Thursday 24 October 2019

Oh, please let it be Osman Sapian to contest Tanjung Piai

This is nice,

Ex-Johor MB Osman Sapian 

shortlisted for Tg Piai polls

I first saw it at NST but can't find the link, thus the The Sun link.

Well, I hope Osman will indeed get to be the Pakatan candidate.

Osman is now the Kempas state assemblyman, and if he becomes an MP, that would make him a true Johor super politician.

I can't remember the last time a Johor politician being an assemblyman and MP at the same time.

Khaled Nordin tried to do it at GE 14 but lost the Pasir Gudang parliament seat, Permas state seat....and as MB, lost the entire Johor. What a joke.

Well, maybe it's a Pakatan strategy after all.

While some may see it as Pakatan, in particular Pribumi Bersatu, running out of proper leaders to be fielded at the by-election, I see it as a brilliant move to show how strong the ruling coalition is at the moment.

First, they appointed Osman, who was not qualified at all as Johor MB, then sacked him from that post 11 months later and now field him as candidate in perhaps the most important by-election to test the people's support for the Pakatan government.

If Osman, who Pakatan itself considered as a failed MB, still wins the by-election, then it's a true evidence that the people, especially in Johor do not want BN anymore.

Pakatan must be damned confident of itself by making that move.

Brilliant, isn't it?


Okay, okay,  I'm kidding.

Actually I believe that Pakatan is going to get whacked in Tanjong Piai no matter whether they field Osman or anyone else.

Things are really bad for them down there in Johor.

Their state government has been sitting on its ass doing nothing.

Okay, sacking Osman was good but that doesn't count. It's their own stupidity from the beginning when they appointed him to the post.

I even warned them a day after GE14, remember?

Osman Sapian is the leading Johor MB candidate


You all tell me lah if there's anything significant that they have been doing so far in Johor other than fighting among themselves.

And the new MB, whatever his name is, is just a dum dum.

He's not much of an improvement than Osman.

Worst of all, the complaints of Johoreans during BN's Khaled Nordin administration are all still there.

They have done nothing about those complaints.

Remember this,

Really, what have they done about it?

The MO is still the same.

The state government is even still following what the Johor palace says, despite the rhetorics of their leaders and prominent bloggers about the Malay rulers.

Click on this for example,

Farewell Johor's Ramsar sites 

And Johoreans on the ground are not doing all that great too.

For instance, the recent lowering of ceiling property price which could be bought by foreigners from RM1 million to RM600,000. Johoreans will be most affected by it due to its proximity to Singapore.

Many of them may soon not be able to buy their own house and instead have to rent from Singaporeans, who own property in JB and surrounding areas.

With our weak ringgit, it's a cheap sale for Singaporeans. You all check la the price of a HDB unit and compare it to a RM600,000 house in JB.

By the way, how come the Johor government is not protesting this? I mean, for the interest of ordinary Johoreans.

I know la that they wanted to make some money too when the developers sell their units to Singaporeans but they tak kesian ke to especially Johoreans who voted for them in GE14.

Well, never mind. That's water under the bridge already.

Anyway, I don't really blame them as the previous BN's Khaled Nordin administration was quite bad, and I bitched about it quite a lot myself back then.

Now that they have a taste of how it is under this useless Pakatan government, I'm sure they know what to do about it.

I'll soon write about the next Johor state administration which I'm predicting will be headed by Datuk Hasni Mohammad.

I know the guy and I believe he is good.

Okay, maybe not as good as TS Abdul Ghani Othman, but he will definitely be better than the current and past Pakatan MB clowns.

He is also definitely better than Khaled Nordin.

Really, I'll write about it all soon.



