Monday 11 October 2021

Let's not screw up Covid recovery...too much

State boarders are once again being reopened today after almost 10 months.

Covid-19 deaths and infections are also apparently in decline.

Things are indeed beginning to look good.

I have however decided to wait a little bit more before going back to KL.

Don't feel the need to rush back as I can actually do my work from where I am now.

After all, the office will be mostly empty as the company I work for was hit rather hard by the Covid-19 economic fallout.

I'm the only one left in my team now with the others having moved on to stronger companies for better job security.

Whatever it is, hopefully business will pick up after the pandemic and I can get my full pay again.

I actually have to regularly use my savings to pay for expenses during this pandemic.

Well, at least I still have a job while many others were not so lucky.

I even have a friend who is an engineer now selling eggs online to make ends meet.

As I previously wrote, if I ever get to that level, I thought of setting up a burger stall.

Anyway, I will try not to complain too much about my difficulties nor am I going to blame anyone for my situation.

But, I would appreciate it if no one makes my life harder by causing problems, which hamper the country's recovery from the pandemic.

Ya, I'm talking about the politicians who control our government and their counterparts in the Opposition.

They better not start with their nonsense least not too much.

Okay, the coming bullshit state election in Melaka is already rolling  and nothing much apparently can be done to stop it.

I'm praying that there will be no new major Covid-19 outbreak because of it.

Hopefully, there will be no other state elections after that too, at least until the pandemic is really over.

The politicians, by right shouldn't feel that they have the luxury to quarrel now as they actually need to be focus on Covid-19 recovery effort.

But that's just me saying.

Of course they will continue to fight their silly nonsense at our expense. That's after all what democracy is all about.

By the way, about the Melaka state election; I think Pakatan will win that one because Umno was being  so screwed up about it....unless of course Pakatan screwed up even worse over the next few weeks.


  1. I think the country should reopen the borders by January next year. To do it now I think is premature. Though like you said things look like tapering down a bit but cases still high. Though not up through the roof as before but it is still high. Usage of hospital beds still high. Usage of ICU beds still high.

    Total population vaccinated rate around 65%. Teen vaccination is doing really well but still at early stage. It’s gonna take sometime before those stuff showing results. Just let them saturated and ripe until it shows its actual results or data before moving on the next stage. Slow and steady. Don’t rush things up. You don’t make decision to please people. This is not political decision, this is public health decision.

    1. There is no safe opening date even if we wait for cases to go down to zero unless we totally lock our international borders. Look at S'pore, cases are going up.

  2. Melaka Election?
    It's a waste of money...waste of energy...waste of time.. Those bloody politicians fight among themselves the people have to make sacrifice...TAK ADA OTAK PUNYA ORANG....OTAK PENUH TAIK...MACAM KERBAU..SEMUA PERUT HIJAU...TEACH ALL OF THEM A LESSON....SEMUA JANGAN KELUAR UNDI

  3. pakatan can win but umno is the chosen one to be the govt. perhaps umno party election make more contribution to elect a capable msia leader.

  4. Annie,
    Jikapun PRN Melaka mendapat lampu hijau dari Kabinet Mail Sabri dalam minggu ini, UMNO akan tetap menjadi Ketua Menteri Melaka bagi Dewan Undangan Negeri Melaka Sidang Ke-15
    2. Kerana Apa? Of course, DAP. Ya, DAP akan membentuk Gabungan dengan UMNO dan akan menjadi kingmaker dalam PRN15 Melaka!
    Peace ni war✌️

  5. Enemy at the gate Part 6: Brunei Forest is location to trains Singapore Army. We have to be vigilant "behind the enemy line" from our neighbors - Lee Kwan Yew

    Singapore has no jungle, if there is no jungle then there is no need to train its troops in the jungle. In addition, what should be done is to train his army to defend the city of Singa on urban warfare only.

    What if there is more intention than that? If they want to go into the jungle and fight guerrillas in the jungle, which jungle is their target?

    Coincidentally, the forested country is located not far from the island of Singapore, only a few kilometers from the island of Singapork. But whatever we think is still good.!! (Link below haah.)

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    The Singapore army is trained on survival in the jungle as well as tactics and war procedures in total.

    Singapore does not have large forests, even boy scouts can survive in their forests, but with their determination to send their troops to Brunei to practice war, then Malaysia must be vigilant with the action of "behind the enemy line" from our neighbors too.

    Malays take care of Malays, don't be lazy, don't be lazy, don't sleep. Malay for Malay


  6. "Kataks" now has their own mind now and don't work as a team. How does an individual independent MP think he/she can do anything pro-rakyat? It's all about the selfish "Me" or "I".

    A fragmented party without an effective leader also cannot hold the team together or help the team reach decisions cuz he/she cannot inspire others or foster cooperation and will never be able to help the team move in the right direction.

  7. Aisay Annie...finally state borders r open. A right decision since Covid is now n endemic, v need to live with it like denggi or d flu. Mask up wash hands n social distance...n v shd b fine. V need to take care of ourselves. In Melaka d 'no bin' policy as mentioned by Idris is a slap for d nons. Do nons have a place in dis country I wonder? U tell me Annie.