Tuesday 30 November 2021

Man who loves his wife too much may end up being victim of political smear campaign

 I received inquiries from two ex-journalists about this story yesterday,

Businessman’s Bangsar offices raided in major money laundering, tax evasion probe


A source close to the investigations told MalaysiaNow that the raid some two weeks ago in Bangsar followed months of investigations into alleged money laundering and tax evasion involving hundreds of millions of ringgit.

It said officers had seized “some documents and items” as part of the probe.

It is also learnt that the raids were carried out while Vinod was out the country.

Both ex-journalists who contacted me about the nonsense basically asked whether those at The Vibes were okay.

That's because The Vibes is part of the Vinod guy's Petra Group and they were worried about their former colleagues who work there.

That's how journalists are these days. Even those who have left the media industry are always worried about one another whenever there is a story that may lead to more lay offs among them.

The two ex-journalists asked me about the Vinod story because I previously wrote this post about him,

Stop whacking the guy who created jobs for journalists

Yup, click on that link if you want to know how the guy created jobs for journalists who were being laid off left, right and centre not too long ago.

Well, I actually told the ex-journalists that their friends are safe.

That's because I know the story by that Azmin's portal was just a follow-up to an old bullshit.

I wrote about that one in this post;

About Hungarian ventilators and why God creates rich fools

I did however double checked on the so-called raid of the Petra Group office and this was what I found out;

- LHDN and MACC officials visited the office over two weeks ago when the company's senior people were not around.

- They asked some questions and were provided with what they needed.

Err...that's all that happened. 

Nothing dramatic like the office being ransacked and boxes of documents and stuff being hauled up into lorries like what they did to Najib back in 2018.

As to why the Azmin's portal blew up the incident in its story to a point of describing it as a scandal of the same size as 1MDB was as I explained in my previous post - it's just part of the Azmin-Anwar feud.

Azmin is trying to whack Vinod because he is an Anwar's supporter.

That's all there is to it. Really.

Well, I actually met and talked with Vinod only once but that was enough to convince me that he's an okay guy.

Quite humble for a rich man, who is relatively young at 53.

I noted only one peculiar thing about him though - the guy is so genuinely in love with his wife.

Rich men are normally not like that....probably because of their mistresses.

Seriously, I know about this sort of stuff just by observing the way men behave around their wives.

Can't blame Vinod though because his wife is very pretty and elegant - a bit like a Chinese Audrey Hepburn.

That, however, made me conclude that the guy is not very good in politics.

Men who love their wives too much tend to be idealists who end up making poor political choices.

Yup, that's my theory on why Vinod is supporting Anwar.

He wants to do good so much that he believes in Anwar's very persuasive talks.

If not for his support for Anwar, Vinod most likely doesn't need to put up with the Azmin's portal's smear campaign against him.

Anyway, do check what Vinod did with his extra money if you don't believe me about him trying to do good things.

I actually told him during that single encounter I had with him that I thought he was crazy for setting up The Vibes to help journalists who lost and about to lose their jobs when even powerful news organisations were abandoning them.

Vinod just laughed when I said that.

He seemed contented that he managed to help those journalists.

Well, hopefully he  laughed off this latest attempt to smear his reputation too.


  1. Aisay Annie...a gd take on d issue. All news organisations have a slant on issues, but d Arse-min Malaysia Now post has blown d raid out of proportion. Annie yr blog generally gives a balanced view but on some issues...Adib, TT ,LGE yr views suck but then again it's yr blog

    1. Sometimes I thought this blog is written by 2 person or Ms Annie has a split personality. Huhuhu!

  2. Bukti baru, Tommy Thomas tersilap dakwa Najib?

    Dengan bukti baharu yang dikemukakan oleh Tan Sri Shafee Abdullah dalam kes Najib, adakah Tommy Thomas benar-benar tersilap dalam mendakwa Najib?

    Tommy, yang disaman oleh Najib sebanyak RM1,941,988 atas dakwaan salah guna kuasa, telah memohon agar saman itu dibatalkan.

    Thomas dan pegawai kanan undang-undang Ahmad Akram Gharib juga telah memfailkan afidavit sokongan.

    Mahkamah menetapkan kes pada 19 Jan 2022 bagi membolehkan peguam Najib memfailkan dokumen jawapan.

    Najib juga mendakwa Thomas, yang merupakan Peguam Negara dari 4 Jun 2018 hingga 28 Feb 2020, melaksanakan tugasnya "selaras dengan rancangan" kerajaan Pakatan Harapan (PH) pada masa itu.

    Pendedahan bukti baharu oleh Shafee menimbulkan kebimbangan banyak pihak terutama pihak yang benar-benar mahu mengenakan Najib.

    Amat mengejutkan apabila Tommy Thomas sendiri mengakui penglibatan Zeti Akhtar Aziz yang masih belum diambil tindakan oleh SPRM