Wednesday 23 August 2017

The need to be fair

Despite my appeal for people

I still received these sorts of comments,

BN Khaled & his macais are enjoying while it last as GE14 will be a total annihilation for BN and annie too should be enjoying before BN doomsday come wink wink wink

Yes, it's annoying, okay.

I picked that one up from my last post because despite being annoying, it's short and doesn't sounds not very intelligent as compared to the long winded ones.

Since this type of comments mostly came from the Pakatan people who visited this blog, it does makes me wonder whether they could be any better than the BN people in handling freedom of speech and expression.

Many of them appeared unable to handle criticisms even from people who also criticise  their BN opponents.

It's again that matter of either you are with us or against us mentality.

Couldn't they handle those who decided not to choose their side nor that of their opponents?

For these people, their side is beyond criticism.

I think they need to look in the mirror once in a while so that they can see whatever not so nice and correct those defects.

On top of that, they need to be cool about it.

You see, I did allow these sorts of anti-BN comments through even though I'm not sure whether what were written are true,

Hi Annie,

BN has already commenced their clandestine and covert ways and means to cajole the innocent public to support them in the next polls.
My friend's daughter secured a place to pursue her tertiary education in one of our public university just a month ago.

As in the case of many middle income group, her parents applied for PTPTN and were successful in the application.

Guess what happened her Surat Tawaran Wang Pendahuluan Pembiyaan (RM1500) she was directed to go to the MP's office to collect the cash.And the MP belongs to BN.

During the collection activity, her parents were told to vote for the MP in the forthcoming elections.They were also cautioned of the repercussions if they voted otherwise.
The shameless MP even had the cheek to pose for a selfie with the applicant.

In 2009, my two children were granted PTPTN for their further studies in local varsities and we were directed to open a SSPN savings account in CIMB to facilitate the funding.There was no involvement of MP's or any slimy politician.

How low can this stupid BN stoop ? Why such desperation ?

Why must an MP get involved in the disbursement of a loan that is entirely the responsibility of the student in as far as repayment is concerned ?

Bodoh Piang bin Bangang !!!!!

Rasta Rules

I even agreed on the part about the need for wakil rakyat to be sincere in their work.

But then again, I feel that we need to be fair.

There are actually BN MPs who are sincere in representing and helping the rakyat.

In fact the good ones may even outnumbered the bad ones.

I have met some of them and was impressed by their work.

The same goes with the opposition MPs. Some are good, others are bad.

Whatever it is, that's for their constituents to decide actually.

Come election day we should know whether they are good or bad.

Unless of course if they move to contest in another constituency where the people there do not really know them la.

Some are like that, they didn't stay in one place as they knew if they do that people in that constituency would not vote for them again because of their lousy service as wakil rakyat there.

Okay, I know, the Pakatan readers (especially the commentators) of this blog may want me to give an example of a good BN MP.

Watch this short video, okay;

Those in the video are real people in need and as according to them, they did get help from their MP who is a BN guy.

Bear in mind that the urban constituency of Titiwangsa was wrested back from Pakatan by BN in 2013 despite the Chinese tsunami....or urban tsunami, whichever you wished to call it.

How did that happen?

I think it's because Jo Ghani worked his ass off on the ground like in that video long before the last general election.

I know, his majority is not much but considering the circumstances at that time, it was still a good achievement.

After all, as I wrote previously, nothing beat real work on the ground like that, no matter whether the wakil rakyat is a BN or Pakatan guy.


  1. Good BN MP?

    OK, the previous second finance minister (Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah) who decided to quit. He must have known that had he stayed, he might have to tell lies after lies.

    Johari has had no problem with that.

    Fact remains:

    He and all UMNO MPs are fully aware that their dedak is stolen public funds.

    They are OK because of their greed.

    In Johari Ghani's case, it's worse because he's telling lies in Parliment (the worst one being about the "units" and the 3.5 billion USD stolen via IPIC. We lost the case so the Malaysian taxpayer is bailing out Pinklips theft TWICE OVER.

    Try to understand that.

    Shahrir Samad tried to be Mr Clean in the 80s/90s but sorry lah, in the end admitted he took RM1 million cheque from Pinklips into his personal account.

    I can say Pinklips also "serves people" but sadly he serves his own pocket more.

    The hippo is wearing RM130 million worth of jewels stolen from our money.

    Meanwhile ordinary Malaysians cannot afford decent healthcare and struggle to put food on the table.

