Wednesday 13 December 2017

The Padi Rescue snowball

My guest blogger Lebai Sudin yesterday asked this question;


Annie, hang boleh tolong check ke betul ke tidak berdaftar. Kalau betul, mereka adalah pertubuhan haram. Hang ada ramai kawan, mintalah tolong mereka untuk buat semakan. 

So, I googled "Padi Rescue Malaysia", and at the top of the search results is this story dated Nov 29;

Wan Azizah slams planned legal action

 against Padi Rescue 

Wan Azizah urged the government to take immediate steps to stop Bernas from initiating legal action against Padi Rescue in connection with its memorandum submitted to the prime minister on Oct 20, 2017.
“We call for the re-establishment of LPN to return the public functions mandated to Bernas, which are due to expire in 2021, in order to protect the national rice industry.”

From that story, I concluded that basically, what was demanded by the opposition leader is exactly what this group called Padi Rescue wants.

However, I can't find much about who are the real people who set up Padi Rescue as it seems that the group has no website where I can check their background.

I had asked a friend at the registrar of society (RoS) to check but he hasn't got back to me.

Anyway, the most prominent name highlighted in reports about Padi Rescue is someone named Fitri Amir, who claimed to be its "representative" or "coordinator", but I believe that he's not the real main man of the group and instead just a "front".

This is one of such stories dated Oct 20,

Padi Rescue mahu Lembaga Padi ditubuhkan semula 


Katanya, permintaan untuk LPN ditubuhkan semula itu adalah salah satu dari 14 tuntutan yang dihantar kepada Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak hari ini.
"Hanya badan yang bebas dari kepentingan komersial atau keuntungan sahaja layak menjaga industri padi dan beras negara, dan bukannya syarikat persendirian seperti BERNAS (Syarikat Padi dan Beras Nasional Berhad) yang ditadbir berdasarkan kepentingan komersialnya.
"Tidak dinafikan BERNAS berjaya dalam memastikan kelangsungan syarikat dengan mengaut keuntungan berjuta ringgit, namun syarikat terbabit gagal menjalankan tanggungjawab sosialnya iaitu untuk terus memperkasakan kilang beras milik Bumiputera.
"Kini hanya 20 kilang Bumiputera yang menyertai skim di bawah BERNAS berbanding lebih 200 kilang sebelum ini. Kami hairan mengapa jumlah kilang berkenaan boleh merosot sedangkan keperluan beras di negara ini tidak pernah berkurang," katanya selepas menyerahkan memorandum 14 tuntutan itu di Bangunan Perdana Putra, di sini.
Turut bersamanya untuk menghantar memorandum berkenaan ialah Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu Bersatu (MTEM), Ahmad Yazid dan Pengerusi Persatuan Pengilang Beras Melayu Malaysia, Musonnef Md Radzi.
Somehow, the last name mentioned in the excerpts of the story sounds familiar.

Malaysia Malay Rice Millers Association chairman Musonnef Md Radzi.

So, I googled his name and found this NST story dated June 11 2015 (which is much before all these talks about Padi Rescue)

LPN reinstatement lauded 


Musonnef said the government was the suitable body to look after the padi and rice production instead of Padiberas Nasional Berhad (Bernas) after it was privatised in 1995.
“Bernas has played the role of regulator and distributor for the country’s rice industry as well as to ensure the nation’s rowing rice demand be fulfilled through the management of the National Stockpile and the Padi Price Subsidy Scheme.
“However, since the privatisation of Bernas, most of the Malay Rice Millers’ Association had gone ‘bankrupt’ as Bernas solely looked for profit instead of its farmers’ welfare and the rice production,” he said here today.

Well, it seems to me that this Musonnef guy have been championing the revival of the LPN (Lembaga Padi dan Beras Negara) to replace Bernas much earlier than Padi Rescue.

But back then it was a fight of the rice millers. Now these people calling themselves Padi Rescue are saying that the fight is for the padi farmers too.

Guess it's a case of the more the merrier.

Anyway, I checked with a friend in Kedah who is familiar with this issue and he promptly told me that before I can find out more about Padi Rescue, I need to know more about the Musonnef guy who has been championing the issue from the start.

He declined to confirm whether Musonnef is the actual person behind Padi Rescue but instead emailed me copies of these documents;

My friend said Musonnef's rice mill accumulated debt to Bernas from 2007 till it closed down in 2015 because it failed to produce the required amount of rice from the padi sent to it for processing by Bernas over those years.

He nonetheless declined to say why the mill failed to produce the required amount of rice.

"That, I don't want to say because from my understanding, even Bernas wanted the case to be settled peacefully," he said.

