Tuesday 19 October 2021

All the best, Sajat


Nur Sajat the transgender has landed in Australia


“What else do we want? We want freedom. So, human rights here, it is very important. They (Australia) really prioritise human rights. I don’t want anything. I just want human rights.”

Sajat has reportedly liquidated all her business interests at home and is looking forward to resettling in Australia, with a plea “Please respect me as a human being. That’s all.”

I previously wrote on March 3 about

Prosecuting Sajat


It's the thought of being further humiliated that's most scary to her.

Ya, they do love to humiliate people like Sajat.

Imagine a botak Sajat in a prison garb and handcuffed.

A disgrace to Islam, they said.

Well, Sajat should have just migrated to another country to save herself from all this trouble.

And migrate she did...or rather fled overseas.

I know that some would say good riddance but I think this whole thing about Sajat was unfortunate.

It doesn't make Islam or Malaysia looks good.

All just because of some people's ego and their belief that they have the right to bully people like Sajat.

I still believe that her case should have been better handled.

I know, Sajat can be quite irritating with her antics, but that does not mean we should bully and humiliate her.

There must be a way to correct her mistakes (and I'm not talking about her being a transgender). 

After all she still have her parents and family.

Sajat and her mother

Try to imagine if we ourselves have a child who is like her. Can we accept the child to be bullied and humiliated by others?

I believe that transgender people are the same as those with disabilities.

We need to help them instead of bullying and humiliating them.

We shouldn't bully and humiliate an autistic person for being different from us and behaving abnormally. The same should be the case with transgender people.

By the way, now that Sajat is seeking asylum status in Australia, we have officially became a bunch of anti-transgender society, while in actual fact we are not.

The majority of us are not like that, okay.

Anyway, I don't blame Sajat for running off to Australia.

Hopefully, she will be happier there.


  1. Sajat aside, let’s talk politics. Who do you think will win in Malacca state election Annie?

    I think this election is Umno to lose. They are the one who triggered state-wide election despite the odds are against it. Having large scale event especially elections is extremely unnecessary at this moment in time. I think the voters turn out would be very low because people are still afraid to venture out in crowded places.

    This time around I hope the Malacca big guy will contest. The most powerful man in Malacca who control almost everything and anything in Malacca should prove he deserves to be in that position. He should man up and contest a seat and not hiding behind his party position to be the most powerful man in Malacca, now matter how high his position in party’s hierarchy. To call the shot in Malacca one needs to prove himself worthy of such position. Not a single grain of sand could move in Malacca without his blessing. Wow it shows how powerful the guy is. Let’s see if Malacca people do vote this type of guy. It seems like the world is not enough for him.

    1. http://lifeofaannie.blogspot.com/2021/10/lets-not-screw-up-covid-recoverytoo-much.html
      By the way, about the Melaka state election; I think Pakatan will win that one because Umno was being so screwed up about it....unless of course Pakatan screwed up even worse over the next few weeks.

    2. Pakatan is really screwed up, especially anwar. Why the hell is he treating the 4 fake musketeer like some kind of hero, even welcoming them to the PKR gathering on Monday.At least that egomaniac tokong has the good sense to straight away rejected that hulk fellow.

      On the one hand PH looks so serious in wanting the anti hoping law to be passed, but this action of PH showed their hypocrisy.Even PKR youth showed better judgement. Any wonder why anwar will never become the PM of this country?

    3. On the matter of Sajat, a good human being is being treated like the most despicable criminal,persecuted relentlessly simply because he is born with some differences. The problem is that there are too many who has been so carried away by their so called holy duties. as if God really agree to their action, and they forgot that the one true God will judge them and make them account for their sins when the time comes.

    4. Selangor run by Christian DAP mah...

    5. Please clarify to your readers it is the PH Selangor Gov through JAIS their religious dept not the police.

  2. i am fully with annie on this one, all the best to sajat.

    ps/ still wonder why rpk dont pick saudi or iran.