    Think about it.

    1. But Jibbi knows that in Umno, MONEY is worth more more than MORALS.

      Of course the 190 KBU Umno know they are getting stolen money.

      They don't really care.

      That is what's called "corruption".


  2. Second Finance Minister, Johari Ghani should not bluff Malaysians by stating that the Government “has never given public funds to 1MDB to settle its debts”

    According to Bernama, Second Finance Minister, Johari Ghani said that “the Finance Ministry (MoF) has never given any public funds to 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) to help settle its debt”.

    The Minister must think that Malaysians are complete and utter idiots to be served what is one of biggest piece of cow dung amongst all the attempts to cover up the 1MDB scandal.

    The Ministry of Finance has on so many occasions come to the rescue of 1MDB over the past 2 years involving billions of ringgit of tax-payers’ monies, and yet Dato’ Seri Johari has the cheek to tell us that the MoF “has never given any public funds to 1MDB”.

    Among the most clear-cut examples are the RM800 million loan from SOCSO and another RM2.4 billion Bandar Malaysia sukuk bond which the MoF have assumed as a result of taking over TRX City Sdn Bhd and Bandar Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

    The Auditor-General has reported that nearly all of the above proceeds of the 1MDB borrowings were never used for the development of the 2 property projects above. Hence when MoF agreed to take over the property projects and assumed the liabilities, MoF has effectively “settled” 1MDB’s RM3.2 billion debt problem.

    People are not as dumb as the gomen thinks.

    If you paid your debt why pay twice?

    Johari Ghani is an accomplice.

    No "PR video" can cover that.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry kluangman. I can't let through your comment as it contains an allegation which I'm 100 percent sure is not true and unfair about TS Abdul Ghani Othman. Anyway, what the former Johor MB got to do with this post? As for your suggestion that not everyone agrees with me, I totally agree with you. I have repeatedly in the past wrote that I'm just an insignificant anonymous blogger. You are most likely a better blogger than me, ok. This blog is my place to share my thoughts, and not my vehicle to force others to agree with me. Thank you.

    2. wrote: "This blog is my place to share my thoughts, and not my vehicle to force others to agree with me. Thank you." I have to salute you on this Annie. Not many bloggers are like you on this aspect, although they like to pretend that they are opened-minded and 'fair', but somehow or another, they always let slip and show their true colors and that's when their readers leave them in droves.

  4. Annie,

    Kalo Umno/BN kalah in the next GE, ape yg salahnye pun..
    Majoriti rakyat yg bakal memilih pakatan bukan kerana mereka melihat pakatan tu malaikat tapi da penat/fed up dgn cara Umno/BN bermain politik.
    Jika Umno/BN kalah, bukannye kiamat pun utk Malaysia. To expect all pro pakatan commentators to be 'angel' all the time is far fetched.. so why not for this time around you just chill out. Kau pun baru baik sakit relax..

    1. I had a talk with NASA's prominent chief scientist and they told me that an elephant sized asteroid will strike planet earth if opposition win the Malaysian 14th general election
      It'll be the end of the world as we know it
      These scientist proposal is to defeat the opposition by declaring state of emergency or making sure UMNO win the election
      The power of election will be so great that it will make the asteroid to deviate from the collision course to planet earth

      Jho low

  5. Pokjib, Kak Mah Pink Diamond, Jho, Riza, menteri2, KBU.....

    Ingat lah...hidup para pengkhianat tidak akan tenang sampai mereka2 itu masuk kubur....oppps...kemungkinan dalam kubur pun tak tenang langsung!

    Sendiri mau ingatlah....

    Pergi umrah setiap tahun di bulan Ramadhan pun takkan melepaskan para pengkhianat itu dari hukuman yang setimpal...kerana hablum minan naas sdh dikhianati...selagi ada rakyat yg tidak maafkan kamu semua para pengkhianat sekalian...selagi itu hidup kamu takkan tenang...Ameeen

  6. So funny.....after 32 years, Zahid Komedi suddenly want to shed tears for Memali? political trick la.

    Please can we have RCI on how Komedi can go around assaulting people?

    Thank you.

    1. Nazri juga...

      Merujuk kepada serbuan polis terhadap penduduk Kampung Memali, Nazri yang ketika itu dalam Pemuda Umno berpendapat tindakan balas kerajaan terhadap kejadian itu tidak berkadar.

      “Tindakan balas kerajaan terlalu keras. Mereka penduduk kampung, bukan pengganas.

