Sunday 3 December 2017

What's important at Umno general assembly

The Umno general assembly will start on Tuesday.

These are two of the usual Bernama stories the past week for the build up to the event;

Destiny Of Country, People Depends On Strength Of UMNO - Hishammuddin


"It is important for the delegates to concentrate on the 14th General Election - that is most important. Put aside the personal agenda. I hope they will not raise matters regarding party elections," he said at his office at the Ministry of Defence.

Focus To Ensure BN's Excellent Victory In GE14 - DPM Zahid


He also urged the UMNO members to forget for the time being the internal party election at the upcoming general assembly and to instead focus on the agenda to face the approaching GE.

He said the question of position in the party would be irrelevant if UMNO and the Barisan Nasional (BN) failed to achieve victory or merely obtained a small majority in the general election.

"What is the point of holding position in the party if we lose and cannot form the government, I feel this is no longer relevant, even if we sit on comfortable chairs in politics, this will be meaningless if we cannot form the government.

Both Hishammuddin and Zahid were reminding Umno members that they need to focus on the GE14, and not the party election which comes after that.

By right such a reminder is unnecessary but Hishammuddin and Zahid knew that the Umno delegates have always been more keen to use the general assembly as a meeting ground to lobby for positions with the party election in mind.

That was the case even during last year's general assembly.

Some even had karaoke sessions in the evening after the meetings for that purpose.

Well, somehow that's the way it is with people involved in politics in this country.

They always think much ahead than they should.

Even the anti-BN people tend to do the same.

Some Pakatan leaders were already talking about who is going to be what once they take over the government from BN.

They got excited with just the possibility of becoming ministers and such.


They talked as if they were so sure Pakatan will win the general election.

That's why we have instances such as Rafizi manoeuvring to outdo Azmin, just in case Pakatan manage to win Putrajaya.

They really could hardly able to contain such nonsense under the lid.

Pas people who were supposed to only care about the afterlife also have the same mentality.

That's why they had that big fight in 2015 which resulted with the setting up of Amanah.

It's just the way they are.

So, Hishammuddin and Zahid were just wasting their energy trying to advise Umno members like that.

I'm quite sure they will still talk more about the party election than the GE14 at the general assembly.

Many of them feel that what's the point of BN winning the general election when after that they lose their position in the party.

Personal interest comes first, then only the interest of the party....or maybe interest of the party comes much later after interest of many others who are more important to them.

So, never mind all that, okay.

Meanwhile, i really can't stand Umno stories such as this,

UMNO Wanita Chief: Be Agile To Parry Accusations

I advise you not to click on the link, though. The story may damage your brain.


Be agile to parry accusations?

What is that la Shahrizat?

How to be agile? Explain la.

Simply says only this woman.

If people read the story they'll get frustrated as they won't get it what the woman meant by being agile or whatever else.


Talk only can la this Shahrizat.

Nothing but just that.

And the poor Wanita Umno ladies still kept her as their boss.

I really don't understand why.

Last general election, I believe BN lost a few hundred thousands of votes just because of her and the cows.

Rafidah was much much better.

Miss that garang old girl.

Well, too bad.

Okay, I'm going to rest now.

Missing someone.

Playing this song again,


  1. the one you miss is the agile one. O lala tangan ghaib

    1. Dr Mahathir sedang sakit tenat

      I beg everyone to pray for his speedy recovery


    2. Dr Mahathir is ok now.Alhamdulillah.
      Prof Kangkung

  2. How can lembus be agile? Lembus from the top down. All the green grass is almost finished now. Government has been sold off or converted to non-bumi status. Green areas also sapu one, like Taman Rimba Kiara. They are all making as much money as they can now.

    So what's there to be agile about or to concentrate/focus on mainting present leaders in their current positions and getting richer while the lembus do the work.

  3. Leaders all around the world are getting younger but over here in Msia, we prefer to keep old goons as our leaders.

    1. Azmin is young but too bad he is corrupt to the core.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. Prof 16:15, jgn fitnah, proof pls or u only see what u want see?

    3. Please define corrupt Prof.

      A corrupt individual is a person who believes everyone can be baught. Provided you know the price. For that reason he needs to have lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of cash at his disposal.

      Problem arise when you don’t have the cash and where to find them. Easy. Set up a mega wealth fund. Use government’s prime lands, properties, assets, bonds, fixed deposits and guarantees as collateral. You pilfer every now and then when the need arises such as trying to settle the case of KBUs who tried to attempt mutiny.