  3. No matter how far he could run away, how much money or wealth he has to live a good life in any place he could settled in, eventually he will want to return to the place he calls home. It is a matter of time. After spending so much time away, the yearn to return home eventually would proved too much to handle. It’s unbearable. There is no place like home. No matter how much hatred he has right now towards the place and people.

    Remember Musa Aman? After being on the run for almost a year, despite all the money he has to live a comfortable life overseas, he eventually returned to his home state and willing to face the music. Even the charges levelled against him could very well landed him in jail for a long period of time, he was willing to take the risk, bought a ticket and returned home. The thought of not having original taste of Nasi Lemak and teh tarik for a very long time was unbearable for him. Joke aside.

    There’s many more like him such as Riza Aziz, PI Bala, Malaysian convicts who fled justice always looked for ways to return home. RPK, Steadyaku etc. The only exception is Jho Low but that is understandable since he spent much of his time overseas and were rarely being in the country. There’s no affinity towards people and place you didn’t spent much time. But even so, he too had an intention and wanted to return. This already revealed in his correspondent with Daim Zainuddin in the early days of PH led government. He wanted to return and already contacted right people in high places but still couldn’t find the right time. But again it is a matter of time.

    1. rubbish...why the chinese dont want to go back to their families in China?

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Please write in English or Bahasa Malaysia. Thank you.

    2. KD.tuan tolong buat macam biasa di blog sendiri lah,'post' dan lepas tu komen sendiri.

  5. Aisay Annie....thks for highlighting this issue. Happy that Nur can live freely down under. This gomen has got its priorities all wrong. Heard at one stage JAKIM had 120 officers looking for her. PDRM no better. Why did they not show such commitment to find Indira Gandhi's daughter. 12 Yrs n cannot find ex husband or daughter. I guess religion factors in their reluctance. BTW (fa)Timah tastes great

    1. Its not JAKIM idiot. Its JAIS, DAP government.

  6. Also try to imagine tif the court orders the police to return a child to her mother but the police can buat tak tahu for years and ignore the court ruling's.

    One rule for some and another rule for others

  7. Lupakan saja soal Palestine kalau Pulau Pisang pun tak mampu diambil alih rumah api di pulau itu yang diuruskan Singapura.

    Pada pemimpin pemimpin politik samada dari kerajaan atau pembangkang terpekik terlolong pasal kebebasan Palestine ditindas oleh Barat dan Isreal. Pulau Pisang pun boleh kecut telor nak ambil alih pengurusan rumah api dari Singapura.

    Malaysia tidak akan hilang kedaulatan terhadap Pulau Pisang, di sini tetapi rumah api di kepulauan tersebut akan diuruskan Singapura selagi terbitnya matahari dan bintang.

    Ketetapan itu selaras perjanjian ditandatangani pada tahun 1900 antara Sultan Johor ketika itu, Almarhum Sultan Ibrahim dengan Gabenor negeri-negeri Selat, Sir James Alexander Swettenham berkaitan Pulau Pisang yang diyakini terus dipatuhi.

    Mengikut perjanjian itu, Pulau Pisang adalah hak mutlak Kerajaan Negeri Johor dan British ketika itu hanya diberi kebenaran untuk membina, mengendali dan menyelenggara rumah api berdasarkan perjanjian bertulis atau indenture yang ditandatangani pada 6 Oktober 1900 dengan persefahaman itu diteruskan sehingga kini.

    Status quo itu turut diakui Singapura berkaitan hak dan kedaulatan Johor ke atas Pulau Pisang meskipun selepas mereka keluar daripada Persekutuan Malaysia pada 1965 yang menyaksikan hak pengurusan rumah api bertukar tangan.

    Walaupun perkara yang terjadi di Pulau Batu Puteh atau Pedra Branca agak sukar untuk berlaku di Pulau Pisang, namun kelalaian pihak tertentu sekiranya berlaku boleh menyebabkan ‘pisang berbuah dua kali’.

