Sunday 5 May 2013

Gelang Patah updates

I am setting this posting as updates for the Gelang Patah contest between DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang against outgoing Johor BN chairman Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.

I will update this posting from time to time with whatever little bit of information that I got throughout the day.

Kit Siang started the day as favorite while Ghani is the underdog in this Chinese-majority constituency.

As of 10am

Voters turn out was reportedly low in the first half of the morning compared with other constituency.  I was told that the number of Chinese voters who had casted their votes as of 10am was almost five times higher than the Malay voters. It was believed that the heavy rain in morning was the cause of Malays in the more rural areas to wait till afternoon to cast their vote.

As of 12pm

I'm on the road from Gelang Patah town heading to Pendas. It's still raining quite heavily. Saw a long queue at the MBJBT hall which is a polling centre just now. Heard that election workers are scrambling to get voters to such polling centers. If the rain persists, and BN supporters failed to come out in full force due to the  rain, Gelang Patah will have Lim Kit Siang as their MP.

As of 1pm

Stuck at Kampung Pekajang. The heavy rain caused a tree to fell and block the main road here. A fire engine just arrived to clear the mess. More time wasted for voters in this BN stronghold to get to polling stations. Hopefully BN machinery will go all out to get supporters out to vote in such areas over the last four hours before polling stations closes at 5pm. Meanwhile reports from DAP stronghold in Skudai indicated that voters there have no problem to get to polling stations in their more urban area.

As of 3pm

It's still raining in most part of Gelang Patah, but not as heavily as earlier in the day. BN election workers have apparently covered most of their bases of ferrying voters to polling centers. Most polling centers are seen to be quite quiet with not many people coming to cast votes at the final hours. Reports indicated that about 70 per cent voters in Gelang Patah had casted their votes, which is about the same average throughout Johor at the moment.

Received a call from my mother just now. She was concerned about rumors spread via Facebook that BN had send foreign workers to vote for the coalition. I assured her that no such thing happens. She was very worried with what her friends posted on their Facebook wall that the Pakatan people will hold demonstrations in case BN wins, claiming that the election was being rigged. Some of her friends were also spreading rumors that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had left the country in anticipation of a Pakatan victory. I told my mother to tell her friends to make up their mind on whether Pakatan will win or the election is rigged. These people are real nuisance. Anyway, I believe my mother voted DAP for State seat but gave BN her vote for parliament.

As of 4pm

Reports indicated that DAP is leading BN in Gelang Patah. The last hour of polling will be crucial. It was said that a lot of Malay voters failed to turn up to cast their votes due to the heavy rain earlier in the day. A last ditch effort is being made to get them to vote. Hopefully the final push will save the day.

As of 5pm

With the polling centers now closed, it looks to me that DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang may hold a slight edge over outgoing Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.
However, BN election workers insisted they had done their best to get the coalition supporters to cast their votes.
"We made the final push two hours ago and may just probably got enough votes to ensure a BN victory," said one of the party workers.
He added that in rural Gelang Patah, they managed to get about 70 per cent of voters there to cast their votes.

As of 6.30pm

A commotion broke out in the Gelang Patah town when a group of about 100 motorcyclists caused a havoc there. They had earlier went to the polling centers in the nearby Malay area and tried to prevent ballot boxes from being taken out to counting centers. Several FRU trucks were rushed there to control the situation.

It was also learnt that an upset result may happened in the Chinese-majority Skudai area. The commotion in the Gelang Patah town was said to be related to that possibility.


  1. EC kena tipu lagi, the ink can be washed. The election also has become Ghost-buster operation by public.

    1. kalau tangkap hantu ok jugak, ni tangkap org betul

  2. So many hantus appear over malaysia. Next few months they will enter our homes when we are sleeping.

  3. Banyak sangat complain pasal ink, LAIN KALI suggest je cabut kuku baru boleh vote. Idiots.

    1. ROTFL .... or save one's head like Betty Chew.

    2. I meant shave one's head like Betty Chew did in penang

  4. Why blame EC, blame Amiga.

    Ink is definitely a backward step.

  5. I think those accusing phantom voter is merely as same as the story of the 3 man and the elephant. Why I say that, it because they not sure how the voting process look like.

    I have been sitting a poll agent for the past 4 election. The phantom voters cannot easily created unless their mind is full of hantu stories.

    In the voting station, there will be polling agent for both parties , they will check the name called by SPR agent and verify and now its more stringent, you need to colored your finger.

    The indible ink can be wash with any strong detergent, but the stain between nails will remain. That will be verify by the polling agent of the party and also SPR polling agent.

    So, the stupid pakatan party leader know this and they only poisoned
    their stupid supporter to believe this that their defeat today is because phantom voters.

    Bare in mind, today police caught 3 banglas in the pakatan van to act as a phantom voters, and being paid 250 to act and found also 1 unit camera/laptop so it can be channeled thru the net, SPR or the BN are doing nasty in the GE13.

    Pakatan in Malays means berpakat-pakat, usually this term use in the sentence to picture the group of people try to do bad thing. as
    " Anwar and Lim berpakat untuk mencuri ayam.." , " Anwar and Tian Chua berpakat untuk menjatuhkan negara" the word pakatan itself
    sounded wanted to doing criminal act...

    so pakatan opposition, there is no such phantom voters, the only existed hantu in the GE is Anwar, Lim / kitsiang@Guan Eng./Hadi Awang/ Ambiga and the rest of pakatan leaders, that is the hantu actually. Might you all try to catch this hantu which exist in front of your guys rather try to find one which never existed as called pengundi hantu..

  6. tebing tinggi5 May 2013 at 17:45

    Anon 16:49.

    You are absolutely right that the only existed HANTU in the last two General Election Anuar (President) L K Siang and L G Eng (1st deputy and 2nd deputy) Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz ( 1st and 2nd VP) Ambiga and Tian Chua (advisory) and the rest of them and their supporters .
    They has cause much trouble and time wasted by government to overcome their stinking effect.

  7. Thre's still ink on my left forefinger despit ding a lot of washing since 11 this morning. Bloody fools keep on spreading lies. I hope this election will finally bury the most divisive politician this country has ever know, the deceitful, lying, conniving ANU.


  8. Digress a bit, BREAKING NEWS - a by-election will be held soon for DUN Chempaka, Kelantan

  9. Harakah Daily posted a photo of a group of foreigner queuing up at what appear to be a polling center. What puzzles me is that, if the photo is true why don't they take any action; just like what they did to some innocent genuine voters who are legally Malaysian of Indian-Muslim ethnicity?

  10. I voted both BN candidates for GP and Skudai DUN. I really wish that Ghani Osman will win, even to the extent of promising to puasa nazar for a day if Ghani Osman win. Aminnn

  11. I am sad, Ghani just lost to LKS. All the best Johorean in your near future.

  12. Alhamdulillah, kerajaan islam masih kekal.

  13. No more Foon Yew Schools.
    Scrape the annual Chinggay festival thats been causing trafic chaos every year.
    Review approval or permit renewal for residential premises converted to temples or churches for causing nuisance to neighbourhoods.
    Buy Chinese last.
    They had been having it so good yet its NOT good enough.
    Where were all the Chinese developers and businesses who had been flourishing in Johore.


  14. I voted both parliment and dun to BN n was at poling center to see if there were any so called phantom voters in a Indian I have pledged since day one to BN and still will for a harmony country.....peace.....I have been leaving my whole life with Malay, Indian and Chinese neighboUrs with I m proud to say friends.....all the opposition wanted is to trash this....thank god they lost.....for years to come they no longer will say ini Kali lah....instead jus say lain Kali lah......And for that wait long long......