Sunday 17 April 2022

Multi-racial DAP needs Indian (not Malay) votes to win GE15

 These are words of DAP's new secretary-general Anthony Loke;

“Because we see the importance of Indian support in determining whether we can succeed or not,” he said.

“In 2008 and 2013, we won Penang, we won Selangor because there was strong Indian support. So for DAP and PH, we cannot take that for granted. We cannot take Indian support for granted. 

“That’s why we have given this special attention in the Central Executive Committee (CEC). We must regain the support of the Indian community,” he said, adding that PH has to give the ethnic Indian community the confidence that the Opposition pact is the best choice.

Those were from this rather long Malay Mail's DAP promo story today,

DAP sec-genNo need to wait 10 years to win PutrajayaPakatan wont give"blank cheque"or walkover victory to BN in GE15

Even the headline was a bit too long.

Okay, my point is that, here we can see how the supposedly multi-racial DAP has acknowledged that it relies on racial politics to win elections.

In fact, there are many evidence that showed DAP using more extreme racialist tactics compared to the openly race-based parties such as Umno, MCA and MIC.

Some DAP leaders even behaved as if they are leaders of BJP, that Hindu extremist party that currently rules India, while others openly support the LTTE terrorist group in order to win support among Indians in this country.

Their true colours could be seen in cases such as the death of fireman Adib and Muslim children of Loh Siew Hong.

Well, based on what Loke said, DAP relies on the Indian votes to win at least in Penang and Selangor in past elections.

Maybe that's why the party tolerates and in certain cases promotes those BJP/LTTE wannabes in its ranks.

The party definitely doesn't really appreciate its Malay supporters by as much because no DAP leaders have ever came out and said that the party had won so and so state or seats because of Malay support.

How did DAP and its Pakatan allies won GE14?

Because of Indian support? 

Because of Chinese support? 

Or is it because of Malay support tipping over the scale in their favour?

When it comes to the Malays' contributions, they never acknowledge it as being so.

That's why DAP delegates only voted a single Malay into their CEC.

Even the Indians, despite their population in this country being less than seven per cent were better represented in the DAP's CEC than the majority Malays.

I wrote about that in this post;

DAP Malays need to work harder

Let's get real, okay. DAP is a Chinese-based party that panders to Chinese and Indian communities' interests but never really care about the Malays or other Bumiputera people except for propaganda purposes to win votes.

That's a fact.

Some of them even openly said that they don't recognise the Bumiputera status or that Malay is a real race of people.

Well, I actually don't really mind them being like that. This is after all a free country, and they are entitled to that opinion.

It nonetheless, just irritates me when they claimed to be multi-racial while actually they are even more racists than those that they labeled as racists.

The hypocrisy was a little bit too much, okay.

I do have friends in DAP and most of them actually believe in all the bullshit about their party being meant for all. That, even though they mostly don't have any real Malay friends.

I never tried to correct them though, as I knew they would never listen to me.

Whenever I hung out with them, I hardly said anything about how fucked up the party that they were supporting.

The same it was when I went out on dates with my beloved, who is a Chinese DAP supporter.

I don't want to spoil my evening by getting into a political argument. 

Sometimes idiots simply need to learn the hard way.

Anyway, I actually enjoyed watching my beloved acting like an idiot while trying to convince me about the virtues of the DAP's struggles.

It's kinda cute.

Most of the time I just listened, smiled and be cute myself.


  1. we accuse others exploiting racial sentiment, but what we need to do is simply gazing into the nearest mirror.

    1. Annie is NOT a hypocrite.

      I will defend her.

      A talentless, no-hope hack like her also needs to cari makan, okay?


  2. "Some DAP leaders even behaved as if they are leaders of BJP, that Hindu extremist party that currently rules India, while others openly support the LTTE terrorist group in order to win support among Indians in this country.

    Their true colours could be seen in cases such as the death of fireman Adib and Muslim children of Loh Siew Hong."


    Yawn, yawn, yawn.

    So boring, so lazy, so predictable.

    How many times have you posted this same shit, over and over and over again?

    Run out of ideas completely, huh Annie?

    You should ask RPK to adopt you, lah.

    That fella also same, endless recycling of the same old shit.

    You are both an excellent cure for insomnia.

  3. Aisay of Adib n now Loh...same shit different post. The truth is so clear but u choose to believe the lies. How much is Jibby paying u? U r a class A shit stirrer!

  4. See? Even the LTTE Indians are ganging up with the murderous Chinese!

    "KUALA LUMPUR: Prominent laywer Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah has applied to appear as an “amicus curiae” (friend of the court) in the case involving Sam Ke Ting.

    Sam was sentenced to six years’ jail for reckless driving in 2017 that caused the death of eight teenage “basikal lajak” cyclists.

    ALSO READ: Shafee offers to represent Sam Ke Ting

    Shafee said he was applying to be an “amicus curiae” in Sam’s leave application to appeal her sentence, which will be heard at the Court of Appeal in Putrajaya on Monday (April 18)."

    How lah Cik Annie?

    Now you're stuck, kan?

    You can't whack your payamster's lawyer, can you : P

  5. Kalut la DAP ni. Cousins dr negara toknek mereka tak renti hantaq roket k angkasa lepas, depa sini setakat logo kain ada gambaq roket tapi lagak semacam.

    Cousins depa sana bzzz dgn NATO, EU, Taiwan, Japan, Ukraine, Russia, Muslim Countries etc depa sini sekadar asyik kalut pasai Najib, UMNO dan BN .. isssh koman betoi la DAP nih!

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  6. Lets digress to latest news though not totally unrelated.
    The news of 582 Myanmar refugees escaped from detention camp have triggers netizens to go berzerk. Regardless of race all are screaming at the authorities,short of suggesting to starve all refugees under detention, prevent those still coming illegally in boats and let drown in the sea...and worse of all making it a political issue.
    So sad to see many Malaysians, if not all have lost all sense of humanity