Monday 27 May 2013

Umno's ultimate sacrifice : Harakiri!

When the almost defunct Gerakan made noises about the merging of Barisan Nasional parties into a single entity, this was my response to it,

Useless Gerakan should just shut up

Then, the Malay Mail which is an ally of the rabid Pakatan's portal Malaysiakini got the response of Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, the Umno secretary general on the Gerakan's idea.

Ku Nan, in his response said he finds the suggestion to be agreeable.

So, now we got an Umno secretary general agreeing for the dissolution of Umno so that it could be merged with the likes of Gerakan, PPP, IPF as well as MCA and MIC.

So, for Ku Nan, it's ok for Umno to die for the sake of it's BN friends.

I guess, for Ku Nan, this symbol

is no longer relevant.

This idea for the dissolution of Umno to form a single BN party was first mooted before GE13 by that "brilliant" guy Nazri Aziz, the now Tourism Minister.

It was supported by another so-called Umno liberal Saifuddin Abdullah who lost his seat in Temerloh.

Ok, fine. I'm not an Umno member, so my views on this doesn't really matter. After all, if Umno leaders themselves want to dissolve their party, who I am to stop them.

But, on second thought, since I am in a way is a Malay and Umno was supposed to belong to the Malays and not just to people like Ku Nan, Nazri Aziz, Saifuddin or even DS Najib Razak, let me say my piece in this obscure blog of mine.

Before Umno is to be dissolved upon the suggestion of someone like Ku Nan, who is a key player in the Umno's failed GE13 war room, let us remember the followings.

1. In the run up to GE13, it was the Umno grassroots who work the hardest. The other component parties did not show total commitment, except for certain individuals who work closely with Umno members in their areas.

2. MOST members of BN Chinese-based component parties such as MCA and Gerakan voted for Pakatan, or to be exact DAP.

3. Without the Malays' votes for Umno, BN would had lose the GE13.

I guess, the Malays, especially those of Umno need to bend backward again after the 1Malaysia concept was spat upon by even their allies in MCA and Gerakan.

Now they were told that they need to dissolve their party to please the others.

Ya, as if with the dissolution of Umno, the Chinese votes will swing back to BN in the next general election.

That anarchist Haris Ibrahim of "Asal Bukan Umno" movement must be very pleased with this latest development.


  1. UMNO must never be disbanded. Long live umno.

  2. I guess quite a number of higher ups in UMNO's hierarchy and who are used to living in urban areas are oblivious to reality.

    We, the grassroots Malays will make sure UMNO remain to protect the interests of the Malays.

  3. i'm not an umno member nor any other party come to think of that. But concur to you.

    I also didn't agree to this idea. Why? Becouse without umno, who will be the representative to malay communities. The voice of moderate malay.

    If they delute the umno power by combining it into 1 parties, trust me, a lot of younger malay will support perkasa. As you know, young heart will boild faster. They will support the radical thinking and action of perkasa. When you put the bunch of radical thinking people in one places without the moderate to delute it, you will get the ultra kiasu malay.

    Then the chinese wishes of malay racist will come true. But than, can chinese expact that this malay will act according to semangat setiakawan/mengalah when they been strike for soo long. They will fight fire with fire and this is dangerous. (This is the worst of the worst senario - ya Allah don't let it be)

    :[ sarah

  4. Yes Yes Yes !!

  5. And Najib is still sleeping, soundly. Dissolution of UMNO is the greatest disservice, an act of treason, an act of treachery to the Malay population.

    Ku Nan, please remove yourself from the post of Secretary General of UMNO.

    And when the non_malays join the new multiracial BN, they can freely vote the opposition, as has happened to MCA and UMNO whilst getting all the assistance a ruling govt can give. As Dr. M once said, "Melayu mudah lupa" and may I add, Melayu memang bodoh, khas untuk penjawat dalam UMNO.

    Lu betul Melayu bodoh lah. Berapa kali mau kena tipu. Melayu tak boleh tegak sendiri kah?

    Shallow minded office bearers should not be in a party upholding the Malay sovereignity...and perpetual apologist Saifudin Dolllah should just go rear ikan patin and keep his gap shut. You lost, you are not wanted. Your voice is irrelevant and Temerloh did well to keep this pro-anwar man out of politics.

    Let Astro Awani have him everyday, every hour giving his 2 sen worth of so called new politics viewpoints

    Non UMNO Malays are trying to give their support without being members, casting votes to keep UMNO in power and yet here we have a brainless twit supporting the idea..

    I give up....!!!!??????******

    1. Setuju. Najib tidur. Pak Lah tidur kita nampak.

      Najib ni lagi berbahaya. Until today response time Najib lambat. Lepas dua tiga minggu baru keluar. Latest kat perhimpunan belia dengan KJ. Dia kata kalau lawan style president one and one with Anwar pun dia ok, boleh menang. Say what ?!? Who are you again?