My friend said that based on the legal action, the mill owed Bernas about RM6.5 million but after the bankruptcy notice, Bernas only managed to recover its losses by receiving the mill's assets which actual estimated value was just about RM2 million.

Anyway, I guess, because of the whole thing, this Musonnef guy was angry and wanted Bernas to be closed down and replaced by a new LPN.

First it's his fight, then it became the rice millers fight, after that it also became the padi farmers' fight, and now it even became the opposition parties' fight.

Quite a snowball, it seems.

By the way, can a bankrupt be the chairman of an association?

This issue is quite interesting, I think.

Okay, if I got new stuff, I'll post some more about it.



  1. "By the way, can a bankrupt be the chairman of an association?"

    If BN, any rules go.

    Ramesh Rao 7 RPK = both bankrupts. One is head of Pinklips-licking NGO, the other is Pinklips-licking prostitute blogger.

    Can a criminal be the chairman of MARA?

    Can a criminal be the chairman of FELDA?

    Can a criminal run the NFC?

    Can a criminal be the chairman of 1MDB and the world's worst kleptocrat?

    No problem!

    So time to sweep all this dirt where it belongs.

    Vote these crooks out of power.

    Since time is short and resources are limited some observers suggest that Pakatan deploy its resources carefully for maximum effect.
    It is suggested that Mukhriz Mahathir focus extra efforts to win all the Parliamentary and State seats in Kedah for the Pakatan.

    Similarly Tan Sri Muhyiddin should focus extra efforts on securing Johor.

    Tun Dr Mahathir has been doing a great job among the  Felda areas  and also as chief campaigner in other constituencies throughout the Peninsula. 

    Parti Amanah seems to be strongest in Kelantan and has good potential to rout PAS and UMNO from some of the seats.  Husam in Kelantan and his Amanah cohorts should focus heavily on Kelantan.

    As the incumbent State government in Selangor, PKR should work extra hard to win even more Parliamentary and State seats in Selangor for  Pakatan candidates.

    The same applies for the DAP in Penang.

    There are some internal issues in the PKR.   The party has three power centres namely the Anwar Ibrahim family, Azmin and his Selangor group and finally  Rafizi Ramli and his technical boys.  However the ground support for the PKR is still intact and does not seem to have any adverse effect on the party's popularity.

    The Pakatan need only win an extra 20 Parliamentary seats to defeat the BN.

    Lets say Parti Bersatu wins a minimum 10 seats. 
    DAP wins THREE extra seats. 
    PKR wins THREE extra seats. 
    Amanah wins FOUR seats. 
    Its game over for the BN.

    We are not including Parti Warisan in Sabah.  
    Or the Pakatan Harapan's   Dayak friends in Sarawak.

    Its Game Over for the BN. 

    If not...

    ...enjoy being robbed for five more years.

    1. Are you dreaming?I live in Kelantan.When you saya Amanah is strongest in Kelantan I do not know whether to laugh or to cry.Is that statement was meant as a joke?
      Prof Kangkung

    2. "Is that statement was meant as a joke?"

      Your England very the salah, Mr Kangkung. So which university you teach at?

      Universiti Dedak?

      Hee hee

      : P

    3. Anon1635
      Your analysis or shall I say your dream is very lopsided.Pakatan is very lucky if it manage to defend Penang and Selangor.With Pas out of Pakatan and set to play the role of a spoiler Pakatan can say goodbye to their dream of Putrajaya.If Pakatan people are so desperate to go to Putrajaya I suggest you guys hire a coach bus and a driver and enjoy your trip to Putrajaya .Haha
      Prof Kangkung

    4. MCA 7 seats loss
      MIC 4 seats loss
      Gerakan 1 seat loss
      Total 12 seats

      Just 15 Umno and Felda seats
      Plus 5 seats from Sabah

      Total 32 + 89 = 121 very comfortable majority
      Out of 222 seats

    5. Kangkung is always dreaming since January 2017

  2. Very good write up annie.Investigative reporting.I can expect the reaction from many of your readers here.1MDB,kleptokrasi,umno rasuah etc.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. 17:01,

      Yes, I expect so too lah kawan.

      Unlike you they are not the resident BN pelacur/ toyol : )

      I'm very sure you have no problem with corruption, rasuah, making Wolf of Wall St with stolen money etc.

      Maybe you can educate me how these things are encouraged in Islam?

      Very curious.

      : P

  3. Annie,

    First and foremost, great investigative journalism :)

    Secondly, I am guessing that the documents you have presented here are publicly available documents so there are no legal ramifications for you or your friend.

    Thirdly, I think that regardless of whether this Musonnef fellow is out for revenge or not, the fact remains that padi farmers have a tough life.

