangkong - yg mana satu nihh....??

      He he he

    4. Just ignore this stupid and senile othman ahmad...dia dah mabuk minum kencing madey and dapigs..

    5. Mak Enon dah penyek kemek kena lenyek, seperti lempeng kenalah geleng.

      Hi hi hi
      Ho ho ho
      Ha ha ha

  6. By-election most people will be too lazy to vote. The grassroots are mostly tired of politics. The candidates are pretty much unknown at the national level, i.e. just another monkey.

    The burning question is Mahathir's next move. When will he step down?

    It's incredibly selfish and arrogant of him. If he really has got the magic pill (nobody does, ok?) to turn around the country, it would have happened already. It's a monumental task to save and turn around a country that has been repeated gang-raped by the Melayu and their stupid Ketuanan and NEP bullshit.

    Rumour has it that his pacemaker battery is due for a change at the end of the year. At his age, anything can happen.

    Bersatu is a very young party. It's stability hinges on Mahathir. Once he is dead, Bersatu will be broken into piece and the monkeys will climb on different trees. For all intents and purposes, Bersatu as a party is dead man walking.

    The country is waiting for him to die or step down. In the meantime, he is literally holding the whole country back. That's why FDI won't come. It's just too much of what we analyst call "country risk".

    I ask the same question as in my previous comment: "Mahathir dies, and then what?"

    By the way, off-topic a bit...

    The comments posted on OSTB are more learned and discerning compared to this blog. It shows the quality of readers. Whereas here you have fringe lunatics like PKHKC Nasi Lemak. I mean he is not entirely stupid and uneducated (those middle management type) but he is definitely a fascist.

    I know you will retort by saying: "why then you come to my blog?" Well, it's important to know what the alt-right is saying. Same reason I read Breitbart and listen very closely to Steve Bennon.

    1. Why then you not only come to my blog but also write long comments all the time? You really got nothing better to do is it? You should really save these racist comments against the Malays for your own blog. Sorry that I had to spike off some in the past for being too extreme. Cheers.

    2. Anon 01:53
      You Cinapeks Dapigs racist machai better stay forever at OSTB (Malay Bashing Blog ).I'm sure it's makes you feel good & highly educated ( typical Cinapeks Perasan Bagus) .
      Awak punya Penyakit Perasan Bagus sama seperti Cinapeks Dapigs Iguana LGE,Tony Pua Ci ,Teresa Cock,Teo NC , Hannah Kepoh .Cakap Tinggi Diri ,Buat kerja lembab & Bodoh.
      So lepas ini awak pergi Makan Bah Kut Teh banyak Dan teruskan memBABI .

    3. I have cina 'friends' that have a deep believe that they are a superior race in terms of intellegence. Malays are considered backward and 'stupid'. If it is of any consolence the current DAP chinaman cabinet line-up certainly tells you the Malays before did a much better job. Finance is a disaster under LGE. Completely arrogant, incompetent and believes he can lie his way out. The 1 sudu lady talks Kok. Tony Pua finally revealed as a lying fool.
      DAPs words and treatment of Malay and Muslim issues currently shows their contempt and a 'we are superior' attitude. What lies in their heart is worse than what they put into words. Is it a wonder that racial relations are so low now? Is this not the same depth during May 13 1969? Same party, same leadership, same modus operandi- and guess what? Same results. Clearly DAP is not fit to govern.

    4. BEWARE....!!

      Typical "Mak Enon" with her bloody-bitchy loudmouth asked for it and she got it from Annie. She's sure an expert on disguise and seasoned great pretender.

      He he he
      Padan muka dia....!!!

    5. Forget OSTB..He only posted comments that are agreeable to his ideas.Counter comment he just ignored.

    6. True..otsb only published comments that suck up to his writing..anyway, is otsb malay?..

    7. aiya! Mr J29 October 2019 at 12:03

      play game according to BN-PASrasites rules. you tink LGE tony puaka so foolish. slot like dogs in MOF kasi "hutang turun" and kena bantai kiri kanan, atas bawah. lambong tinggi tinggi. maybe PRU 15 still little survive. hutang kasi turun BN-PASrasites goverment PRU 15, guan eng susu, najib kor nama.

    8. what mei 13!!!
      go try put your kids anak cucu cicit, one day no internet, KFC ayam goreng then only talk mei 13!
      1969 80% of malays stay luar bandar. now in KL alone how many million malays.

    9. This Anon 00:53 forgot to take his medicine again. He be better off go and shit somewhere else, what a Prick!

  7. Bile pergi blog sini...Annie tulis sikit je tapi Pak Osman tulis berjela jela..Naik ngantuk nak baca sebab isi ada kureng...Elok Pak Osman buat blog sendiri, tengok ramai orang ke nak baca.

    1. Enon..Enon..

      Itu sajakah yg mampu kau tangkis, aduh lemah tak bermayanyer....!!


  8. Anon 01:53

    Kan dh habaq. Kenala lentur2 dn sesuaikn ikut tahap2 pemimpin2 masakini.. BI dan BM pun sama. Klo leader kamu berserabut can assume kamu ni lagi la koman;

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. aiya!