    4. Anon 1739
      Yg kena tgkp sprm anak sedara kesayangan Azmin tapi oleh Ummi Hafilda dan Azwan Auwwww.bukan orang lain.
      Prof Kangkung

    5. Prof kankung, padanlah ramai graduan local public u tak boleh berfikir. Professor mereka punya minda yg sangat simplistik.

    6. Be like me, super squeaky clean
      Sayang melayu kangkung
      Melayu Parti bersatu saya tak sayang

      Jho low

    7. Pros Kangkang,

      Your cybertrooping is getting quite lazy & shallow nowadays.

      Just 2-3 lines of whatever your current paymasters' spin is.

      A trained parrot is more intelligent. However parrot dedak costs RM16 daily, hence they hired you to save RM1.

      Yet, still not worth it.

      Prof Sawi

    8. Prof sawi, u are no better but I bet u get paid higher.

    9. Anon 2305
      Nak tau simplistik or not pls join my class.I am more than glad to teach anyone who is interested to learn.
      Prof kangkung

    10. Prof, kalau anda ajar quantum physics or any advance economics subjects, then let me know. Other subjects, x payah le.

    11. Anon 1822
      Quantum physics is not my field of expertise but if you are interested with political science I am willing to share my experience with you.
      Prof Kangkung

    12. wonder. I don't bother to watch or read interview/analysis by local political analysts. Kebanyakan hujah macam budak form 5. Lebih baik tengok channel news asia _ berkembang sikit otak.

    13. Sabar je lah, jealous lah tue
      Ah ah ah ah ah ah
      Oi American pelacur, senyap sikit

      Jho Low

    14. Kangkang,

      You have a PHD in dedak.

      Nothing else.

      Prof Sawi

  4. Kalau pemimpin lanun, boleh ke parti jadi wali tiba²..

    Hipokrik pemimpin dalam menasihat ahli tetapi dari awal lagi mereka sudah pasang lukah, periuk api sana sini..

    Naib Presiden tercorot, siapa lah dia, ahli majlis tertinggi dilantik jika tidak kerana Najib dan istana masuk campur untuk menang dari mukhriz.

    Kalau menang cara kotor tiba tiba nak jadi wali, ini banyak di chow kit road, berkawan dengan bangla.

  5. “Pas people who were supposed to only care about the afterlife also have the same mentality.”



    No more.

    "...Nasharudin and other senior PAS personnel benefitted personally, enjoying and exhibiting a new affluence from the money channelled into the party by Najib Razak.

    Nasharudin's new-found wealth:

    • acquiring vehicles costing not less than RM1.5 million (including a BMW 525 priced at RM388,000, a Mini priced at RM230,000, a Toyota Vellfire priced at RM290,000, a Toyota Camry, priced at RM150,000 and a Toyota Fortuner priced at RM200,000
    • Property, including a house at Bangi, Selangor, worth RM3 million
    • All bought with cash.

    PAS MPs and senior party figures have bought new, luxury cars and new houses and married second and third wives, spending conspicuously in excess of their political salaries and what they could previously afford.

    • Deputy Chief Minister of Kelantan, Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah, acquired a fleet of luxury cars, including a Range Rover, Audi 6, Toyota Vellfire and Toyota Attis and built several houses for his family.

    • The Spiritual Leader Hashim Jasim acquired a Porsche Cayman car.

    • PAS Information Chief Khairuddin Aman Razali gave his second wife a RM500,000 Audi Q7 car as a gift.

    • PAS Information Chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi bought a RM300,000-plus Toyota Vellfire.

    • Secretary to the Syura Council, Nik Muhammad Zawawi Nik Salleh acquired a luxury Mercedes with the number plate PAS 9, itself worth around RM100,000, and a luxury Audi.

    • Takiyuddin bin Hassan, MP for Kota Baru and Secretary General of PAS has acquired a fleet of expensive cars and a luxury motorbike, including a Volkswagen Passat priced about RM160,000 with personalized number plate TAK 11, itself worth up to RM100,000

    • Muhammad Khalil, PAS Youth Leader, acquired luxury BMW motorbike.

    • Mokhtar Senik, chairman of the PAS Pahang Ulama Council, has acquired a luxury Mercedes and Toyota.

    PAS = Umno = Corruption. Different logos, same party.

    Now Khalid Ibrahim also shows his true colours.


    1. Pas...kih kih kih.

      Ceriter lebai malang moden la nih.

      Sebelum ini sanggup sokong BN dengan nak jadi 'penasihat kerajaan' konon. Dengan jelas bagitahu Pas nak tawan 5 negeri dan selebihnya bagi pada Umno.