    And we have no idea what Bernas has done to benefit padi farmers since 1995 when Syed Mokhtar took over the monopoly.

    Of cos, Bernas would most definitely have benefited Syed Mokhtar for sure but what about the padi farmers which were supposed to benefit from the transfer of the monopoly to Syed Mokhtar?

    I mean, wasn't that the idea of the transfer of Bernas to Syed Mokhtar? To benefit the padi farmers by improving production, better methods of farming, etc etc?

    Of cos, I could be mistaken and the monopolisation of Bernas was wholly and solely for the benefit of Syed Mokhtar.


  4. Whether Padi Rescue is registered or not is not an issue. Any informal or formal group can voice its concern for the security of our staple food.

    Musonnef's problem with Bernas is his personal matter and so is his bankruptcy. In my opinion, being a concerned party he is at liberty to be with or even lead the Padi Rescue. We are talking about food on the table not only for now but future generations.

    Strange that just because Bernas is established LPN cannot go on functioning. The two organisations can work and complement each other. Bernas' s scope is quite limited whereas that of LPN is extensive though not comprehensive.

    Padi and rice production involves a myriad of activities to include soil and water management, improved seeds, field management, disease and pest problem, harvesting, milling, storage, quality control, marketing to list some.

    When Muhyidin was the Minister of Agriculture then, Sustainable Living Institute submitted a memorandum to establish a Padi Board to include a Rice Research Institute in its ambit. Please refer our earlier posting in this blog on a copy of the memorandum to the Minister.

    Although MARDI is doing rice research but lack the focus and funding because it involves with so many crops.

    Malaysia has been talking towards self-sufficiency for many many years but lack the concrete policies and ideas how to spearhead to the goal. We merely pay lip service and has no political will power to accomplish it.

    Take for example Japan, it is self-sufficient in rice. Their state of research is advanced. At one time they have more than 50 scientists working on the rice genome alone not to mention other aspects of rice research. In MARDI we have less than 20 researchers in rice! Its rice gene bank is under funded.

  5. Tahniah Save, sustainable living institute. Kawan cuma ada satu soklan. Bernas dan dulu dulu LPN jaga beras atau pengeluaran padi. Minta Save tolong huraikan

  6. I think whatever it is, ANY federal gomen body or GLC in malayaia is 80% likely to be corrupted.


    Let's have felda rescue

    th rescue

    KWSP/KWAP rescue

    and everything else.

    This is not the khinzir bank of Rosie Gemok & Bibirpnk Takde Teloq, it's OUR MONEY!!!!

    Good job Padi Rescue, kipidap!

  7. Ada komen diatas mengatakan Bernas lebih berfungsi ekonomik kurang sosial. Itu betul tetapi itulah yang dipertanggungjawabkan. Sepatutnya LPN terus menjalankan tugas tanpa dimansuhkan. Kalau Bernas membantah adanya LPN nampaklah sikap sempait Bernas tidak mahu bekerjasama seolah anti-sosial.

    Pada hemat saya LPN perlu diberi nafas baru dengan fungsi yang lebih menyeluruh berkenaan padi dan beras termasuk adakan institiut penyelidikan padi didalamnya. Bernas tetap menjalankan import, pemasaran dsb dan seling bekerjasama dengan lembaga khas yang di tubuhkan.

    Ambil contoh, pada awalnay penyelidikan kelapa sawit dijalankan oleh MARDI dan sebelum itu Jabatan Pertanian. Kita lihat berapa pesat pembangunan industri kelapa sawit apabila lembaga khas PORIM ditubuhkan.

  8. The funny thing:

    Najib has used every dirty trick to try and weaken Tun Dr M.

    His barua in the MACC, police, RCI etc. keep on harassing the old man.

    Yet here is the bitter truth:

    Najib will die in disgrace.

    You can be 100% sure of that.

    His wrongdoings are forensically proven, and global.

    There will be books written.

    Movies made.

    The truth will come out.

    And Najib's name (and sadly, the Razak family name) will be tainted forever.

    So Najib faces the last 15-20 years of his life in agony, knowing the sword of disgrace is never truly gone.

    Tun Dr M - cool, smiling, unbowed.

    Done it all, in style, nothing to lose.

    I would hate to be Najib.


    1. Fully agree with you, 23.21.
      As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow morning, books will be written and movies be made, as you said it, about this man and all his scandals and misdeeds.
      As it is now, I am pretty sure a lot of case studies are being done, maybe not here in this country but elsewhere, as this is the worst case of kleptocracy the world has ever seen.
      The truth will prevail.
      No amount of cover-ups, whitewashing and sweeping under the carpet will save this man and his coterie of cronies.
      It is just a matter of time.
      To live the rest of their lives in infamy,to be condemned and ostracised by everyone, that will be a very bitter end indeed.