  1. Ya ke annie tkde yg jd ahli parlimen dn adun dlm masa yg sama di johor what about tan sri muhyiddin yassin and sallehuddin ayub who won both seats at last ge14, do ur homework annie

    1. Oh ya la. Forgot. But before GE14, I dont remember there was any.

    2. Saya yg menetap di JB & sering ke Gelang Patah, Pontian & Tg Piai tak dengar pun gossip pasal YB Osman Sapian.

      Sendiri kena ingat bukan mudah & aman duduk di kerusi panas MB Johor. The incumbent always get caught in the middle, squeezed and sandwiched between The Executive and the Palace. I reckon YB Osman finally get peace and good nite sleep after relinquishing that hot seat.

      I, from the beginning, not in favour of The Wilayah Iskandar development mooted by Tun Dol, Musa Hitam and Najib. The consequences can be seen & heartfelt nowadays as you explicitly mentioned above.

      Menang sorak, kampung Melayu tergadai.

    3. Pak Othman, bila nak sedar? Atuk kau tu nak jual semua hartanah kat Malaysia dengan harga yg lebih murah - pada Cina Hong Kong. Melayu Kg Baru pula nak disuruh keluar dengan bayar pampasan murah. Siapakah yg akan dapat tanah tu? Belum masuk aset aset milik GLC Melayu RM 30 billion dah kena lelong. Ni nak lelong PLUS dengan tambahan tahun konsesi. Tol tak dihapus tapi diteruskan berpanjangan. MAS nak dijual. Petronas nak dijual. Siapa sebenar yg khianati Melayu dan jual negara? Taksub buta buat kita tak boleh lihat kebenaran. Kesian Pak Othman.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Jebon..jebon..

      Nampak jelas engkau nih bengap & biadap tapi merepek auta macam tinggi ilmu, berpengetahuan & berpengalaman luas.

      Kesiankan diri kau dulu sebelum kau kesiankan orang lain. Aku kasih & menghargai jasa Tun bukan taksub dan aku bukan buta. Aku kepingin sangat nak jumpa menyaksikan betapa hebatnya engkau J, boleh.....??

      Satu dunia kagum & hormat pd Tun, terutama di bumi para Anbiya, Mekah, Medina & Bosnia - kecuali yg keciput tak kenang budi seperti engkau & yg anti Tun di negara sendiri.

      Jarak umur Tun dgn ku hanya 25 tahun, layak bagai seorang AYAH bukan Atuk, ler bongok....!!

    6. Pak Osman; Jawablah soalan Mr J satu satu.Jangan sidetrack dan jangan lari.Bagi fakta sikit bukan auta.

    7. Mak Enon sayanggg...

      Si Jebon tuu tak reti bahasa walau dah diberi penerangan banyak kali, tapi tetap dungu meredah songsang mekawan arus dgn jaywalkingnya.

      Berkenaan ekonomi kita masih terhambat merudum, what to do when our national treasury dah habis kering kontang dilapah BN....!!

      Dah tuu, ditinggalkan pulak timbunan utang mencengkam & membebankan. Nasib malang terus ditokok tambah dgn fakta our national economic growth dijangkakan to slow down in the next two years due to weak global economy sparked by USA/China trade war.

      Sila masukkan dalan benak kamu - Malaysia as an open economy is susceptible to global trends. It is a very well known fact that every region in the world could see slower growth in 2019 and 2020.

      FAHAMMMM kan sayangggg.....??

      Selain 1mdb, src, felda, tabung haji dll, Najib juga sapu bersih dalam pembelian aset & peralatan pertahanan negara melibatkan berbilyon-bilyon. Dah lupa kerr...

      - kapal2 selam tak boleh menyelam.
      - jet2 pejuang tak boleh terbang.
      - kereta2 perisai & kereta kebal tak kunjung tiba walau pembayaran telah dibuat.

      Amacam, hmmmmm...??

  2. Developers take huge loans from banks to built those units. If those units remain are unsold, how on earth they gonna serve the loans taken out from banks? The banks too need back their monies. ASAP. They can’t afford to have a lot of NPL, otherwise the banks will close shop.