      Tiba-tiba dah tukar pula tak boleh bersama dan berpihak? Apa punya lebai skrip tak konsisten dengan ceramah. Cakap tak serupa bikin.

      Pas dah semakin lama semakin tidak relevan. Orang Melayu Islam ada pilihan parti Islam yang baru, anti rasuah skandal 1MDB dan yang penting dalam satu gabungan besar untuk satu lawan satu dengan BN di SELURUH negara. Ini baru Pakatan Harapan.

      Bukan setakat bertanding 100 dan target menang 40 kerusi. Langsung tak masuk akal.

    2. Hmmmmm, berbaloi masuk PAS!!!!

    3. Nauzubillahminzalik tak baik fitnah orang UMNO tak de bukti sebab official secret act

      Jho low

    4. The worst is that the PAS devils have the PERSONALIZED number plates.

      Waste of our money.

      Proves they have completely abandoned anything to do with their struggle.

      Pasumno, Umnopas, one money mind.

    5. Spiritual Leader acquired Porsche Cayman?

      What the hell for?

      For spiritual power enhancement? Using Porsche Cayman to puja?

    6. Well if all the above allegation is true anon 1538 I am very proud of my Muslim brothers.Alhaamdulillah.
      Prof Kangkung

    7. Cukup hebat lepas Najib jadi PM

      1. Proton: Hancur
      2. F1: Ditutup
      3. Lapang terbang Sg Besi: Dijual
      4. 1MDB: Gagal
      5. Ringgit: Merudum
      6. Tol: Meningkat
      7. GST: Dilaksanakan
      8. Kedai 1 Malaysia: Tutup
      9. Felda: Jahanam
      10. Petrol: Naik
      11. Pelabur asing: Lari
      12. Ahli UMNO: Keluar parti
      13. Warga asing: Bertambah
      14. Aset negara: Dilelong
      15. Tanah strategik: Digadai
      16. Kapal terbang: Hilang
      17. Petrol: Naik
      18. Kos sara hidup: Naik
      19. Kadar pengangguran: Naik

    8. Cukup hebat lepas Najib jadi PM

      1. Proton: revived
      2. F1: opened
      3. Lapang terbang Sg Besi: dibeli
      4. 1MDB: super success
      5. Ringgit: rising
      6. Tol: abolished completely
      7. GST: abolish lah bodoh
      8. Kedai 1 Malaysia: making millions
      9. Felda: success
      10. Petrol: menurun
      11. Pelabur asing: Datang invest lah bodoh
      12. Ahli UMNO: Masuk parti
      13. Warga asing: berkurang
      14. Aset negara: untuk orang melayu
      15. Tanah strategik: dibeli
      16. Kapal terbang: tak hilang kau bangang
      17. Petrol: turun
      18. Kos sara hidup: turun
      19. Kadar pengangguran: turun

      Some people say im “putar alam” but semua itu fitnah nauzubillahminzalik

      Jho Low

    9. Hey Kangkung, what else about the pas pedants are you proud of? You vegetable brain

    10. Anonymous5 December 2017 at 12:58

      Vegetable brain is happy that PAS have now become dedak eaters too.

      Next, he will buy a numberplate, "KK1" for his kapchai.

      Prof Sawi

  6. "Last general election, I believe BN lost a few hundred thousands of votes just because of her and the cows."

    More importantly, we the people lost RM250 million.

    Kak Ijat only escaped because the 9.5 million mamak lawyer wrote a secret letter to Pandi-Barua to get the charges dropped.

    But our money is gone...forever.

    Cows become condos, only in Malaysia.

    1. Senang cakap ikut loghat Kedah...ambiklah umno tu kat hang pa kami dah tak kebuloq.

      Tapi sebagai rakyat kamu akan tetap bangkit menentang yang batil. Najib dan geng penyamun mesti dihapuskan. Jom kuburkan United Macai@Lembu Condo National Organisation, parti bodoh, cuma gunakan nama Melayu utk terus berkuasa…parti penyamun! Parti 47% nk kekalkan kuasa sampai titisan darah terakhir supaya terus dapat menyamun lagi...

      Jom tukar parti lain, percayalah selagi parti sama yg memerintah, perkara yg sama akan berlaku.

    2. Dulu isu lembu NFC terkait dengan suami dan anak anak Shahrizat…pastu isu program 1Azam yang dikatakan diseleweng pun terkait dengan Shahrizat apabila bekas Setpolnya sendiri disiasat - 10 biji kenderaan mewah dikatakan kepunyaan Suhaimi turut dirampas.