      Boleh tak akar umbi UMNO keluarkan semua ni. Way forward konon. Aku pun baca pasal politik dunia lah.

      Apa - apa je lah. Susah -susah sokong PAS. PAS yang insaf aku rasa lebih melayu dari UMNO tidur nih.

      Sudah lah Najib .... RESIGN NOW.

    2. PAS lagi tidur dari Najib dan Pak Lah.


  6. Good that UMNO disbanded. All the Malays will be united in PAS. After all, we are all brothers and sisters in Islam.

    1. It would be good to see the unification of malays. However UMNO must not and should not be disbanded. PAS must realign itself to the true teaching of islam. We dont want pas leaders who condemn another muslim.

    2. UMNO leaders also condemn PAS leaders.

      If all UMNO people join PAS, then they can change PAS to follow their principle.

    3. PAS Ganti UMNO? In your dreams! We want righteous people to lead the country... not self-righteous people who think only they are right and to hell with others.

      UMNO is still the best representing the Malays and the country. If UMNO "leaders" want to abolish UMNO, maybe they should "abolish" themselves instead.

      I am not a member of UMNO (and will never be)and yet I can see the good of UMNO. Leaders of UMNO can come and go but the party and its core foundation will and must stay forever.

      I think Helen is right. Apa lagi Cina mau? Cina mau UMNO mati. Looks like the present UMNO leadership is bending backward for the Chinese again!

      Having said that, I have faith that UMNO members are not that stupid and its leaders are not daft either. What was reported are just mere sandiwara..

    4. and this is the first step to became a total arabise right wing wahabi minded nation...hilanglah melayu..hilanglah warisannya..hilanglah budayanya yg pelbagai..sejarahnya yg ada unsur animisma, hindu, budha akan dipadamkan..semuanya warisan indah yg unik dan ada ciri khas melayu..tpi lepas ni semua nak ikut acuan arab..yg ada hanyalah arabise melayu..islam mengikut pemikiran melayu mestilah berkiblatkan arab..memang matilah..kenapa dorang tak boleh nak jadi islam dan dlm masa yg sama sayang jatidiri melayu?

    5. PAS is the only party in which members don't join to jostle for position, thus have access to wordly gain such as power, position, title, women and wealth.

      Of course, there are pockets of off tangent behaviours, but these are nothing compared to the the blatant corruption, cantas-mencantas and abuse of power taking place in UMNO. We can clearly see that if they didn't get what they want they left and join PKR (I call it UMNO in exile). Very few join PAS.

      There is no limit to the pursuit of worldly gain in UMNO. It can only lead to implosion. Time for UMNO to revert to something that its fore fathers strive for, that is Islam. Malay agenda is only a front so that all malays can understand and attach to it. Islam is the ultimate goal.

      Don't get ciondfuse with Wahabi, etc. It came from someone who don't understand Islam. Our budaya and adat came mainly from hinduism.

    6. United in/under PAS and forever be a slave to DAP and PKR????
      What a silly idea.

      Anonymous27 May 2013 10:39....: and then we buat solat hajat calling for ill fortunes to befall on others?? And we can also call other Muslims kafir just because they are not PAS? and issue edicts to tell them PAS can guarantee safe passage to heaven??

      And meanwhile all the elected PAS leaders can continue fornicating happily ever after?? And then give 1000 acres of land to the infidels so that one of its members can become a Menteri Besar, and many many more....

      And some more rape the hills and forests that ALLAH , the Muslim ALLAH, ok, gave us as Khalifah for safekeeping and guardianship.....and give all sons-in-law high positions, and wives title of lands that supposedly belong to Trustee of the CM and more, more more...silly idea, I must stressed.
      And I am stressed by the way PAS rejects reconciliation and olive branches offered by UMNO

      Melayu memang UMNO remain on your own.

      Stand on your own two feet. You have your distractors but you also have your legion of invisible and undivided supporters, especially now...

    7. C'mon my friend. Don't be so negative lah. PAS of the future will not be the same like today. There will be middle ground for both sides.

      Think of the good side of it. You can get rid of Najid, Ku Nan, Hisham, Khaled, etc.

    8. Bottomline Najib kena resign. Ni sama macam 2008 nih.

      Kena bertanggungjawab la. Kalau nak melayu bagi satu lagi peluang ...beg la brader .... ni asyik asyik keluar statement bla bla bla ... BN kena berubah lah, 1Malaysia crap la ..........RESIGN je lah. Bagi orang Johor pulak handle. Nak kena Melayu Johor handle jugak nampak gaya nih.

      Aku rasa masa 2008 semua orang tahu apa nak kena buat. Apparently Najib tak buat.

