Monday 11 July 2022

Comedy clubs are not funny

I believe most of you have known by now about the not funny strip tease comedy at TTDI the other day.

The woman who did it is now in police custody and the venue where it happened had temporarily been banned by City Hall.

The woman clearly has no excuse for doing what she did.

The Crackhouse Comedy Club however has plenty of excuses and those who supported it.

There were Harith Iskandar, Afdlin Shauki and this one,

Expressing solidarity, Merdekarya urges DBKL to lift Crackhouse's suspension


The entertainment venue explained that this is because open mic provides everyone and anyone the opportunity to perform their respective acts, and it is nearly impossible for the organisers to predict what the artist would say or do.

So, if someone opens a venue as a platform for others to say whatever hell they want to say, then that someone is not responsible for what's being said, right?

It's I think like someone opening his/her house and let people do whatever they want there and when police raided it claimed that he/she shouldn't be held responsible for the drug induced orgy that happened there.

"You shouldn't blame me. I only told these people that they can do whatever they want. I didn't tell them to have a drug induced orgy," that someone would argue.

Hey, even printers are held responsible for printing offensive stuff. They cannot argue that they were just printing the stuff ordered by their client.

Anyway, who gives these so called comedy clubs the right to use their venues as platforms for people to say anything they want.

Don't they know there are laws against saying certain things in this country, even if they were meant to be comedy?

I suspect that the strip tease incident was not the first offensive nonsense that happened at the club.

It's just that one got caught on video.

Otherwise, it would have been all okay.

The crowd was clearly enjoying the "comedy" with cheers and clapping.

Nothing is more pleasing for them then seeing a self-confessed Muslim insulting Islam.

Personally, I have never think much of Malaysian comedians. Never found any of them to be really funny.

That includes Harith and Afdlin.


  1. Aisay may I ask did she insult Islam? If u mean by removing her that n insult to the religion? Pls la....what Jibby did was a greater insult to Islam.

    1. Ayoyo anon 20.21 ..
      You r so happy for that pea brain insulting islam ka ?
      She said ... ' i'm proud to be a muslim '
      She said ... ' i can memorise 15 juz of the Quran ... '.
      She then showed off her bare minimum ...
      What does that mean ..?
      What was her intention ..?

      Sokong Muslim skrew Muslim ka ..?

  2. If someone posts something offensive on Facebook, the solution is to close down Facebook.

    1. Facebook puts you in jail for a few days

  3. Seems only all trivial things takes priority in Malaysia.

  4. what the lady did was wrong, insensitive for msian culture - but criminal offence, i disagree.

    your write up is mean spirited, schadenfreude in nature. a comedy club is part of the entertainment ecosystem, helps both performers & owners pay bills.

    we get that life is tough & you are going through tough times annie - most ppl are. but to gloat in others misfortune is wrong.

  5. .....17 June 2022

    Nearly one billion people worldwide suffer from some form of mental disorder, according to latest UN data...

    Msian gomen esp KKM shld seriously look into this matter.. who knows this "lady" may also be one mental case??

    My son reported just last week in Taman Bk Indah Johor, a young man (seems his wife just delivered their first baby) was standing by the roadside "fully naked" and passersby had to call the police to take him away.

    Many are facing problems today tau..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  6. If someone wearing yellow robe of Buddhist Monk on stage, then strip off his robe and started to masturbate or expose his butt, I would still say it is not a joke, or simply say it is a stupid joke. It is not about any religion for that matter.

    However, having listened to the explanations of the Crackhouse Comedy Club that the participants were advised in advance that they should not venture into any sensitive acts related to religious or racial issues, I am of the view that DBKL should reconsider its decision to close the premise.


  7. Brown Flesh Vibrator says: why other people are nosy to tell what insults in Islam are all about? Don't these people instead count such blessing that no riot in greater scales ever happen here for such "misbehavior" like in pakistan bangladesh and other muslim majority countries? Respect to those who are not keen to condemn anything about other beliefs/ religions. Simply because these people NEVER appreciate what peace, freedom, ease of minds, serenity, tranquility are all about. Damn you people. Appreciate and be thankful!

    1. all form of hiboran like rok kapak, dance music banned lah ask taleeban c

  8. I have never known about all the different Muslim NGO’s till now . Wow !!! So many ! Everybody comes out of the woods for their 3 mins of fame . Ban this ban that ! They THAT insecure ? How’s that ? Already majority of the population what . This is C O M E D Y . If there were rules , it couldn’t be comedy . It just wouldn’t work .The goal is to make you laugh . Laugh at our differences . Don’t take ourselves too seriously for that 1 hour show . If you can’t laugh at yourself then you should probably go watch movies . Eh wait ! That also cannot got kissing scene la , gay scene la . Better just sit home and play incest lah then . Well election is around the corner . The machinery is working . Rally up the people ! Emotions are high . Mat Kilau movie just came out . What good timing. I got a question for those who oppose though . This comedy club is somebody’s rice bowl . So by logic , your insecurities and sensitivities come first . The needs of their families can wait . They can die of starvation for all you care . Gotta jail them !!! What vengeance ! Bullying a comedian ,Agama kau tu ajar kau buat mcm tu ke ? What great values . Bravo !!!

    1. Pergi balik China! Pergi balik India! Pergi balik London! Tak suka keluar!

      Relaxlah, it's only a 1 minute comedy. The goal is to make you laugh. Laugh at your ancestors.

    2. There are rules and laws in this country. You go against you face the consequesces . Try take down propaganda poster or make fun of some leaders in some countries you face severe punishment not 2 to 5. You thought it is joke or prank or comedy. To them it is no laughing matter. Know your limits otherwise go off grid.

    3. So would it be acceptable to joke about Hinduism,Christianity or even Buddhism? What about Indians or Chinese?
      The same people who criticise Muslims for not having a funny bone get upset when they are the butt of the joke.
      BTW in the so called Liberal West you can't say anything negative or funny against certain communities.

    4. If you ask me . Why not ? We always laugh at each other kan. I grew up color blind . I have my school and my parents to thank for that . I will groom my kids that way too . You’re only half right on what you said . When other religions become the butt of the joke , the people that really get upset are the fellas in parliament . Those that need to comment because of the position they are in . Not the rest of the general population . They certainly don’t speak for me . I’m sure a lot will agree to that . Chill lah

  9. Haiyaaa
    Just follow Ukraine Russia war. Zelensky declared Russia a terrorist state??? kekeke! they shot down MAS commercial flight and killed hundreds of innocent pax.. he shld declare themselves as a terrorist juga kan?

    US for decades bombing and killing innocent people in the millions worldwide, sonyap aje Ukraine all those years???

    Gitu la olang2 yg otak sewel. Suka look down, make fun and belittle Agama olang lain... padahal dey shld look at themselves first. Clean your bloody own backyard first la.

    That "lady" comedian, guarantee otak dia ni memang sewel. KKM n police shld check her mental health.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. why so brave and heatless with a woman inconsiderate of her mental anguish and childrens.
      later the religion authorize TTDI tangkap pula.
      Jawi arrests woman over controversial stand-up comedy
      look like many authority incordinate