Monday 26 June 2017

Mat Sabu almost wreck Annie's Hari Raya family gathering

There was a bit of political discussion when I was berHari Raya at my uncle's place earlier in the day.

Some of my father's siblings are pro-opposition while others are pro-BN.

My father had initially wanted us to go to his sister's place but everyone in the family turned out to have gathered at my uncle's place.

I have to admit that I was guilty for starting the political discussion, which at a point got a bit heated.

I had asked my uncle how it has been since he jumped ship from Pas to Amanah.

It got heated when the name of Amanah president Mat Sabu was mentioned.

It turns out that one of my aunts can't even stand the mention of Mat Sabu's name due to a personal bad experience of him several years ago.

Knowing my aunt, I knew that she didn't lie about her experience.  She's the most truthful person that I have ever known.

Furthermore, I always think that Mat Sabu is not exactly the most gentlemanly or refined man.

"It baffles me how anyone can support a party led by such an immoral person," said my visibly angry aunt.

I'm glad that my uncle didn't retaliate and just kept quiet.

Otherwise it wouldn't be much of a Hari Raya family gathering for us today.

My father scolded me later for starting the whole thing.

Well, sometimes I forgot how passionate people can get when it comes to politics.

Whatever it is, Mat Sabu is indeed a liability for Amanah.

Nobody can take the party seriously with someone like him at the helm of it.

The guy has been clowning around too much for too long.

Too bad for Amanah, as they are stuck with him.

I think the party will not get far after the next general election just because of him.


  1. "It baffles me how anyone can support a party led by such an immoral person," said my visibly angry aunt.

    Ha ha ha ha!

    Good to have this humour after my Raya visits today.

    Time to educate your aunt lah....

    “1. Out of the 1st layering in Dec 2014 through Gandingan Menteri Sdn Bhd & Ihsan Perdana Sdn Bhd, RM8 million of the RM40 million received by IPSB was then transferred to another IPSB account before reaching Mail Global Resources.
    2. The RM8 million was withdrawn in cash via 16 cash cheques” [Transaction 4

    Since this money has been identified by investigators as being clearly linked to 1MDB and suspected of being illegal remittances, it is staggering that having seen these documents the AG closed down the investigation in the face of protests from the MACC and Central Bank.

    The link to the 1MDB investigation is strengthened by the fact that it was reported way back in the earliest days of the investigation in 2015 that the self same Ariffin Ismail Shahul Hameed had been arrested by the 1MDB Task Force – he was the 4th person to be picked up and questioned, before being released on bail set at RM50,000.the series of transfers coincided with a mysterious buy out of 30% of the company at the centre of these manoeuvrings, Putra Perdana Construction Sdn Bhd (PPB), by none other than the government-controlled pilgrimage savings fund, Tabung Haji.

    Pua points out that the complex money trails give an appearance that money borrowed from SRC was eventually returned by the Jho Low connected PBB, shortly after that buy out in November 2014.  Pua has therefore asked the question whether Tabung Haji, which is controlled by some of Najib’s closest cronies, including Chairman Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim MP, was in the end used to bail out the entire theft?

    It would not be the first time that the Prime Minister has been caught putting his hands into the pilgrimage fund to conceal thefts from 1MDB.  He was also exposed for using the fund to buy land from the development fund at a ludicrously expensive price in 2015, thereby enabling 1MDB to meet a desperate debt repayment.

    When challenged at the time the PM claimed that Tabung Haji had got the land cheap and would re-sell it for a profit in a month – there were three buyers competing, he promised.  Lucky Tabung Haji!  Except, there was never any buyer and Tabung Haji remains hundreds of millions out of pocket on the ‘deal’."

    But no need for deep jargon lah.

    Pendek kata:

    a) Najib al-Songlap stole money from pensioners and from Tabung Haji in order to finance his own personal lifestyle and to buy shiny things for his pet hippo.

    b) He lied repeatedly when caught. Pi cari kat YouTube lah.

    Now ask your aunt if stealing public money and lying is.....

    a) Moral

    b) Immoral

    Give her few days to think.



    2. There is a flaw in your argument anon 2341
      Buying an appreciating asset is a good investment decision.buying a depreciating asset is a bad investment decision.Lets say Tabung Haji spent certain amount of money to buy a piece of real estate it does not matter whether TH decides to keep the asset or to sell it to other party as real estate investment is a good investment.
      Your name calling shows your shallowness

      Prof Kangkung

  2. Annie,

    //I have to admit that I was guilty for starting the political discussion, which at a point got a bit heated.//

    Sounds like you were suffering from blog-crossover syndrome.