      Boleh tak kita fokus kat NAJIB suruh resign - Kepemimpinan lemah yang tidak mewakili akarumbi instead of blaming PR. Monkeys will always be monkeys ..tak boleh buat apa.

    9. let say one day pas rule this country..will they allow a malay girl walk around without tudung..well let me say this.. i'm one of those malay girl who like to show my hair..will i be spared from the bungkus kepala thing people should remember with an organization base on religios strive such as pas..their ultimate goal is total religious indoctrination..and what is the best example in the world today if not saudi arabia..i dont want the saudi desert badouin mindset being label as true islamic value implement in this tropical paradise of ours.

    10. Ma'am Anonymous 15:45,

      Don't be so ignorant about Islam. Please find out about why muslim women are required to cover their modesty!


    11. "Wahai anak Adam, sesungguhnya Kami telah menurunkan kepadamu pakaian untuk menutupi auratmu dan pakaian indah untuk perhiasan.
      Dan pakaian takwa itulah yang paling baik. Yang demikian itu adalah sebahagian dari tanda-tanda kekuasaan Allah, mudah-mudahan
      mereka selalu ingat". Surah Al.A'araaf (26)

      "Wahai Nabi katakanlah kepada isteri-isterimu, anak-anak perempuanmu dan isteri-isteri orang mukmin: "Hendaklah mereka mengulurkan jilbabnya ke seluruh tubuh mereka". Yang demikian itu supaya mereka lebih mudah untuk dikenal, karana itu mereka tidak diganggu. Dan Allah adalah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang". Surah Al.Ahzab (59)

    12. Anon 19:27.
      There is nothing mention in the Quran that females must 'tudung kepala'. This 'tudung kepala' thing is only mention in the Bible. About that 'aurat' thing, religious people, all over the world have different views about what is actually aurat.


    13. RD,

      If you are convinced that muslim women are not required to cover their hair, then do as you please.

      But, who am I to argue with the likes of TGNA and other ulamak who said muslimat's aurat is the whole body except face and hands.

    14. Oh Lord. Nik Aziz is just the Muslim equivalent of the Mad Monk Rasputin. The guy is stark raving bonkers.

    15. You might say Nik Aziz is just the Muslim equivalent of the Mad Monk Rasputin, but UMNO could not regain Kelantan because they dare to belittle him.

      Like it or loathe him, he makes the difference.

      Now that he's gone, I think UMNO had brighter chance in GE14.

    16. aurat tu maknanya keaiban..kalao rase rambut tu mengaibkan ..tutuplah..kalau tak tayanglah..lagi pun macam pak syed slalu ckp tutup rambut dgn bungkus kepala ni ajaran bible..dlm quran surah annur ayat 31 dia kata tutup belahan dadamu..(byklah yg nak hentam aku lepas ni)..pi lantaklah

    17. 22:07
      "You might say Nik Aziz is just the Muslim equivalent of the Mad Monk Rasputin, but UMNO could not regain Kelantan because they dare to belittle him."

      You're dead wrong. Kelantan was not won over because of the Kelantanese expatriates. The local Kelantanese, who have to endure the shenanigans of the inept PAS government, were ready to kick them out. That's why PAS had a really close call there.

      And that, my friend, is also why Nik Aziz got booted out right after the elections. If it were not due to the expatriates, PAS would have lost Kelantan because Kelantanese already had enough of him. Oh, retire cos of old age and sakit all, is it? Bullshit. The old Mad Monk is on record of saying he will never step down until the day he dies.

    18. You are wrong, Nik Aziz bring a dose of fresh air as as compared to UMNO's sick tirade about better infrastructure, promise of jobs, etc. Yet keep offering tired old horsed such as Annuar Musa, Awang Adek, etc!

      PAS don't want 10 lane highway or airport than can take A380, they want baraqah in this life.

    19. you know during hari raya all those years with massive traffic jam when all the kelantanese balik kampung will gone if kelantan have a 10 lane highway..saving your times, minimize the chances of accident and it will also generate more economic growth for the sure is a baraqah..may be the perantau type of kelantanese dont have to think about their fellow kelantanese hardship back home since they have the luxury of the economic growth from the other states..mostly rule under BN..but please think about other as's a baraqah too if you thinking about other.

    20. Wasn't it BN who paid for all these expats to return and vote?

      Thank you very much, the money was handy in compensating the exorbitant cost they have to pay to UMNO croonies in PLUS and Air Asia.

    21. right on long live pas

    22. 9:35
      UMNO paid for the expats' return? Bull fuck. Mustapha Mohamed is on record as saying when UMNO Kelantan saw the cars start arriving, they knew the battle will be lost.

      You are deluded in your love for the Mad Monk. Kelantanese don't want highways? Yet when their PAS fucker asked for donations to build a highway, they gave. What happened to the money? Went the same way as the Tabung Memali funds.

