Thursday 6 June 2019

Waiting for the implosion (updated)


Yup, it's starting already.

Anwar wants Mahathir to clarify Latheefa’s appointment


On the same day Latheefa Koya was appointed as MACC head, which was on Raya eve, there were these other stories of Dr Mahathir's strongmen;

Rein in supporters pressuring Dr M 

to quit, PM's pol-sec tells Anwar

Ministers should step up and stop relying 

on Mahathir, says PM's media advisor

The first one is on Zahid Md Arip and second on Datuk Kadir Jasin.

Zahid was quite harsh, actually.


Zahid, in his response, used an analogy of a mangy dog which barks at passersby in a neighbourhood when it senses its master’s frustrations.
“The dog is not barking for the first time, it has barked many times, this being the latest. Whoever passes by the house, it will bark, it has a sickness,” he said.
Asked what “sickness” the dog has, Zahid said it has “penyakit kalah di bahagian” (sickness from loss of the division).
“It’s not just one person, I hear there is another, Klang or Kapar. I see this as a plot to pressure Dr Mahathir, it will not stop here and it will continue after Hari Raya.”
Zahid said the dog cannot be calmed by anyone but its master.
“So I hope the master will speak up to silence them, if not people will say that the master is in cahoots with the dog,” he said, adding that he hoped this was not the case.
“We live in the neighbourhood together, we don’t really care if the dog barks but this seems to be going overboard to the point we are uncomfortable.”
So, Anwar's supporters are now like mangy dogs, eh Zahid.

I wonder what Anwar's people think Dr Mahathir's supporters are akin to nowadays.

Mangy swine?

My read into this is that the likes of Zahid in both Dr Mahathir and Anwar camps are all gearing up for the coming fight next year in the very likely event that there's no transition of power as promised.

Datuk Kadir, who represents the more intelligent side in Dr Mahathir's camp saw the danger of Pakatan's implosion from such a fight and tried to buy time as much as possible.


Commenting on the transfer of power to Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s Anwar Ibrahim, Mr Kadir recounted how he told those at the seminar that while PH’s election promises were not cast in stone, the transition from Dr Mahathir to Mr Anwar “was clearly stated and was the linchpin in the pre-election agreement”.

“I told them that they should be encouraged by Mr Anwar’s recent statements that he wasn’t in a hurry and that Dr Mahathir would continue to play a major role thereafter,” he said.
As for concerns over whether there would be any u-turn in policies after Mr Anwar takes over, Mr Kadir said this would be “unlikely”.

Yet Datuk Kadir, being among the harshest critics of Anwar during the Reformasi days of late 1990s surely knew that the fight is inevitable.

How can it be otherwise after these sort of things;

I don't think Datuk Kadir would be so naive as to believe that Anwar could truly forgive all that and will not take his revenge after he got the power to do so.

I believe he was just trying to keep the peace for now so that the fighting would not start too early before the deadline which was supposed to be in May next year.

Meanwhile, they are gathering all the bullets and power for the showdown.

Well, while all these were going on, Umno, Pas and their gang have been rather quiet, especially after their victory in Rantau.

From what I know, they are moving quietly on the ground, building strength at the grassroots level.

Better that way, I guess.

Just wait for the Pakatan implosion and meanwhile avoid making mistakes such as issuing unnecessary statements.

Yup, that's the right way to do it.


  1. It’s easy to see Zahid’s motive in coming out fighting for Mahathir’s corner. He’s trying to save his job. Once Mahathir out of picture, he’ll be jobless..

  2. I would like to congrate Latifah Koya on her appointment as the head of MACC. Tuah cuma datang sekali dalam hidup kita. Orang yg bernasib baik, Allah beri dua kali macam Tun M. Depend on your Nawaitu. I am laughing my head off, reading all the envious comments in all the opposition blogs, including yours, Annie. I wonder what would u do, should Tun M offers you the job of his political media, ganti Tok Kadir. Would u reject it knowing that tuah datang bergolek di depan u hanya sekali...Hehehehe

    1. Cik minah,

      Nik Nazmi raises concerns over Latheefa's MACC appointment

      Malaysian Bar concerned with manner of Latheefa's appointment

      Aai bukan ke ni semua kawan2 dulu? Ooh baru saya faham, kalau yg kena kritik tu kjaan dulu, mmg 100% patut kena kritik, tapi kalau kjaan baru yg kena kritik, org yg komen tu dengki, 100% busuk hati.