    No, don't bother looking it up cos I made it up myself :)

    It is where you think you are still in blog-mode but you are actually in real-life :)

    But in a blog, you can easily chose what to let thru, what to delete, what to respond to.

    In real-life, it is a lot more difficult.

    //Whatever it is, Mat Sabu is indeed a liability for Amanah.//

    Hm, I have never met the man myself, not even seen him from afar, so I can't really say what he is like in real-life.

    But some people come across better in real-life then thru the media.

    For example, I am told that Najib Razak is very charismatic and very charming in real-life, even more so if one is up close to him.

    The fact is that Mat Sabu does not seem to have a very high media profile BUT THEN, most of the Amanah politicians seem to keep a relatively low media profile.

    The thing we need to remember is that religion-based political parties like Amanah and PAS do not need a media profile to improve their public image.

    In fact, their constituents are reminded of the party's presence five times a day, every day, redoubled on Fridays.

    No other political party can claim that kind of dedication from its supporters, not UMNO, not MCA, not MIC, not DAP, not PKR, nobody.

    So, would Mat Sabu be a liability to Amanah?

    Personally, I doubt it.

    Its like saying that Nik Abduh is a liability to PAS. :)


  3. Annie,

    so,mat sabu is a liability to Amanah because:

    1. he is immoral, according to your Malay aunt;

    2. he was clowning around, according to you who preferred to be regarded as a Malay even though your mum's a Chinese.

    perhaps you may want to take this opportunity,and perhaps you could invite your WhatsApp group members who are Malay, to enlighten readers here about the notion of 'IMMORALITY' in a Malay's perspective.

    is it about extramarital sex ?

    is it about corruption while holding public office?

    is it about misuse of public fund or government assets?

    is it about lying?

    is it about committing theft?

    what actually is 'IMMORALITY' to a Malay?

    and when we have ascertained the meaning of 'IMMORALITY' to the Malay, can you and your WhatsApp group members as well as your aunt also enlighten the readers here WHY an immoral person should not hold public office or to get involved in politics like mat sabu?

    then and only then, perhaps, one could understand why Malays like you, your aunt, your WhatsApp group members are still defending najib and even predicted that najib will get support from the Melayu like a tsunami.


    1. Immoral for a Malay pemipimpin if not giving out BRIM from govt coffers after sanglap billions from loans taken up by MOF company.
      And so on...

    2. And when the Word is fulfilled against them (the unjust), we shall produce from the earth a beast to (face) them: He will speak to them, for that mankind did not believe with assurance in Our Signs.

      — Qur’an, sura 27 (An-Naml), ayat 82[1]

      Tun pada pendapat saya atau lebih tepat lagi mengikut kepala otak saya,binatang yang dimaksudkan binatang yang benar boleh berkata-kata.Tetapi kalau mengikut ayat al quran yang lain..

      Mereka itu seperti binatang ternakan, bahkan mereka lebih sesat lagi. Mereka itulah orang-orang yang lalai.” ~ Al-A’raaf : 179.

      Saya rasa itulah sebabnya Allah terus menerus menyuruh kita menegakkan keadilan...

    3. Anything that go against Islam is immoral.sodomy (Anwar)is immoral.having an affair with someone's wife is immoral (Mat Sabu and Muhyiddin),corruption is immoral (every politician including MO1 and his wife)
      The question is morality has got nothing to do with political support.what is more important is the perception that you create to the voters

      Prof Kangkung

    4. Prof Kangkung

      MO1 tu Ayahanda Rani Kulup kan kan kan kan??

    5. ha ha ha, eleh pros kangkang, toksah cakap banyak ler. I hv booked you a room with "ZZ" in Port Dickson, on the bedside table pls. find Mongolian yak milk to enhance your self-pleasure.....kih kih kih, munafiq betoi prof longkang nih....ishhhhhh

    6. BN will win the upcoming GE.what say u?

      Prof Kangkung

    7. For me it's an easy answer between BN and PH. All politicians on both political divide are corrupt. DAP is the boss in PH as it has the most seats and UMNO is the leader in BN for the same reason. PPBM has Mahathir but he has no say. Between Chinese DAP and Malay UMNO, I'll choose UMNO 1 million times, anytime, any day. Saya tak akan pangkah parti kafir harbi DAP dan parti parti yang bersekongkol dengannya sampai bila bila!