      But you are right: now that the Mad Monk is out of the picture, maybe it will be easier for Melayus to cooperate. Malaysia needs a strong and propesperous Bangsa Melayu, if we don't want to turn into Rwanda.

    23. Umno had been paying expats to return to vote for years.
      Not just in Kelantan but everywhere.

      Where have you been?

      gone to the moon perhaps!

    24. Nukui Hanza,

      Kalau tak tahu tentang aurat dalam Islam, jangan main komen aje ikut sesuka hati. Here is a good reading for you:

      "Aurat wanita Menurut Al-Quran Dan Hadis"

      Bulu Kening

      Menurut Bukhari bahawa :

      "Rasullulah melaknat perempuan yang mencukur atau menipiskan bulu kening atau meminta supaya dicukurkan bulu kening." (Riwayat Abu Daud Fi Fathil Bari)

      Kaki (tumit kaki)

      "Dan janganlah mereka (perempuan) membentakkan kaki(atau mengangkatnya) agar diketahui perhiasan yang mereka sembunyikan." (An-Nur : 31)

      Keterangan :

      Menampakkan kaki dan menghayunkan/melenggokkan badan mengikut hentakan kaki.


      "Siapa sahaja wanita yang memakai wangi-wangian kemudian melewati suatu kaum supaya mereka itu mencium baunya, maka wanita itu telah dianggap melakukan zina dan tiap-tiap mata ada zina." (Riwayat Nasaii, Ibn Khuzaimah dan Hibban)


      "Hendaklah mereka (perempuan) melabuhkan kain tudung hingga menutupi dada-dada mereka.” (An-Nur : ayat 31)


      "Rasullulah melaknat perempuan yang mengikir gigi atau meminta supaya dikikirkan giginya." (Riwayat At-Thabrani)

      "Dilaknat perempuan yang menjarangkan giginya supaya menjadi cantik, yang merubah ciptaan Allah". (Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim)

      Muka dan Tangan

      "Asma Binte Abu Bakar telah menemui Rasullulah dengan memakai pakaian yang tipis. Sabda Rasullulah : Wahai Asma! Sesungguhnya seorang gadis yang telah berhaid tidak boleh baginya menzahirkan anggota badan kecuali pergelangan tangan dan wajah saja." (Riwayat Muslim dan Bukhari)


      "Sesungguhnya kepala yang ditusuk dengan besi itu lebih baik daripada menyentuh kaum yang bukan sejenis yang tidak halal baginya". (Riwayat At Tabrani dan Baihaqi)


      "Dan katakanlah kepada perempuan mukmin hendaklah mereka menundukkan sebahagian dari pemandangannya." (An Nur : 31)

      Sabda Nabi saw :

      " Jangan sampai pandangan yang satu mengikuti pandangan lainnya.Kamu hanya boleh pandangan yang pertama, pandangan seterusnya tidak dibenarkan." (Riwayat Ahmad, Abu Daud dan Tirmidzi)

      Please click the following for further explanation.

  7. Dear Annie,
    Well said...there is no real friends in politics so forget about sacrificing UMNO for its so called 'friends'. Gerakan and MCA should figure out how to win back the 'moderate' Chinese supports if there is any left. Otherwise, let it be. Without Chinese supports BN can still rule the nation.
    Its impposible to be '1Malaysia' when LKS and AI's kind of 'values' are poisoning the mindset of the people.
    Malays and bumiputra MUST unite, others are welcomed to join if they really believe in better 1Malaysia.
    Its saddening, to see so many 'mudah lupa' kind of malays esp. the younger generation and urban population. Its amazing that how simple minded people like most 'orang kampung' can still see the black and white, and the greys in between.
    I guess too much information on the internet doesnt make one wiser, only dummer and more confused huh?

  8. Those who agreed that UMNO to be disbanded are traitors to Malays and these include dpm and ku nan.The Chinese who lacked creativity to woo back the Chinese wants to grab positions in BN ie UMNO. They must work on their own.

  9. Well, I guess it's time to support Perkasa.

    Which is what us hot blooded young Malays are waiting for.
    Bring it on!

    1. borang perkasa nak dapat kat mana :))

  10. Keep UMNO as the acronym. Change to United Malaysia National Organisation. This will achieve the dream of Dato Onn, the founder of UMNO. That guy had vision, well ahead of his time. maybe the logo needs a bit of rework.

    1. Tak payah. Keluar UMNO, join PKR or DAP la.

      PKR can always merge with DAP, both multiracial what? Ke melayu PKR takut cina DAP tindas.

  11. Annie,

    I don't quite understand why us, the Malays are often the ones who will always give way for the sake of others?