    1. Study dulu, baru berniaga or develop or etc...tak kan taikun2 besar tak de experience?

    2. Buyers from China always thought that buying properties in Malaysia will get them golden passport. Realising that is not a fast track developers are left with all the houses. That are the risks they have when building properties for foreigners

    3. Developers already make tonnes of money from selling high end properties beyond the rich of average people.

      Let the market determine the supply and demand instead of the government intervening.With foreigners can bought properties above 600K, these properties will be wiped out .Average peoplr will lose out as the properties will be priced higher as there are new demand from foreigners.Few years down the road, Malaysians will become tenants to these properties instead of owners.

    4. cannot understand why a country with 70% of a race let developers make houses beyond their capacity to buy. worse the ministery is control by malays also. for more tha ten years. last time the housing and local minister fro MCA
      also seldom know such problem. with so many MPs can just pass law to buikd house less than 100, 000 ringgits.
      anyway some will bring the kampong into the high end way of living. witnessed certain race take their motosikal all the way to 17th floor by lift just like kampong

      It was Tun M and TS Muhyddin Yassin that first changed the geographical aspect to the Most Southern Tip of Mainland Aisa, Gelang Patah & Tg Piai by buiding top class Highways in 1990 there but suasana kampung nan permai tetap kekal. Before that, they were so remote, backward, sleepy &;swampy. Unfortunately, when Tun Dol & Najib took over, they over developed (pembangunan tak seimbang) out of greed. Orang2 kampung banyak dah tercampak keluar, manakala yg tinggal tak mampu bersaing dgn kenaikan kos sara hidup.

  3. "Their state government has been sitting on its ass doing nothing."......nice quote. Voted qoute of the day. Hope they read it....

  4. Kambing hitam already found to be blamed

  5. All these years when Malay Muslims got detained under ISA or SOSMA for being followers of ISIS, Daesh, Jemaah Islamiah, Syiah, these so called liberal reformist groups (kononlah..) were silent and said nothing about it as if their detention justified.

    But when their people got detained under the same law for being followers, symphatizers and financiers of terrorist group, these people emerge out nowhere making a lot of noise. All of a sudden government being targeted and accused of unlawful detention. Accusations such as draconian, human right abuse, being racist for targeting selected group of people, etc.

    It’s plain as broad daylight that they only cared and concerned about their own kind. Their own people. They thought being minority they could always play victim. Always to harsh treatment, prejudiced, victimization, discrimination under so called repressive government.

    On the contrary, law enforcement had only acted against those perceived as threat to peace-loving Malaysians regardless of race, religion, background and economic status. If you are up to something extremely dangerous, shocking and brutal, there’s no way you can proceed to do such thing. That’s not going to happen under watchful eyes of the Home Minister.

    So guys, who’s being consistent and who’s being racist here?

    1. Brader, racist only when malays do or say, but when it comes from the pendatangs its called freedom of speech. Aiyaa itupun you tak faham lagi ke?

    2. Yeah. They are all church mouses if it does not served them.

    3. err should jail the ISIS people. i like to see fireworks in kl also. or some "semburit" being pushed off buildings better still burn alive.

  6. 'State govt has been sitting on its ass..' For not kicking other people's ass didn't they. Like the people behind the Ramsar sites and Forest City..? Come on la more clear..or just your style to be a'batu api.. sembunyi muka'.. (ade ke pepatah macam tu.. hentam je la..)

  7. MB dum dum...Please reveal yourself.Saya pun tak kenal anda, so seclusive ke?

  8. It is so heavenly being brash and uncouth person in Malaysia baharu I guess. Distributing politically charged and culturally insensitive propaganda prints to schools had never being done before. Even during previous regime.

    There was never before comic books distributed to school depicting certain party as Taliban, as communist or even as champion of LGBT. It had never happened before. Now it happening. Which office bearer at MOE greenlighted this nonsense?? There’s no way those comics got in the hands of school children without prior approval from the very top thus polluting innocent mind of young kids with dirty politics and ideological propaganda.

