Wednesday 2 October 2019

China celebrates 70 years of communism

That was yesterday.

They said it's for the motherland, but actually it's for totalitarian communism.

Well, never mind that. At least in Malaysia they have democracy and freedom.

Meanwhile in Hong Kong yesterday,

Police shoot teen protester as Hong Kong violence escalates

Why are they fighting China? Because they don't want to end up like these people of Xinjiang.



  1. For all that have been happening , the persistent demonstrators,the long on going crisis, having only one victim so far only showed the tolerance from the same Communist China actions as in past situations like Tiannamen. Even compared to some democratic western countries handling less harsher situations like racial profiling cases,the Chinese actions still showed much restrain.

    1. Tell that to the Uyghurs.

    2. Anon 14:44
      'Tell that to the Uyghurs'....Have you been to Xinjiang? Urumci or Kashgar/Kashi , just few hours from the border of Pakistan ...Gilgit pass.Where there is a big masjid called the Id Kar masjid. With a madrasah annexed to it. A madrasah with 200 over talibs.Have been to these places. If not then don't tell me anything about the Uyghurs.

    3. Have you been to the Uyghur re-education camps as well?


  2. Hong kong titak bolih jadi macam Xinjiang maa aa , itu Xinjiang lain bangsa maa aa .
    Cina tatak akan ksai hantam sama-sama Chinese maa aa ,tatak selupa sama itu Xinjiang lea aa ,itu Uguyr lain bangsa maa aa Cina sutak kasi takluk maa aa.

  3. Annie, pandai ko spin. These Hongkies brats are not fighting for the Uighurs. They probably have not heard of the Uighurs. Watch cna analysis of the shooting incident if u care an iota about what actually happens. These brats came looking for a fight.

  4. hiya! any

    those "tai lok" people speak loudy in MRT, spit up and down.

    just see the "tai lok" people run riots like during public quarrel!!!!

    so bloody un Chivalry!!!!

    of course the "hongkie brats" hate them.

  5. "Police shoot teen protester as Hong Kong violence escalates"

    If you care to look at the video carefully... the policeman reacted professionally, i.e shot the aggressive and destructive youth point-blank, in self-defense.
    Clearly, the policeman had no intention to kill. By shooting the youth's left-shoulder blade area, usually a non-fatal handgun injury, it would immobilize and prevent the youth and other rioters from threatening his life and that of his colleagues.

    "Why are they fighting China? Because they don't want to end up like these people of Xinjiang."

    He he he...
    They're 'fighting' mother-China because they've adopted the religion of ex-colonialist. In other words, they've turned Anglophiles who regard the MatSalleh as 'anugerah Tuhan'.

    Of-course the Americans are very keen to help those Anglophiles to run down their own race of lesser faiths an tradition ... just like the American did in Ukraine, Latin America and Middle East.
    Just look at Iraq/Libya... how American and British cooked-up WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) lie, when the real motif of invasion was to kill Saddam, then Gaddafi.


    Well... like Lufang said... lain 'bangsa dan Agama maa aa'

    Nonetheless, Uighurs should be grateful. At least, Communist China didn't treat them like the Rohingyas in Myanmar.

    Ehmmm... wonder why the MatSalleh are more concerned about Uighurs in China.
    You think they really care about the Muslims?

    1. Spot on RD.Moving on to what happened in Syria and today in Yemen and Saudi. Atrocities inflicted upon Muslims far worse than the Uyghurs.Who are responsible and who are seem to be helping to solve but instead are actually the insitigators.Appartently no Chinese hand there.


      On the sidelines of the 74th UNGA held recently, Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia held a trilateral meeting during which they decided to jointly launch an English language TV channel dedicated to confronting Islamophobia and removing "misperceptions" about Islam.
      Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the decision on Thursday after his meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

      The three-nation channel would offer Muslims a dedicated media pr ..

      Pasumno with their 'fake dolat terendam-pendam jahanam', apa ada.......???