Sunday 23 June 2019

Farewell Jason

Today is Jason's funeral,

Jason died in a traffic accident on Friday.

I received the news that morning from a friend via WhatsApp.

This is a news report of that accident,

Former NST Malacca journalist dies in accident

This is a tribute to him at NST,

Goodbye Jason, you will be missed

I mentioned about Jason and his ailment in this post on March 28,

I last talked to him in early May as I was trying to help him get some works to supplement his income due to his medical condition.

It was not to be.

Condolences to his family and loved ones.

Jason was indeed a really good guy.

Rest in peace my friend.


  1. At 44, there’s a lot more to see, explore and experience in this beautiful world, but it wasn’t meant to be. God got other plan to him it seemed. RIP Jason, you will be missed..

  2. With all the contacts and connection that you have in Malaysian journalistic fraternity, I’ve got a feeling that you’re a journalist, or an ex journalist, and had a stint at NST, aren’t you Annie?

    1. She was already quite screwed up then but she is still very pretty and fetching. Just needs a bit of straightening up to get back her true north to bury her sharp tongue and hormone-induced imbalances. Somewhere inside there is a good heart but one must exercise the hilt of patience to continue believing so.

  3. RIP Jason. Condolences to ur family. Thanks Annie for updating...

  4. its a difficult time for d family. but tomorrow, morning will come. life continue. may d good memories bring u comfort n peace.

  5. RIP

    Prof Kangkung

  6. Aisay Annie...many go way too early. RIP
    BTW on another note...PAS boss Hadi said at the muktamar that a Muslim with no integrity is much better than a non-Muslim with integrity. Looks like professing the Muslim faith thumps everything else. Now what do you guys think about this...all the professors out there, notwithstading the kangkong variety, Cik minah, analyser etc dll - your comments!