    And then there was a young man, so full of himself and brimming with self-confident gate-crashing university’s most prestigious ceremony and soooo proud of it. What is more bizzare and surprising is that nobody came forward to apologize for his out of this world behaviour. Instead a lot of praise heaped for that gallant and rude behaviour. What the hell happen to classy, politeness, respect, well manners and good behaviour learned in school??

    A ceremony look forward by graduating students after 4 years of toiling and hard work, a ceremony look forward by proud parents witnessing their children happiest day at university all of a sudden hijacked for personal glory and agenda.

    All in the name freedom of speech. This wayward youth must be confused between freedom of speech and being plain crass, vulgar and obnoxious. When Her Majesty Queen retweeted the unsonvoury behaviour, she was forced to delete her tweet due to the pressure. There’s something seriously wrong with this Malaysia baharu...

    1. REALLY!how about "the pak pandir, mat jenin" tales in your buku sejarah for school.

      instead of adding oil to fire spend your time to persuade your relatives, people, community to "sokong dan utamakan sekolah kebangsaan" instead of jamming the sekolah cina

  9. Meanwhile that little shit who won Muar is rubbing shoulders and dunno what else with some tranny.

    You are right. Bersatu is poisoning PH.

    1. are deluded....!!

      Bersatu leads not led, It strengthening & fortificating PH opposition coalition and creates history the first time in toppling the mighty ruling Umno-BN corrupted govt since 1955.

    2. Anon 18:27..

      Young Syed Saddiq is a True Story who from rag becomes rich & famous owing to his natural talent, wit & brilliance.

      On the contrary, the self acclaimed FLOM, your stalwart Rosmah Mansor in her 2013 autobiography, she wrote that she have spent & bought jeweleries and dresses with her own money. In her book, Rosmah explained how she earned and saved so much. She also bragged she was a naturally gifted accountant and had released her own recording album, which earned millions. (Goodness, when did she became an artist...??). Some of those utems, she claimed were gifts bought by government & ministers who were big fans of her singing talent.

      He he he

  10. 1MDB like ‘fools’, gave US$1b when partner only put in US$108m of US$1.5b promised

    anny if you crony of "best malaysia finace minster", "lu cart bei liow" - makan tak habis

    1. Amazingly this crime was done by CEO Sharul and a Chinaman called Casey. Working for another Chinaman called Jho Low. Seems to be a chinaman conspiracy from Ambank to Jho Low and his chinese agents in 1MDB. Made use of fools like Amhari and Shahrul. Amhari clearly got paid. Najib's account managed by chinaman. All of these parties not charged but Najib alone got charged?? Must use brain one...

    2. Don't care la whoever pute in my ac. I see got RM 42m then RM 2.6b. I pun yahooooo yabadabadooo.. Yenjoyy llaa... Jolii sakann..m boll kawan2 semua.. Bagi ac nomber.. Aku masuk kan.. Kau 1 juta.. Kau 2 juta. Kau puloh2 juta.. 80 orang /puak pun terus nyanyiii... Hoi hoi ya hoi.. Kita semua a gumbiraaa.. Dapat Wang bwrjuta2.. Hoiya hoiyaa hoyyyy....

    3. He he he...

      J masih jugak nak menegak benang basah.

      Wang & harta bertimbun-timbun di dalam rumah, hotel2- apartment mewah-bungalow di luar negara serta modal pengeluaran filem lucah hollywood bermodal ratusan juta datang dari mana, haaa....??

      And what about this....

      On questions why Najib had never bothered to lodge a police report after finding out that RM42 million had been deposited into his bank account, defence kawyer Shafee said it was because his client wanted to avoid being accused of interfering in ongoing investigations.

      My foot - What a lame and absurd excuse...!!

      In the first place, why Najib never return the RM42 million but instead spent all the money, knowing very well the money does not belong to him.

      Strange very strange, how come the RM42 million was deposited into Najib's bank personal a/c, by human error and accident kerr...?? And mind you, this is not small but very very huge amount, how come it went unnoticed....??