      Dalam kes ini kalau betul lah puak-puak Shahrizat yang dok buat semua benda tak betoi ni, elok lah Shahrizat sekali pi melingkup. Isu2 begini lah yang menyebabkan rakyat mencemik kepada para pemimpin kerajaan dan UMNO.

      Wanita UMNO patut menolak pemimpin yang sebegini.

      NFC pun Syahrizat kata dia tak tahu. Tido ke, Ijat o? Sepatutnya sebagai seorang pemimpin rakyat dia patut dahulukan rakyat, bukan laki dan anak dia. Memang pompuan ni gila la, langsung tak malu pada ahli2 Wanita UMNO yang dok sokong dia. Yang Najib pulak satu hal gila pi lantik Shahrizat Lembu ni jadi penasihat dia pulak...Kalau mcm ni tak lama lah jawabnya UMNO akan mampuih pada PRU 14 nanti…

    3. Anonymous3 December 2017 at 18:39

      Actually her pol sec songlap 13 kereta mewah with money from orphan fund.

      So....not 10 cars, 13 cars.

      of course, case closed......

      same as.....

      isa samad felda

      annuar musa mara

      kelate wanita umno yapeim

      and the 'big daddy'......of them all:

      jibros and 1mdb, src, permata, scorpene, etc etc etc.

      But jibros total songlap = world songlap champions.


    4. Q. What did the cow say when Shahrizat led it into her condo?

      A. Only the woman with cow-sense could figure that out?

  7. hi annie, havent you heard ?

    its the rise of mamak in gov higher ups, and thus the downfall of our beloved nation

    like najib give a damn. he has hes own money to care for. need a 1000 ringgit hairdo. meanwhile according to merdeka survey 15% malaysian can hardly eat 3 times daily.

    corrupt, corrupt and more corruption

    hurrah for the people :)

    1. "hairdo" si badak tu = Rm1,200.

      Sebelum ni isteri2 PM dihormati masyarakat. Terutama Tun Siti Hasmah Ali. Sampai sekarang kalau orang terserempak dgn Tun Siti, orang akan berenti salam dan selfie dgnnya macam selebriti.

      Sikap rendah diri, tak tonjol-tonjolkan diri, senyum mesra dan tak banyak cakap Tun Siti amat disenangi masyarakat Malaysia.

      Kalau perangai elok tak bongkak tentu orang suka. Orang lain pun pandai nak pilih orang yg elok2. Memang jadi lumrah manusia semua orang tak suka dgn orang yg sikapnya sombong, bongkak, suka menonjolkan diri dan queen control.

      "Time have changed"...for worse.

    2. Biar si penyamun yang mendapat balasan maut berkudis,

      Maka berakhirlah kisah si Lanun Bugis...

    3. Anonymous3 December 2017 at 17:37,

      I think most of umno problems because of that evil hippo.

      people cannot stand her.

      tun siti = Two Thumbs Up.

    4. Even the pirates have feelings

      Jho Low

    5. How does a budget make the country unsafe and unstable? When the govt engages in unwise, wasteful and corrupted use of public funds including allowing embezzlement of taxpayer's money without any law enforcement action against the perpetrators. Public funds are siphoned off by the elite and the govt gets into ballooning debt that has to be repaid by the citizens

  8. have you ever seen a cow doing a straddle side leap or a grand jeté, now that would be totally agile

    what's important is they must make the emperor feel that he is fully clothed, cows are not permitted to carry vanity mirrors to be on the safe side


  9. How has Kementerian Kewangan of today outperfomed Kementerian Kewangan of the the past ?

    Umno berjasa kepasa Malaysia. Memang betul. Tapi Umno najib ke yang banyak berjasa kepada Malaysia ? Bukan ke Umno Dr.Mahathir yang banyak berjasa ?
    Umno najib memalukan Melayu dan Malaysia.

    Orang bukan Melayu dah lama cakap kerajaan BN tak telus dan tak efficient. Baru sekarang orang Melayu mula faham apa orang bukan Melayu dah lama cakap.

    Pergi mampos la umno

    1. Siapa yang kena bayar semua hutang 1MDB? Yang tanah-pusaka Rakyat, bekas airport Sungai Besi, 60% Bandar Malaysia... tergadai kepada China... bukan dari rakyat ke?

      Najib yang bodoh. Kalau nak mencuri pun, mengapa curi duit-hutang. Curi lah aset, doh. Kalau curi duit hutang...nanti orang tahu kerana hutang mesti dibayar balik, termasuk interest.

      Kurang bijak, si lanun bibirpink ni.

    2. "How has Kementerian Kewangan of today outperfomed Kementerian Kewangan of the the past?"

      Much much better.....