    We agreed to give the jus-soli status to Chinese and Indians who were brought in by British to work here in Malaya during the early formation of this country,

    We agreed to the concept of power sharing with MCA and MIC via the Alliance party, and later on with other component parties from Sabah and Sarawak (I don't mind with them since they are also Bumiputera) through National Front.

    And now, we are expected to dissolve UMNO and unite as one single party under the name of Barisan 1MAlaysia (just a suggestion..).

    Seriously, I don't quite understand the rationale and argument for all of these. The Barisan Nasional party itself IS ALREADY a multiracial party with each parties, namely UMNO, MIC, MCA, Gerakan, PPP, SAPP, PBS, PBB, etc representing each race respectively.

    Or perhaps it is me who doesn't understand the political nature.

    1. UMNO, PBS and PBB should merge with DAP and to the hell with the rest

    2. Opps! forgot MIC (and Hindraf, IFC, and other indian parties)

  12. musuh utama orang melayu adalah melayu sendiri..matilah melayu

    1. who cares kalau melayu mampus

    2. Another Red Bean Pondan here.


  13. I kind of agree with the Eugenist. But if some people are interested in just being BN members rather than representing a component party, I don't see the harm in promoting direct membership of BN. In some ways this may reduce the influence of the smaller fringe parties, including those with leaders who are out of favour with their communities even though they control their parties with an iron grip. I saw one other commentator disparaging urban UMNO leaders - but this is where the country is going, for jobs, for better services and BN and UMNO needs to remain relevant to these malays.

  14. I agree with you that UMNO should remain to safe-guard the Malay interest. Most Malays have forgotten that they have lost Champa, Tennaserim, Isthmus of Kra, Pattani and Singapore. Is it about time Tanah Melayu would be lost too?

  15. Forgive my politics. But I've always thought of BN as one single party consisting of people of different races and religious backgrounds working together. I ddn't see it as components of different parties. This is where I will have to disagree with many of you. I am an ardent government supporter but I do believe that it has to go past the racial differences. Now this does not mean tht it will neglect the privileges of the Malays bcoz tht will always be respected and will always be upheld in the constitution. The PM will always be a Muslim. We can have a Chinese Muslim (Pak Lah is half chinese), an Indian Muslim (Tun M is half Indian) and a Malay as our PM. I dnt care as long as he/she is a Muslim. For those who don't understand what it means by Malay, Malay is the most unracist term ever and is inclusive of all races. Malay is defined as 1. a Muslim (which is why when Lina Joy, a Malay wanted to leave Islam and become a Christian, it created such a havoc because Malays are predominantly Muslims). 2. speaks Malay 3. practices the Malay culture. Therefore, ppl like all of us who are not pure Malays but fit all the criteria above are automatically Malays, do u get me? Ridhuan Tee for instance considers himself a Malay. The term Malay is often intertwined with the religion Islam. It's about time that we are open to a multiracial party which respects the privileges of the Malays (meaning Muslims) in this country. This is what the Prophet (Peace be upon him) had preached for.

    1. Focus focus .... kalah bukan pasal benda nih. Kalah pasal UMNO tidur .... Najib kena resign.

      Jaga undi melayu kampung, jaga undi Malay urban youth. React faster to fitnah. Be dead serious about menteri kaya. Tangkap cina pembagi rasuah. That's it.

      Tu pun tak nampak ke. Advisors Najib still bagi advise nampaknya. Rosmah is still out and about dengan rambut palsu dia.

      Resign je lah Najib. Takkan benda -benda yang terang ni pun tak nampak. Apa lagi orang melayu mahu? Tanyalah

    2. Let me ask you just one simple question:

      When the Muslims led by the Prophet Muhammad reached Madinah, did the Prophet call the Jews living there, "the Ansar", too?

      No. Only the Muslim Medinans were called Ansar. So there goes your "Prophet Muhammad also supported 1Madinah" argument.

    3. Greetings,
      i dont think it's najib's fault..
      najib has his own way to deal with this matter..
      u guys condemned pak lah before n wanted Najib before..
      now yall want Najib to back off...

      p/s---->Rosmah's got nothing to do with Najib..haizz


    4. When they fail, and fail spectacularly, we get rid of them. Before they fail, we give them a chance. What is prick behaviour about that, prick?

      But I agree, Rosmah has got nothing to do with Najib, it is all thanks to pakatoon propaganda. They did a damn good job there, creating something out of nothing.

    5. Fine fine. Whatever. You guys win. What my opinion is cannot change the govt's decision and if you read today's NST and Utusan, you will find that many BN friendly parties object to the merging of all the coalition parties into a single entity. The group representing the minorities in Sabah hv even objected to it, citing that it fears the merging of the parties will cause the neglect of the minorities. At least BN is more cohesive than Pakatan Rakyat. While Pakatan Rakyat are disagreeing on fundamental issues such as to have hudud law or not, BN does not have to deal with those shenanigans. It should stay the way it is but once we could get out of the racial politics and become more mature, then by all means, merge. By the way, stop punishing DS Najib.