      What a drama.....!!!

    4. Arab donation to Najib's account confirmed by Ambank witness during SRC case. Also confirmed excess RM2.6 billion returned. Amazing for Najib to return 2.6 billion and then steal 42 million. That after 3 yrs of planning! Brain must use one....

    5. J @ 19.44
      Amazing for Najib to return 2.6 b

      Please read these articles
      1 Tanore finance - inside story of the ' saudi royal donation ' - the fbi files

      2 Najib says source of Rm2.6b in his account could be Tanore finance

      Today there is no more Tanore finance in Spore
      Ordered close by the authority for not raising red flag when big amount of money flowed thru the bank


    6. I'm pretty sure J gerenti terkedu dgn hujjah di atas.

      Terima kasih for the timely job, bro 12:01.

    7. Janganlah baca fiction geng. Baca tuduhan mahkamah atas Najib. Antara 'kesalahan'nya ialah memulangkan balik wang. Dikira money laundering juga. Tanore hidup ke mati tak jadi hal.
      Macam mana pun drama 1MDB hanya distraction. Hakikatnya PH tunggu masa ranap. Malangnya begitu juga negara. Stop wasting time dengan drama. Lihatlah pada keadaan kucar kacir kini.

    8. INI BUKAN FICTION, INI BETUL2 DIĶELUARKAN SEANTERO DUNIA OLEH Journalists from international media - AFP, AP, CNN, BBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, Asahi Shimbun, Nikkei, Dow Jones Newstimes, Fairfax Media, The Financial Times, The Guardian, Al-Jazeera and Kyodo News.

      Last year, Malaysian police have moved on properties connected to Mr Razak and seized 72 suitcases stuffed with cash, watches and jewellery, as well as 284 boxes containing Hermes, Birkin and Louis Vuitton handbags.

      The cash, jewellery and other items are said to be worth up to $6 billion.

      The South China Morning Post reported that Malaysia has blocked Mr Razak from leaving the country pending investigations into the alleged looting of billions in state money.

    9. INI BUKAN FICTION, INI BETUL2 DIĶELUARKAN SEANTERO DUNIA OLEH Journalists from international media - AFP, AP, CNN, BBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, Asahi Shimbun, Nikkei, Dow Jones Newstimes, Fairfax Media, The Financial Times, The Guardian, Al-Jazeera and Kyodo News.

      It was also reported Najib spent some of the SRC ill-gotten RM42 million in Honolulu, Hawaii, in December 2014.

      The 66-year-old Najib allegedly received the RM42 million between 17 August 2011 and 8 February 2012 into two of his bank accounts – AmPrivate Banking-1MY (No: 211-202-201188-0) and AmPrivate Banking-MY (No: 211-202-201190-6). It’s also known within AmBank that the former prime minister’s account was held under the Codename “Mr X”.

    10. INI BUKAN FICTION, INI BETUL2 DIĶELUARKAN SEANTERO DUNIA OLEH Journalists from international media - AFP, AP, CNN, BBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, Asahi Shimbun, Nikkei, Dow Jones Newstimes, Fairfax Media, The Financial Times, The Guardian, Al-Jazeera and Kyodo News.

      Besides huge cash, billion worth of 12,000 pieces of jewellery, an eye-popping 567 handbags consisted of luxury handbags from 37 different designers – including Chanel, Prada, Hermes and ultra-luxury Bijan, etc – were confiscated. It’s highly possible that the Chanel products seized from Najib’s family posh condominiums were bought using the RM42 million siphoned from 1MDB & SRC.

      Although it had already been reported by foreign media The Wall Street Journal back in 2016, the “dark age” where Najib regime aggressively clamped down government-controlled news media from reporting the extravagant shopping sprees of his wife Rosmah, the trial on Wednesday has confirmed that the couple were indeed having fun during their trip to Hawaii.

