Thursday 31 August 2017

Trying not to bullshit too much

Long weekend.

Today is Merdeka, tomorrow Raya Haji, then Saturday and Sunday, then special holiday for SEA Games victory.

Hmmm....only in Malaysia, I guess.

No comment. Don't want people to get angry with me.

I know many of you all like this long weekend thing.

Typically Malaysian.

Never mind.

Well, I'm sitting alone at this place now.

There's a radio next to me playing some Malay songs.

Earlier, the news announced that all the highways were jammed.

Everyone going balik kampung again.

I'm not. Just sitting here quietly.

Actually, I can't drive long distance for now because of my ailment.

Otherwise, I would probably be going to the East Coast. Not been to the beach for months now.

Now, days like this, I just sleep at home.

Anyway, yesterday a friend from JB called and asked me whether Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is really going to contest there in the next general election.

He was referring to my last few postings on it.

"Eh, engko jangan main-main benda macam ni. Orang kat sini risau tau," he said.

I explained to him that I was just theorising.

'Aku goreng je postings tu. Ya lah. Kalau betul-betul jadi at least korang dah prepared. Korang banyak main tau tak? Semuanya main agak-agak je. Buatnya orang tua tu betul-betul turun lawan kat Johor, kang korang terkejut beruk pulak," I said to my friend.

Really. I don't know shit about where Dr Mahathir is going to contest in the next general election.

I just like the idea of him contesting against Shahrir in JB and make Khaled Nordin and his people sweat a bit.

That's all.

No need to panic, okay.

My friend also asked me when I'm going down to JB again.

Well, maybe next month.

Will ask my boss to pay for the trip.

If I can spend about a week there I can get things from the ground again for my writings.

Nowadays, I can just theorise about things.

Another word for it is bullshitting.

Actually, that's what most people do these days.

Thought of something and then write it in blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc.

And then claimed themselves to be political experts.

Especially those with charts and such.

Well, never mind.

Don't want to comment too much on that too.

Don't want people to get angry with me.

See lah, if I can get better, I'll try to be on the ground more.

That way I can write better stuff and do less bullshitting.

Okay, you all have a restful long weekend.

Try not to get stuck in the jam.

Here's a song,

Need to cook something now.




  1. Annie,

    //I know many of you all like this long weekend thing.//

    No rest for me :(

    7 days a week work.

    //Will ask my boss to pay for the trip.//

    Waaahh, your boss so good to you.

    If I am not mistaken, he has known you a very very very long time, hasn't he? Heheheheheh!!

    //Another word for it is bullshitting.//

    Your bullshitting is a lot better than the theorising of many with charts and graphs.

    The nice thing is that your style of writing allows others to be more open about their own opinions on matters.

    //Try not to get stuck in the jam.//

    Me not going anywhere either.

    Just staying where I am - vegetating.

    Better get off my ass and go outside to catch some Pokemons, smash some gyms, and debate on whether I should go for cardio or aerobic workouts, or maybe they are the same thing.


    1. Why so hard to read her hints , she is a paid Blogger and her boss is Najib

  2. Annie,

    1. Selamat Menyambut Ulang Tahun Kemerdekaan.

    2. Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Qurban.

    3. Selamat bercuti.

    4. Berhati-hatilah ketika memandu..

  3. 15.28...

    sejak bila, can u actually trust a woman...?

    jom tarik dua tiga puff of local ganja nd rock it with Annie's stories..

  4. the whimsical arbitrariness of an autocracy is bad news for the business community where the cost incurred by stoppages are not given due consideration

    duke of wellington

    1. Your English is beyond my understanding Duke od Wellington

      Prof Kangkung

    2. No wonder you call yourself prof kangkung!!!!!!!

    3. As Pros Kangkang cannot differentiate "of" and "od", x payah cakap lagi lah.

      Prof Sawi

  5. Anonymous @ 31 August 2017 at 15:28

    //she is a paid Blogger and her boss is Najib//


    It is obvious you are new to Annie's blog.

    You should have a read thru her archived articles.

    I think you will find a woman who writes from the heart and speaks her mind.

    I seriously doubt if UMNO pays bloggers to write whimsical articles.

    But then what do I know?

    I am not here to ask Annie to vote Pakatan, and I have never had the feeling that Annie is asking me to vote UMNO.

    I am just here to enjoy her relaxed writing style on politics and the candour she brings to her articles.