    8. 20:52....

      Laaaaaa.....taktik basi ler tolol...."race game" zzzzzzzzz....your paymaster & badak air betina mmg dah bersekongkol with one fat kafir harbi called Jho Low to liwat Melayu, Cina, India, dll....kih kih kih....parti melayu konon......more like parti penyamun.....nah pi makan dedak! Poorah la dei

    9. If majority of the citizens are not smart enough, politically apathetic and indifferent, then the people deserves the government it chooses.

      30million rakyat malaysia does not deserve Najib the fool

    10. 30 million rakyat Malaysia plus a few million other foreigners who reside here deserve a stable government which has a clear line of command.
      If a government has a Prime Minister who is too busy fighting with his enemies who are too eager to be the Prime Minister he/she can't focus on the job of governing the country

      Prof Kangkung

  4. Di malaysia ni,pemimpin politik,mempunyai kuasa mengalahkan agong.
    PM melantik IGP.jgn harap nak siasat PM
    PM melantik AG.jGN harap nak dakwa pm
    PM melantik ketua Panglima.
    Pm melantik ketua2 jabatan kerajaan.
    Pm melantik menteri2 kabinet,ikut suka hatinya,bukan "bermesyuarah"
    Pm melantik diri sendiri.
    Pm menteri keewangan.
    bini PM melantik diri sendiri,sebagai First Lady of Malaysia.
    bini Pm melantik dirinya sendiri dlm jabatan, kerajaan,"permata"tanpa kelulusan kabinet.
    Hari jadi anak,macam sambutan pahlawan negara.
    Hari kahwin anak,habis sanak-saudara diangkut ke Kazakhstan.chartered flight pribadi.
    Shopping bini,macam shopping negara.
    ada pembunuhan berkaitan kadua laki-bini,macam main aci-lut sahaja.
    hari-hari media perdana,tv1,tv2,tv3,astro,media prima,bernama,utusan,berita memuatkan cerita berat sebelah,"PENCURI,PEROMPAK,PEMBUNUH,PEMBOROS,di"nobatkan"sebagai pemimpin berjiwa rakyat dan sebagai "amirul mukminin.
    Tokoh 2 agama,tak-kira politik dan majoriti mufti cari-makan,pejam-sebelah mata,mengambil kesempatan mementingkan diri sendiri.


    1. Alangkah pilunya maruah bangsa kita tergugat dan terjejas, kerana budaya kerja yang kurang beretika di kalangan golongan-golongan yang tertentu, di mana sumber-sumber telah disalahguna dan diseleweng, demi poket maksiat-maksiat ini!

    2. Sebenarnya saya kini sejak Najis dan Dollah menjadi PM, saya semakin segan mengaku saya seorang Melayu.

      Di luar negara jika ditanya saya berasal dari mana? Saya menjawab saya orang Indonesia. Bila saya ke Indonesia, saya mengaku saya orang Singapore.

      Bagi saya, UMNO sekarang telah dihijack oleh Najib untuk menjadi alat pelindung jenayah yang telah dan sedang dilakukan olehnya.

      Ia menggunakan duit Kerajaan dan duit 1MDB yang diselewengkan, untuk sogok ahli-ahli UMNO supaya terus menyokong dirinya.

    3. Have you ever considered migrating to Indonesia?if there is a program of citizen exchange (something like tukar suka sama suka for transfer) I wonder how many are willing to give up their Malaysian citizenship in exchange of the citizenship of other countries

  5. Dear Nauzubillah

    To ascertain about immorality...go read the Al Quran.That was what being preach by Mat Sabu to Tun M before he became a back stabber!!!

    Now can you this Mat Sabu "over and under".Even Tun M now.

    Malay is Islam and Islam is Malay...before the supposedly high moral people came with their motives.Glory...Gold...and Gospel!

    It is not about defending anybody.It is about innocent until proven guilty!

    1. Anon 10:20

      "innocent until proven guilty" is a fundamental principle of criminal legal procedures. The Melayu inherited this criminal justice system from the supposedly high moral people who treasure glory gold and gospel.