    2. Anonymous13 December 2017 at 23:21

      The rakyat not stupid also.....they know the rci is 100 pure BULLSHIT.

      Everything the bugis pondan does is BACKFIRE in his pink face.

  9. Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE),

    //Strange that just because Bernas is established LPN cannot go on functioning.//

    Not so strange.

    Why would Syed Mokhtar want LPN to be interfering with his BERNAS monoppoly?

    I hope I am right in believing that BERNAS is controlled by Syed Mokhtar.

    If not, pls feel free to correct me - I am too lazy to check up on it :)

    //Malaysia has been talking towards self-sufficiency for many many years but lack the concrete policies and ideas how to spearhead to the goal.//

    They probably have lots and lots of policies and ideas.

    They just do nothing about it.

    Classic No Action Talk Only.

    They talk about the Big Ideas but that is where it stays - just talk.

    They talk about the Big Picture but that is where it stays - nobody want to pick up a brush and paint the picture.


  10. Bernas impot 30 peratus saja kan ...bukan monopoli kot..
    apa agenda PADI RESCUE yg sebenaqnya ni... saja nak katup lubang yang tireh ka.. kalu ada bocoq repair la lekloq

  11. sejak bila ada PADI RESCUE ni..... tup2 kluaq cerita dia...

  12. Those who live in border states like Kelantan,Kedah,Perlis and Perak probably would agree that rice from Thailand are of higher quality compared to our rice.
    In fact most Kelantanese including yours truly would prefer to consume Thai rice.
    From economics point of view if we can buy things much cheaper and of better quality than what what we can produce it is better for us to buy.However,for strategic purposes the government keep on subsidizing our padi planters.That is a waste of taxpayers' money.
    I would suggest the younger generation of padi farmers' sons and daughters are trained into sonething else and let only a small portion of the padi farmers remain in the field.
    Through my conversation with the elders who are still making a living as padi farmers the work as padi planters are no longer as backbreaking as it used to be due to the technological changes and through research.The processes of padi planting are much simpler too.
    Prof Kangkung

  13. Presiden BARIM dalam kenyataannya (BARIM = Persatuan Pemborong Beras Bumiputera Malaysia) membangkitkan mengenai harga beras yang tidak masuk akal.

    Ismail Awang menyatakan bagi setiap 1 tan, mereka perlu membayar RM2,100 kepada BERNAS sedangkan harga sepatutnya hanya pada sekitar RM1,350, satu beza yang begitu jauh menyebabkan harga beras di pasaran meningkat. Ini memberi maksud BERNAS menyebabkan harga beras Malaysia mahal dari harga pasaran.

    Dalam laporan berita yang sama juga BARIM mendedahkan wujud penipuan terancang dilakukan BERNAS iaitu dengan menggunakan label 5 peratus hancur sedangkan kandungan di dalam setiap beg adalah 15 peratus hancur.

    Ini menyebabkan pengguna membayar harga yang mahal untuk mendapatkan bekalan beras 5 peratus iaitu pada kadar RM26 setiap 10 kilogram sedangkan mereka mendapat beras 15 peratus hancur yang sepatutnya dibeli pada harga hanya RM18 setiap beg 10 kilogram.

    Ini perlu tindakan dan respon kerajaan segera kerana tuduhan BERNAS mengambil untung melampau sehingga harga beras kita menjadi lebih mahal dari pasaran tetapi turut menipu.

    Beza RM8 setiap beg.

    Menurut Presiden BARIM, bila ditanya, mereka kata pemborong yang memanipulasi keadaan sedangkan pemborong tidak mendapat keuntungan jika beli beras dari BERNAS dengan harga RM21 dan jual pada pengguna dengan harga RM18.

    Harga itu pula ada tertera di dalam akta iaitu 15 peratus hancur dijual pada harga RM18 sekampit.

    1. Patutpun, ada dakwaan bahawa harga beras di Singapura lebih murah dari di Malaysia.

      Mungkin jika UMNO-Najib & BN bungkus PRU14 nanti, benda-benda pelik seperti ini dapat diperbaiki oleh Kerajaan PH.

  14. Macam mana boleh jadi Presiden BARIM senario Industri pun tak tau...hehehehehe...

    Harga padi tempatan pun sekarang dah RM1,200/tm proses jadi beras dah RM1,900 belum masuk kos proses lagi. Mcm beras nak jual RM1,350/tm.