      Selamat dtg ke msia baru, yg dok sibuk cakap pasal integriti tapi tak rasa malu bila terang2 cakap tak serupa bikin.

    2. Complains are on the manner of appointment, procedures and so on. Most important is in Latheefah Koya's appointment, the PM and PH government is again showing how seriuos and sincere they are in fighting corruption.

    3. Hahaha.....nothing to do with the manner of the appointmen. Yang mengamuk ni, beri macam-macam dalil. I bet, kalau Nik Nazmi dapat offer ni, he too would grab it. Bodohlah, kalau dia menolak sedangkan ini peluang datang bergolek. Don't tell me kalau u dapat offer ni, u tolak....????
      Hahaha ....jangan buat komidi duduk.

  3. Wht u r saying annie, is an open secrets.

    Nobody wants anwar. He is still plague by tht china doll thing among many others, despite all the pardon he can get.

    But i dont know, melayu mudah lupa.

    Wht umno pas are doing is aimilar to wht ph is doing earlier. Riding on the economic struggle of the people. As if umno and pas would do better.

    I stake my money on our dear tun anytime.

    I just hopes he gets to save us from anwar as well.

    1. Anon, please come out of nutshell. So far after 1 yr of PH you can see disaster everywhere. From economy plunging to debt jumping up and basically a country with no direction. PH infighting only making more investors runaway. Only thing clouding the PH hardcore supporter minds is their blind loyalty. Still many who voted PH are now regretting their choice. PH has lied and casually abandoned its promises...time to wake up!

  4. Kita hanya mampu meranchang , allah hanya menentukan


    1. propose, god dispose. So, when tuah datang bergolek, should we reject it, knowing that it is the only chance to prove our principle.....? Orang bodoh sahaja yg menolak rezeki. Orang cerdik, akan ambil kesempatan untuk membuktikan kemampuannya.

  5. Annie,

    Honestly tell me if you want Anwar as our PM ?

    Any "normal" human beings would have problems with someone with moral and ethics issues being their leader. I certainly hope and pray that Anwar forever be only the PM in waiting.

    Let Tun M do his work and make this country great again. Like before Dol tido and al-penyamun took over.

  6. Come on lah, who wants china doll/rear admiral for pm? He is the greatest pretender in the world. Nothing he says is reliable, he doesn't speak truth. He will turn Malaysia into a muslim brotherhood country with brimstone and rain of fire. Forget the anwar and the ibrahim.

  7. Banyak sgt drama le kjaan ph ni, nak beraya pun tak aman. Boleh tak tingkat kan prestasi dan kurangkan kontroversi???

  8. The transition of power to Anwar,'if' not 'when' it happens will be pivotal in deciding PH's survival as govenrment after one term.The problem is Tun M's and Anwar's supporters have contrasting views about this.So it all depends on the other parties and leaders of PH .
    As for losers, sorry I mean, the opposition and its supporters, they are being quiet more because to strategise on Tok Mat's brave suggestion to exclude past leaders who have been charged. Only by doing this will they have any chance of reviving/restoring the public confidence in them.

  9. LK is Indian Muslim. She is not Melayu. No Melayu DNA in her. Annie cam mana keling lebih Islam ? Annie you are a cheap Umno prostitute. orang curi duit Annie sokong. Let the Mamak girl do her work. You Annie pelacur duit go f**k your self. Keep supporting Najib Rusmah KJ Hisham Zaid. Just like the rest of the retard Malays.

  10. To me Pak Sheikh already learnt his lesson very well..Be a Pak Lah for the being until the proper transition of power, baru tunjuk kuku. In the meantime, Yes Boss, Yes Boss..