      Incidentally Islam does not really teach the Melayu this, for example a raped woman needs to produce 4 trustworthy witnesses before she could even report the crime, lest she would be jailed, not the rapist(s).

      Mahathir Muhyiddin and many more used to enjoy very warm if not overwhelming reception by the Melayu wherever they go, but once they are no longer holding power, the Melayu quickly switches to others, now najib and zahid hamidi.

      And it doesn't matter if people like Mahathir is already a 90+ old man, the Melayu wouldn't care if they want to call him names and to belittle him as if he's the public enemy no. 1.

      So this is amazing. What actually is 'moral' to a Melayu?

    2. "Mahathir Muhyiddin and many more used to enjoy very warm if not overwhelming reception by the Melayu wherever they go, but once they are no longer holding power, the Melayu quickly switches to others, now najib and zahid hamidi. "

      tu la....

      perangai "CASH IS KING"....weakness of melayu



    وما كان لنبي ان يغل ومن يغلل يأت بما غل يوم القيامة ثم توفى كل نفس ما كسبت وهم لا يظلمون - ال عمران 161
    (Tidak patut seorang nabi (disangka) khianat (dengan menggelapkan harta rampasan perang), dan sesiapa yang khianat, dia akan dibangkitkan di akhirat nanti bersama harta yang dikhianati, kemudian akan disempurnakan balasan atas apa yang telah diusahakan dan mereka tidak akan dikurangkan sedikit pun (balasan tersebut) !!!

    1. Sebab Turun Ayat.
    Ibnu Abbas meriwayatkan ayat ini diturunkan berkaitan sehelai "baju merah" yang dirampas semasa peperangan Badar telah hilang, lalu ada sahabat yang berkata..... mungkin Nabi saw telah mengambilnya.....
    lalu turunlah ayat ini....

    2. Huraian Ayat.
    "Ghulul" (Kleptocracy) ialah satu perbuatan mengambil harta rakyat secara salah melalui kuasa yang ada padanya. Perbuatan ini banyak berlaku kepada pemimpin politik dan pegawai kerajaan yang mempunyai kuasa untuk mengurus apa-apa perkara atau perkhidmatan kepada masyarakat.

    Nabi saw bersabda :-
    من استعملناه على عمل فرزقناه رزقا فما اخذ بعد ذلك فهو غلول - رواه البخارى ومسلم
    (Sesiapa yang kami melantiknya memegang apa-apa jawatan, dan kami telah bayar gajinya, maka jika dia mengambil habuan yang lain lagi, maka dia seorang "ghulul".)

    - Hadis riwayat Al Bukhari dan Muslim.

    من استعملناه منكم على عمل فكتمنا مخيطا فما فوقه كان غلولا يأتي به يوم القيامة - رواه مسلم
    (Sesiapa yang kami lantiknya memegang urusan kami, lalu dia sembunyikan sebatang jarum atau yang lebih kecil daripadanya, maka dia akan dibangkitkan di akhirat nanti dengan harta yang dikhianati itu).

    - Hadis riwayat Muslim.

  7. Dalam satu hadis lain, seorang amil/pemungut zakat setelah selesai kerja kerjanya, beliau menyerahkan kutipan yang dibuat kepada Rasulullah saw dengan berkata " ini untuk kamu (kerajaan ) dan ini untuk saya", lalu Nabi saw berkata : Kalau kamu duduk cokah (menunggu) di rumah ayah kamu dan ibu kamu (tidak pegang apa apa jawatan), adakah mereka akan memberi hadiah ini kepada kamu ?

    3. Bahaya "Ghulul"

    "Ghulul" adalah satu perbuatan khianat dengan mengambil kesempatan untuk mengumpul harta awam sebagai kekayaan peribadi melalui kuasa dan jawatan yang dipegang, sedangkan mereka sedar, tanpa jawatan yang disandang atau tanpa kuasa politik yang mereka ada, adalah mustahil mereka akan menikmati kekayaan tersebut secara mudah.

