Wednesday 8 December 2021

Former leaders ending up in jail will become a norm

 The Court of Appeal today affirmed the High Court's conviction against Najib in the SRC case.

I was not surprised at all as the court yesterday already dismissed Najib's application to produce new evidence and even refused to postpone the trial after his defence team was quarantined due to Covid.

Guess, Anwar's Sodomy Two trial will remain as Malaysia's longest as it's quite obvious that the court system now has less tolerance for postponements than back then during that trial.

Still, we cannot discuss the decision to uphold Najib's conviction as it could lead to contempt of court.

I believe action will be taken now against those who committed the offence unlike back then when people got away with openly badmouthing the judiciary when Anwar's conviction was upheld by the appellate courts.

Well, let's just wait for Najib's next stage of appeal at Federal Court.

Anyway, Najib still have tonnes of other charges against him and then there are those other Umno leaders facing their own multiple post-GE14 charges.

So lots of fun still for those who enjoy this kind of drama.

The way I see it, we are just becoming like other countries where previous leaders ended up in jail when they are no longer in power.

Just the other day the court in Myanmar sent Nobel Prize winner Aung Sang Sukyi to jail with multiple charges more, including corruption, waiting on the side.

Najib same level as Aung Sang Sukyi not so bad, isn't it?

Really, no big deal, okay.

I'm also quite sure now that this trend of former leaders ending up in jail will continue in this country.

My prediction is that BN people in government will soon push for the next general election to be held and looking at what happened in Melaka the other day, they are going to win it big time.

Once they are fully back in power they will dig into any wrongdoing done by their opponents after GE14 in 2018.

I'm quite sure they will find something that will stand in court.

Then we will have another round of fun watching a witch hunting session.

Heck, they may even dig way back into things that happened during Dr Mahathir's first administration just to get back at the handsome old man.

Yup, they will most likely chase after those who committed offences during Muhyiddin's administration too.

Well, just wait and see lah.

Oh, by the way, Guan Eng's corruption case is still underway and that one is fun to watch too.


  1. why conman mahathir the no1 pencuri in msia still roam free?

    1. dont talk cock la.go and make police report.ada brani ka

    2. HY…
      The old conman roaming free but with his “telur kecut”… so fearful Najib may still be allowed to contest in GE15 and becomes PM again.

  2. What does that make Malaysia? With ex DPM and now ex PM as convicts seemingly just did the icing on the cake...guilty at the Criminal High Court followed by guilty at The Appeal Court and next route would be appeal at The Federal Court...

    Would it just be plain easy and simple to seek forgiveness for all the cunnings, connivings, sneaky, deceit, sketchy, denial, thieving and for all the lies that wasn't supposed to be blown out into the open when he said something like kalau saya nak curi pun tak kan nak bawak masuk dalam negara dan kedalam account peribadi.....lebih kurang gitu bersongkok dan begitu 'SUCI' kelhatan didepan dungu dungu yang setia mendengar...

    We should not hate bosscow as a person but for what he did and dragging the whole country into such filthy pit!

  3. Read Kusufian Write@blogspot
    Talqin Untuk UMNO dtd 15 April 2018
    U can No Longer cheats the Rakyat. Melaka chapter's nothing glorious. Its 250k UMNO BN members affiliated statefold outsmarted 320k voted...
    Anwar is a finished episode unless he opt for New Politics, BN too...

  4. I was wondering how 3rd class Umgnok bloggers like Annie would react to Bosskurrrrrrr being labelled a "national embarrassment".

    How we have the answer:

    She reacts by spelling Aung San Suu Kyi's name wrong. Twice.

    That makes you also a national embarrassment, so you're now same level as BossMu.

    "Not so bad, isn't it?"

    Kih kih kih.

    PS: "Once they are fully back in power"....ehhhhh they are already lah doh. You think Mael Teloq Penyu is sad or happy today?


    1. Anon 17:58 it is apt to describe bossku by the court of appeal as national embarrassment translated to BM as " kemaluan nasional ".


  5. "'s quite obvious that he court system now has less tolerance for postponements than back then during that trial."

    Oh, you mean like....Shafee tripping over his dog or flying to the USA to put his kid in uni?