    6. 23:01
      "stop punishing DS Najib."

      Well, that depends on how he behaves after all this, doesn't it. Right now he doesn't seem like he's learned his lesson. Boasting that in a direct presidential election against Anwar he could still win. Tsk tsk. Bodoh nye. Who is he trying to convince? Himself?

    7. BTW, 23:01
      Don't feel that we are berating you for stating your opinion. Someone else said it either here or elsewhere on Annie's posting (was it Tebing Tinggi?) - UMNO is doing okay. So there is no need for UMNO to merge with anyone for now. Just need to tweak a little here and there. Like Daim says, focus on the rural areas cos that is BN's strength. BN lost cos they had the strong strategy, wasting precious resources wooing the urban Chinese.

    8. Dimana dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia yang mengatakan Perdana Menteri mesti orang Islam?

    9. MYQ: You baca perlembagaan Malaysia ke tak ni? Perdana Menteri Malaysia mesti beragama Islam. Tak boleh tak beragama Islam. Ada faham? If you don't like it, you can go to Singapore.


  16. IN the next UMNO general assembly all those names mention should be voted out ,including Najib as well. Mlay has made so much sacrifice for the benefit of peace and harmony of this nation ,now the had to sacrifice their party that done much good to them ,I think that will be over their dead body.
    So much effort had been made to crushed UMNO to pieces has prove to failed this far ,the Malay gave outstanding support to UMNO in PRU 13 ,not because they love for Najib ,but they know if UMNO were to fall they will be colonize again politically , though economically they had. If that does happened the Malay were to lose everything and they got no more hold to this only Malay land.
    The MCA and Gerakan failure was insider job and actually a Fix On , it's a longs planning and ,carefully engineered for not to be notice. The Chinese believe that DAP ideallism more arouse them ,thus by not giving support to MCA and Gerakan ,Barisan National will be fail to form the government and UMNO will be crushed .
    Allah is great , The Malay notice it( I doubt the UMNO leader does) ,that make UMNO perform better that save Malay political control of this nation, but with that the Chinese long planing had failed and suggesting that UMNO to open it doors to others(making BN as a single party) is another effort to quashes UMNO as the stumbling block to their dreams ,

  17. Dear Annie,
    This is my response to anonymous at 13:55.
    I can support the multiracial party BUT now is not the time and place. Not yet, especially after what happened in GE13 i.e. the Chinese tsunami. The only way for the multiracial party to work is first and foremost - all Malays MUST get united, stay 'awake' and get rid of 'mudah lupa'syndrome and some weak leaders (We need sincere and mentally strong leaders more than the 'smart' ones). It seems like after TDM, there was no close candidate (not even half of TDM) to rule the nation. (Yes, I know TDM is not perfect, who is??? but at least we didnt have all the nonsence demands and street fighters during his time) Anyway, history has shown us again and again how Malays' good nature of being too forgiving and unnecessarily 'generous' have backfired. Live and Learn!
    Tell me any country in the world where the 'minority' are blessed as those in Malaysia...but then again being ungrateful is just human nature huh? What more do 'they' want is the right question to ask. All Malays should go sleep on it and do some soul searching. The prophet (PBUH) would want us to protect our faith and for all muslim to stay united, not wasting time with demonstration - without knowing the white, the black and the greys.

  18. idup pekembar idup umno...lets it be BN


  19. Gerakan just wants to cover their asses. UMNO layan je. I think they have to make the right noises, cos to reject outright people will say they are true blue racist for sure. Nothing will come out of this, I am pretty sure about that.

    "For the survival of BN"? The Bumi parties have no problems whatsoever. In fact, UMNO increased their base. It is Gerakan and MCA that need to merge. But no, by making this proposal, Gerakan wants to keep on doing fuck all while allowing their members to vote DAP, yet they can still cash the cheque when BN still wins.

    These yellow fuckers are showing their true colours more and more. They want to bring Malaysia to merge with Singapore, that's their Promised Land.

    1. Wow....

      The Chinese are yellow fuckers? Interesting label.

      So what colour fucker are you? I am trying really hard to think of one. I think the white, the black and the brown would reject you. Even the orange, green, blue, pink would want to have nothing to do with you. Red fuckers can only be found in America, but you don't fit their profile and would be kicked out before you can even put a foot through their front door.

      Or wait... you are a fucker that is of more then one colour? So which colours have the embarrassment of having a fucker fool like you claiming to be part of them?

      Just don't forget... yellow is the imperial colour. The colour of your Rajas. Oh, and the colour of Annie's mother too. So, Si Ramayana, be a good bitch and slunk back into the shadows please.