      Coincidentally, Najib Razak, who has a weird way of swinging a golf club, was mixing business and pleasure when he jetted to Honolulu in December 2014 with his spendthrift wife. It was the same time where he happily golfed with U.S. President Barack Obama, who was on vacation on the same Hawaiian island on Christmas Eve.

      Of course, Obama was clueless that he actually golfed with the world’s biggest crook, whose thievery and embezzlement included laundering money using the U.S. financial system. Reluctantly, Najib was then forced to cut short his holiday, after photos of him golfing with Obama emerged while the country’s worst flooding in decades forced more than 100,000 people to flee.

      As thousands of Malaysians took to Najib’s official Facebook page questioning why he was not at home to deal with the crisis, little did the people realize that Rosmah Mansor, who proclaimed herself as the FLOM (First Lady of Malaysia), had been busy swiping credit cards to load the country’s official aircraft with Chanel products in Hawaii.

      In fact, Najib took a commercial flight to Hong Kong, where he was fetched by the Royal Malaysian Air Force. The country’s official jet was at the mercy of Rosmah who, despite the crisis at home, had refused to go back but instead decided to fly from Hawaii and made a long shopping detour in Los Angeles, Indianapolis, New York, London, Dubai and Bangkok before returning to Kuala Lumpur.

    11. Macam macam dongeng kau percaya Pak Othman. Jewellery rupanya peniaga Lubnan punya. Pink diamond yg dilapurkan dulu disahkan Menteri tak wujud. Wang UMNO punya dan sedang dituntut di Mahkamah.
      Buat apalah Pak Othman jadi tukang sebar fitnah Atuk. Atuk punya bateri pun dah nak expire....lepas tu taksub siapa lagi?
      Cubalah fokus keadaan ekonomi dan politik yg huru hara sekarang. Gara gara kejahilan dan kerakusan Atuk dan PH. Bukankah segala janji dan gambaran pra PRU 14 hanya dusta? Kalau Atuk dan PH kaki dusta apakah masih percaya mereka? Bangunlah dari tido Pak Othman.

    12. Kamu tuu yg tebal prejudis bersangka buruk terhadap Tun Mahathir yg sentiasa dirahmati Allah dgn kesihatan, kewarasan, keberanian, ketangkasaan & penghormatan tak putus2 seantero dunia.

      Tak nampak pun tanda2 baterinya lemah, malah semakin kuat diasak, semakin hebat pula ketokohannya. Tanpa mengenal istilah penat & lelah, beliau dgn yakin diri meninggalkan negara menjelajah seluruh pelusuk dunia menghadhiri mesyuarat2 & memberi ucaptama/pandangan di pentas2/forum2 antarabangsa seperti Asean, Unga, Nam, Apec.

      Berkaitan jewlleries yg terkantol-terkelepet di rumah sendiri, Rosmah jawablah dalam mahkamah nanti. INI BUKAN FICTION ATAU REKAAN, INI BETUL2 DILAPORKAN SEANTERO DUNIA OLEH Journalists from international media - AFP, AP, CNN, BBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, Asahi Shimbun, Nikkei, Dow Jones Newstimes, Fairfax Media, The Financial Times, The Guardian, Al-Jazeera and Kyodo News.

    13. Tun & barisan kabinetnya sedang bertungkus lumus memperbaikki ekonomi negara dgn negara2 sahabat (seperti Jepun) setelah ekonomi & perbendaharaan negara dimusnahkan & dicuri oleh gerombolan penyangak2 yg diketuai BN (Borosmah Najib).

      Akhir kata, sejarah telah menunjukkan yg kuat tidor adalah Tun Dol ZZZZ. Engkau tuu yg telah menjangkit wabak tidor, bukan aku......!!

    14. J @ 8.33
      Pink diamond yg dilapur kan dulu disahkan Menteri tak wujub

      Read this article by Malay Mail
      Rosmah's ' pink diamond ' not found, but cop says has proof of purchase with 1mdb money


    15. Even though the ‘pink diamond’ was not found during the police raid, there is clear evidence to show the existence of the purchase transaction,” Senior Assistant Commissioner Datuk Khalil Azlan Chik who heads Bukit Aman anti-money laundering investigation team said in a media statement after social media buzz over the pink diamond.