    Tulah agaknya dulu dia asyik kejar buat beras bersubsidi jer so bila dah takder subsidi tu yang menagih nak beras murah jer. Orang macam kami yang tak dapat kuota ni berniaga bersungguh-sungguh. Masa ada program beras bersubsidi kerajaan memang la harga RM1,350/ tm dan harga kepada pengguna jatuh RM18/10kg sebab kerajaan tanggung tapi program ini dah tamat 31 Disember 2015.

    Semua orang tau yang beras tempatan yang bernas jual kat pintu kilang tu adalah beras Raw Material bergred 15%. Pemborong beli pastu kami proses la jadi end produk kami. Bila masa pulak depa menipu.

  15. Prof Kangkung,

    //However,for strategic purposes the government keep on subsidizing our padi planters.That is a waste of taxpayers' money.//

    Nothing wrong with keeping an industry as important as growing rice for strategic purposes.

    The waste of money is NOT in subsidising rice growers - it's in paying for RM1200 hairdos, using public money for shopping trips in Milan, etc.

    The waste in money is also from pissing money up the wall in vanity projects and not investing in research as mentioned above by Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) @ 13 December 2017 at 21:06.

    //I would suggest the younger generation of padi farmers' sons and daughters are trained into sonething else and let only a small portion of the padi farmers remain in the field.//

    Well, why not train those farmers' sons and daughters to be research scientists or agriculturalists, in developing and growing better rice? In improving harvest yields?

    BTW, it might be a good idea to spend some money on giving those young people a good basic education.

    You are in the education field and if you are an honest man, you would know the abysmal standards we have in the current education system. It's pathetic and embarrassing.

    //The processes of padi planting are much simpler too//

    The problem is not in how simple or easy it is to grow rice today in Malaysia.

    The problem is that the rice farmers are simply not getting good yields and can't make a decent living.

    If we are sincere about helping rice farmers, should we be asking why? And doing something like what Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) has suggested?


    1. Gladiator,I do agree with some points raised by you.
      Since we are talking about the padi planters' problem I mentioned only on the wastage of taxpayers' money on padi subsidy.
      I see no point why thousand of ringgit hairdo is a waste of taxpayers' money unless the hairdresser charges it to the government.That we need to clarify.If the money comes from his or her pocket,why bother?(meminjam kata diva Azwan Ali)
      If you want to talk about wasting public money,both sides are guilty of it.
      Bersih demonstration,kajang byelection are the two exaamples of the waste of public money.
      Over to you gladiator
      Prof Kangkung


    2. Anon 14:53

      'I see no point why thousand of ringgit hairdo is a waste of taxpayers' money unless the hairdresser charges it to the government.'

      Hmmmmm, yeah

      Being resident toyol you pretend to have no understanding of the difference between theft and income, right?


      Your paymaster's many indulgences were stolen direct from public funds, you see? You think a fat woman with no job can afford a 27 million pink diamond? are one sad failure of a cyber toyol.

    3. No difference between thievery and hard earned money

      It’s arse licking

      Jho Low

  16. If the government is serious towards rice self-sufficiency, a padi and rice (P&R) board need to be established, call it whatever name appropriate. The steps include:

    1. Establish a national steering committee of experts and representatives from various institutions relevant to P&R - MARDI, Jabatan Pertanian, UPM, Bernas, Agrobank, MADA, KADA, Jab Parit dan Saliran.

    2. A consultancy group consisting of international rice experts and institutions such as IRRI, Japan, China, FAO, Thailand plus local experts to study and recommend a comprehensive P&R development.

    3. National steering committee submit to the government a detail and concrete proposal to the government on the scope, functions, structure, budget of the P&R board. The board although a statutory body, semi independent like MPOB is placed under Kementerian Pertanian.

    MADA, KADA, Sekinchan, Sg Manik and all other rice producing areas under the development of the Board. Its scope is A to Z of padi and rice development and production - from pre-planting, field management, post harvest, processing, product and by-product utilisation. Bernas may continue with its functions in marketing and import but not in milling.

    MARDI, Jabatan Pertanian, UPM, Jabatan Parit dan Saliran, Bernas etc to work closely with Board and vice versa.

    It is essential that a P&R research institute functions under the Board. Foreign experts are to complement local researchers. Dry land apart from wet padi research should be included. Biotechnology and mechanisation are areas to be given due emphasis.

    These are some of my thoughts.

    1. Very good idea.
      Should also consider and study Sanusi Junid's idea, long-ago... to cultivate rice on roof-tops... whether feasible or not.

  17. Prof Kangkung,

    //I mentioned only on the wastage of taxpayers' money on padi subsidy.//

    You see it as a waste because the results are piss poor.

    The rice farmers are still as poor as they started out.

    That sounds like a familiar story, doesn't it?

    Money is handed out left right and center, promises are made to improve things, but the results? Still at square one.