    2. TBL.. what rubbish are you trying to say. Long post but zero point. Fuck chinese lah. well..except the 10% sensible chinese in malaysia.

    3. TBL, every morning I shit yellow stools. Sorry, was that you this morning?

    4. You can try to fuck the Chinese, but the Chinese are not interested in fucking you since you lack any of the necessary attributes (looks, money or intelligence) required to get into bed with them. You will just get rejected all the time and start raging even more.

      The internet is seriously a place where the retards and rejects of society (like Anonymous 20:23 above) come out to rant and rage :D

    5. Did you just say the Chinese are shallow, TBL? Looks, money and intelligence is all they care about? How about moral character? You fucking racist! hahaha. racist against your own race. Well done, son! I think I shall shit you out again tomorrow morning so tat you can come and entertain us again with your racist remarks.

    6. You don't have to wait till tomorrow morning, you unknown colour fucker. I'm here right now :)

      Looks, money and character will allow you to bed a Chinese. Moral character will give you their hearts for life.

      So basically, not only is an unknown colour fucker like you completely unable to fuck a Chinese, you will also never win their trust, loyalty and commitment due to your lack of character, principle and morals. Also, seriously, your lack of intellect is both a massive turn-off and a giant source of comedic entertainment. Is being an internet-warrior the only place where people are forced to read the words of fail that you spout?

      BTW seriously, what colour fucker are you again, Si Ramayana? Black? White? Brown? Blue? Green? Grey? Pink? I'm really curious. Definitely can't be yellow since you're so dumb :P

    7. Woh woh woh. I thought you are the Great Unracist Bastik? So what shit does it make to you what colour I am? Why so interested, unka yelo fucker?

      Hahaha. You kantoi, odi, unka fucker, calling your own race shallow. Aiyoh, money, looks and IQ only ah. No wonder lahhhh never enough. Always want to salon, always want to niptuck here a bit there a bit... Want to be Michael Jackson ah you? Kakakak.

    8. "Definitely can't be yellow since you're so dumb"

      ...says the racist who claims to be the Great Unracist Yelo Unker Faker. Kakakak.

    9. It does "make shit" to me what colour you are, Si Ramayana. Since you labeled all Chinese as yellow fuckers, it makes me curious as to what colour fucker you are :P Of course, you have shown that you are either too scared or too stupid (or both, actually) to know what colour of a fucker you are.... which is not surprising :D Heck, perhaps whatever colour your want to be part of will actually reject you *chuckle*

      Even assuming the Chinese are shallow (which they are not, or else, how can they succeed all over the world... compared to an unknown colour fucker like you... :P), you will still not be able to fuck a single one of them. You can't even make the most shallow Chinese horny for you. The sheer stupidity that you display will make any trace of lust disappear in an instant :P

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      Sila UBAH you punya diet, OK :D

    10. The danger is stereotyping all chinese as racists. This will cause more harm than good.



    11. Kakakak. Thanks for looking so closely at my stool, Unka Racist Faker. Skin colour doesn't matter. Unless you are a racist. Kakakak.

    12. Hoho, Si Ramayana the unknown colour fucker, NOW you say that skin colour doesn't matter, eh. But previously, it mattered to you when you called the Chinese yellow fuckers. But when you are made to look like the complete idiot you are, you now say that skin colour doesn't matter.

      Well done, Si Ramayana the unknown colour fucker, well done :) You make your countrymen and women so proud with your dazzling intellect and heroic acts of flip-floppery!

      But hmmm.... you are probably right.... it is probably hard to pigeon-hole what colour of a fucker you are.... You can't be white - you're too incapable. You can't be black - you're too weak. You can't be dark brown - you have no toughness or resilience. You can't be light brown - you have no character. You can't be red - you're not brave. And you sure as hell aren't yellow - you're too stupid. I think I can understand the confusion you are having with identifying what colour of a fucker you are :D

      Anyway, this yellow fucker here is tired of toying around with a small-time idiot like you. Time to move on and search for the next big fool to amuse myself with. You have exhausted all your amusement potential. Ciao, Si Ramayana the unknown colour fucker :D

    13. Typical, TBL. Typical. You already came out and proved yourself a racist, everyone with half a brain can see it, and still you want to come back again and again mau kasi tegak benang basah. Hahaha. Sedih sial.

  20. Jom kita keluar dari UMNO,
    Jom masuk parti Tupperware,
    Boleh tingkatkan ekonomi orang Melayu.

  21. UMNO should be UMNO.. A Malay by definition is a person who embrace Islam as his/her religion. Don't think UMNO will be dissolved whether in Semenanjung or on the East side.

  22. Let's us all here revive Party Semangat 46.

    We all become pro-temp committee and one of us can be president.