      “Tindakan balas kerajaan semasa menangani isu itu tidak berkadar,” katanya dalam sidang akhbar selepas melancarkan Pasareka Design Market di Kompleks Kraf Kuala Lumpur hari ini.

      Ahli majlis tertinggi Umno itu berkata sokongan kepada penubuhan RCI itu bukan untuk menyiasat punca kejadian, tetapi respon pentadbiran Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad kepada keadaan berbangkit.

      “Kami tidak berminat dengan sebab kejadian. Kami ingin tahu siapa yang beri arahan. Dr Mahathir perlu jawab dan kami mahu mendengarnya,” kata Nazri, sambil menambah terma rujukan mestilah sama ada tindakan balas kerajaan berkadaran atau melampau.

      Kemonlah....ikhlas sikit please. This is a cheap political capitalise on human suffering.

      Zahid & Nazri are lowest of low to use Memali in this way.

  7. "After all, as I wrote previously, nothing beat real work on the ground like that, no matter whether the wakil rakyat is a BN or Pakatan guy."

    Well, I nominate Jamil Khir as No 1 for real work on the ground.

    Quite talented judging by efficient songlap from YAPEIM followed by golfing and buying luxury items in the USA.

    Good work, who cares if orphans mampus, kan : )

  8. Like husni, jo would had served his constituency or nation well when he resign or disassociate himself from MO1 & its BN 1mdb thieves ok!!!
    Annoyingly anti BN wink wink wink

  9. Who was the "genius" who thought an RCI on the forex losses would discredit former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad and consequently adversely affect the opposition?

    To the younger generation, I daresay they totally can't be bothered with it as much as a 20-something in USA would really be bothered with the Great Depression of the 30s.

    To them, the 1MDB fiasco is of greater import and of much concern, as it is their generation that will eventually have to make good the tens of billions lost allegedly through criminal misappropriation.

    The forex RCI will backfire on those who thought it was a great idea because millions of these younger people would by now have attained that age which would give them the right to vote.

    The forex losses are a bad investment at most, not a deliberate theft as committed by Najib & his office boy Jho Low.

    Siti Hasmah is not wearing diamonds stolen from public funds.

    I always say think hard before you poke a hornets' nest.

    1. "A group of prominent women activists will gather in Kuala Lumpur next month to protest against the toxicity of Malaysian politics.

      Among the participants slated to take to the streets on Sept 10 would be former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad's wife Dr Siti Hasmah Ali, former Bar Council president Ambiga Sreenevasan, Bersih chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah and G25's Noor Faridah Arifin.

      The group would gather at the Maju Junction shopping mall at 5pm and march to the Sogo shopping complex."

      I am very curious to see how "gentleman" Umno can be.

      Will they send Sharizat LembuCondo there to fight?

      Will Jamal "POLIS PUKUL SAYA!!!!!!" Jamban be sent to buat kecoh?

      Malaysia has hit rock bottom already when people can hire dropouts for RM50 to attack an elder statesman.

    2. Dear anon 804

      It it time for you and the younger generation to learn history while the main characters are still around.

      Prof Kangkung

    3. Rilek prof.. don't worry be happy, nanti cepat tua

      Jho low

    4. Pros Kangkang,

      Yes you are right.

      The main characters are still around.

      Riza made Wolf of Wall St with stolen money.

      Mak dia bought millions worth of jewels with stolen money.

      Jholow bought yachts with stolen money.

      Bugis Pirate bribed all his KBU, lawyers and cronies with with stolen money.

      You may be a self-declared T20 Melayum but your dedak is a very, very small % of the total theft.

      Guess you lose, kan.

      Prof Sawi

  10. aiyo pls la annie. take their cocks out of your mouth. jo has proven to be a good accomplice of the theft. lied in parliament. how can u judge based on a video which was made for PR??? tolongla...

    1. Being vulgar is not going to help your cause. Next time I will not let through this type of comments. By the way, I have checked and the video was not commissioned by Johari for his PR purposes. Thank you.

    2. See, Annie is kinda sweet like this...quite disarmingly so....asking quite nicely not to be vulgar and yet let it through :) But I do despair at your, how do I describe it...your naivete ? your kind of blind loyalty ? And you are a trained lawyer too if I am not mistaken ! sayang la. But do take care of your heart, hope your health improve.