    Your readers are stupid, you think so, right?

    Like we have no memory?

    "Thus far, the four appeals relating to the withdrawal of the prosecution’s certificate of transfer; gag order to prohibit media from discussing the merits of the case; recovery of documents; and the appointment of Sulaiman Abdullah as lead prosecutor all could amount to delaying tactics.

    Although these appeals are permitted by the law, they sit uncomfortably in the grey area of whether they are truly important and necessary to protect the accused’s rights, or they are simply delaying tactics."

    Spin harder lah Annie.

    Better still, defend BossMu as lead counsel in the FC, that should be funny!

  6. We call it KARMA. He did it to Anwar before and now he found himself in the same shoes as Anwar was. Now how does it tastes and feels bro?

    You did bad to other people, it is a matter of time before the table turns. If it is not happened to you, it will happen to your wife or even your children.

    1. These 2 samdols ex DPM and ex PM both convicts has the same degree or line of thoughts....

      Anwar apabila ditanya didepan berpuluh if not hubdreds press bulbs, microphone and reporters after being sidelined due to his sexual innuendoes, he replied he could also name and pointed out names of ministers and high profile individuals tainted or he seem to know the ins and outs of these people sex scandals...these response kind of trying to deflect but fall back flat on his face and he served time. The guy got pardoned so that only justified he's/was indeed guilty by admission since he asked for forgiveness and got his pardon...

      Najib by his failure at The Appeal Court got rattled by a line of statement that says this SRC theft is a DISGRACE to the country so by his own stupid admission that he must have actually stole the bloody 42 million and spend it like his own but yet made a lame comparison that the Forex scandal during Tun M's tenure was more of an embarrassment when the country lose money on a grander scale...problem is did any money gets into Tun M's personal account just like his SRC case when initially this same cunning bosscow even laid out a gospel speech that he is not stupid to even steal and banked in the money in his bank account and in the country....the rest is history regarding his lies!

      The Judge has spoken!

  7. The judges seem to rush everything although there were fresh and reliable evidences involving the ex Bank negara Governor who by the way was the one suggested to Najib to open personal account to receive donations from the arabs. Wonder how much money already stolen and transferred out n stolen where she turned a blind eye.Documents requested by Najibs team was repeatedly denied.

    1. Agaknya semua seram nak take up kes Zeti kut?? Being Gabonor Bank Negara banyak tahun satni dia buka mulut pengsan semua olang2 berkenaan tau!!

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  8. ...I'm also quite sure now that this trend of former leaders ending up in jail will continue in this country...

    Penjara2 yg sedia ade tak celuih nanti nak sumbat semua masuk dalam.

    Kena cari satu pulau macam British zaman dulu2.. depa lempaq penjenayah jauh sampai Australia.

    Populasi Malaysia silap2 akan tinggal 5m orang aje.. majoriti umuq bawah 18tahun..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  9. Kalau lepas ni BN/UMNO menang next PRU, then padan la muka sape-sape yg bermati-matian jatuhkan Moo dulu. PH? Dah elok2 Bersatu boleh control UMNO/BN (walaupun aku bukan fan Bersatu), now they slowly get back to power. Bosskurr senyum lebar la jawabnya. Mana pergi suara-suara PH? dah la terlepas nak berkuasa bila Abah resign. PADAN MUKA. Memang takde harapan la dari PH nak jadi PM lepas ni.

  10. Jho Low tepuk tangan bergumbira angkara nya Melayu bercakaran sesama Melayu dan Sepatutnya Tun juga bergumbira walaupun sudah jatuh hukuman tapi kenapa Tun masih gelabah cemas.?

    Sepatutnya Atok bergumira malam ini sambil yaaammm senggg..!! bersama tuan nya DAP@LeeKwanYew semasa PH berkuasa dolu sambil diraikan dengan acara seksuality merdeka lgbt COMANGO Marina Gereja bersama anak cucu dan tok wan mereka.

    Beratus ribu nama Jho Low disebut sepanjang perbicaraan, bayang dan bau Jho Low lepas makan sup babi lansung tak kelihatan di mahkamah.