    Islam telah memberi amaran bahayanya sikap "Ghulul" ini, sebab itu bila ada sahabat nabi bersangka bahawa mungkin Nabi saw telah mengambil harta rampasan perang dalam bentuk sehelai baju pun, Allah swt terus menegurnya.
    Rasulullah saw bersabda :

    اياك والذنوب التى لا تغفر : الغلول فمن غل شيئا أتى به يوم القيامة
    ( Hindarilah kamu dari yang tidak diampun : "ghulul", sesiapa yang "ghulul" sesuatu, dia akan dibangkitkan bersamanya di hari akhirat)

    هدايا العمال غلول
    (Hadiah dan pemberian kepada pegawai kerajaan/pekerja (yang ada kepentingan tertentu atau kaitan dengan tugasnya) adalah "ghulul")

    Abdullah bin Amru meriwayatkan ada seorang penjaga kepada peralatan nabi saw bernama Kirkirah telah meninggal dunia dan Nabi berkata: dia ke neraka, lalu sahabat-sahabat pergi meninjau/menyiasat, didapati gemulah/arwah telah sembunyikan sehelai pakaian nabi saw.

    Semoga kita dijauhi dari pemimpin dan pegawai yang bersikap "ghulul"...


    1. Anon 14:02,

      Apakah Nabi saw baru wafat semalam? Apakah Al Quran baru diturunkan dalam bulan Ramadan yang baru lepas ni?

      Susah tentunya tidak.

      Apakah engkau seorang sahaja di kalangan Melayu yang pandai baca Quran dan hadis?

      Dah tentunya tidak.

      Makan harta rakyat dan penyelewengan kuasa bukan berlaku sejak semalam, dan Melayu bukan buta tak sedar pemimpin pemimpin kaumnya makan rasuah dan menyeleweng kuasa sehingga sekarang.

      Hakikatnya dulu Melayu miskin tak punya apa apa, songlap duit takat apa pun duit bukan Melayu yang punya, tak jadi masalah kepada Melayu.

      Sekarang Melayu sudah berharta, rasuah dan penyelewengan sudah termakan harta dan hak Melayu, barulah nak buka kitab panggil Allah panggil Nabi.

      Apakah ini "moral" sesuatu umat yang gelar diri 'Melayu itu Islam, Islam itu Melayu'?

      UMNO dan pemimpin macam najib adalah hasil kemungkaran sesuatu kaum sekian lama kepada ajaran Agamanya dan apa yang terjadi adalah balasan.

    2. Anonymous27 June 2017 at 15:47

      I agrees with you fully....

  8. I think PH leaders are not fit to rule the country for they are not trustworthy people. They are also full of various scandals and to the extent of wanting to invite foreign intervention. They are dangerous to the country. I have no respect for them.

    1. Ehhhhh, ko pi mintak balik our money 4.5 beliyon USD dulu lah bangang...bila paymaster u nak saman WSJ? Global shame lah. Nak cakap pasai "respect" plak...pergghhh...ha ha ha!!!!

    2. Setuju dgn anon 1800
      Prof Kangkung

    3. PH leaders in turn, way much preferred if compared to mr kepit najib

      Saman DOJ bila lagi

    4. I agree wholeheartedly with anon 20:12

      Jho Low

  9. Annie,

    Your commenters has become more aware of the spins done by Najib and the gang. Deep inside you knew this time around Najib has no way to win. The talk about a Malay Tsunami is real.

    Wonder why the southern neighbor being quiet all the has nothing to do with the PM disputes with his families. Najib is damaged world leaders of high integrity wants to be seen near him...takut di-kaitkan dgn 1MDB.

    1. Dua mat salleh kapir tu, Miranda Kerr & Leonardo diCaprio - gave back their stolen property.

      Badak air gemuk hodoh tu kulit tebal, muka tebal, ntah ape lagi ...nahhhhh, tambah lagi GST la

    2. Ada pink diamond itu pun, bila nak pakai. Kalau pakai tentu paparazi akan ambil gambar dan diviralkan ke seluruh dunia. Lainlah kalau nak bawak masuk ke kubur.


  10. Lobai Haha tak kisah
    Najib dengan Rosmah
    Curi, zina dan rasuah
    Asal Melayu Islam sudah...

    Lobai Haha tak kisah
    Najib dan Rosmah
    Ambil harta syubhah
    Asal Melayu Islam sudah...

    Lobai Haha tak kisah
    Najib dan Rosmah
    Kleptokrasi perintah
    Asal Melayu Islam sudah...

    Lobai Haha tak kisah
    Najib dan Rosmah
    Hina Hudud tak patuh syariah
    Asal Melayu Islam sudah...

    Lobai Haha tak kisah
    Najib dan Rosmah
    Beri duit 90juta rasuah
    Asal Melayu Islam sudah...