    “Rakyat ada mengikuti titah Sultan Johor sekarang, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar pada 2017 bahawa perjanjian Pulau Pisang itu selagi ada matahari dan bintang, ia tidak boleh dibatal.

    Malah baginda juga titah Singapura terang-terangan kata ia bukan hak dia, bukan tanah dia. Mereka akui ia milik Johor dan cuma tadbir rumah api sahaja.

    Namun bila pemimpin pengkhianat berkuasa di Malaysia kejadian di Pulau Batu Puteh boleh berlaku lagi.

    Malaysia di­khuatiri hilang kedaulatan ke atas Pulau Pisang jika terus membiarkan negara lain membina dan mengurus rumah api di kepulauan tersebut, sekali gus bakal me­ngulangi nasib Pulau Batu Puteh.

    Memetik laporan The Straits Times, Menteri Luar Singa­pura pada tahun 2003 memaklumkan kepada Parlimen negara itu bahawa Pulau Pisang adalah milik Malaysia dan mengulangi pendirian Singapura tidak pernah mempersoal kedaulatan Malaysia ke atas Pulau Pisang, tetapi peng­urusan rumah api di situ harus kekal bersama Singapura.

    Meskipun Pulau Pisang kini tidak lagi didiami penduduk, ia berperanan seperti pintu kedaulatan negara yang melambangkan pertahanan sebagai pusat tinjauan awal sekiranya berlaku apa-apa.

    Kita tak mahu apa yang terjadi pada Pulau Batu Putih bila negara di pimpin oleh barua DAP@ Lee Kwan Yew. Kesemua barua barua ini menyimpan duit yang dicuri di Singapura oleh penyamun dan perompak negara.

    Ini lah yang menyebabkan sesiapa saja barua barua Singapura@DAP yang jadi pemimpin dan menyimpan wang di Singapura akan kehilangan taring dan sengat bila berhadapan Singapura. Mereka hanya retorik dan acah acah power Melayu islamik supaya walaun terkinja kinja terpekik terlolong memberi sokongan..!!

    Sebabnya mudah Singapura akan mengunakan kuasa duit yang di simpan mereka untuk tunduk sambil tangan barua ini dipulas tunduk pada kehendak Singapura.

    Sepatutnya urusan Pulau Pisang sudah dikembalikan sepenuhnya tetapi duit duit yg dicuri hasil rompakan yang di simpan di Singapura menyebabkan pemimpin barua amat lunak bila berhadapan dengan Singapura.


    1. Kalau tak tahu dalaman hal Pbb elok diam.

  8. Annie
    Hidup di dunia hanyalah sementara menuju ke dunia yg abadi...
    Kejayaan seseorang muslim ialah apabila mendapat redha dan rahmat Allah..
    Saya rasa mereka ingin membawa Sajat mencari itu semua...
    Apa pun semoga Allah memberi hidayah kepada Sajat... dan kita doakan yang terbaik buat sajat...

  9. there seem to be a group, either state sponsored or otherwise, thats hell bent on using race & religion to bully minorities ( be it gender, trans, nons, single moms ). sajat isone and recently, the whiskey Timah.

    They take offense in anything and use ‘ offending islam / malays. ‘ as a standard argument

    1. Scientists attach pig kidney to human body

    2. Is pooper nasi santan still in Yan Kedah
      or down south with his "dua" anak
      wornder what the "dua anak" working as down south.
      could be "ambssordors de trollei"
      tak apa janji gaji lumayan.
      sini Mak Lampin kekurangan 32,000 perkrja south asia
      untuk ladang sawit. gaji lumayang also rm 1200 to rm 2000

  10. Politics in Melaka? Enough is enough. Tired of it already. Malas nak layan all those DUNGUS. Semua tu penyamun TARBUS.

