Thursday 18 July 2013

News from a crucial but very boring by-election

The Kuala Besut by-election may be crucial as it may result in a hung State Assembly in case of a Pas' win, but reports from the small coastal town indicated that the people there are not that eager as there is an,
Absence of Local Issues

I searched for the latest news from Kuala Besut at the Google news section and found that the journalists covering the by-election appeared to be running out of idea as to what they should play up to keep the excitement going.

For instance, this is among the top stories I found in the search from national news agency Bernama,
BN Candidate Yet To Taste Grilled Fish And 'Ayam Percik' Cooked By Wife  

I'm not saying that the story is not interesting though. The journalist probably tried his/her best, but it just shows how mundane the whole thing really is.

At least it's a better read than the rather amateurish attempt at spinning to spice things up by the pro-Pakatan journalists such as in this story,

Meanwhile, the biggest news coming out of Kuala Besut so far was the government's plan to once and for all solve the problem of siltation at the Sungai Besut estuary. You can read the 
at NST.

It looks like people, particularly the Malays in the kampung are getting bored of politicians and their rhetorics. They appeared to be more interested in improving their life instead.

BN apparently is appealing to the young voters who were claimed by Pakatan to be siding with them to return to vote,

Come home to Kuala Besut and vote, young voters told

That is not such a bad call by Khairy Jamaluddin, seen here campaigning among the old folks of Kuala Besut,

I do wonder if those Malays in the urban areas are the same. Or, do they still think that they are better than their kampung brethren, and that they are a class above at the same level as their Chinese neighbours?

I wonder how DS Anwar Ibrahim and his people are going to keep that hate in them burning over the next five years.

Well, it's easier for Guan Eng and the rest of the DAP gang, as they can always play the victim card among the Chinese. Just parade around the widow of Teoh Beng Hock and his child such as when they did on the eve of GE13 in Kluang and  an enbloc Chinese votes are secured.

Oh, they also have MCA-owned the Star, the biggest English newspaper in the country to campaign for them.


  1. May be it is just a reflection how "down to earth" the Malays are? Ini yang saya puji sifat Melayu, tapi ada kalanya sikap seperti ini dianggap malas dan lesu. Malangnya, sikap orang kampung seperti ini sering diekploit dari banyak segi, sama ada dari segi ekonomi, politik atau sebagainya. Apa pun, Melayu dan Islam merupakan kombinasi yang mesti terus dimurnikan. Waallah hualam. Selamat menerima habuan dari ibadah Ramadan Annie dan terima kasih kerana terus menulis.

    1. Majlis Tindakan Melayu18 July 2013 at 21:12

      Melayu perlu ambil tindakan untuk merubah masa depan mereka. Tuhan tidak merubah nasib sesuatu bangsa melainkan mereka merubah sendiri.

  2. Umno will not lost as long as Idris Jusoh is around. He is a good campaigner and an astute campaign strategist. He made Besut a bulwark for BN in recent GE compared to other places in Terengganu where BN machinery were heavily defeated. It felt like Pas mighty marched to power in Terengganu were unexpectedly halted by the time they arrived north of Terengganu. Idris success in Besut now have become a case study for political campaign strategists.
    Bear in mind that Besut constituent sit right next to Kelantan and the people over there speak with thick Kelantanese dialect. It would be easy for Pas to spread its wing and influence over there but it's not really the case in Besut. Besut constituent together with all the DUNs handsomely won by the BN. Idris knows the tricks of the trade in Besut and he delivered. As long as he is in charge, Pas would find it difficult to penetrate Besut.

    1. Ahmad will definitely sabotaj Idris, just watch !!

  3. Just waiting for butthurt Chinks to comment..

  4. So how does DAP take PAS's decision to contest?

    I thought they wanted PAS to concede the seat?

    Though I thought that really is a stupid and unreasonable request.

    Why would they ask such thing from their partner?

