Friday 5 November 2021

Hopefully Umno will lose in Tanjong Bidara

 I actually have only one wish about the coming Melaka election, that is for Umno to lose in Tanjong Bidara.

It's because of this report,

Umno strongman Rauf to contest in Melaka polls, eyes Tg Bidara 

Yup, I don't like that Rauf guy very much.

As I previously wrote, the whole state election nonsense is because of the power struggle between him and his opponents in Melaka Umno.

Now he is eying the safest BN's seat to contest. 


Constituents of Tanjong Bidara are 93 per cent Malays, who are mostly fishermen and odd job workers.

BN's Umno candidate won the seat with the highest majority percentage in Melaka in 2018.

I know, considering all that, Rauf will be almost  unbeatable if he's really fielded there.

And once he wins that seat, he'll be the new ruler of Melaka....of course, provided that BN actually wins the whole state election.

With Pakatan struggling to get its act together for the election and Perikatan being as stupid as always with its Malay Islamic supremacy agenda, BN stands a good chance of winning,

And with that Rauf will get his wish.


Bear in mind ya, Melaka people are about 68 per cent Malays.

Now, I don't really mind BN winning the state election but the thought of Rauf lording over the land because of that, really put me off.

That is why I'm hoping (against all hopes) that he will be defeated in Tanjong Bidara.

From what I heard, Pribumi Bersatu will be fielding Masjid Tanah MP Mas Ermieyati Samsuddin there.

She was the Umno Puteri chief before defecting not long after GE14.

I was told that she bailed out of Umno because of a quarrel with Rauf, the same as the others who were sacked that day.

If it's true, then I don't blame her. I would quit too if I'm forced to kowtow to that Rauf guy.

I bet she must had volunteered for the seemingly impossible mission.

And I hope she will somehow wins.

Umno really needs to get rid of its bad leaders,


  1. Umno really needs to get rid of its bad leaders? 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Aisay Annie...after PAS dumped UMNO, none of d UMNO big guns, whether in cabinet or not have the teloq to tell them off. Looks like UMNO is scared of these towel head blokes and desperately hoping that they can hook up. All I can say is...grow a pair!

    1. Dont worry la.. BN will win big again this time in Malacca.

      Apek Aso Aney Aci2 yg majoriti in business dlm Pakatan dh berapa tahun dok garu kepala.. haiya kawasan sya business satu demi satu terpaksa katop. Selagi political stability takde, jgn harap keadaan akan pulih tau.

      Apakan lg wabak C19 masih menghantui negara dan dunia. Headlines spt "Covid 19 fueling anti Asian racism and Xenophobia worldwide".. may take years to control, masakan apa sedang berlaku globally hangpa tak paham?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  3. umno is like hydra. cut off the head of one, many more will replace. the lure of rent seeking riches is too much. i used to admire PAS is some ways, but even these current crop happy swimming in the ringgit swamp.

    Hail hydra

  4. ok la, there will always be a malay unity after lose.

  5. When he was in KL being Umno’s working secretary, Malacca was peaceful. By the time he returned to state politics, that is where troubles started brewing and morphed into full blown crisis. Umno actually is at fault for letting the crisis fester. Umno was so distracted with federal politics, and still is now which makes them didn’t pay close attention to Malacca. It’s too late now. Rice has turn into Nestum.

    They guy himself at the centre of Malacca crisis was divisive and polarising figure. Not known as uniting figure. He is famous for uncompromising and unrelenting attitude. He made a stirr at HQ for refusing to give way to Idris Jusoh as BN war room boss though Idris far more qualified and had more credentials than him. In the end he got his way.

    In Malacca he poke his nose in almost anything and everything. Feeling inadequate of being merely speaker, he too doing the jobs of the CM to feed his endless appetite for power and influence and made little effort to hide it. He even managed to make the TYT dissolve the assembly at lightning speed and turned up on TV flanked by state and SPR officials to announce it. The first in country’s history where dissolution of state’s assembly was announced by the speaker. If BN win in Malacca for sure this guy will be the CM. The only thing which stand between him and his coveted price is the Malaccan people. Calling all Malaccan people, do you want this man to be your CM?

  6. Dead serious or Dirt serious UMNO BN Ego....
    U bias laaaa Anne...
    Yg x hensem gemuk semua u xxx suka...
    Lets c how UMM-I Piagam Rakyat 20 candidates fair...

  7. UMNO could win handsomely this coming 20th Annie...🥲

    1. I support BN to win, just to teach that forever would be PM a lesson that integrity is not for bargain.

      I hope PKR candidate lost badly, God willing.

  8. Can you imagine life without umno when life with umno had never been so good. What have PH or for that matter any living creature offer to 1mesian other than umno. Accountability? Trust? Fairness? Righteousness? Aww that must be painfully boring.

  9. Annie,
    LATEST my intel beritahu, DSAI mahukan Deris sebagai KM sementara To'kong insist Deli Zahari
    2. PH tanpa Undi DAP seumpama mangsa kemalangan yang bed-ridden
    3. NESCAYA, Confirm lah JACKPOT untuk umno a.k.a Pasukan Rauf yang diminati Annie (jgn marah ye, nanti kena jual 😁)

    at the end of the day, PI MAI PI MAI TANG TU lah jugak Annie oiiiii 😌

  10. Jgn pilih bakal2 calon dari golongan C19 high risk tau. Satni jadi Adun nak gi bersidang pun takut.

    Lagi susah kena C19 tahap 4 dan 5 nanti, kena adakan PRK lagi.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  11. Pas should not be anywhere near the federal govt. BS cases like Timah, going after Sajat, banning of alcohol & clubs etc are eating into rights of other malaysians. Dont have to look far to see where ktan & trgganu are in terms of progress economically.

  12. As Zahid to be a Malay in this country. Everything is given to you on a platter. No need to work hard...for some no need to work at all. Zakat only for Muslims but income tax paid mostly by nons used by all inc haram sources. All must abide by sensitivities of Muslims...they r very sensitive n very konpused. How I wish Bapa Malaysia is here....played the horses enjoyed a gd drink. This country needs more of such Malay Muslims.

    1. Haiyaa kamu nih 13:41

      I am a Malay. You bole kasi lubang ke how our families can get "your platter?". Tolong la.. mayak loans mau bayaq esp my kids' study loans. Meleka bljq sambil kutip buah kat Aussie n UK tau. Mana bole malas? Kasi tunjuk sama gua "your Malay" fantasy bole tak?

      Haiyaaa. Non sja bayaq income tax? Ciakap coy mana dlm dunia tatak kena bayaq income tax? Negeli Cina actress meleka pun bermillion2 dollar kena bayaq cukai tau.

      Owh..judi kuda? Mau minum alak? Mayak kesian tau lulu zaman British lia olang kasi candu sama pendatang.. kasi mabuk2 talak otak keleja kuat2 kasi British Empire kaya tau. Sikalang mau maciam itu juga ke? Lu mayak suka mabuk2? Mabuk sama pompuan2 jahat, simpan 3-4 mistress mayak mahal mau tanggung lia olang.. budaya bodoh gini pun lu mau malah sama Malay Muslim?

      Migrate to Mainland Cina and India tengok lu olang lagi senang sana atau sini.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Well said Prof Nasi Lemak...