    //That we need to clarify//

    Please be my guest.

    But I doubt if Seri Perdana will give you the time of day :)

    //If the money comes from his or her pocket,why bother?//

    Do you seriously believe all that frivolous expenditure is from her private funds??

    Just one Birkin bag is more than your annual salary for 10 years, OK? Maybe 20 years.

    And I am being kind to you by assuming that you earn RM100K a year :)

    Come on lah.

    Don't be so gullible, OK?

    You know and I know how things work in Malaysia.

    We are adults who have seen a bit of the world.

    There is no need to act all innocent between you and I.

    You know and I know how the wives of politicians in other lands live.

    //If you want to talk about wasting public money,both sides are guilty of it.//

    I think we need to have a sense of proportion and perspective here.

    Comparing the wastage of RM500million to a wastage of RM500 is quite different.

    Also, the Bersih demonstrations and the Kajand by-elections were well within the rules of decency and moral expectations.

    BTW, if I am not mistaken, I think that the last Bersih demo saw the protestors cleaning up the place themselves.

    The Kajang by-election?

    That's perfectly legal.

    Just as it is PERFECTLY LEGAL for the Attorney-General to declare that whatsisname from Lembugate is discharged not ammounting to an acquital, or that Najib Razak is innocent of any crimes related to 1MDB.

    Perfectly legal, but is it right??

    Going bacvk to the topic on hand, it's the same with the rice farmers.

    Many things are done legally in their name - the subsidies, BERNAS, etc.

    But is it right?


    1. When the Malays in UMNO-Najib's General assembly screamed their hearts-out ... Demi Bangsa, Agama dan Negara... by hook or by crook, everything seems to be right.
      More so in the name of Allah. That's where PAS came-in.

    2. Bro,

      You are far too patient with this useless parasite.

      "If you want to talk about wasting public money, both sides are guilty of it."

      The guy who pays him STEALS money.

      Any money paid to this stupid leech of a self-described professor is sure a waste.

      Though I guess if you look at the shocking standards of the local unis, who knows : )

    3. he just wanne test his intelligent:)

    4. Mana prof sawi ni?kalau aku tulis grammar salah sikit bukan main lagi kau tegur.Budak Fatin ni bahasa Inggeris dia lintang pukang kau diam pulak.
      Let me correct to adik Fatin.sepatutnya kena tulis 'He just want to test his intelligence'
      Prof Kangkung

    5. Prof Kangkung, I don’t know what you have been teaching your pupils if you truly claim to be an educator.

      It should be “He just wants to test his intelligence”.

      Correction pun salah.

    6. Kaulah yg salah.He wants or he just want.
      Can English major be a judge?
      Prof Kangkung

    7. Kangkang,

      Regret to inform you that 10:34 is correct.

      Also, even Sdr Fatin is more correct than you, however Sdr Fatin is not a BN byproduct, which are always defective.

      Prof Sawi

    8. //If the money comes from his or her pocket,why bother?//

      When I was in form 5 I used to think like this
      When I ventures into the working world, the statements above is very myopic, the world is very much more complicated, it is a rojak mix of idealism, survivalism, elitism, the poor, the strawberries, the narcissist, the zuhud, the failing policy, the bigger fool, macai, the desperate and on and on it’s almost forever

      Don’t be too holy than thou, don’t blame others too much,
      The stories and rumours of embezzlement are everywhere, if you ask 100 local Malaysians about songlap, they’ll all ultimately agree that a person of trust is abusing his position

      If a Middle Aged prof like yourself is too blind to see it, you must be living in a cave, or too arrogant to talk to the average folk

  18. The rising cost of living is having a disproportionate impact on lower-income households in Malaysia, with those in urban areas the hardest hit, according to the World Bank.

    Citing data from the Statistics Department on household expenditure, the World Bank said there was a "marked unevenness" in household spending, with lower income groups spending almost 40 percent of their expenditure on food, compared with about 25 percent among the rich.

    "As a result, the poorest households have been disproportionately affected by the build-up of inflationary pressures over the past years with higher relative increases in food prices.

    "This effect has been even more pronounced in urban areas as food price inflation has been higher compared to that in the rural areas," it said in a Malaysian Economic Monitor report.


    ...who said Sheila Majid wrong?

    1. Orang miskin dulu pakai baju miskin skrg pakai baju bundle.Orang miskin dulu makan nasi dgn miskin skrg paling tidak pun makan nasi lauk ikan goreng.
      Talking about poverty there are absolute poverty and relative poverty.
      Overall Malaysians are much better off as compared to say 40 years ago.However when we talk about relative poverty we have to admit the problem is very real.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. The relative poverty that stems from your immortal master najib

      His 1mdb debt failed and we had to pay it for generations
      This created ripple effect on other glc
      His policy failed and voting opposition will have a better idea on how to govern malaysia

      There’s more question than answers that have been silenced by UMNO official secret act

      We all know your political game and you are going to jail

  19. Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) @ 14 December 2017 at 17:05,

    //If the government is serious towards rice self-sufficiency, a padi and rice (P&R) board need to be established//

    It appears that you have some specific knowledge of the subject matter.

