Monday 18 April 2022

Between a good lawyer and politically motivated lawyers

 NST today highlighted this statement by lawyer Mohd. Faizal Mokhtar that his client 

Sam Ke Ting calls on public to stop looking at her case from racial angle


Sam had also repeatedly expressed her sadness over what had happened and sympathised with the families of the eight teenagers killed after a car ploughed into them in 2017.

"She has repeatedly said she sympathised with the victims' families. She is saddened with the loss of lives.

"Sam is a law abiding citizen and she has always said she would respect the court's decision. She is prepared to face the consequences if she is found guilty.

"However, we hope people don't view this as a racial issue," he told reporters after the Court of Appeal (COA) freed his client on bail.

Faizal said Sam was thankful her application to appeal against the Johor Baru High Court decision to jail her for six years and RM6,000 fine had been granted.

This Faizal guy is indeed a very good lawyer as he knows all the right things for his client to say in relation to her case.

The message that he conveyed from his client were also all true as those were what I had hoped she would say when I wrote this previous post;

 Sam was right in choosing to stick with Faizal as her lawyer from the very start of her case.

He seemed focused on defending her interests instead of being distracted by the other issues surrounding the case.

The guy is definitely better than all those DAP lawyers or even Shafee Abdullah, who offered their services to Sam.

It was quite apparent that Faizal was not burdened by any political or popularity agenda in defending Sam.

The only objective of the defence in this case was solely for Sam to get a judgement whereupon she could later move on with her life.

This would not be the case if she had taken the DAP lawyers as her attorneys because they would programme the defence into a political campaign.

Instead of really defending Sam, they would have lashed out at the judiciary, the police, the government, the dead kids and everything else under the sun to promote their political agenda. 

Just look at the recent case of Loh Siew Hong, who initially said all that she ever wanted was just to be with her children again but now got herself entangled in a religious dispute because her DAP BJP/LTTE lawyers have wanted to use her case as a political campaign platform.

Anyway, I also want to express my respect here for Sam for being so cool in facing her predicament.

She was right to make it known that she was sad for the eight kids who lost their lives in the accident and that she sympathise with their families.

She was even willing to accept those punishment meted out by the court, which is something I really admire.

It's not about blaming others as many of her self-appointed defenders have been harping over these past few days.

Sam didn't blame the dead kids or insulted their memory by calling them future mat rempit.

She didn't even try to blame the parents of those kids for not locking them up at home at night.

As I previously wrote, the most important thing with the case now was not to find who's to blame but for us to regain our humanity over the loss of eight young lives and how to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

I really now hope for Sam to win her appeal.


  1. "Just look at the recent case of Loh Siew Hong, who initially said all that she ever wanted was just to be with her children again but now got herself entangled in a religious dispute because her DAP BJP/LTTE lawyers have wanted to use her case as a political campaign platform."


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  2. you could have just said the lawyer is good and focus on the positives. end of story.

    but then you had to add the rant on dap, ltte, bjp. dilutes every point you made = 98% of your article is garbage

  3. Pakatan baru tanpa DAP.

    "Inner Circle' Anwar sendiri merasakan Pakatan Harapan tidak akan memenangi PRU15, malah PRU16. Yang lain, bagaimanapun, mengatakan "pengisytiharan kekalahan" ini bertujuan untuk membuai Umno dan Barisan Nasional rasa selamat.

    Jika Umno merasakan PRU15 akan menang mudah, mereka mungkin memaksa membubarkan parlimen dan menggesa pilihan raya umum pada Ogos, seperti yang ramai yang buat spekulasi.

    Pakatan baharu yang dicadangkan itu tidak akan memasukkan Umno atau apa yang dipanggil ‘kelompok mahkamah’ dalam Umno tetapi akan merangkumi mereka yang berada dalam Umno yang setia kepada perdana menteri.

    Amanah, PAS dan PKR akan menjadi sebahagian daripada perikatan baharu itu. Parti Pribumi Bersatu tidak akan dijemput tetapi pemimpin tertentu dalam parti itu yang tidak lagi yakin dengan Muhyiddin Yassin akan meninggalkan Bersatu untuk menyertai pakatan baharu itu.

    DAP juga tidak dianggap sebagai ahli pakatan politik baharu ini



    - I don’t understand why is this worrying trend. Teachers opt to retire early is something worth worrying? When lots of teachers want to retire it actually means one good thing. It’s actually good for our young people. Our young graduates. It means there’s gonna be plenty of jobs available to them thus reducing unemployment. Are they trying to imply government should be more worried if teachers quitting profession early than sky high unemployment among youth?

    I think it is much more worrying if government were to extend retirement age and they gonna be around much longer.

  5. i think guilty by court is a relief to the young girl as well.

  6. Anon 18 April 2022 at 20:12....jangan tunjak pandai la bro...pi mampuih la hang...akai kat lutut ka??? PERUT HIJAU PUNYA KAKI...MULUT BAU BUSUKKKK

  7. I mean if u gonna chalk accountability and responsibility to locking up kids then

    As long as u r ready with more kids dying due to negligence and irresponsibility. Sure. Ive been saying this many times. There have been lots of pointlesss death like this. The question is how many more ? Until we say enough is enough ? Parents like this resorts to x apa kot, selamat kot never mind pandai2 la derang. Literally gambling and taking risk with their kids life. Is this really ok ? Do u really think so ?

    Ur symphathy is misplaced. Who is the real victims. who died ? Wht kind of message are we sending, u as a blogger sending ?

    We all play a part and will be held answerable in the afterlife, if u have faith in it.

    1. "What kind of message are we sending, u as a blogger sending?"

      Actually Annie feels no "sympathy", whether for dead kids, or Sam, or Adib.

      For her, it's just a mechanism.

      Cari makan jer.

  8. .....regain our humanity over the loss of eight young lives and how to prevent such tragedy from happening again.....

    Bukan sja ibubapa tak bertanggungjawab, pemimpin2 yg dlantik menjaga kawasan ini 2x5.

    Mustahil kegiatan anih yg sgt2 merbahaya spt basikal lajak sapa2 situ taktau?? Bukan sorang dua tapi a grp of bet 30-40 cyclist?? Buta ke pemimpin2 situ?

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    Kenapa biaq kanak2 jadi liar sampai macam tu? Apa salahnya sediakan sikit kemudahan2 rekreasi utk kanak2 tu semua?

    Mereka minat basikal? Sireh Park bukan jauh sgt pun dr Skudai.

    Haiyoo. Anak2 sy kecik2 dulu weekends/school holidays, Pemuda UMNO, AJK semejid dn JKKKpg aturkan pelbagai aktiviti for them tau. So organised.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. It happens in 2017. Siapa control johor in 2017. Pi tanya lah yr fav party

  9. Tun was shocked when he discovered that we are also behind some African countries. We are not prepared to use the latest technology to achieve efficiency and limit corruption. We reject this technology because it may expose the wrong doings of our Members of Parliament.

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