Thursday 14 April 2022

Sam Ke Ting should not be exploited for racial political propaganda

 I first wrote about the story of eight kids being killed in a cycling tragedy in JB on Feb 18 2019,

Who were these poor kids?

I put the pictures of all eight dead kids in that post to remind people that they were real kids and not some caricatures of pesky worthless would be mat rempits as painted by some quarters at that time.

I tried to make people understand that they shouldn't so easily judge the dead kids because they died like that...and because of their background.

Whatever it is, I didn't say that the girl who drove the car which hit the kids was guilty for causing their death.

I understand the need to be objective over the whole thing.

As I repeatedly said in that post's comment section, the most important thing was not finding blame but for us to regain our humanity over the loss of eight young lives and how to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

I didn't find anything wrong when the magistrate court acquitted the girl Sam Ke Ting in 2019.

I remember telling myself that it's good for her to be found not guilty of causing the kids' deaths.

After all, I do have faith in our judicial system.

Then yesterday, the High Court decided to overturn Sam's acquittal and sentenced her to six years in jail and RM6,000 fine.

Honestly, I was surprised because it seems quite harsh despite the fact that the whole thing involved the deaths of eight kids.

But then again, if we can respect the decision of the magistrate court, then we have to respect the decision of the High Court too.

We cannot be respecting only the court's decisions that we like and not those that we dislike.

After all, Sam can still appeal to the higher courts.

Unfortunately, I found that Sam's case for clemency has apparently taken a racial and political tone with some quarters surreptitiously painting it as a crusade of defending a Chinese girl from the unfair and evil system set up by the Malay establishment.

The ones who immediately surged forward to defend her were mostly Chinese organisations and leaders, with DAP and MCA racing each other to offer their help.

It's good for Sam that she's getting support and help, but I wish they didn't make it so obvious like that.

If Sam is a Malay girl and the dead kids were Chinese, do you think they would fall over each other in trying to help her?

I also wish that some of Sam's supporters could try not to behave like assholes too much.

You can see that in this report by Malay Mail;

Online petitions seeking justice for Sam Ke Ting in Johor 'basikal lajak' case amass over 250,000 signatures in hours


“We Malaysians are horrified by the new sentence of Sam, where facts supported that she was a responsible driver, the real victim in this accident. It was the failed parenthood of the parents of the future mat rempit that allowed their children to roam in the street with modified bicycles, or ‘basikal lajak’ at 3am.

“We do not accept this judgment, and seek to have her sentence overturned, so not to rob the bright future of a young, innocent Malaysian citizen,” the petition said.

Yes, I do agree that Sam has most likely suffered because of the tragedy. She has to deal with the fact that she was involved in an incident which took the lives of eight kids and faces the law for it.

But she's still alive and as pointed out by that supporter of her, she still has a bright future.

The eight kids were on the other hand dead.

No bright future for them

Are they not victims in the incident too?

The Sam's supporter blamed the incident on "the failed parenthood of the parents of the future mat rempit", as that effectively makes the lives of the kids worthless.

Hey, I'm okay if you want to defend Sam, but do you have to say that about the dead kids and their parents?

I even sense a tinge of racism when the Sam's supporter who used a Malay name to initiated the online petition described the eight dead Malay kids as "future mat rempit".

Honestly, I don't think Sam needs these kind of supporters, whom I believe are actually trying to win some political or racial brownie points from her case instead of really helping her.

Yes, I do hope that she will win her appeal against the conviction, but without having to become a propaganda instrument of those people.

Her case was an unfortunate tragedy, which took the lives of eight kids. 

It's not about race or politics.


  1. Aisay Annie....for once u r being objective in this post...unlike d Adib tragedy. This case will make a gd critical thinking exercise....who is to b blamed? The kids...riding at high speed with no lights....the parents for not being responsible....Sam....local council as the street was poorly lit....JKR...road had a sharp corner n on a hill....all of d above. Wat lesson can v learn from this sad sad incident?

    1. "Aisay Annie....for once u r being objective in this post...unlike d Adib tragedy."

      Heheheh, you don't understand the "Annie Snake Technique", do you?

      Basically, every post has a fake disclaimer paragraph at the top:

      "I don't want to talk about politics, but....."

      "This is not a racial case, but...."

      Etc etc.

      This is bullshit, because by the end of the post, she will do the exact thing she was konon "not trying to do."

      Her intention here was to stir some racial shit, so please don't be fooled.

      Learn the "Annie Snake Technique" for future reference.

      Pusing sini, pusing sana, tapi akhirnya....

  2. When she's aqquitted they shout for justice, when she's sentenced they shout again for justice. same old bigots. I don't see they are going to win any seats in GE15. You know who I meant.

  3. there were no racial overtones or implication made by any of the mainstream media. only you made it into ‘ racial ‘ issue annie. if mca or dap doesnt come to her aid and help with bills, who will ? unmo, pn, pas ?

    likewise, if it was a malay girl, i have no issues with umno or pas coming out with aid.

    the only thing i agree with you is, trust the process & legal system.



  5. "Unfortunately, I found that Sam's case for clemency has apparently taken a racial and political tone with some quarters surreptitiously painting it as a crusade of defending a Chinese girl from the unfair and evil system set up by the Malay establishment."


    Oh, you mean like some incompetent blogger who keeps racialising Adib's case?


    Cerminkan diri sendiri dulu, oiiiiiii.

    Your hypocrisy is hilarious.

  6. The Sam's supporter blamed the incident on "the failed parenthood of the parents of the future mat rempit", as that effectively makes the lives of the kids worthless.

    If your 14 yo kid is out riding bikes in a dangerous area at 3am, you have failed as a parent.