    Thatcher, Keating, Bush, Blair lagikan dibalun, inikan pula si cacing2 kerawit

    Tulisan2, kritikan2 terhadap Tun menggesa dan mendesak agar beliau diganti segera oleh Anwar saya anggap dah keterlaluan biadap. Kesabaran ada hadnya.

    Cuma persoalannya, apakah desakan berulang ini akan menyebabkan Tun marah selepas beliau sudah mengulang-ulang berkata peralihan kuasa akan berlaku selepas beliau puas hati dengan proses pemulihan negara, masih tak reti2 bahasa kerr, kenapa gopoh & gelojoh sangat, haaaa....??

    Berulang kali beliau katakan tidak akan duduk lama, cuma beliau perlu sikit masa lagi saya utk betulkan segala kesalahan2 yang dilakukan oleh Pantatbirah BN (Borosmah Najib.

    Semua tahu kecekalan & ketegasan Tun. Jgn buat beliau marah. Bila beliau marah, pasti sesuatu akan berlaku kerana beliau akan melaksana misinya dengan segigih hati.

    Tanyalah Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dan Khairy Jamaluddin, apa yang berlaku ketika Mahathir marah.

    Lihatlah apa yang terjadi pada Najib Razak apabila menimbulkan kemarahan Mahathir. PH menyaksikan bagaimana Dr Mahathir boleh membawa mereka ke Putrajaya ketika Anwar gagal berbuat demikian.

    Ingatlah juga nasib Anwar pada 1997 dan 1998. Apakah PH dan Anwar mahu mencuba nasib sekali lagi dengan Mahathir yang marah?

    Bak kata teman2 seperjuangan, BRING IT ON.....!!

    1. yes, similarly, i wanted to believe tat. he is still d best man for d job. i truly believed that he had shed his old nature ….n had atoned his previous mistakes n set on d right course. but d second coming is losing such grit. malaysia is getting worse by d day as his persistence more on his political barebones n chooses to take a very cheap view on d people who voted him there. no need to ve a hard time proving it….just if u’r keen enuf to observe it, malaysians r getting restless n d everage r getting tougher to make ends meet. in my home town people make their living on garbage containers r growing.

  10. He he he

    Puak "Dolat Terpendam-pendam" Pasumno dah jilat semula ludah kahaknya. Nampak sangat auta temberang mereka menggunakan Islam & Melayu demi natkamat politik tapi sebenarnya hanya kepura-puraan semata-mata.

    Last2, si apek MCA Jeck Seng juga jadi pilihan hati untuk nenentang Karmaine Sardini, bekas guru di Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Teluk Kerang, anak hati bumiputera kelahiran Peradin, Teluk Kerang, Tanjung Piai, bekas arkitek DBKL,juga seorang ahli perniagaan, Imam bertauluah Masjid Al-Mutaqqin, Taman Sutera, Jb.

    Beliau juga penerima Anugerah Ibu Bapa Mithali Peringkat Daerah Johor Bahru pada 2009.

    He he he


    Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad yang dijangka tiba di kota Bangkok pada 1 November ini bagi Sidang Kemuncak ASEAN ke 34, tapi Presiden Trump memilih untuk tidak menghadhirinya. Ini dah 2X Trump ponteng Mesyuarat ASEAN sebab mengelak dari bersua muka dgn The World Grand Old Statesman.


    PONTIAN: Ahli UMNO dikatakan memboikot majlis pengumuman calon Barisan Nasional (BN) Pilihan Raya Kecil (PRK) Parlimen Tanjung Piai, Datuk Seri Wee Jeck Seng malam ini.

    BETITA Harian melaporkan pada majlis itu mendapati hampir 90 peratus kehadiran hadirin di Rumah UMNO Pontian sejak jam 7.30 malam adalah dalam kalangan ahli MCA.

    Untuk makluman, hampir keseluruhan Peti Daerah Mengundi (PDM) serta jentera BN di Parlimen Tanjung Piai yang digerak dan dikuatkan daripada kalangan ahli UMNO kawasan berkenaan kecewa dengan keputusan pucuk pimpinan yang tidak mendengar hasrat serta suara hati majoriti pengundi.

    Kira-kira 75 peratus ahli UMNO yang menjaga PDM BN Parlimen Tanjung Piai memboikot majlis pengumuman calon BN malam ini.

    Petanda awal BN akan rebah tersungkur bila Melayu marah, Tun marah.


    1. Pak Osman;

      Jangan suka sangat, nanti kuciwa. Perlu ingat Wee calon BN dulu hanya kalah 500 undi dalam era janji bulan dan bintang PH, dalam era orang percaya fitnah PH kerajaan Malaysia nak bankrap, 1MDB dan sebagainya dan dalam era BN dan PAS belum muafakat. Ingat juga Pak Osman, dalam bye election pengundi luar yang rata rata pengundi PH jarang nak balik sebab tak akan ubah apa apa.

      Dalam keadaan performance PH yang langsung gagal, janji PH banyak yang dicapati ko ingat rakyat nak mengundi PH.Urang buduh macam Pak Osman je tak reti membaca mood orang.Teruskan bermimpi siang hari, Pak Osman.InsyAllah PH akan kecundang di Tanjung Piai nanti.