    1. Pak Sheikh has learnt his lesson.....????
      Hehehehe.... u must be joking. From all his activities, takda siapa rasa selamat memikirkan Pak Sheikh akan jadi PM. Memang sesuai Tun M lantik Latifah Koya jadi pengarah MACC. Takkan semua kerja Tun kena buat sendiri. Kenalah letak orang yg nampak jahat macam dia. Kwekwekweee

    2. Cik Minah; Rupanya Cik Minah bukan penyokong Pak Sheikh; saya pun bukan penyokong beliau sebab saya tak boleh percaya pada orang pernah buat "projek" secara haram.

      Saya hanya ceritakan situasi Pak Sheikh akan terus berdiam diri ataupun menyokong Tun M sehinggalah kuasa dipindahkan pada dia.Nak berlawan kok tak tercapai cita cita idaman dia.

  11. When Madey the 'all knowing' rules, you can expect surprises. The only thing new is his support base has now changed. The only consolation is time is not on his side.

    1. thts stupidly low of you.

      im sorry that we still have malaysian like you

    2. anom k,

      Agree wholeheartedly with your views. I wonder what will happen when he dies, after all he is already 94. Even though he could live pass 100 years, tak kan still nak jadi PM?

  12. Sejujur nya, Langkawi sudah tidak ada banyak pilihan
    2. Plan F terpaksa DI GERAKKAN kerana Sembrong pun telah beralih camp menyupport Port Dickson
    3. Ketua soldadu Port Dickson, tidak lain tak bukan si Bagan Datuk telah berjaya Get the NUMBERS untuk NO VOTE CONFIDENCE dengan dokongan Utuh dan Jitu malaon Pekan dan Padang Rengas

    once Port Dickson menjadi our 8th PM, maka HANCUS LAH MALAYA KU TERCINTA

    bon voyage!

    saya yg jalankan Amanah,


    1. ..... dan our new KP SPRM mendapat Rezqi terpijak hasil Clash of the Century of Langkawi dan Port Dickson

      P/s: Selamat berkhidmat, Saudari!

  13. This appoiment shows that T M is fair
    LK is from PKR
    Now PKR has more representation in PH administration


  14. Hip hip hooray Tun M. You d man. I love you. You the BOSS...pergi mampossss dgn orang lain punya komen. Bang Nuar jangan harap la....Hang pun bukan baik sangat....kaki auta ada...sembang saja deras...macam tin MILO kosong...pong pang sana sini...tapi elekkkk..

  15. Anon 10:13

    Awat PH ni kalut semacam? Musim Raya rakyat sibuk ziarah menziarah rapatkn silatulrahim sesama sedara, kekawan.. hangpa tak abis2 dok kelupoq pasai politik??

    Macam kera dberi bunga, tak toghah hidup... terlompat2 gedik trhegeh2 memanjang.

    Nak lantik next PM pakat mengoyan dah nak tahap gila babi ni? Wake up and move on la. Cuba pilih pemimpin2 spt Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg atau Vitalik Buterin? Exciting dan dapat membangun minda raykat baru la syiok nak follow mereka hari2. Kesian generasi muda kita dok kena peghati telatah toktua2 yg dah obselete??

    Awat la koman sampai lagu ni?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Tak habis Prof memuja MatSalleh kayaraya... "... spt Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg atau Vitalik Buterin"... semuanya orang business.

      Minda hang tak rasa exciting, membangun dan syiok nak follow Donald Trump hari-hari ka?

      Buta-perut betoi hang nih... sia-sia guna gelaran Prof..
      hang ingat senang ka nak jadi 'next PM'?
      Tak perlu bertanding Kerusi Parlimen?

      Kalau tak perlu semua tu... lebih baik lantik Jho Low jadi 'next PM'.
      Dia pun businessman paling berjaya jadi Billionaire pada usia sangat-muda dan mampu bergomol dengan Paris Hilton. Rakyat Malaysia pulak tu... dan keturunan beliau lebih dekat dengan budaya kita, Asia.