    Lobai Haha tak kisah
    Najib dan Rosmah
    Kutip cukai haram jadah
    Asal Melayu Islam sudah...

    Lobai Haha tak kisah
    Najib dan Rosmah
    Disiasat DOJ, FBI dan 10 negara amanah
    Asal Melayu Islam sudah...

    Lobai Haha tak kisah...

    1. Miranda Kerrrrrrr and Diamond will never be best friend

      hows rosmah doing these days

  11. Anonymous @ 27 June 2017 at 10:20,

    //Malay is Islam and Islam is Malay//

    By putting a racial element into Islam, you have just insulted the Prophet Mohamad and Islam itself.

    Why do you insult Islam in such a manner, Anon 10.20?



    Saya amat hairan dengan sikap ketua polis negara yang menyatakan kononnya peguam negara suruh pdrm siasat lagi kes skandal 1mdb secara lebih mendalam!!

    Pada bulan disember 2014 saya mula buat laporan polis keatas kes skandal 1mdb ini. Dah hampir 3 tahun masih lagi belum selesai siasatan?!

    Tapi kenapa negara-negara luar yang saya buat laporan seperti singapura, switzerland, amerika syarikat, hong kong, peranchis serta united 

    Sebagai pelapor pada pdrm yang pertama maka dengan ini saya memohon pencerahan dari khalid abu bakar samada pdrm sudah pun menyiasat najib tun razak, rosmah mansor, jho low, riza aziz serta keseluruhan ahli-ahli lembaga pengarah syarikat 1mdb?!

    Semua penama-penama ini sudah dipanggil untuk proses siasatan ataupun belum?!

    Kalau khalid abu bakar kata siasatan belum selesai; macamana beliau kata saya ditangkap pada tahun 2016 kerana cuba sabotaj ekonomi negara?!

    Untuk pengetahuan ketua polis negara saya masih menyimpan semua laporan-laporan media mengenai tuduhan-tuduhan serta fitnah-fitnah beliau yang tidak berasas keatas diri saya secara teramat baik!!

    Malahan pdrm telahpun sumbat saya ke dalam lokap serta penjara sg buloh selama 2 bulan!!

    Insya-Allah dengan izin Allah swt saya akan berhadapan dengan ketua polis negara serta peguam negara di kamar mahkamah dalam sedikit masa lagi.

    Keseluruhan rakyat malaysia mesti memberi kemenangan pada Pakatan Harapan untuk membentuk kerajaan baru malaysia selepas pru14 nanti!!

    Pada waktu itu kita tahulah apakah bentuk tindakan undang-undang yang paling sesuai untuk dikenakan kepada keseluruhan penjawat awam yang tidak beretika dan tidak amanah ini!!

    Dengan izin Allah swt kebenaran pasti muncul juga akhirnya dan pada waktu itu sama-samalah kita lihat di mana mereka akan berada di atas segala pengkhianatan yang dilakukan pada bangsa, agama dan tanahair!!

    Tanpa kompromi dan mempunyai sedikit pun perasaan simpati; semua penyangak-penyangak yang mengkhianati rakyat malaysia mesti dihukum secara tegas, adil serta saksama pada waktu itu!! Insya-Allah!! Amin yarabbal alamin!!

  13. Anon @ 28 June 2017 at 00:40

    You intentionally taking my line of statement out of contact!

    Anyway its only to state what islam really means to Malays.

    Insulting islam... Are you serious?

    "Saya tak mau masuk islam...sebab saya tak mau masuk Melayu"

    How can that be...wright!

  14. Anonymous @ 28 June 2017 at 10:09,

    //You intentionally taking my line of statement out of contact!//

    Quite a typical defense from those who insult the Prophet Mohamad and Islam.

    Now, would you like to also say that you were misquoted?

    //Anyway its only to state what islam really means to Malays.//

    Oh yes, indeed, and you are now making it worse by clearly locking Islam within a racial perspective.

    When will you stop insulting Islam?

    //Insulting islam... Are you serious?//

    So, is it ok for others to insult Islam the same way as you do?


  15. Maybe your Aunt was interested in Heman Sabu and her sexual advances were rebuffed by Sabu. Always 2 side of the coin. He Sabu is a goodman and Amanah will win big


    1. The incident got nothing to do with sexual advances. Thank you.