Thursday 7 October 2021

Relax DAP, MAHB can handle the airport business

 I noticed that DAP leaders have been pushing for the government to proceed with airport upgrading works, in particular the one in Penang, which state government is controlled by them.

The other day, former transport minister Anthony Loke who is a DAP senior leader and Seremban MP even suggested for MAHB, which runs the airports to be delisted in order to enable such upgrades of the airports.

I don't have too much complain against Loke but I think he was being unfair with his suggestion as MAHB has been working hard and spending much maintaining the mostly empty airports during the pandemic.

Then today the DAP-led Penang government once again called for the government to reverse its decision to postpone most airport-related projects, as announced by Transport minister Wee Ka Siong on Monday.

Why are they being so pushy about this airport upgrades now?

The pandemic is not yet over, okay, and the tourists are not yet coming in droves for quite a while more.

What's the rush?

Penang Airport needs immediate upgrades?

I read that one of the DAP guys said this is the best time to do the upgrade works as there were not too many people yet at the airports.

Hey, I think that's silly, okay.

I was at Heathrow Airport back in 2006 when they were renovating it and I didn't experience much inconvenience because of it.

The airport was packed despite it looking like an Arked Mara because of the upgrading works.

I believe that for now, we should upgrade the airports only when we really need to do it and more importantly when we have the money for it.

I don't think we have that kind of money to spend at the moment as we are still on our way to recover from the pandemic and its economic fall out.

At the moment, the priority should be in helping the rakyat instead of making airports bigger and nicer like Changi in Singapore.

DAP people, you all agree with me on that, right?

Tell your leaders la that no point in having fancy airports if the people are suffering.

Oh, and I believe that if we really need to make the airports better and nicer, MAHB will make sure the government know what to do and when to do it.

After all, I think MAHB knows about the airport business better than the DAP leaders. 


  1. ah. like clockwork. was wondering where your weekly dap hit piece was. kudos

  2. I believe the request is to increase the capacity of the airport and not beautification. Penang Airport is already packed during normal time. So, if this isn't the best time, then when? Do it when the travellers are coming in and cause incovinience and risk the passengers?

    1. It was packed before the pandemic. We don't know yet how it is after this. If it is like before, then ok lah. Even supreme leader Kit Siang said help poor people first, didn't him? Airports can do later la when we have the money.

    2. why always pick on DAP annie. Tsmy spends shitloads tax payer cash on the official residence smack in mid of covid, but not a single peep from you

    3. I criticised Umno, Pas, Pribumi Bersatu and others too when they were wrong. Do read my last posting about the nonsense Umno is doing in Melaka.

  3. Aisay Annie....a bit of nasihat on wat to shd be urgent, of public concern & current (fr the not so Arty Harun) Yr post does not fit the criteria la. Shd have written abt Pandora and how the fat cats (surprise...mostly Melayu n not Cina apek)are hiding their wealth. I am surprised this issue has not riled you up. Most people have steam coming from their noses ears and arse but you choose to write abt DAP (palm face)

    1. Why don't you set up yr blog and write about it. I can only write what I know. I don't have those Pandora documents. You have them? And why you need to talk about Malay lah, Chinese la on that matter? I thought DAP people are not racists...hmmmm.

    2. Chinese fat pigs dont pay taxes even if they are not in Pandora anyway..

    3. See, when someone gets racial, there will always be a reply. So, try not to start it, okay.

  4. I am tired of DAP kept talking for the sake they have mouths. During PH times, when LGE and TP were in the FM, many businesses suffered with their backward policies. LGE even have to back off on the RPGT and quietly revised it ( he changed it to 5% even after you personally owned a property after 5 years when it was zero before and based on historical cost!)after much protests and the yearly RM15 credit card charge we all pay until now when he lamented to go cashless to reduce corruption and yet punished you back. DAP has no business sense politicians , yet do you think they are 100% corrupt free? Not many may concur except the ignorances. Its time they stay as opposition to check and balance as many of them are clueless on how to revive the economy.

  5. 11:34

    Masalah nya di Malaysia ni dah terlampau ramai menteri dan bekas menteri. Mereka semua ni bijak bijak belaka tak ada satu pun yang tak bijak. Bila semua nya bijak, kerja nya asyik smash-menyemash at every opportunity. Macam-macam gaya smash ada. Semua nya nak jadi lebih pandai dari yang lain. Asal sikit, nak debate..debate lancau la; pergi buat kerja.

    Cuba faham satu perkara..awak semua ni sedang dinilai adab, tertib, sopan, upaya, fikiran, kerjasama, keberkesanan dan banyak lagi la. Toksah tunjuk sifat buruk walaupun bila tak ada orang nampak. Lama lama apa yang buruk akan terbongkar. Sebelah sini ke sebelah sana ke, dua dua pun sama. Cakap dia orang ni baik yang sebelah sini mahupun yang sebelah sana buang masa. Action tak ada. Cakap, cakap, cakap.

    Rakyat yang mengundi tak dapat hasil. Asyik bertempek lama lama Malaysia ni jadi Sudan la.
    Semua bijak bijak. Jadi buat la perkara yang menambah faedah kepada negara dan rakyat dan bukan faedah kepada diri sendiri.

    1. The kalings thieves are back!!!!! with Zafrul in power.According to Muhyiddins Facebook post, among those present were former Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop, co-founder of AirAsia Tan Sri Tony Fernandes. Even Azman Mohtar who Khazanah earn 20 billion "lost" 20 billions

  6. its keynesian if improve capacity and productivity ie enhance economy activity ie increase rakyat income. quite diff with renovation of seri perdana.

  7. MAHB can handle it. SO no politiking. On the other hand apa hal mak menteri lantik 26 thn jadi pangarah di uni. Tak ada org lain ke. Moral of story is you do not need to study rocket science but took honeymoon course than masuk politik. You ada chance sit on board. What is this minister is thinking.Thank god i left lecturing job at Eng Fac in mid 80s in this Uni.The rot started after pak ungku left.