  16. waiting for dumbo implosion too, now kuli want to topple komedi - team A vs team B wakakaka BTW heard that ROS want to topple dumbo - illegal society sigh

  17. im so scared to enter johor wearing black pants, some helang2 johor will be angry so called bangsa johor annie your specie sigh

  18. Tun behaves as if he will live forever.

    But the fact that he is at the age where he should be very concerned about his successor and Malaysia's future when he leaves the political scene.

    As one who is almost apolitical, I feel rule of law based on integrity and public trust must be the most basic fundamental we must start with.

    Harapan started a Parliamentary Appointment Committee of which even Tuan Ibrahim is a member. Tuan Ibrahim, Deputy President of PAS, even though a political adversary of Harapan, probably joined because it is in principle a good thing. It is meant to see that the rakyats'views are democratically represented when it comes to major civil service appointments.

    But Tun treated as if the committee did not exist.

    Countries the world over are seeing economic contraction. For Malaysia, our oil palm sector is badly hit because the EU is banning its import, our oil and gas sector is suffering from low prices, and our manufacturing sector continues to migrate to countries like Vietnam.

    Every Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali etc for a few years now but especially since May 2018, has seen less and less spending on celebrations. In short, our economy is getting worse with the passage of time.

    Actually, myself and many I know are sick of politicians using our trust to fight among themselves to get more power.

    What Pakatan should do is concentrate on fulfilling their election promise to us and improve the economy.

    In the future, when all the existing top people leave the political scene, I hope intelligent and capable young people from all the main parties - Umno and Pas included - who really put the interest of the rakyat as number one - will come together and work for a Malaysia that all her rakyat deserve.

    1. If Parliamentary Appointment Committee is so important, why not appoint Anwar Ibrahim as its chairmain instead of making him "PM In Waiting"?

      Are all the committee members cleared of any corruptions?

  19. I had expected Malaysia's online scene to be pretty tame at least during the first two days of Shawwal but no, it was on fire with comments and opinions either way by politicians, civil society groups, political analysts and so forth over Lateefah Koya's unilateral appointment as MACC chief.

    Well, now let's see what happens next and will the issue be raised in parliament during the upcoming next sitting.

    Let's wait and see what happens next but for now, it looks like Tun Dr. Mahathir is calling the shots within the Pakatan government and his ministers are just saying "YES SAH, YES SAH, THREE BAGS FULL SAH".

  20. Well maybe not all will say "Yes SAH" anymore.

    "PSC chairman to seek meeting with PM following unilateral appointment of MACC chief"

    "This morning, Tuan Ibrahim, who is a member of the bipartisan panel, said any further activity from now on would be meaningless and called on Leong to terminate the committee as soon as possible."

    So will they tell Mahathir - "We quit SAH!"

  21. Integrity and public trust are what politicians most basically owe the rakyat.

    In business, only a fool will continue to deal with some one who does not keep his part of the bargain.

    The rakyat should not overly rely on any personality. It is the SYSTEM of check and balance that must be made sacrosanct. Before GE14, even Tun agreed to that.

    1. Ehmm... "sacrosanct"... the words habitually used by the ex-misused-of-power cum sodomy-convict, pardoned by the YDP Agong.

    2. Don't expect politicians to heed your sound advice.

    3. Why fix it when it is not broken
      System is static
      TM is dynamic


    4. It aint so black and white.

      Technically old man goes back against wht he agreed to do.

      But no biggie for me. I trust the old man to do wht needs fixing.

      Understand tht its a political move. Just like how anwar would plant people to ask about transition power.

      Get it people. Most who voted trust tun.

      This is nothing

  22. "My read into this is that the likes of Zahid in both Dr Mahathir and Anwar camps are all gearing up for the coming fight next year in the very likely event that there's no transition of power as promised."

    I'm afraid, I've to agree with Annie.
    I've a hunch that in a few months time, the 'Anugerah-Tuhan' will be invited to the White-House, just like he did in 1998, where he had the privilege of inspecting a Guard of honor.