      Only in this era we see public money disappear and turn into pink diamonds, luxury cars, penthouses, yachts and porno film for riza aziz.

      even david copperfield is jealous.....

    3. Aiyya banyak susah nak hidop lah today
      I feel your burden eventhough I’m overnight billionaires

      Jho low

    4. Anon 1648
      Cara awak menulis saya boleh mengagak awak baru nak belajar politik. There is no such thing as UMNO Najib or UMNO Mahathir or UMNO whomever.Let me give you an analogy (once again analogy, not chronology you stupid).
      Just because Shafiq Rahim is the captain of JDT does not mean he own JDT. JDT belongs to the fans (in the case of UMNO, it belongs to its members).
      Nak menang pilhanraya macam mana lah kalau berhujjah beremosi. Saya nasihatkan kepada RBA atau sesiapa yang menulis dalam blog ini bergurulah dengan Gladiator kalau pun tak mahu berguru dengan Prof Kangkung. Tunjukkan hujah yang rasional berserta dengan data.Faham tak apa saya cakap ni? You stupid.
      Prof Kangkung

    5. Know your place
      Dah lah sungguh hina
      Young people always stray from the right path

      Jho Low

    6. "Faham tak apa saya cakap ni? You stupid."

      No, you stupid, Kangkang. Plus your legs are kangkang.

      Prof Sawi

  10. ZAM said pi mampus umno. PM said Kepala Bapak Kau. Let's c How wanita kapla lembu, jeneral kapla but, kapla auta n the kapla kapla angin have to say...


    You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull. Your herd multiplies and the economy grows. You retire on the income.

    You have two cows. You sell one and force the other to produce the milk of four cows. You profess surprise when the cow drops dead.

    You have two cows.
    You go on a strike because you want three cows.

    You have two cows. You reengineer them so that they live for 100 years, eat once a month and milk themselves.

    You have two cows.
    They are both MAD COWS.

    You have two cows. You don't know where they are. You break for lunch.

    you have 5000 cows, none of which belong to you. You charge the others for storing them.

    you have two cows. You redesign them so they are one tenth of an ordinary cow and produce twenty times the milk.

    You have two cows. You count them and learn that you have five cows. You count them again and learned that you have 42 cows. You count them again and learn that you have 17 cows. You give up counting and open another bottle of Vodka.

    You have two cows. You have 300 people milking them. You claim full employment and arrest anyone reporting the actual numbers.

    You have two cows. You sell both cows to buy a Mercedes Benz and a condo. Later you claim government’s cow rearing business is a roaring success!!...

    1. ha ha ha....that's funny!

      Or you can be Najib-style land for RM100, mark-up to RM1,000, steal the difference, then sell the land back to the original owner for RM990...

      (See TRX & Bandar Malaysia...)

    2. Yesterday I had a Jap’s wagyu beef at fancy restaurant

      It’s my own hard earned fork money of course

      Jho Low

    3. Jho,

      Never visit Restoran Songlap Kak Ijat.

      Because when you order wagyu beef, you will get one condo brick on a plate.

    4. Anon 2128
      You can also become Mahathir follower. You do business and lost RM31 billion and report it as a RM9 billion loss.How do you do it? You ask a guy name Mohamad Sodom to do it for you. When people ask you why you did it, you tell them you have no power over the Sodom Guy. haha
      Prof Kangkung

    5. Hey kangkung! It’s very sexist of you to discriminate transgender, love is equal
      Harga minyak semakin menurun sebab tv3 yang cakap

      Jho Low

  12. Then annie should campaign for dumno party election to topple shahrizat & other parasites or trojans who are destroying dumno from within wakakaka

  13. Negara ini sebenarnya sudah rosak...

    Kalau aku jadi pembangkang, aku tak berminat pun nak tawan Puterajaya.

    Baik atau buruk serah sahaja pada Najib, kalau dia nak lingkupkan negara ini lagi, lantak le..rakyat akan maki kerajaan hari-hari.

    Kalau negara boleh dimajukan, yang kaya terus kaya, rasuah jadi budaya, jenayah meningkat, lantak le itu kerja PDRM.

    Suatu hari yang bersalah tetap dibawa ke muka pengadilan, dia sama dia akan tangkap menangkap.

    Rakyat miskin tertekan, pengangguran, kos sara hidup yang tinggi...majoriti pada Melayu, padan mula.

    Jenayah meninggal, masalah sosial meningkat, majoriti Melayu, padan mula.

    Cukuplah pembangkang ambik negeri yang kaya..
    SelangoR PKR
    Johor BERSATU
    Perak AMANAH
    PP DAP

    PAS sukahati dia lah nak jadi apa, bodoh sombong mana boleh tumpang..

