Thursday 25 November 2021

Tommy's racist, racist, racist chants

 Former AG Tommy Thomas asked

What has race got to do with being AG?


Thomas pointed out that he had worked for the PAS government as a legal adviser and for Malay institutions and they had never had an issue with him being around.

“When that appointment (as legal adviser to the Kelantan PAS government) took place, I stayed on as their lawyer, they did not take into account racial considerations. So, to some extent, we thought it would be the same at the public level.

“The lesson has been learnt. I agree with you that the establishment, including the legal establishment, has taken the position that this is a Malay preserve from Merdeka. I accept that,” he said.

Well, Tommy was basically saying that people were against him being appointed as the AG because of his race and that those who criticised his actions as the AG are racists.

Actually Tommy, people were against you being an AG because of this sort of things,

MACC gave Tommy Thomas 681 names to be charged in the 1MDB case but only FOUR went to court. Why?


WHEN TOMMY THOMAS was the Attorney-General, new and smelling likes roses, and the Pakatan Harapan government led by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was in power (and witch-hunting was hot in progress), the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) offered 861 681 names of individuals and entities to be charged for alleged corruption, alleged money laundering and alleged other crimes related to dethroned PM Najib Razak’s 1MDB. 

Tommy Thomas decided, and it would have absolutely nothing to do with selective prosecution or political pressure, if you ask him, to charge only FOUR.

Yes Tommy, it's really got little to do with your race.

Instead, it's because of your actions, which were tainted by partisan politics.

Remember all those charges against Pakatan people that you dropped when you were the AG?

It was too obvious, okay.

So typically Pakatan of you Tommy to cry racist, racist, racist whenever you were being criticised.

Especially if your critics were Malays.

It's the very reason why many Malays abandoned the Pakatan bandwagon after GE14.

They now realised that it was all mostly bullshit.

And now that the chips are down, many Pakatan people have started to openly accuse Malays as being racists and insulted them in all kind of manners.

Just look at their social media postings. I gave some examples in previous postings.

And of course that pisses even more Malays, which means that's about it for Pakatan's hope of coming back to power.

You cannot go around calling Malays racists and insult them to win their votes.

They are after all the majority in this country.

What? You are trying to shame them into supporting you?

Don't be such stupid arrogant racist pricks, okay.

Sigh...the worst are stupid, arrogant, racist lawyer pricks.


  1. Tugas Ex AG Tommy yg pertama selepas di lantik sebagai AG olih Madey adalah :
    Gugurkan kes rasuah terowong Lim Guan Eng(walaupun kes sedang berjalan,saksi2 telah memberikan keterangan).
    1)Kesian Lim Guan Eng tidak sempat membersihkan namanya melalui Mahkamah.
    2)MACC dan Madey pun terkejut.
    3)Ramai rakyat kebanyakan macam saya pun lagi terkejut sebab Penyokong Pakatan Harapan senyap sunyi,Bar Council pun buat sikit2 je komen.
    Kesian Lim Guan Eng,dia di aniaya katanya.hilang peluang nak bela diri di mahkamah.Nasib baik Lim Guan Eng dapat peluang ke 2,Kes Mahkamah dia di sebut semula.Harap kerajaan sekarang & AG sekarang jangan halang peluang perbicaraan kes dia di mahkamah.

    1. 5. Singapore US$339,98b

      6. Malaysia US$338.28b

      patut lah ada anak orang ter-tongeng tongeng pi kerjo sebagai "trolley de ambassor" kat Singapok

    2. Tiada negara dalam dunia ini boleh menandingi international money laundering hub macam Singapura.

  2. 4 charges out of 681 MACC recommended ! Dia ni malas ke, tak tau buat kerja ke atau dia cakap MACC tak tau buat kerja ?
    SPRM, tolong publish all the 677 cases that were recommended for prosecution but he thinks could not win. The people want to know.
    Toksah cerita pasal kes Tawfik Ayman; jawab this one dulu.

    1. Dua atau tiga kes pun sudah bertahun. Tangguh. Mco. Melawat. Dapat keluar negara. Quarantine. Deman. So dont blame TT. It is a system that rich peoples used to beat the system. 677 kes 50 tahun pun tak habis.You go for jerung not ikan bilis.Dalam perang pun you go for general not private if they commited the crime. That is why they hanged Yamashita not ordinary private that do real murdering, raping in Malaya etc..It is a system. You dont like. Change system.Kalau kes sampai bertahun. Saksi pun dah lupa atau mati.

  3. Pls explain more of a person.

    Some story say abt a person try to migrate to Canada and so on.

    Need to c the credibility.

  4. i think tommy is right wrt position in a racial public office. his decision on lge might be technically sound but strategically and morally wrong. 1mdb is a political issue, almost everyone in umno top leadership curi thus pick 4 can be deemed a good enough show.

  5. Aisay Annie....the posts here abt LGE's case only tells one thing...the readers here either don't understand simple English or have not viewed d full video. Aisay TT recused himself and it was the Solicitor General who made d decision to drop the case. Want to know who d SG is? Hint....belongs to the master race.

    1. Shhhhhh...I keep telling people, don't confuse Annie with real facts!

  6. Aduhhh.. betoi ke dia kalut pasai racism? Nak tergelak klo kaum India sebut perkataan rasis.

    Suruh dia pi cermin muka dulu.. Caste system mrk sgt jijik dan dasyat. Arini sesama bangsa mereka sendiri masih rampant budaya kasta tuh!! Sabit tukaq nama baru aje kpd "Dalit", cara mrk menghina golongan ini tahap "anjing" pariah.

    Lepaih tu bila gi menetap rata2 satu dunia, asyik nak tuduh org2 lain pula racist. Poorah.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  7. Errr, so no one protested Tommy's appointment based on his race in 2018? Are you blind , deaf, or have special selective memory like the old man.

    And this "those who criticised his actions as the AG are racists" Is your own addition, I read the article it did not say that.

    Please lah

  8. Sorry Annie, Idrus Harun has also said and done stupid things and made stupid decisions. Is he attacked because of his race when he makes decisions ? No.

    Was Tommy Thomas attacked because of his race. Was his race mentioned in the attacks? - Yes

    If Tommy Thomas makes the same decisions as Idrus Harun would he be attacked - Yes

    Please compare the treatment of the 2 and please don't tell me Idrus Harun is beyond reproach.

  9. Right, right, next , you will say Najib Razak and Zahidi(case still ongoing) are not corrupt and innocent or use some whatabousim to deflect

    Waiting for that post

  10. Oh, I though there were very specific attacks and even demonstrations citing that Tommy Thomas was not a Malay and a Muslim?

    Did that not happen? Was it in an alternative universe?

    Was I dreaming?

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