    Frankly, I am surprised that the suggestions you have made here are not already implemented and actioned.

    Perhaps the intention of the current situation is NOT to create a self-sufficiency in rice.

    Think about it, if we are not self-sufficient in rice production, it will give BERNAS a perpetual monopoly in the marketing of rice.

    I hope I am wrong in this assumption.


    1. 2016 world top five exporters of rice in USD
      (1)India/5.3b/population 1.3b
      (2)Thailand/4.4b/pop 66m
      (3)USA/1.9b/pop 300m
      (4)Pakistan/1.7b/pop 200m
      (5)Vietnam/1.6b/pop 93m
      After feeding their own yet has surpluses for export
      Thailand is our neighbour what a contrasts in rice cultivation technology


    2. Currently we produce 65% of our rice need. Inertia for self-sufficiency are due to:
      1. Failure to understand that food (rice) security is national security meaning that in times of war, calamity, severe world shortage we cannot feed the population for long.
      2. The world's rice market is thin compared to other grains especially wheat. There is a scramble to get into the rice market share, its price will be high.
      3. The prevailing climatic changes of flood, pollution, temperature rise, water level rise will decrease rice production. The worst case scenario of rice devastation in China - will buy all excess stocks of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia. We are we going to import from? China is willing to pay sky high price.
      3. Politicians like the short term approach to make impact and sweep problems under the carpet. Anyway their terms of office are short and they change portfolios often. So they say import, the cost is cheaper. This is quite true. How about in the long term for generations to come.
      4. Rice cultivation is back breaking in the hot sun. It has cultural aspects. The Minangkabau descendants of NS have lost their culture of 'kerbau', gotong royong, mengocar etc because they have lost their fields due to irrigation mismanagement, silting of rivers, deforestation. Compare to Sabah, they still keep the harvest festival.
      5. There is discontinuity of technology and knowledge transfer to younger generation in rice growing. Small acreage is not self-supporting, a factor causing rural-urban migration.
      6. Rice production has been a disjointed affair - MARDI in research, Bernas in marketing, Jabatan Pertanian extension. There are other aspects and activities not in tandem and poorly taken care of. By establishing a Board will smoothen out and synchronise the flow of efforts.
      7. For the sake of the country and generations to come Mardi must be ready to relinquish its research on rice and Bernas not feel threatened but will be strengthened by the Board.
      8. Bernas monopoly if there is, is the result of the government poor policy and organisation of rice production. Rice production consists of long and complex processes. We should encourage competitive systems not monopolistic tendencies.

  20. RD,

    //Demi Bangsa, Agama dan Negara... by hook or by crook, everything seems to be right.//

    It is all part of the loyalty aspect.

    Nobody wants to apply the intelligence aspect for fear of being whacked.


  21. Anonymous @ 14 December 2017 at 19:00

    //You are far too patient with this useless parasite.//

    I am a nice guy who tries to be patient with everybody.

    No, it is not easy being patient but I think I am capable of learning.

    Prof Kangkung is merely another product of the system with which we have been cursed with for nearly 60 years.

    Any right-minded person would be able to tell that it cannot be right to create minds which hate, which are intolerant, which cause fear, which discriminate.

    But I cannot make people change their minds - I am simply not clever enough to know how.

    It is up to the individual himself/herself to decide.

    I can only do what I can in presenting the evidence, in asking the questions, in pointing out the inconsistencies.

    Someone told me once, "Change occurs in a heartbeat" and I sneered at him for talking nonsense.

    I now know it is true.

    As an example, I became an atheist, literally, within one heartbeat.

    But that is another story for another day.


    1. Gladiator, you are a classic.Just like the way you subtley run down someone. But I doubt the person that matters realise it , considering his level of intelligence. (Intelligent??..alaah so what this is just an internet posting.)

  22. fatin,

    //he just wanne test his intelligent//

    Not sure who is testing whose intelligence.

    I can say for certainty that I am NOT trying to test Prof Kangkung's intelligence.

    I do not see Annie's blog as some kind of IQ test or an entrance exam for Mensa :)

    I don't even consider myself intelligent nor do I know everything!!

    For example, I can cook over 30 dishes very well but I am simply terrified to bake a cake, so I have never tried again after my first failure. :)

    Oh, I have baked lots of other things, eg beef, pork, chicken, prawns, sotong, fish but not cakes.