      There is money trail evidence of the purchase of the US$23 million ‘pink diamond’ from a jeweller in New York using money from 1MDB.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Keputusan di Tanjung Piai tidak akan ubah apa apa pun sama ada di Kerajaan Persekutuan dan Kerajaan Negeri...
    Raikan demokrasi and let's have some fun!
    Para Pengundi Berdaftar yg Bijaksana Bijaksini Bijaksinun Bijaksitu adalah the KING!
    Sama ada kalian stay kat rumah tanda boikot, or kalian rosak kan undi tanda protes mahupun kalian memangkah tanda sokongan, itu tanda SUBUR NYA DEMOKRASI!

  13. Masih dalam ingatan

    1. Saddiq seru balik kerja kat Malaysia, anytime dapat gaji RM4K.. kekeke. RM4K = Sgd1.3K. Graduan2 engineering yg takde kerja gi Singapore jadi driver bas aje pun bole dpt min RM6K. Klo lalu Tuas, byk big bikers.. koman2 mereka ni tiap bulan bawa balik Sgd4K!! Apala Saddiq merepet?. Betoi dak Pak Seman? Adik2 18thn, tak lama kena apply PTPTN. Tanya janji2 mansuh PTPTN apa macam?

    2. Pasir Gudang. Berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu yg memikul .. ngeri. Kesan keracunan toxic on victims is lifelong;

    Katakalooo masih tak serik, pangkahla PH.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Utang mesti kena bayar balik agar pelajar generasi akan datang boleh dapat pinjaman sama. Ramai ibubapa Melayu sebenarnya tak mampu nak hantar anak2 mereka ke pengajian tinggi. Takkan menuntut ilmu di menara gading pun nak percuma. Mungkin engkau bolehlah free, sebab kau belajar panjat pokok tinggi2 sampai jadi 'professor', tak hitu, kan kan kan....??

    2. pandai pun proop poop poop.
      sikit lama lagi annine serta niece boleh mintak kerja amah di jakarta.
      40 syarikat USA cabut lari dari negeri komunist "satu jalan satu jalur" 27 ke vietnam, hanya 3 ke penang ..... penang??? bukan negeri penoh cina Dapigs

  14. This is the test for bersatu lah. Malu lah mahathir if bersatu lose by big margin. Where is mahathir going to get his vote? The Chinese? Unlikely as bersatu has place their bet with the malay. So who is more melayu umno or bersatu?

      BACA NIH....

      Japanese ambassador bids 'sayonara' to Malaysia, salutes Dr Mahathir

      October 25, 2019 @ 5:50pm
      After five-and-a-half years in Malaysia, Dr Makio Miyagawa is hanging up his hat as Japan’s ambassador here. As he bid adieu to the country, he paid glowing tribute to Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad – “the one leader the Japanese government, people, politicians and business leaders like, love, respect and admire”.

      “If Tun Dr Mahathir had been a medical doctor, he must have cured many patients, but he became a political leader and he has been curing the nation. I studied a lot of things about him. He is a very good leader and I hope he will continue to be a good leader".

      “Everyone in Japan feels happy to have such a leader in Asia,” he told Bernama in a farewell interview at his official residence here, yesterday.

      Malaysia is moving towards developed-nation status. Malaysia has already exceeded US$10,000 (RM41,865) per capita; I think Number 2 in Asean nations. Malaysia used to be a natural resource dependent country in its economic development, but is already gradually moving towards being technology-driven and services-centred. I think this developmental status and stages of the Malaysian economy have been very impressive to me. Therefore, I am convinced that Japanese industries and also the Japanese government would like to create a good partnership with Malaysian industries so as to lift the level of economic management development in East Asia.