  11. BN x ada masaalah utk menang.insyaAllah

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Give rm50,000 to leave bersatu then ishaallah UMNO win

    2. Wei kankung professor,

      You think Allah swt approve of thieves criminals, like you do?

      Pls don't use "insyaAllah" to support your corruption paymaster........


    3. "BN x ada masaalah utk menang.insyaAllah

      Prof Kangkung"

      Now THIS is really annoying ! Give me sawi anytime...kangkong makes me puke.

  12. Prof.Kangkong Anon 14.27, Really, BN can win
    PRU14 hands up...???
    KIKIKI..U must be dreaming.
    Sila baca apa kata CHE WAN, salah seorang anak
    peneroka yang terkenal di Malaysia;

    I am so disgusted reading all this coruption stories
    in the media with regard to FELDA.

    Setinggi tinggi Tupai melompak diakhirnya Allah itu
    telanjang kan mereka2 ini sehingga malu seisi
    keluarga mereka hari ni.

    Its all about power and greed some of these politicians.

    Being anak Felda segala pengalaman pahit getir saya
    yg hidup sebagai anak peneroka selama ini jika saya
    cerita satu persatu pasti ramai yg akan menangis
    bersama sama di pagi ini.

    What happened sangat mengecewa kan kita.

    As i think back of all the hardship of both my parent
    as other Felda settlers in this country sejujur
    jujurnya hati saya menangis pagi ni..

    I feel so sad that these people have betrayed us.

    Harap kan pagar...pagar yg makan kan padi.

    Mereka2 ini seumpama lintah darat yg menghisap
    darah2 kami peneroka2 yg selama ini bersusah payah
    mencari rezeki untuk keluar dari hidup kemiskinan

    We had so much hope and give that trust to them
    and begini jadinya semua.

    Kini segala harta negara yg di amanah kan kepada
    mereka2 ini di salah gunakan.

    So sad and tersangat kecewa rasa di hati hari ini.
    All that struggled that we went through only to see
    hari ini manusia yg tamak begini menipu kami di
    siang hari.

    Orang Islam apa kah ini yg solat 5 waktu, performed
    Umrah dan Haji serta bersyarah di kalayak ramai
    tetapi sebenar bertopeng kan syaitan?

    Is this the true happiness that one needs to pursue
    in life by being manipulative and cheating others?

    There so many of u out there...ingat its a matter
    of time that each one of u will have to face Allah
    for all this jika tidak diakhirat nanti diatas
    dunia ini Allah itu akan bayar kan cash!

    1. Felda folks must be aware that the ketua2 have all been given dedak.

      They must remain strong and not listen to Jibby's propaganda.

  13. Semalam I dah dapat wahyu yang baru
    It is stated that UMNO najib mesti wajib dijilat

    Lepastu dia kata saya nie sepatutnya jadi pengerusi felda yang baru

    1. HA HA HA!!!!

      Betul la tu.......

  14. Bukan CHE la, tapi CHEF WAN.....CHEF WAN....CHEF WAN,
    the celebrity CHEF yang selalu masak di TV.

  15. I think u guys should concentrate more on your career rather than politic other races hv gone so far but n m sad to c malays still struggling to meet end needs other races r laughing @ u wake up my bros

    Jho low

  16. BN will you want to bet?

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Semesti nya boleh menang kalau main tipulah. Sebab tu lu confident kan?? Prof Kangkung macam lu beb...kalau siapa pun anak murid lu pun peperiksaan pun main tipu kan?

    2. You can't play tricks and scheme while gambling in casino you piece of shit

  17. Astaghfirullah.....

    First use name of ALLAH SWT to priase theives, now nak berjudi pulak........"want to bet" pale otak hang.......pi beli Sports Toto & have a beer lah kangkung.......

    1. Anonymous24 August 2017 at 22:25:

      I have a very strong suspicion that the so-called "Prof Kangkung" is a Chinese cybertrooper.

      Everything is "bet, bet, bet", which is not language a Malay/Muslim would utilise.

    2. Why must it be a CHINESE cybertrooper ? You think Indians, Ibans, Chapcheng etc don't gamble ah ? Also, every week, a lot, a lot of Malay Muslims lined up 5 feet deep at Toto, Magnum outlets as though money is getting out of fashion, seeing the amount they are willing to bet.

      And the word 'bet' taken in this context does not involve gambling per se means he wants to challenge you who is right in the end.