    On Sajat...bukan bully la Annie. She had crossed that line. If u cross that line...u kena la..All games ada REFEREE. Macam main bola la. Referee will flashed red card if you main kasar yang melampau. MESSI & RONALDO pun red carded if you main kasar overboard. Sajat already been given yellow card before..but dua tiga kali sikap tak berubah..RED CARD la

    Human rights? U can do all what you want? Is that human rights? Dunia zaman TARZAN pun ada undang².

    So saya DOA semoga ANGEL satu hari ketuk kepala dia so that dia dapat berubah..

  11. You live in a community you have to abide by community rules otherewise you just get out. There is no love lost.

    1. @ 17:06

      and that's what Palestinians should accept & tell themselves ?

  12. Habis madu sepah dibuang.. kesian tu lah kau termakan pujuk rayu Abe Non kite... Bang Non dalam PH tak ada apa apa pun cuma puppet DAP. Kalau DAP kata tak mahu Abe Non akan tarik hand break semola...!!

    Empat bekas Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Melaka akan membuat keputusan Selasa depan untuk menyertai mana-mana parti politik bagi menghadapi pilihan raya negeri (PRN) yang dijadualkan pada 20 November depan.

    Perkara itu dimakluman bekas ADUN Pantai Kundor, Nor Azman Hassan di mana beliau dan tiga lagi bekas ADUN akan mengumumkan perkara itu selepas Pakatan Harapan (PH) enggan menerima mereka.

    Katanya, walaupun PH menolak bekas ADUN Pengkalan Batu sebagai calon mereka, namun sudah ada tawaran dibuat daripada parti politik lain.

    “Saya melihat di media sosial yang disampaikan Lim Kit Siang dan beberapa parti dalam Pakatan Harapan (PH) menolak Norhizam Hassan Baktee. Bunyinya macam menolak empat lagi bekas ADUN, saya dihubungi Norhizam mengatakan apa akan berlaku pada diri kita.

    Abe Non kite tu sama macam Tun Mahathir jugak barua DAP. Kalau DAP arah serah Pulau Batu Putih barua nya tak akan membantah...

    Dua dua barua DAP acah acah power ajer.. acah acah power melayu islamik.. kena acah dengan DAP@Lee Kwan Yew tarik hand break lah depa semua...!!! Melayu melayu suka kena bodoh dengan DAP@LeeKwanYew masih ramai tak sedar diri..!!

    Depa 2 eqok dari utaqa tuh barua2 DAP acah acah power kasi tunjuk power aje pada penyokong depa... last skli kalau Tokong kata tak mauu depa 2 eqok tu maka terkinja kinja lah depa tarik hand break balik.!

    Padaann muko kau setannn..!!

    1. Overtaken by Vietnam and Thailand, Malaysia wants to again promote ‘Made in Malaysia’ brand
      Monday, 25 Oct 2021 05:31

    2. Heard Vet Kong yang satu masa "cirit-birit" di tepi tali air
      producing VietKong version of "mau sang wang"

  13. Sultan Johor sekolahkan Tun Mahathir. Siasat segera terhadap Tun Dr Mahathir perlu dilakukan dengan terperinci berkenaan tindakan dengan sengaja tidak mahu meneruskan tuntutan Pulau Batu Puteh.

    Pakatan Harapan memerintah Malaysia. Semua alasan yang Mahathir berikan dilihat sangat tidak munasabah dan “bullshit”.

    Seperti biasa Tun akan menyerang Sultan Johor. Sejarah Tun dengan Sultan Johor tak pernah baik. Fitnah jijik Prebet Adam jadi saksi hingga Prebet Adam mati dalam keadaan tertekan akibat fitnah jijik. Laporan polis sudah lama dibuat namun tiada tindakan. Link bawah ni haah..!!

    https://youtu.be/mhcjjaF84aA ( Prebet Adam yang terinaya sampai mati)

    Kita terus berunding tetapi tidak menghasil apa-apa keputusan – Mahathir

    Sultan Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar pada 14 Oktober lalu bertitah tindakan mesti diambil ke atas pihak yang cuai dan khilaf dengan tidak meneruskan permohonan semakan dan pentafsiran kes Pulau Batu Puteh.