    Maybe I shouldn't be bragging about my engineering, science and commerce skills when a makcik from the kampung can bake a better cake than me :)

    Hmm... I just realised, right now, about 10 secs ago, that maybe I should try making steamed cakes.. Technically that is not baking and I have always like kuih koci....

    The way I see it, we are just a bunch of people who share a common interest but presenting different views.

    We all want a better society, we all have different ideas of how to get there but none of us really have all the answers.


  23. Prof Kangkung,

    I did not want to involve myself in this matter because I, myself, have a policy of not correcting another person's grammar or spelling.

    But in defence of fatin, I feel I should say something.

    As far as correcting one's English is concerned, I think there is a huge difference between yourself and fatin.

    fatin does not hold herself out to be some kind of highly educated person nor does she brag about her academic abilities nor does fatin claim to be an important person.

    As it was, I understood fatin perfectly and I have no problems with how she wrote that. My only issue was with the parties she was referring to.

    Personally, I believe that understanding what a person is trying to say is more important than how a person says it.

    I cannot comment on why Prof Sawi picks on your English as I think he can explain himself better than I can.

    //Let me correct to adik Fatin.sepatutnya kena tulis 'He just want to test his intelligence'//

    For the sake of this discussion, I will make ONE exception to my policy of not correcting another person's English.

    Pls do not take it as criticism.

    If I am not mistaken, the correct way of writing the sentence is 'He just wants to test his intelligence'.

    Pls don't ask me to explain why it is right because I don't really know the precise rules which govern the construction of the sentence.

    Maybe somebody else who speaks better English than all of us here can explain :)


    1. Well, may be I am wrong.but as far as I know if a singular noun followed by verb we have to add 's' at the end of the verb.For example,He kicks the ball.But of there is a word between the singular noun and the verb there is no need to add 's' at the end of the verb.For example,He just want to test his intelligence.There is no's' at the end of want because there os a word 'just' in between 'he' and 'want'.
      I am not an English major and I stand to be corrected
      Prof Kangkung

    2. Gladiator,
      Do you really believe I am a professor?Similarly,do you expect me to believe that you are a gladiator in a real sense?like in the movie Spartacus?
      I might be a gardener working in a university campus.Or may be O am the real Ahmad Maslan.Haha
      Prof Kangkung

    3. Prof/Gladiator
      Just download English grammar checker app
      Then you can write like a pro
      Do not quarrel or don't quarrel


    4. ha..haaaa…. how come u go to such seriousness on my english? unno….its my practice…..i just run through it. sorry if it tastes like waffle ice cream…. kah..kahhhhh….

      ok a bit serious…ha..ha...

      as am not so much a time at it, I mean my comments or my replies, those r from my oral input. it concisely from my head without much ado with spelling, grammar, structure so on n so forth… i think my eloquence tat matters.

      mr gladiator….i know u would say tat….thank.
      but ‘he’ there is not u. since I replied to ur comment, he must not be u. n tat ‘wanne’ is my contraction words of either ‘want to’ or ‘wants to’ albeit rather cunning to mr prof!

      ok…’d to go, far into mghrib now. mom dah bisinglo!

  24. Just. Only Just.

  25. Prof Kangkung,

    //Well, may be I am wrong.but as far as I know....//

    And as far as I know, you may well be right :)


  26. Prof Kangkung,

    //Do you really believe I am a professor?//

    What makes you think I believe you are a professor? :)


  27. Fadzireen,

    //Just download English grammar checker app//


    Pls post link :)

    Just kidding, OK?


  28. fatin,

    //i know u would say tat//


    You knew I would say that and yet you chose to write in such an ambiguous way?

    Naughty naughty naughty.

    I want you to write a hundred lines "I must not be ambiguous"....

    No, wait... don't write any lines...

    Nowadays, even writing a million lines is easy with copy and paste and a simple macro :)



  29. Anonymous @ 15 December 2017 at 18:44,

    //Just like the way you subtley run down someone.//

    Actually, I am not trying to run anybody down.

    I try to say it as I see it.


  30. Fadzireen,

    //2016 world top five exporters of rice in USD//


    Quite an eye opener!!

    I have never thought of India as a rice exporter.

    And the amount of rice exported by Thailand is amazing.


  31. Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE),

    //Currently we produce 65% of our rice need.//

    Hm, that is not good news.

    //Inertia for self-sufficiency are due to://

    Thanks for the insight.

    It just makes me wonder why the government does next to nothing in addressing some of the issues you have pointed out!!

    No, I don't mean by wheeling out yet another policy but actual concrete actions.


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