    1. Saya jatuh cinta kepada parti pas

      Jho Low

  14. Dear Annie, you should miss me...

  15. Annie,

    //By right such a reminder is unnecessary//

    Regardless of whatever advice may be given, I am sure party elections for office-holders will be disucssed by delegates attending the general assembly.

    It's the nature of the beast.

    //Even the anti-BN people tend to do the same.//

    Of cos they would.

    For example, it would have had been very interesting to be a "fly on the wall" at the recent DAP party elections.

    //Some Pakatan leaders were already talking about who is going to be what once they take over the government from BN.//

    Actually, this may not be quite as silly as it sounds.

    I once asked Rafizi Ramli why Pakatan did not have a Shadow Cabinet like most other advanced political systems we see in the om putih countries.

    I can't quite remember his response as it was several years ago, but I vaguely recalled thinking that he gave what seemed like a very limp excuse for not forming one. :)

    A Shadow Cabinet gives the rakyat the chance to check out potential ministerial material in the opposition.

    We, the rakyat, should have a sample of what we can expect from alternatives.

    That's just my opinion anyway.

    //Pas people who were supposed to only care about the afterlife also have the same mentality.//

    PAS is delusional if they think they can form government on their own.

    PAS's best chance is to hope that by doing UMNO a favour in GE14, they will be rewarded with something - maybe control of JAKIM?

    Hmm... or does PAS already secretly control JAKIM thru the backdoor?

    No, not that "backdoor" where someone bends over - I meant the other backdoor where PAS already has covert operatives in JAKIM.

    //And the poor Wanita Umno ladies still kept her as their boss.//

    Yes, Shahrizat...

    Well, she is one of those who is around because of her absolute and total loyalty to Najib.

    And she is even more grateful after that RM250million gift from Lembugate.

    Now, we all know that the RM250million is actually a loan, not a gift, but I don't think that loan will ever be paid back.

    Do anybody know how much of the loan has been paid back by now?

    As for Rafidah Aziz, I am told that she has more balls than most UMNO men.

    And she is smart - as in intellectually smart, not just savvy streetwise smart.

    I have no doubt that the general assembly on Tuesday will be a closely watched affair.

    Who knows, we might even have "that" announcement made :)


    1. "Now, we all know that the RM250million is actually a loan, not a gift, but I don't think that loan will ever be paid back."

      All spent on condos, cars & holidays.

      That's why it's theft.

    2. It’s not a theft you are gravely mistaken

      I would say it’s rezeki halal

      Jho Low

  16. Sudah tentu anda tumpah darah untuk negara (bukan dumno) betui...

  17. Anonymous @ 3 December 2017 at 18:45

    You have two cows. You sell both cows to buy a Mercedes Benz and a condo.//

    But, aaahhh, you are merely following everybody else's cow business model which need cows to make money.

    Malaysia can do better than that.

    Pls allow me to offer, what I think, is a slightly improved version which DOES NOT NEED cows.


    You start with NO cows.

    You get a loan.

    You spend the loan on Mercs and condos and having a good time.

    You then tell the court that your cow business would have had been a roaring success if only some pesky fellow had not told everybody about those Mercs and condos.

    You sue that pesky fellow for the money you would would have made on cows, if you had cows.

    And that is how you make lotsa money in the cow business in Malaysia.

    Now, dear reader, you may chuckle and chortle, but if I am not mistaken, Malaysian Economics V2.0, is EXACTLY what was used in Lembugate.


    1. a call.

      a. interested in condo business?

      b. how?

      a. buy cows first

      b. how?

      a. got a loan

      b. how?

      a. go to cowlumpur d capital of bullehland

      b. cowdung!

      a. hak...hak...cow cow kena!

    2. Dear Gladiator,

      I’m waiting for you to come up with something ORIGINAL like Anon 18:45 did instead on latching on somebody else comments and made unsolicited critical review so to make yourself sound smart. That’s parasitic behaviour..

    3. click to cow jokes...n go to cows and governments....anonymous 1716?

    4. At least he put some effort looking for the material and posted here. But this guy is downright lazy. Picking up other people stuff and put his own spin to it. He’s trying to outdo everyone as if only his comments mattered.

  18. I switched tv channel from TV3 to other whenever TV3 news report on UMNO assembly.

    Boring and meluat.

    Sad that TV3 news had gone down the drain with senseless one sided reporting of UMNO nemesis, especially biased reporting on Tun M.

    Wish ASTRO's Awani could improve their news buletin. at times their presenters look so amateruish. Difficult to trust news coming out of their mouths with bad and out-of place posture.