    Memang alasan yang Mahathir berikan tidak masuk akal langsung. Mahathir hanya sekadar cuba menghalalkan jenayah yang beliau lakukan apabila “menjual” kedaulatan negara.

    Apakah rahsia besar yang pihak musuh pegang berkenaan Mahathir sehingga beliau sanggup mengalah dan beralah dengan Singapura sedangkan kita semua tahu bahawa Mahathir dari dahulu tidak akan tunduk pada negara tersebut.

    Alasan terbaru Mahathir kenapa kerajaan PH menarik balik tuntutan Pulau Batu Puteh beberapa hari sebelum perbicaraan bermula di ICJ.

    Selepas PRU14 kononnya negara perlu bermaruah dan perlu pegang kepada janji untuk menghormati keputusan ICJ pada tahun 2008 supaya Malaysia bukan menjadi sebuah negara Kerala pariah.

    Alasan kos dan peluang untuk menang tidak cerah untuk jenayah “menjual” kedaulatan negara. Kononnya supaya Malaysia tidak menjadi negara pariah yang tidak tahu menghormati janji.

    1. It will never end if you want to investigate all past Pm executive decisions right after 1957. We have to move forward to be progrssive country not to be bogged down with these things. Better spend time and money to battle covid19 and how to rebuild our economy. When you are rich and powerful you can build thousand of islands in south china sea like china.

  14. Am wth you Cik Annie on Sajat issue. Ramai Malaysians dok Australia pun. Klo stress tak dapat kerja, gi kerja kutip buah2 atau sayur.. macam2 bole ikhtiar utk mencari rezeki dsana. Anak2 kami dok sana lebih 5thn hapi2 selalu.

    Tak berapa kenan bila ikut perkembangan cara2 Malaysians layan golongan ini. Sedih dan malang sangat2.

    Our authorities shld look into their plight dgn lebih mendalam.. alim2 ulamak yg sgt2 prejudis, mohon mrk tu semua dpastian memiliki setipiket atau berkelulusan dlm bidang psychology agar lebih memahami golongan spt Sajat dengan lebih professional.

    Doakan yg terbaik utk Sajat. May Allah be with you.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  15. Melaka election?

    Hangpa nak undi PH? Satni dapat Menteri2 kelolo mcam MtSabu, cikiut Saddiq, Adun yg kerja tembak babi hutan, DPM kipas.. owh Anwar tak jadi calun juga ke? Manatau at least dpt jdi KM Melaka??

    Tak calunkn loklaq Jelutong? Eh itu Eng Guan, bukan ke dia ori2 datang dari Melaka? Tak balik bertanding ke?

    Mengarut la sapa yg nak undi PH. Tak serik ke 22bln dulu dah tgk cam mana mereka takbir negara?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  16. Enemy at the gate Part 9: Singapore's energy crisis due to Indonesia's actions. Congratulations to Petronas for expanding the oil and gas industry in Indonesia. Strengthen Malaysia - Indonesia tie relations. Leave Singapore ultra kiasu alone.

    A number of countries are currently experiencing an energy crisis. Singapore is one of them. Link below

    https://youtu.be/wlX8SakI3qo (Singapore can roar because of Jokowi)

    Singapore is a country that depends on gas for electricity builders. The country also meets almost all its energy needs with imports.

    "This is due to several factors, namely higher electricity demand than usual in the country and the reduction of natural gas pipeline forces from Indonesia," said EMA. See the link below

    https://youtu.be/xgjk93eNXIw without gas Indonesia Singapore could be paralyzed

    On the other hand, the rising global price of liquefied natural gas (LNG) is also a cause of the energy crisis. This makes it difficult for power generation companies in Singapore to switch to purchasing LNG to cover the shortage of gas pipeline supply from Indonesia.