    Sah sudah Jho Low tepuk tangan ketawa terbahak angkara seko Jho Low barua Melayu DAP@LeeKwanYew begitu mudah dibodoh bangangkan dan disuruh tuannya supaya bercakaran sesama Melayu.

    Itu lah fakta bila Melayu jadi barua DAP@LeeKwanYew semasa PH berkuasa. Kaum Jho Low tumpang tepuk tangan bila keputusan hukumanmahkamah diumumkan.

    Kami tak perlu terguling gulung di atas jalanraya cukup lah kami membalas fitnah jijik ini dengan fakta fakta untuk kami lawan.

    Generasi muda hauskan keadilan yg tuntas dng mind set anak muda skg mereka tidak mudah disogokkan dengan cerita fitnah jijik tak berkesudahan.. Anak anak muda tidak mudah dibeli dengan wang ringgit sogokan dan rasuah demi fitnah jijik..

    Dr Mahathir Mohamad seperti masih tidak senang dengan keputusan mahkamah dan menimpa Najib itu dengan menyindir Najib mungkin akan kembali menjadi perdana menteri sekali lagi. Apakah yang dimaksudkan oleh bekas perdana menteri itu? Kenapa statement Tun jadi macam itu..!? Adakah nasib boboi masih tidak selamat..!?

    Biarpun Mahkamah Rayuan hari ini mengekalkan sabitan dan hukuman terhadap Datuk Seri Najib Razak, atas tujuh pertuduhan membabitkan penyelewengan dana RM42 juta milik syarikat SRC International Sdn Bhd, namun bekas Perdana Menteri ke-6 berkenaan boleh menarik nafas lega kerana masih layak menjadi calon jika Pilihan Raya Umum ke-15 (PRU15) diadakan dalam masa terdekat.

    Ini berikutan panel tiga hakim Mahkamah Rayuan dipengerusikan Hakim Datuk Abdul Karim Abdul Jalil, Datuk Has Zanah Mehat dan Datuk Vazeer Alam Mydin Meera, sebulat suara, memutuskan untuk ‘menggantung’ sabitan semua kesalahan Ahli Parlimen Pekan terbabit, sementara menunggu keputusan Mahkamah Persekutuan nanti

    "Malaysia mungkin buat rekod sekali lagi kerana banduan di anugerah jawatan Perdana Menteri," kata Tun.. kenapa jawapan nampak masih cemas gelabah dan terdesak sepatutnya Tun dan boboi dah boleh bergumbira sakan..!!

    Apakah beliau mengira apabila Najib membawa rayuannya ke Mahkamah Persekutuan dan kini masih bebas lepas ke sana ke sini dan berada di luar penjara kerana dibenarkan jamin amat mengerunkan kartel Kerala Tun Mahathir , ia memberi gambaran Najib akan lepas?

    Sekiranya Najib kembali menjadi perdana menteri kali kedua, Mahathir tidak pun perlu berasa aneh kerana ia telah melakukannya sebagai dulu..

    Pelik hukuman pada Bossku sudah dijatuhkan tapi tak puas hati dng hukuman itu. Seperti masih ada dendam yang tidak puas untuk dibalas. Masih tak puas dengan apa yang menimpa musuhnya Tun masih menyalak ketakutan seperti hantu jembalang masih menghantui nya.

    Bergumbira lah Tun selagi hayat ada untuk fitnah jijik konon nasib boboi terjamin..!! Cukuplah dengan lingkupkan boboi maka melingkuplah PejWang dan legasi kau..!!

  11. Lucky it is national embarrassment not NATIONAL EMBEZZLEMENT.

  12. najib & majority of the old umno leaders are an international embarrassment. many ppl knock tge PH MoU with Sabri - i see it as a necessary evil to ensure the corrupted dont get away with it. On cue, the noises have started getting louder again on the PM ship / election right after the appeal court verdict.

    Umno can lead msia again, but pls, not those old corrupted leaders. Ideally a more progressive centrist Umno + PH can lead to a better Msia. Pas really need to get kicked out - they add absolutely no value to the govt - just look at the issues they raise in parliament

    1. How can a country pm let foreigner be his comm aide. He could be planted spy. That is why we are church mouse to certain countries One is leaving in uk and one in isreal.