    1. anon 1141
      Nobody forces you to watch TV3 or whatever channel.For all I care you can watch National Geographic.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Watch MTV la... semua VIP melayu layan MTV
      Kita kan orang islammmmmm

      Jho Low

  19. Anonymous @ 4 December 2017 at 17:16,

    //I’m waiting for you to come up with something ORIGINAL//

    //That’s parasitic behaviour..//


    YOU are the one waiting for somebody else "to come up with something ORIGINAL" but I am the parasite?


    Aiyoh yoh...

    Look, I could have easily taken this opportunity to make rude comments about your race, your religion, your education, your lack of intelligence, about how your type have always looked down upon others because you think you are so superior, about how your type have always blamed others for your own failings, OK?

    But I am a nice guy and this is Annie's blog, so I won't do any of those nasty things :)


    1. Gladiator,you are one of the few commentators here who can give a rational argument.I really your writing.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. I mean I really enjoy your writings.
      Prof Kangkung

    3. yes, prof, mr gladiator does hv his sensible n good way of looking at things. an experience middle age bloke.... maybe a little shy of 50 i think :)…..ha..ha..i mean he is a secure mind tat wat he is.

      u too…i think some did screw u…..u take them quite ok too. just d way u spurt things out is quite irritating. friendly…but very uncomfortably friendly :)

  20. Prof Kangkung,

    //you are one of the few commentators here who can give a rational argument//

    Gosh, thanks for that but I seldom think of my comments as rational or argumentative.

    I don't think I am trying to rationalise anything nor am I here to argue with anybody.

    Basically I just write what I am thinking at the moment - with some minor editing.

    Unlike many others here, I don't really support any particular political party, so maybe that is what makes you think I argue rationally.

    For example, I think of politicians as my servants - which is what they really are, servants of the people.

    Now, if I don't like my servants, I just change them.

    There is the risk that my new servants will be just as useless but then I can change them as well.

    And I will keep changing those suckers until I find some good servants who do what they are told to do.

    And I don't really care whether my servants are UMNO or DAP or PAS or whatever, as long as they just do what I tell them to do.

    You may say that is a good rational argument but I think of it as simple common sense.

    Simple common sense does not really need to be rationalised or argued over.

    Unfortunately, in today's Malaysia, politicians are no longer our servants - they have become our masters.

    They are telling me what to do!

    I have to serve THEM!

    I need new servants.

    Now, in my case, Pakatan is telling me that they will be good servants.

    Perhaps they are lying to me about wanting to be good servants, but as you know, I am a nice guy and I am quite willing to give anybody a chance.

    If Pakatan is, in fact, lying to me, I can assure you that they will NOT be getting 60 years of running Malaysia as my master.

    I won't let them.


    Simple common sense to me. :)

    Nothing to rationalise, nothing to argue.

    Sorry, I tend to get carried away and I start babbling.

    I am going to blame you for making me explain why I don't think I am rational or argumentative - heheheheh!!

    Better give others a chance to say something.


    1. RIGHT Gladiator, I am also like you, i know, not that you cares, I will choose my servants, good ,continue to support, not good, then out you go.

    2. :)......cant just take wat is given?

      u mean...u dun need compliment?

      i know some macho guys did it!

      but i dun think u'r:)

  21. To dumnos or Bankrupt Nasional, this GE14 if ringgit is not 3.80 or higher value, i vote Harapan...

    1. Sokong UMNO bro ikut prof kangkung
      A student must always copy his teacher

      Jho Low

    2. Unlike sheikh jho low who is hoarding billions of 1mdb USD, of course he want ringgit to go to 5.00 sigh

  22. What's important at dumno general assembly??? dumno last hurrah but dumnos can have a fighting chance in GE14 if tons of money, songlap or dedak are disbursed to members or macais in this general assembly hidup MO1 hidup Uncle Mohd Najib Only (UMNO)!!! wakakaka
    MO1 will appeal & get donation from arab(s) or sheikh jho low, semua beres or kautim!!! hahaha

  23. OMG as exposed by ex puteri umno general assembly is the mother of all SEX parties...

    1. You're correct. There was allegation that delegates slept with peoples wives or husband.
      Nowadays, Politics in UMNO is all about Money, Power & Sex. The JAWI guys must go about their duties... overdrive... checking hotel where the delegates spend the night.

    2. In this pau macc dzulkifli will hunt for bini2 (sex) & NOT corruption (MO1 untouchable meh) sigh

    3. those were the days....preludes at El-Nino...HRC..RP.Crossroads..KTVs..Istana2 dangdut..yeehaaa..