      On the latest development of Japan’s offer of Samurai bonds to Malaysia, our government has already decided to offer it to the finance ministry to issue Samurai bonds. The first tranche was issued in March this year, very successful. (The) Malaysian government wants to issue bonds of about 200 billion yen (about RM7.7 billion) but the application exceeded to 320 billion yen (RM12.3 billion). This demonstrates the confidence in the Malaysian market and demonstrates confidence in the Malaysian government. On the second tranche, we have also almost agreed to (the) specific conditions. I think details are under discussion between our two governments.

    2. Talk about the economylah Pak Osman..Economy bertambah baik bawah PH?.Currency naik bawah PH? KLSE meningkat bawah PH? Hutang menurun bawah PH? Harga barang turun bawah PH? Rakyat senang bawah PH? Semua negatifkan Pak Osman

    3. Kesian plak dgr pokpek Tok Seman.. generasi skrg dh jauh maju kehadapan la tok ooi. Bila la nak keluaq dr bawah tempurung

      Leaders klo suka syiok sendiri suka makan bodek dn ampu2 dh ketingallan zaman tau! Si Bagan bentang budget speech, pasaran saham makin merudum.. ada yg merepek 3rd nasional car, kereta terbang tak kesudahan. Masih dok mamai ke Tok Seman oooi.

      Tengok President PRC Xi Jinping. Buka mulut sikit apa jadi??

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    4. Mak Enon dear,

      Well..well..what to do when our national treasury dah habis kering kontang dilapah BN....!!

      Dah tuu, ditinggalkan pulak timbunan utang mencengkam & membebankan. Ditambah pula fakta our economic growth dijangkajan to slow down in the next two years due to weak global economic sparked by USA/China trade war.

      Masukkan dalan benak kamu Malaysia as an open economy is susceptible to global trends. It is a well known fact that every region in the world could see slower growth in 2019 and 2020.


    5. Nak tambah ker Mak Enon....

      Selain 1mdb, src, felda, tabung haji dll, Najib juga sapu bersih dalam pembelian aset & peralatan pertahanan negara melibatkan berbilyon-bilyon. Dah lupa kerr...

      - kapal2 selam tak boleh menyelam.
      - jet2 pejuang tak boleh terbang.
      - kereta2 perisai & kereta kebal tak kunjung tiba wakau pembayaran telah dibuat.

      Amacam, hmmmmm...??

    6. As for Nasi Lemak Basi the bogus prof, why not I humbly suggest you go and belajar panjat pokok2 yg lebih tinggi melangit to avoid being looked as idiot with your ridiculous nonsense.

  15. Letih la politik ni. Whoever wins it national policies won't change much. Beli ikan kembung pun pikiaq 2 kali. Gaji halted. Employment in limbo...

    Tun please call for snap election quickly. Stop all these nonsense with Anwar...Azmin..LGE...worst of all Abang Mat Sabu...Tak tau apa dia buat...


    Yeah May13 2.0 happening soon. Waiting for that 1 spark. Better start sending your kids away.

  17. If u put Party Kepala Babi against PH is a guarantee Party Kepala Babi will win. Wake up la Tun M the malays can't stand your friends in DAP & PKR.

  18. The Chinese will punish PH in Tg Piai. Just watch.

    1. Pengundi Cina lebih pragmatik, mentelah MCA yg selama ini secara tradisi telah diCANTAS oleh Umno-BN.

      He he he

    2. sorry eh! most chinese in johor working in singapore. diffrent ok!!! some more the previous late Bersatu MP have left a good legacy. with more malay support.
      if PH lost, LGE can save more money from allocations.

    3. 21:15 ask your kids if can survive a week without "kentucki fried chickens" if can then only talk mei 13th.
      lu fikir this is 1969, can survive with pucuk ubi kayu!!!!!

  19. Whoever the candidate from Bersatu is I am quite confident Muafakat Nasional candidate will win the by election, insyaAllah

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Pulak dahh, dari Nasi Lemak bertukar jadi Kangkong.,.!!
      Banyaklah engkau punya temberang.