    Meanwhile, Petronas Carigali met the Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activity (SKK Migas) stating that the drilling of Petronas Carigali North Madura II Ltd's Hidayah-1 Exploration well in the North Madura II Working Area (WK) was marked as successful in finding oil reserves.

    Citing the official statement of SKK Migas, Wednesday (24/2), drilling of Hidayah-1 well began on January 7, 2021. This is one of the definite commitment activities of WK North Madura II.

    With high gas prices impacting the spike in electricity prices in Singapore, at least three electricity companies have stopped their efforts. All three are Best Electricity Supply, Ohm Energy, and iSwitch Energy. Link below

    https://youtu.be/9EMnwansEu4 (Jokowi energy crisis hits Singapore)

    Meanwhile, one of the other electric energy companies, Union Power stated, earlier in the week that they cut 850 mainly commercial customer accounts amid high electricity tariffs.

    In addition, Petronas Carigali and its joint venture partners (JVs), Repsol and MOECO also managed to make the largest gas field discovery in 18 years in the Sakakemang block, South Sumatra, Indonesia.

    The link below is the largest Petronas oil in Indonesia

    https://youtu.be/q6yMqMVe_v0 (Petronas Carigali Indonesia)

    Repsol, a Madrid -based international energy company, in a statement said the discovery was among the 10 largest worldwide in 12 months.

    Apparently, the energy crisis that occurred in Singapore is inseparable from the connection with Indonesia. This is because the supply of natural gas from Indonesia to Singapore through the West Natuna pipeline has been disrupted since July 2021.

    Citing Channel News Asia (CNA), Thursday (21/10/2021), Singapore's energy regulator, Energy Market Authority (EMA) stated, lower gas supply from Indonesia and coupled with higher electricity demand than usual, has made electricity prices in the country it soared.

    The best time for Malaysia and Indonesia to strengthen economic ties between allied neighbors is better and understand if compared to Singapore is dishonest relation with useless ultra kiasu.

    Forget about Singapore which likes to take advantage of its neighbors all this time. Leave this fuckin useless Singapore and forget about Singapore.


  17. Banduan boleh ke Singapura, jadi pengurus pilihan raya UMNO" - Tun M

    Bekas Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad hari ini mempersoalkan situasi yang membenarkan Datuk Seri Najib Razak seolah-olah bebas ke sana ke mari, biarpun didapati bersalah atas kesalahan pengubahan wang haram.

    Dalam catatan terbaharu di blognya, Dr Mahathir berkata, sepanjang kes rayuan Najib berlangsung bermula April tahun ini, Ahli Parlimen Pekan itu bebas seperti orang tidak bersalah, dan kes juga tidak didengari kerana pelbagai alasan.

    Nampaknya sakit hati orang tua celaka ini masih tak kebah lagi. Justo hilang depan lubang hidung dia orang tua tu buat bodoh bangang saja. Bole kata imej negara tercalar bagai.. kah kah kah... media batuapi Singapork dah mula membatu api la tu... kikiki

    Malah, kata Ahli Parlimen Langkawi itu lagi, Najib boleh hadir ke Dewan Rakyat, tetapi tidak ke Mahkamah kerana menggunakan alasan sakit.

    Jho Lo lansung tak jumpa alasan sebab Jho Lo dah jadi beruang. Yang pelik lagi Aljezera boleh pulak wawancara Jho Low sambil gentel gentel telo lagi. Orang tua buat bodoh bangang macam sial..!! Yg Jho Low lesap jadi beruang kau ingat imej negara melonjak saham dooina ka..!?



  18. Selangor Chinese Christian DAP Governemnt should be ashamed. Now Selangor run by nincompoop Amirudin is in the international news for the wrong reasons. Groping of Sajat!!1 Talk about sexual harassment...