  18. Hi Annie,

    It is so annoying you have hoisted my comments (about the PTPTN disbursement via smelly BN MP's) as an annoyance to you.

    Being a law graduate you should attempt to rebut my take.

    While I admit my write was a hard bite, but nothing can take away the truth of my contents.I can further prove it by providing documentary proof as well as the selfies to boot.

    Can you imagine applying for a bank loan and upon approval the bank directs you to collect the loan from your MP ? Isn't that annoying, to say the least.

    But okay,it is annoying to engage in a civilised discourse with Jekyll and Hyde personalities.

    Since you love music....I like to share these lyrics with you ...

    Yes,it's no use saying that you don't know nothing
    It's still gonna get you if you don't do something
    Sitting on a fence that's a dangerous course
    And,you could even catch a bullet from the peace keeping force
    Even a hero gets a bullet in the chest
    Oh, once upon a time in the west

    Song titled "Once Upon A Time In The West" by Dire Straits in album titled Communique released in early 80's

    I am also aware that this is your blog and annoying trafffic
    can be halted from being published.The right is yours.

    Rasta Rules

    1. Read carefully. I didn't say your comment is annoying. Thank you.

    2. Actually I do fully believe you, Rasta Rules.

      The govt dedak can take many, many, forms.

      Loans are just one of them.

      At kampung level if you want anything done you will be asked to provide dedak to the local Umno barua who has "kabel".

      Our mentality as a country is just backward after 60 years (54 for our East Mal friends.)

  19. Annie,

    It is easy to be critical when one is on the winning side.

    After all, so what if Annie criticises UMNO because regardless of the criticism, UMNO will still win just like they have won the ladt 13 times.

    Pakatan supporters do not have the comfort of repeated victories so the rabid defense of their team becomes ingrained over the years.

    //as compared to the long winded ones.//

    Ay, ay, who you have a dig at, eh?


    //On top of that, they need to be cool about it.//

    Well, that could be difficult for many of them.

    My guess is that many of the Pakatan supporters here have come from Malaysia Chronicle and are most likely of Chinese descent.

    The years of racial discrimination have made many Chinese extremely bitter and angry.

    Believe me, even I have difficulties with my own Chinese friends when I discuss politics with them and these guys are suppose to be highly intelligent, very well read and well travelled.

    Usually it is when they are unable to answer a question and then suddenly, I am the stupid one, I am the idiot who doesn't understand how things work in Malaysia, etc etc.

    Is it like that with the Malays as well? :)

    //Watch this short video, okay//

    Bear in mind that Jo Ghani was originally from Kampung Pandan himself, so there is probably a sense of duty and obligation for him to look after Titiwangsa.

    But, as far as I am concerned, it would be really easy for ANY BN politician to be helpful to his electorate, even easier if one is a Minister.

    The nature of politics in Malaysia is such that Opposition politicians have to struggle to provide even the most basic level of service.

    That fellow in the sunglasses and gold rings telling us what a great guy Jo Ghani is, sounds a bit too real to be true :)

    Is he someone who is looking for help? Is he just one of Jo Ghani's men?

    Who knows? :)


    1. The man in the sunglasses is suffering some sorts of an eye ailment that he can't work. He was there asking for help. Jo Ghani's community service centre is well known among his constituents. I would not have published the video if it's just a PR stunt. Thank you.

  20. Off topic: your sultan has issued a challenge to kj. Ape kena dia??? Murka sebab team dia x dijemput untuk wakil m'sia??? So unbecoming.

    1. Has his son attended any of Malaysia's football matches in Sea Games? He's the FAM president laaa.

    2. So unbecoming is KJ's endless syiok sendiri.

    3. KJ is a politician, what do u expect? I do however expect our sultans to be better than the politicians in their words and actions.

  21. I was a fool supporting paklah
    I even bragged about it in school stadium
    It turns out he have an oil to Brunei worth of rm320 billion
    I ashamed and there's nothing great about cemerlang, gemilang, terbilang

  22. This BN government is terribly corrupt, dishonest, deceitful, wasteful and utterly insensitive to the plight of the poor.

    The nation is heavily in debt, no thanks to the 1MDB scandal and mega projects implemented at astronomical prices. Taxes upon taxes are being levied on us to help pay the debts.

    On the other hand, subsidies on basic consumer items are being withdrawn simply because the government coffers are fast depleting.

    At the same time, we see our PM and his family living a luxurious life and using government jets on holidays like nobody’s business.

