Friday 1 March 2019

About a Pas leader's doa and Jamal Abdillah being a BN's mole

I'm in Semenyih since yesterday.

Just observing as the campaigning reaches the end.

This is the first by-election that I'm on the ground since the one in Sungai Besar in 2016.

And it's the first time I watched a true BN-Pas political cooperation in an election.

For me, that's the most significant thing about this Semenyih by-election.

Honestly, I think Pakatan is in trouble because of it. The same as they were in Cameron Highlands and likely in future elections.

I was at the Pakatan's gathering near Tesco Semenyih yesterday evening where Dr Mahathir and others were there for the final push before the polls on Saturday.

It was actually kicked of by a performance by popular singer Jamal Abdillah. Seriously, okay.

And the guy sang two songs. I don't know the first one, but the second one with slightly modified lyrics was titled "Kau Lupa Janji" (You forgot your promise).

Ironic, isn't it, considering Pakatan's unfulfilled election promises.

I even suspected that Jamal Abdillah was a BN's mole at the Pakatan's function.

I'm not very good at estimating the number of a crowd, but I noticed that at least half of those present were wearing the red Pakatan or Pribumi Bersatu t-shirts.

I don't think that having to fill up half of the venue with party workers was a good sign.

Then there's a stall less than 50 meters away from the stage selling Apa Malu Bossku t-shirts and it's doing, I believe, good business. There was some sort of a pasar malam near the venue which probably helped to boost the number of crowd.

The first speaker was Amanah president Mat Sabu.

His speech was focused on three things which were
- Najib and BN bashing.
- Telling Malays not to fear DAP.
- Pleading to the Malays not to let Dr Mahathir down.

Seriously, it was an awkward speech. Mat Sabu tried to be clownish as he always did but now that he's a minister and not an opposition leader anymore, he sounded more stupid than ever instead of being funny.

I didn't wait for the other speeches and left for Bandar Sri Putra about 20 minutes drive away to check on the BN's ceramah featuring Mat Hassan and Pas deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man.

By the time I arrived, Tuan Ibrahim was already halfway through his speech. I completely missed Mat Hassan's.

Still, Tuan Ibrahim's speech was quite good.

I particularly like the part where he asked for the audience to be honest with themselves on what have they gained from the change of government last year.

I know and like Tuan Ibrahim from my days in Pahang and I believe the guy is honest. His demeanour is that of a wise elderly kampung man. Nothing like Mat Sabu.

And I got chills down my spine when he read the doa at the end of his speech.

The first time ever that I listened to a Pas leader praying for a BN victory.

The crowd at the housing estate field looked more genuine than the Pakatan's one.

The BN supporters clapped to Tuan Ibrahim's speech while the Pas ones cried "Allahuakbar".

Pas' Unit Amal members were also in full force managing the traffic near the venue. It was as if the candidate on their side is from Pas instead of BN.

Well, I have a feeling that BN may win this one as it did in Cameron Highlands.

But then again, as I pointed at this earlier post

Pakatan have a buffer of over 8,000 votes majority from the last general election less than a year ago.

That's very hard to turn around.

But who knows, if it really turns around, then we may expect another roller coaster ride all the way to the next general election four years from now.

Okay, here's Jamal Abdillah and his song at the Pakatan's gathering,


  1. What about SR conforming pas paid more RM1.4 million to her for the settlement of their case


    cek ini "botol" ke cek "pasu", cek "getah" cek "bounce"?????

    so what PH win at seminyih!!!! prices are going over the roof!!!!
    hmmm!!! maybe still too many kroni BiNi-ku control the market

  3. Jamal nyanyi that song kau lupa janji in front Bersatu audience?? Betul ker ni? Kesian jugak aku kat Mahathir. Indeed the song is a clear message to Bersatu or mahathir to stop being pura pura bodoh.

  4. Cik Annie,

    Kata Tun M, kalo BN menang semenyih pun, kerajaan Selangor masih Pakatan jugak.

    Macamni, potong stim aja.

    Perkembangan terbaru PAS kata cek yang bayor Sarawak Report itu akaun palsu.

    Tapi, Rafizi berjaya masukkan RM10 dalam akaun.

    Biar betul PAS ini.

    Hebat juga Rafizi.

    Saya rasa, sijil Ijazah Rafizi itu ori dan bukan palsu. Kalau palsu, macamana dia boleh kerja Petronas. Dengar cerita, dia keluar dari Universiti Manchaster United.

    PAS ini pun satu, kenapa pemimpin ada kereta mewah, bukan ke ulamak ini tunjukkan contoh yang baik.

    Bukan ke ulamak ini lebih pada akhirat bukan dunia.

    Bukan ke dunia ini sementara saja.

    1. Rafizi berjaya masukan rm 10 ke dalam akaun bank ciptaan beliau sendiri then acara kencing pun bermula hehehe

    2. Anon 20:21 Cer ko try masuk sendiri 10 inggit kat akaun tu. Pas tu ko bgtahu, masuk ke dok?

    3. Boleh ke buat akaun ciptaan sendiri?

      Kalau boleh banyak orang dah buat dan acara kencing makin hebat.

      Dulu tak kena kencing pun, sekarang sampai hancing bau kencing. Tak boleh tahan dah hancing sangat.

      Tapi soalnya, kalo lebai-lebai kencing, macamana, ada bau tak hancing atau baunya ok aje?

      Kalau kucing kencing pun bau hancing dan hapak juga. Tak sanggup kalau lebai-lebai kencing.

      Tapi ada yang boleh tahan.....dicampur dengan bau minyak attar dan jubah serban bebas cuci berapa hari....

  5. BN will win.InsyaAllah
    Prof Kangkung

  6. Tak habis habis bohong....Guan Eng awat tak turun....takut ka...