    That is a fact.

    Full stop.

  7. first racial "ketuanan" supremecy bitting the dust!!!!!

    sadly! the ceylonese "bois and his gangs" tak boleh pi macam Sing-a-pok jadi "managers of publics waste"macam ada orang ingret yang tak kenang "budi"
    Ceylonese nak ke Tamil Nadu impossible

  8. Aisayman Annine you no mention the MCA - se ketul daging di dalam se kawah rendang

  9. Let court decides. Petition at this point is premature. Malaysian are too emotional and always along racial line. It is a powder keg if we going along this line.Let her exhausted all the legal up to fc. 40 years ago both my parents and cousin were mowed while standing on the kerb by underaged and unlicened person driving a car.He went off scot free as the case was never brought to court. Never once did i blamed his parents for my parents and cousin death.
    Let court decides.

    1. Agree, the general public only reads what newspaper chose to write & gossip & innuendos on social media. We don't fully know the facts but unfortunately in Msia, everything is seen thru racial lens.

  10. i hope the same wrt adib case.

  11. Ask Ramasamy to shut up! The bigot is again at it.

  12. Skrg sgt2 sensitip. Jgn cuba main dgn issue2 racial tau. Satni jd macam US dan negara2 Barat. Hukum Russia sanction itu ini.. last terkena batang hidung sendiri.

    Sejak mula wabak C19, sedunia esp mrk dr dunia2 Barat dah mula issue Sinophobia. Ade kes nak masuk restoran pun kena halau. Nak gi Western countries ramai buat bisness, kojo, anak2 belajar, shopping2, holiday2 bla bla is not going to be as comfortable n safe as b4 tau.

    Russian/Ukraine war plak. US dn geng mula taknak kawan dgn China+ India+ majoriti Muslim countries yg terang2 atau dlm diam memihak Russia .. Lepaih ni mula apa jenis "phobia" plak nanti? Bahaya tau takyah la esksyen sgt.

    DAP dn pengikut2 yg ultra racist kena mula berhati2 jgn gedik2 cuba play wth racial issues dlm apa segala hal ya. Dok dMalaysia diam2 bawa sedaq2 diri syukur byk2 dan tukaq minda dn perangai jadi molek2 cikit.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. god save malaysia if your bm is going to be the official language of asean, prof NL

    2. Boleh tak buang nama PROFESSOR kat depan tu...Pakai nama Pelahap Nasi Lemak ke, Tokey nasi Lemak ke, Hantu nasi lemak ke..asal jangan nama professor. Sebabnya, nama professor ni berkaitan dengan kebijaksanaan. Tapi tulisan saudara semuanya hampehhhh!

  13. Nanti bila dah besar, sape yg akan kerja kat kilang2 bertungkus lumus so that the towkays become rich n richer?

  14. Senang la kita cakap sebab budak2 ni semua dah mati...lebih baik mati..insya Allah all of them masuk syurga...what if they all paralyse seumur hidup sapa nak jaga???

    And because budak2 ni semua melayu...sinonim la kita brand them as future mat rempit....what if all those died were Indian kids surely will brand as future gangster...what if all those kids died were Chinese...then will brand them as future samseng....but one thing we should understand... budak2 at that age semulajadi memang macam tu...either Chinese, Indians atau Melayu..nakal and they like to explore new experience...they just want to have fun...kita pun pernah lalui zaman macam budak budak tu

    It's unfortunate that the driver is a Chinese girl.
    If all died because they hit her car or otherwise.., was she driving very fast that caused all 8 died??? Kalau sorang mati understandable....but all 8 died...pelikkkk???

    1. Yes there is an element of racism here. Years ago.A person was sentance to death for killing a bugler entering his house. NO Complain. NO Petitions. NO Political parties were interested.No laywers willing to do pro bono.Why. Just besause he is cikai person from back water state.

    2. JUST because you drive a car. You have right of way against pedesterians and bicyclists inmaterial of time of day.Understand if one person but 30 cyclist on the road. Wow. THERE must be something wrong with the driving skill and should not be on the road or just reckless or just tidak apa attitude. The question is you hit a person. That is an action.Is it justified or unavoidable. Have you taken action to avoid. Is your life is at risk.

  15. Sad isn't it

    Everything is coloured by race and sometimes religion

    You coloured Adib death by race

    You caloured Loh Siew Hong@s children by religion

    And now people are doing the same Sam Ke Ting@s case


  16. If it is proven beyond reasonable doubt wht happened "IS AN XCIDENT".. as a concerned citizen, I feel 6yrs ++ is too severe..

    Certain JB roads at tht hour can be dark, very deserted and spooky.

    My sons told esp via TuasLink. There wr reported cases of highway robberies / ambushed, robbed, beaten n left helpless in the dark. Ngeri tau.

    Another factor is human fear of d unknown.. makluk2 jelmaan.. HANTU.. Tetiba terserempak wth a group of "UNUSUALLY strange little creatures in d middle of the road" bole terkencing tau. Studies ada juga habaq faced wth similar encounters many may xperience a few seconds of "paralysis" causing terror, brain wires get crossed.. nervous system triggers an acute stress response that prepares the body to flee". Memang sgt2 tak masuk akal klo dia sengaja membabi buta redah kanak2 tu.

    Parents? Mmg sapa x pilu kehilangan anak "but" they are equally as responsible and shld also be investigated (penjagaan anak2).

    Haiyooo. Kes xcident mcam ni involves all parents, kanak2 bawah umoq dan pemandu kenderaan tak kira bangsa dan Agama. Doksah la gedik selit2 budaya racist ya..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  17. Now i understand why the white supremacy in US are attacking asian