    The rakyat must wake up and understand that we are sliding to point of no return.

    Race & religion games do not put food on our table, they just make the crooks even richer - at our expense!

  23. Annie @ 25 August 2017 at 08:17,

    //The man in the sunglasses is suffering some sorts of an eye ailment that he can't work.//

    Golly, you do know quite a bit about the ins and outs of Jo Ghani's service center :)

    I have a feeling you might even know his name, where he lives, if he has sons of marriageable age, etc etc

    Heheheheh!! OK, just joking about the sons :)

    //I would not have published the video if it's just a PR stunt.//

    The accusation of a PR stunt can be made about almost any kind of news reporting - justly or unjustly.

    In this particular case, I consider it to be news reporting which is very favourable towards Jo Ghani.

    I have no doubt that access to the service center, its clients and Jo Ghani would have had to be organised well beforehand, so it is easy to see why people accuse the video of being a PR stunt.

    BUT, what Jo Ghani said is correct - a wakil rakyat has to turun padang, no ifs no buts.

    One could have excellent staff to handle everything but at the end of the proverbial day, voters like to meet their wakil face-to-face every now and then in the service center, in the warung, in the pasar, etc etc.

    For me, I have always been impressed by that photo of the Sultan of Johor jumping onto his kapcai after a meal at one of his favourite restaurants.

    OK, he is not quite the same an MP or ADUN, but damn it, he is a sultan and he could easily have got some lackey to go buy the food, or get driven there in one of his Rolls Royces, or even rappel down from a helicopter.

    But no, he whacks on his songkok, jumps on his kapcai, and it's let's go for makan!!

    To me, that deserves respect which no money can buy.

    It shows confidence in himself.

    It shows his trust in the people he represents.

    It shows that the Johor polo team can kick the butt of the Malaysian polo team :)


    1. Pls lah, how do u know other royals don't do the same (visit kpg, etc)? They don't do it in a big way (with monster truck, big bikes, etc) & they don't have their state facebook/newsletter following them around.

  24. Annie,

    I tengok bN ini tak da ramai orang perempuan.

    Kalau nak ikutkan, orang perempuan lebih banyak dapat ijazah,

    Kalau Pakatan, ada nampak sikit orang perempuan ke depan. Kalau Parti Amanah, ada Dr. Siti Mariah, PKr ada Nurul, DAP paling ramai sekali.

    Kalau BN, katalah Annie ini Puteri UMNO, walaupun Annie ini saya rasa terpelajar (I think so), tugas Annie terhad kepada Menghiaskan Majlis.

    Misalnya, tugas Annie adalah memasang bunga, menghias dan menyusun meja.

    Tugas Annie juga lebih kepada mendengar Pemuda UMNO pidato anak jantan.

    Tapi kalau Pakatan, nampaknya orang perempuan ini diberikan pentas lebih sikit.....

    1. Shahrizat Jalil,Nancy Shukri bukan pempuan ke.

      Prof Kangkung

  25. Anonymous @ 25 August 2017 at 14:58,

    //Pls lah, how do u know other royals don't do the same (visit kpg, etc)?//

    How do you know they do?

    //they don't have their state facebook/newsletter following them around.//

    In today's world of cameras on handphones any visit by any celebrity is likely to be recorded by someone.

    But maybe the royal houses of other states should consider having their "state facebook/newsletter" following them around.

    Don't those royals want to connect with their subjects?

    To be honest, I have next to zero idea of what my Sultan in Selangor thinks or says, nor have I any idea of what the Raja Muda thinks or say.

    In fact, I think the Raja Muda of Selangor doesn't even normally live in Malaysia!!

    Heheheheh!! I have an amusing story about the previous Sultan of Selangor but I better not tell it. No, its not dirty - just funny but it could identify me and the current Sultan might take exception.

    I have met the current Sultan of Selangor once, you know - he will not remember which official occassion though :) Sssshh!! can't tell.


    1. The current Agong goes to the mosque for prayers on a regular basis w/out fanfare. No pict/insta coz it is the mosque after all. He was pictured waist deep wading through flood waters to help out.

      The Pahang royalty are well known for visiting far flung villages & during floods too. The Tengku Puan was caught on (h/p) camera buying durian & seller didn't have a clue who she was.

      I'm sure some of the other royal houses (not all) do the same, just that they don't get the same publicity (tak glamer). I am also sure some of the royals only grace the high profile, high society events only.

      Your raja muda still need time to grow up la.