    PH will implode but please don't underestimate the old-man, Annie.

    However, both PH & UMNO too will also implode.

  23. Semua orang dalam PEMBANGKANG hoping for an 'implodation' in PH that can kick the old man out. Sekali yang terimplode is BN/PAS!!!!.....hehehe.
    Don't underate the old man, Annie. He is full of trick. Ada-ada saja cara dia nak terbalikkan tindakan orang. Be it implode or kencing haring and pering or whatever. So don't u worru Annie. Hanya kuasa Allah yg boleh implode him. So, leave him alone to manage the country to the best of his ability. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atasnya. Diberikan kesihatan yg baik dan otak yang sihat. Aminnnn....

  24. Sebagai rakyat biasa saya hairan kenapa ahli2 politik PH ini asyik tekankan kepada manifesto GE14 yg sasaran yg dicadangkan tidak dibuat dengan sokongan data yg kuat.

    Ahli keluarga saya dan ramai di kalangan kenalan tak tahupun manifesto ini wujud. Saya baca sedikit sahaja kerana menganggap itu bukan asas untuk menukar kerajaan yg tidak dibuktikan korupnya.

    So in order to know what is happening, we need to make a change to find out. One objective is enough for many of us: Make Tun M the next Prime Minister.

  25. Saya setuju perlantikan Latefah Koya.
    It proves to all what Atok wants to send out ...I'm the Boss and the Bucks stops at my table. You guys just do the job which I give u....Way to go Atok ..I agree 100%

    Next shock wave for him to do
    Make Rafizi the MOF...He will kill many stones with it

    1 He will neutralise both factions of PKR
    2 He will now make DAP panas bontot and they will start to be less arrogant
    3 He will make Umno/ Pas criticism of lack of melayu minister in key positions
    4 He will make Azmin to start working and less sleeping as he is now being haunted by rafizi
    5 All PH factions will now have to start working because few now will trust each other
    6 Atok can then watch from aloft and make his next chess move


    1. Rafizi ?! U must be joking. Hes anwar through and through.

      Hell no. Guy had a chance. But his blind loyalty and obsession screw it up for him.

    2. Seriously Rafizi ? Entah2 manifesto tak munasabah PH tu dia yg buat....hampeh!

      Skrg ni semua jadi susah sbb mana nak kena byr hutang
      penyamun lagi mana nak cekau duit ikut manifesto tak logik tu ?

      Apa yg aku tau aku undi PH sbb nak buang penyamun2 dan juga sbb Tun Mahathir jadi PM balik tu saja. Pasal manifesto aku tak peduli pun...

  26. at the rate those royalty helang2 are imploding, soon republicans will rise wink wink

  27. Da Mahn has spoken - FULL STOP

    All the noises, bleats and whines which have followed are just like farts against thunder.

    "Decision on Latheefa’s appointment final, says Dr Mahathir"

    1. He heeeee

      Rasa macam pernah melalui bab plot drama yg sama... ta daaaa



      Neway napa la PH ni?? Nama cantik, PAKATAN HARAPAN. Tapi tak SEPAKAT pun? Harapan pun yelekkk!! Huru "hara" aje ni?

      PPBM...BERSATU?? "Ber" hilang dah jadi "SATU", kena ikut sekok tu punya otak sja ke?

      Anwar tu PKR. PKR is part of Pakatan. Sesama sendiri pun tak caya, payah la..

      Awat jadi sampai lagu ni?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Why the fuss and hush..nak melawan taqdirkah....??

      1, Ex PM Najib is 'on The WAY' to jail.
      2. PM In waiting endlessly 'underWEAR' to Putrajaya.
      3. Existing PM said, 'i did it my WAY.

  28. Lessons from the episode ;

    1. Tun M cannot be trusted.
    2. He only think of himself and not the team
    3. He doesn't care a dame of others except himself
    4. His appointment of LK is duplicitous and manipulative
    5. PH will implode if he continue to behave the way he did