  23. why merge with PAS, those guys cant even run their one and only state of Kelantan well. going to Kelantan is like taking time travel - backwards. lets not even ponder this idea.

    UMNO is still relevant and necessary, no need to change the name or evole into this party 1malaysia, what is that anyway? now days we see 1malaysia this, 1malaysia that but the proof if in the pie, look at the last GE13, where was the 1malaysia? most of chinese voted in one direction, a majority of the malays in one or the other, the indians in the middle.

  24. Sad..najib still wants to please the minority when it wad clear the malays make up the bn winning the election....
    Najib never lusten isnt ?...never.

  25. I really missed Dr.M. Although the Chinese called him an Ultra-Malay after May 13, 1969 throughout his 22 years as PM he has never failed to win 2.3 majority. In-fact, 1999, majority of Chinese voted for him.

    Those in UMNO who suggested the merge or dissolution of UMNO, must be 'Melayu Mudah Lupa'. This idea is not new. In-fact the founder of UMNO, Onn Jaffar first mooted this idea, 2 years after it was founded in 1946. The proposal was objected, mainly by the religious people which resulted in the resignation of Onn Jaafar, who formed another multi-racial party which lost badly in 1955 election. This was the 1st. split of the Malays in UMNO. The 2nd. split was when, after Merdeka, the Tunku did not elected religious people to hold office. They leaved UMNO to set-up PMIP, which was later know as PAS. PAS was orthodox then and was a bitter enemy of DAP. They however seems to a bit liberal nowadays after making a truce with DAP and infiltrated by Anwar's PKR goons. Even Harakah seems to be owned by Anwar Ibrahim.

    If UMNO is disband, its 3 million members will leave to join PAS or Perkasa, which will turn into a Political Party. True to the traits of Muslim, all over the world, we will be further split.

    Yes Annie, this will be UMNO's ultimate sacrifice, a harakiri alright. Lets present Najib a samurai sword or katana.


  26. I totally disagree with the notion of forming party 1Malaysia.

    The main reason is that the malays can never win an election against the chinese, especially so magainst the indian. They just don't have skill to argue, skill to organise and strategise and the ruthlessness to kill the opponent when they are down.

    UMNO, PAS and PKR party election was never an election, it was just a stage managed show to appoint someone whom the top brass had agreed to be their leader(s). In event of a real fight (eg Dr M -Ku Li), the winner will sapu all and the loser have no choice but to leave. Just like during olden days, the winner will murder the vanquish and all their family and descendants.

    Just look at sports organisation, the presidents are all parachuted in. They dare not engage in an election. The office bearers need someone to shield them from public eyes as they go sightseeing during an overseas tournament.

    And I am totally in agreement that UMNO should be disbanded and all members should join either PKR or PAS, depending on whether they want the world or the hereafter.

    1. Omaigod. So kayu ah you.

      "The main reason is that the malays can never win an election against the chinese, especially so magainst the indian."
      Ummmmmmm. Yet Melayu UMNO kicked Chinese DAP's ass in the recent elections. How?

      "They just don't have skill to argue, skill to organise and strategise and the ruthlessness to kill the opponent when they are down."
      Ummmmmmmm. Yet UMNO survived as top dog for over half a century. How?

      "UMNO, PAS and PKR party election was never an election, it was just a stage managed show to appoint someone whom the top brass had agreed to be their leader(s)."
      Ummmmmmmm. What is that smell? Is that... shit?

      "In event of a real fight (eg Dr M -Ku Li), the winner will sapu all and the loser have no choice but to leave."
      Like Chua Soi Lek vs Ong Tee Keat, you mean? Or like Samy Vellu vs any incoming candidates? How?

      "Just like during olden days, the winner will murder the vanquish and all their family and descendants."
      Sounds like the history of ancient China. How?

      "And I am totally in agreement that UMNO should be disbanded and all members should join either PKR or PAS, depending on whether they want the world or the hereafter."
      Hmmmmm. That smell.... still so strong. What is it? Smells like... donkey shit.

    2. Anon 22:02

      Get out of town, will you? That's an even worse suggestion.

    3. Najib out, Ku Nan out, Saifuddin out, Nazri out, everyone in fact.

      Why don't you all get out. No need to pening kepala, ayoyo!!

  27. 1Malaysia dah FAIL lah...very badly...

    Nak tukar UMNO kpd Parti 1Malaysia???

    NAK MAMPUS!!!!

    1. tk kenang jasa ini la pemimpin baru umno

  28. Why BN allowed stupid events like these? People are insulted because they knew you thought they could be bought with money, concerts and dinners. So they came to relax, have free makan and be entertained. This is an election. It’s a serious matter. Let Anwar be the entertainer. — Tun Daim Zainuddin

    Tak habis2 dengan bersuka ria. Could that high society resident singer be the mastermind behind UMNO?