Friday 11 October 2019

Stop terror group LTTE in Malaysia

Guan Eng yesterday said

Our two reps innocent, no link to extremist activities

and because of that, today

Former IGP calls on police to ignore 

DAP over LTTE-linked assemblymen

Yes, I agree.

Police must ignore Guan Eng and the other DAP people on this.

I believe the police have investigated the case thoroughly before arresting the DAP assemblymen and the other suspects.

DAP assemblymen P Gunasekaren (left) and G Saminathan have been arrested for alleged links to LTTE.
After all, it took them almost a year to do that.

Surely police have videos and other hard evidence against the suspects who were at the LTTE function in Melaka last year.

It's almost impossible for the suspects not to later be charged in court.

See lah how....whether the DAP-oriented AG Tommy Thomas will allow those DAP assemblymen to be charged.

You all know lah these days....their gang always get their cases thrown out because the AG Chamber refused to either take them to court or continue with the prosecution of an ongoing case.

Like that Guan Eng's bunglow case and scores of others, especially those involving the Sedition Act.

There was even this one the other day,

AGC concedes defeat in another sedition case

Selective prosecution, if you ask me.

Same like that issuance of MACC's 1MDB compound earlier this week.

Well, they have the power, like that lah.

Anyway, I still think our police should be congratulated for taking a firm action against these people who were clearly trying to glorify and possibly revive LTTE which was crushed by the Sri Lankan armed forces a decade ago.

It's as dangerous as any other terror groups which the police have cracked down upon such as Islamic State.

LTTE was categorised as a terrorist group by Malaysia in 2014. I believe it was because the government at that time had discovered attempts to revive the terror group in this country after its defeat in Sri Lanka in 2009.

Even if the AG later on refuses to take the LTTE case to court because DAP people were involved, I hope the police will continue to crack down on them.

We can't let this country become a base for terror groups like LTTE.


  1. Kepala bana apa puak DAP samakan Palestin & Rohingya dengan Tamil pendatang Sri Lanka.

  2. DAP politicians linked with LTTE? much for democratic action..kah kah

  3. Padahal LTTE Sri Lanka da berkubur..

    Yg si bodoh puak DAP ni sokong lgi LTTE buat ape kt mlysia ni.??..

  4. Mengaitkan LTTE dengan DAP bermakna Langkah Pertama untuk yang berbahagia Tun M turun takhta berjalan lancar
    7. Sekalung penghargaan buat Tun M atas segala jasa bakti

    Selamat naik takhta, DSAI!

  5. Before we had communist insurgency in the country.We were lucky because the British and our servicemen able to stop the communist otherwise maybe another Pol Pot killing field can also happened in Malaysia.

    Later on we had some Muslim became ISIS cadres.Our intelligence officers stop them from further damaging the country .

    Now the LTTE threat, should we allow them to be free and wrecked the country.?

  6. For decades thousands of Malays have been detained for allegedly being a threat to national security without any fuss. But detain just a dozen LTTE Indian terrorists and the outcry is as if the world is coming to end. Special sangat ke puak India ni semua?