  5. RE: "I wonder how DS Anwar and his people are going to keep that hate in them burning for the next five years."

    "He who pokes fire into others will die burning himself."
    (Common Sense)
    "From the deepest desires come the deadliest hate" (Socrates)

    "We have indeed created men in the best of moulds; then do We abase him to the lowest of the low; except for the faithful who does right; theirs is an unfailing recompense." (Quran: Al-Tin)

  6. Dear Annie
    According to last GE there were about 0.80% voters of people of Malaysia who is of Chinese origin and ancestory in this constituency, or maybe slightly more than 1800 or so. They can be found mostly settled on original Malay land esp in and around the small Besut township area working or owning small hotels and eating places, shop owners, newspaper vendors, fish mongers,boat suppliers, small chandlers and boat makers, Telco and 4D lottry and nombor agents, lorry drivers, school teachers.These people seemed to mingle better as their spoken Malay is almost like the locals esp those over 60s
    Now apparently one suddenly see the almost Spore PAP like white flag but instead of the sole thunder flash, its with the rocket pointed upwards. Planted, almost like unison but not in neat rows are the flags of the moon on green background . The ugly old hag, the inciter of May 13th , the rascist, provocateur of racial intolerance , the one that is saying and telling the whole wide world that this Chinese race is an oppressed, victimized and marginalised race was there at nomination day and immediately gathered all his fellow folks after nominations, spoke in a language that none of the other green flag bearers understood with gusto and fire to reinforce his own mad doctrine of an oppressed people and then suddenly flew off, like a hot shot film star of much sought after directors.
    His equally bad and vengeful ugly son have not been seen yet
    It would be interesting to see where the odd votes of these ungrateful go to as one can make a summary when they tally up at the Pusat mengundi
    It would be interesting..

  7. Is the by-election "crucial"? Even with a PAS won't the Speaker of the House (a BN guy) in the state assembly cast the deciding vote? I can't even get excited by the fact that some journalists would struggle to find their own elbow, let alone relevant local issues. On the plus side its good to see Khairy getting out on the front lines, but out of town youth and Chinese will have zero effect on this contest. I did like you question, Annie, of whether urban Malays are "better" than the kampung Malays? Of course we are. And we know it.

    1. "Annie, of whether urban Malays are "better" than the kampung Malays? Of course we are. And we know it."

      .. mak ooi!! Arrogantnya!! Betul ke awak Melayu? Orang Melayu selalunya tak seperasan ini.

  8. Let us lock up arm in arms with Annie to defend Malaysia againts the Pakatan barbarian hordes.

  9. The Chinese in Penang, in Pucong, in Perling,in Pulai in everywhere theres Chinese even as far south as Spore is now putting large sums of money on the margin of BN victory. on a bigger majority, than last 505. Some are taking bets that BN will lose but the odds are very low
    This is nothing to do with politics at all.
    Just like they bet on whether it rains, who will score first, and even school kids opening up books and sum up the pages and wager who is more and in a local football pitch game
    These is the Chinese game wherever they are.

  10. Those amatuerish layman attempts to spice up things is really boring-lah but the right chef is crucial to the masakan ayam percik ... bersama penyantun Hilmi dan Halim. The proof is in the right delivery, not in empty promises, betul?

  11. si Ahmad Said jongang gila ni nak gadoh dgn Idris Jusoh ni pasal apa ha? kan ni masanya Melayu mesti bersatu menentang ancaman Cina dan Melayu liberal PKR dan ektrimis ugama PAS???.Kau berdua ni nak bercakar dan berdendam macam politik ni bapak kau punyer ke??Banyak juat orang melayu yang setia dgn UMNO yang bagus tau yang tengok gelagat kau berdua.Ini PRK Besut adalah menentukan siapa tadbir Tgaanu. Pasal kau berdua nak gadoh masam muka nanti kalau kalau siapa yang rugi???

  12. Kalau Melayu bersatu, dah lama Cina-Cina bangsat berambus dari bumi Tanah Melayu. Melayu kita ashik bercakaran sesama sendiri, tulah sebab Cina sudah naik tokcang!

  13. Annie the drama queen blogs is slowly becoming a racist breeding ground...... good for you, Annie the Racist.

    1. sticks and stones will break my bones
      but words will never hurt me

    2. A RBA is detected! Tell us how much you get paid by DAPigs to blog? Before you accuse Annie of being racist, how come there is not a single Malay in DAP CEC? Zairil's DNA is 100% Chinese and do he doesn't count. Cakap tak serupa bikin. Your kit sial and iguana Eng are anti-Malay and anti-Islam.

    3. Hey Chinky Chong! Go to hell!

    4. It takes a bigger one to know the other for what he/she is... So just fly your kite elsewhere you chink!!!!