  6. duke of wellington,

    //the whimsical arbitrariness of an autocracy is bad news for the business community where the cost incurred by stoppages are not given due consideration//

    So, what has that to do with the price of cabbage at the wet market?


  7. Yup I agree, duke. Too many cuti's, how to increase competitiveness?? Diorang ingat kilang boleh switch off macam petik suis ke? Tak consider ke berapa banyak unbudgeted expenditure bila kilang kena bayar unplanned triple pay for working on public holidays?

  8. Anonymous @ 31 August 2017 at 17:32,

    //sejak bila, can u actually trust a woman...?//

    I would trust my mum :)

    But I don't trust obesely fat ugly women who have ugly hearts and ugly minds and are constantly encouraging others to hate certain people because of their race, religion and/or political beliefs.


  9. I agree with you Annie. Malaysia has way too many national breaks. One of the world's contenders when it comes to public holidays. Less work and less productivity. You couldn't get things moving soon enough and fast enough as there's too many breaks. Works that could have been done within a day being push to 2 or 3 days. Argghh..

    I sorely miss Mahathir's premiership. Workers at that time were much much more prolific and productive. There was more sense of urgency and purpose then. Even without the advance of technology at that time unlike now, you get a lot of things done and things moved fast. Computers and e-mails was a luxury. Typewritters and faximilies were still ubiquitous but productivity remained sky high.

    The civil servants then worked 6 days a week with Sunday the only day off. The pay were low but there was not much complaining as cost of living remained relatively low and still under control. They lived within their means and were always grateful with what they had. After all they had a job for life compared to their counterparts in the private sector.

    And now you have like 5 or 6 more public holidays been added to national calendar. The civil servants work 5 days a week with flexible working hours introduced. More off days in a calendar year compared to a decade ago. Are the quality and productivity of the workers now increase?

    Work ethics is on decline. Workers are putting in less work. They're always busy with their smartphones and spend more and more time on the social media. Less amount of work being put in a day. Productivity remains stagnant and low. Workers' union keep asking for less work and more pay but the workers are getting lazy. The amount of work being put in does not commensurate with fat salary they receive.

    The quality of work is mediocre at best. The country can not achieve its developed and high income status with the workers we have now.

    1. Anon 1432

      You are being nostalgic.I suggest you can join party Bunga so that both you and Tun M can relive ' the good old days'.Just like astro 720 Hits HD that replay the 70s and the 80s series.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Pros Kangkang,

      Unfortunately the commenter is right.

      During Tun's time Malaysia had more pride in itself - and so did we.

      You however can book a karaoke session with Kak Badak and her 130 million of stolen jewels, if you prefer.

      Prof Sawi

  10. Miss that guy M'etal Zin'c...
    haloooo bro... slmat Hari Raya Haji..

    U c'mon back in here nd let's puff on some ganja... friends all the way home maaaahn...

    1. If you so miss this Hj guy, go see him at RPK's...bukan main lagi dia tu at that Botak's site...his yellow fangs now fully shown without any pretense now, spewing hatred and poison daily, fully comfortable there now among his like-feathered ilk who all under the benevolent eye of the blogger, foaming and fuming daily against those not sharing their bigoted and racist "principled stand".

  11. With 2.6 billion, everyday is a holiday for MO1 (+ jho low too)...

  12. September Public Holidays and Weekend Rest Day List :

    Aug 31 (Thu) National Day
    Sept 1 (Fri) Hari Raya Haji
    Sept 2 (Sat)
    Sept 3 (Sun)
    Sept 4 (Mon) SEA Games Victory Special Holiday
    Sept 9 (Sat) Agong's Birthday
    Sept 10(Sun)
    Sept 11(Mon) Replacement for Agong's Birthday
    Sept 16(Sat)
    Sept 17(Sun)
    Sept 18(Mon) Replacement for Malaysia Day
    Sept 22(Fri) Awal Muharram
    Sept 23(Sat)
    Sept 24(Sun)
    Sept 30(Sat)

    The whole September 30 days, after deducting weekends and public holidays, a total of 14 days off, only 16 work days.

    [ A constant complain from a lot of companies...even with so many public holidays and rest days, the number of employees applying for Emergency Leave and MCs are high and a common happenings, with a fair number not turning up for work with NO notice or even calling in to inform...ini biasa la in our land of the leisurely :) ]