Tuesday 5 October 2021

About the nonsense in Melaka (updated)

UPDATES at 16:07

Just shortly after I did this post, Rauf announced that 

Melaka state assembly dissolved; election to come

Ironic, isn't it?



Friends who know Melaka politics more than me said the reason for the ongoing nonsense there was this guy;

This Rauf guy is the Melaka Umno chief, appointed by party president Zahid after BN's defeat in GE14. He is also currently the Melaka state assembly speaker.

He was formerly the party's executive secretary when Umno was led by Najib.

My friends said the Umno assemblymen and their gang who decided to withdraw support from the BN's Melaka CM did so because they can't stand Rauf's meddling in the state administration.

Well, if it's true, then I really don't blame them for doing so.

I don't like this Rauf guy too.

In fact I wrote quite a lot of criticisms against him back then when he was running the show at Umno's headquarters.

I actually started to dislike him during the run-up to the Tenang by-election in 2011.

As the party's executive secretary at that time, he tried to force Johor Umno to submit to him in the handling of the by-election campaign.

Those days, Umno's typical by-election campaign involved a lot of circus-like nonsense which allowed certain individuals making lots of money from renting out equipment and other non-essentials.

Johor Umno, then led by TS Abdul Ghani Othman and his right handman Datuk Ahmad Zahri rebuffed Rauf and proceeded to manage the campaign in Tenang using minimal resources with great success.

After the BN's victory in that by-election, an unhappy Rauf caused Johor Umno war room director to be barred from attending meetings at the party's headquarters, giving the excuse that the guy was not a division chief like his peers from other states.

I was based in Johor at that time and when I heard about what happened, I told myself that this Rauf guy is bad for Umno.

There were other incidents after that which reenforce my negative view of the guy.

As I had previously written, Umno has these sort of people to blame for its defeat in 2018.

People are simply fed up with their ugly faces and antics.

That's why I was very disappointed when Rauf and other Umno leaders whom in my opinion caused BN's defeat were once again given senior posts after GE14.

How can a party's executive secretary like Rauf ,who failed in GE14 be given the post of a state chief was beyond me.

So, I was not actually surprised when my friends told me that the guy is back doing his old tricks again, causing havoc within the Melaka Umno rank.

It must be really bad, I think.

Well, if I'm Zahid, I would think of a way to remedy the situation instead of calling for a snap poll yesterday as the Covid crisis is not yet over.

Of course, in the first place i wouldn't appoint someone like Rauf to lead Melaka Umno as his face alone could cause defeat in the state in the next general election.

If I'm the Umno president, I would make sure all the party's state chiefs are handsome, capable and most importantly sincere leaders.



  1. "If I'm the Umno president, I would make sure all the party's state chiefs are handsome, capable and most importantly sincere leaders."

    You and your handsome men!

    I think Ku Nan should move to Melaka to keep you happy : )

  2. Padan muka Zahid.... his own men defied his teammates...UMNO is gone if this is what the quality of its men...Akal pendek...semua nak kuasa..that's what people call ZH... BODO SOMBONG....dia ingat dia PM. but what can PM9 do...he is a vice president in UMNO...ikut cakap saja lah..that is what the Governor of Melaka already decided. Rauf ni dah la tak hensem kuat makan pulak....macam2 dia makan....

  3. First generation felt indebted to Ummo like my late father. Second generation like me felt contempted with them. Third generation likes my children are just disgusted. I hope my grandchildren will see it as a footnote in history.

    1. Anon 16:23 I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. They are leper offensive and I hope my grandchildren won't get infected, touch wood.

  4. Dekat Perak boleh pulak lantik MB baharu pasal yang dapat jawatan MB orang Umno. Dekat Melaka bubar DUN pasal jawatan dapat kat orang lain. Why double standard??

    1. Because Ali Gostan is a stooge lah. Someone ordered him to bubar DUN.

  5. At PC in Melaka late yesterday you see someone acting more chief ministerial than the former chief minister himself. He’s the one who did most of the talking. He called the shot. The former CM sat quietly beside him. It makes you wonder which one is actually the CM?

    Then I remember that one guy on another PC earlier before whose talking about 2 lions on a mountain. And I was like now I get it..

  6. If the boss can do it at federal level, why can’t we do it at state level? Bapak borek, anak rintik

  7. almost all cases that related to govt collapse have to do with umno. disgusting.

  8. https://www.thesundaily.my/local/ahmad-zahid-warns-party-members-over-malacca-issue-updated-YF8430256

    Kalau dah bapak gangster yg diangkat jadi presiden... ugut mengugut aje yg dia tahu.

    Oh tapi dia pi haji tiap2 tahun...

    Ermm...tapi boleh pulak buat harta derma/wakaf macam harta toknek dia...

    Tapi tak apa, masih suci dimata orang umno. Takbirx3

  9. https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2021/10/06/umno-yet-to-decide-on-cooperation-for-melaka-polls-says-partys-deputy-presi/2011088

    Yg ni pulak 'play it cool' sampai dah jadi sejuk beku. Tak apa agar diri sendiri tak tercemar, nampak suci murni gitu...

    Zaman memimpin dari belakang dah berlalu..
    You either lead, follow or get out of the way!