  24. This is very offensive. How can they treat us like this? We must be doing it all for the good of the US economy. This is a total Malaysian population contribution to uplift the economy. They are willing to pay the increased taxes and forego some subsidies to pay for the lost money parked in America.
    You can make America great again. But don't make the Malaysians angry again.

  25. fatin,

    //an experience middle age bloke.... maybe a little shy of 50 i think //

    I like the bit about being experienced.

    It's what all my girlfriends have noticed about me. Heheh..

    But middle-aged??

    I have not stopped crying since I read that.

    *Sob*sob*sob* Why is the internet such a cruel place?

    I am 22, ok?? Alright .. maybe 32 although I may look 42 because I drink and smoke...

    Does my age really matter?

    //he is a secure mind tat wat he is. //

    My mind is not secured.

    It thinks what it wants to think.

    But, I know that there are people who do want to imprison my mind and force it to think what they want.


  26. Anonymous @ 4 December 2017 at 20:21,

    //Picking up other people stuff and put his own spin to it.//

    Eeerrr.. you call it spin.. I call it discussion.

    //He’s trying to outdo everyone as if only his comments mattered.//

    Will I get a prize if I outdo everyone else?

    Can I have my name in lights? Pls? Pls? Pls?

    Pls lah, grow up a bit, ok?

    You are on the internet, in Annie's blog.

    Your views and my views don't mean shit.

    At best, you and me are bit-part players.

    There is only one star attraction on Annie's blog, ok?

    And you ain't it.

    Neither am I. :)


  27. fatin,

    //u mean...u dun need compliment?//

    Nupe, I prefer cash :)

    //but i dun think u'r:)//

    U r right, I am not a macho guy :)

    I am a short fat obese short-sighted guy with a balding head, sitting here in my smelly underwear, sweating heavily.


    Never mind, when I become a billionaire one day, I am sure lotsa pretty women would love me for what I am :)

    Until then.... *sigh*....


  28. my highly educated guess is gladiator is a part time tap dancer, he must have stepped on a toe or two doing a Fred Astaire


  29. gonewrong,

    //a part time tap dancer//

    The only tap dancing I have ever done involve taps which dispense beer :)

    //he must have stepped on a toe or two doing a Fred Astaire //

    Aiyah, come on lah.

    Not intentionally, it was accidental.

    I can't dance for nuts, OK?

    I think I was once told that I danced like a monkey being bitten by red ants. :)


  30. Look like pied piper MO1 kuburkan dumno so important for dumno kuburkan MO1 first, warned you so wakakaka...

  31. Annie, time for new post. No snippets from umno assembly?

  32. Pardon me for side-tracking....


    Najib sebaik saja menjadi PM pada 2009, telah melantik APCO Worldwide sebuah agensi Zionist Yahudi sebagai Penasihat di PutrajAya dan membayar upah beratus-ratus juta.

    Atas tunjuk ajar APCO, Najib telah memberi lesen kpd Banker Zionist Yahudi, Goldman Sachs untuk membuka pejabat & beroperasi di negara buat julung2 kali, dgn tujuan untuk mendapatkan hutang riba haram RN42 biluon dgn bunga riba 10%, bunga tertinggi dalam dunia yg dibebankan kpd negara.

    Najib berbelanja ratusan juta untuk mengampu presiden Amerika, Obama dalam kempen Perjanjian Syaitan TPPA yg sia-sia, Lawatan Rasmi Obama ke negara & bermain golf di Hawaii.

    Najib bertukar tuan pula kpd presiden Donald Trump dan sekali lagi berbelanja ratusan juta untuk meredah masuk tanpa jemputan rasmi ke White House hanya untuk berikrar taat setianya pada Amerika dgn berkata pd Trump...'Your enemy is my enemy'.

    Najib jelas terang2 seorang PENGKHIANAT kpd Agama, Bangsa & Tanah Air bila dia bersekutu dgn Amerika & Zionist Yahudi sejak awal2 lagi dia mentadbir negara. Dunia semua tahu Donald Trump sangat membenci & memusuhi Islam. Apa kejadahnya Najib berserah diri & menyembah-nyembah kpd Trump yg terang-terangan memusuhi Islam.

    Kini Najib yg bertalam muka dua ada hati nak menganjur perhimpunan besar-besaran mengajak rakyat menentang rejim Israel Yahudi & Amerika, konon.....!!

    Najib patut di HUKUM seberat-beratnya di atas PENGKHIANATAN & KEMUNAFIKAN nya kpd Agama, Bangsa & Negara.......!!