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  11. “If I'm the Umno president, I would make sure all the party's state chiefs are handsome, capable and most importantly sincere leaders.“

    You don’t need to look too far. Just take a look at Khairy. He has shown leadership quality and capability in time of crisis. Barely a month in KKM, rakyat’s confidence in government in handling health crisis increase exponentially. And the government’s image too has improved. The guy is in his 40s now with a decade or so in public office, still on the younger side of age, he sort of the embodiment of youth and experience. Some people said experience don’t guarantee efficiency and the other guy said well youth don’t guarantee innovation. In this guy we have a combination of both.

    With some experience under his belt, the guy is energetic, innovative, tech savvy, and full of new ideas. Mysejahtera apps is being upgraded and improved, vaccines for youth and kids to increase more percentage and coverage of wider population vaccinated, newly found medication to cure COVID and many more. the list goes on. Stay tuned. His PC now is the most awaited PC by the rakyat. Rakyat wanted to know what he has in store for them. Like the late Steve Jobs introducing new Apple product.

    That’s the reason why you need a new gen to fill in leadership roles in Malaysia. They are more in tune with what’s “in” now so they could come up with ideas which suit the problem in any situation. Senior leaders, especially those already in public office for decades are already tired but still wanted to cling to position. Some of them are there just to make hay when sun shines. They’re already bankrupt of ideas but still think they have a lot to give. When not giving position they go sulking and jump to another side. Or start a new party and appoint himself as the head.

    These leaders, though wiser and more experienced but they lack the energy, rigour and ideas. Elderly leaders are world weary. You don’t elect an already frail and old leader to lead an organisation. They always come up with the same old thing which no longer work nowadays. Same old same old. When asked on how to modernise Malaysia? On how to make the economy prosper? Well let’s launch 3rd national car.. Let’s reintroduce PPSMI..You Malays are lazy, we didn’t have money to give away for free..Stuff like that which we used to listen to for far too many times for so many years before. It is no longer work today. It is going to be such a woeful waste for Malaysia if this Khairy guy don’t get to be prime minister one day.

    1. Before you think so highly of the guy, please don't forget why he did with his 'Tingkat-4 gangs' days when his father-in-law was PM in 2009.

    2. 14:40,
      me also dont like him during Tingkat-4 era, whatever he try to prove, i still cant accept. But he later, by himself, no father father to rely on. Yes, last time he make mistake, too gelojoh mau itu power. My 50cent advise to him, biar lambat asalkan one day he can make it. Now i trust him and he act more matured now. Give him chance la RD. At least he can par with gengster2 face from PH in parliament. Kerajaan now need sort like him in Dewan. :-)

    3. Anon 14:40, are u the same person in your 20s-30s vs in your 40s vs now?

      No one is perfect in their youth, if there are any perfect ones, they won't venture into politics.

      Funny that you can tolerate the fat cat otais who have created the mess we are in right now but not willing to extend kj a 2nd chance...

  12. Ingat satu perkara Annie...
    2. Sungai Udang ( Idris Haron ) bukanlah kaleng-kaleng
    3. Beliau pernah ada jawatan di Federal malah seorang bekas Ketua Menteri Melaka
    PRN adalah Jalan Terbaik. Encik Kobid sudah sama taraf dengan Demam Denggi.

    1. Ya
      Idris Haron bukan kaleng kaleng,tapi itu ketika dia didalam UMNO.Di luar UMNO dia akan malap dan lama2 padam .

  13. Anon 9.11.
    Well said mate. Sokong 101%. It's time we allow new gen to lead the country. There are a lot out there credible candidate ready to take responsibility. The Otais can stay home. Just keep fit jaga kesihatan and layan cucu.

    1. The difference... between Otais and New-Gen.

      Otais and their children has had enough of anything anyone could dream off in life.

      Whereas, the 'new gen' that you seems to hold in great esteem, might have a greater craving for power and wealth than all existing Otais put together.

      Better the devil you know than the angel you don't.

    2. Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again but expecting a different result.

      It will be a race to the bottom if we follow anon 15:46 logic.

  14. Nj n AZH....
    Berambus laaaa, bior TMN9 takes Over...

  15. No DUN election in Melaka, please.

  16. Tarik balik keputusan bubar DUN Melaka demi kepentingan nyawa rakyat, kata Mukhriz dari Parti Pejuang.

    Parti Pejuang@PejWang menegaskan tiada PRN di Melaka. Mudah difahami kenapa Mukhriz mahu PRN ditangguh. Parti Pejuang akan keseorangan.

    Tiada pakatan yang mahu berganding bahu dengan Parti Pejuang. Ramai general dari askar dalam Pejuang.

    Malah Pejuang tiada jentera, tiada kemudahan logistik malah menempel dan bertenggek sambil kudakan ahli dan jentera parti sekutu. Mengabis kan beras kalau bersekutu dengan Parti Pejuang.

    Parti Pejuang Tanahair sama sekali menolak tindakan Umno untuk mengadakan Pilihan Raya Negeri (PRN) Melaka susulan penarikan sokongan oleh empat Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) dari Umno dan Bersatu terhadap Ketua Menteri Datuk Seri Sulaiman Md Ali.

    Presiden Pejuang Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir berkata, pertelingkahan dalaman Umno tidak sepatutnya mengheret seluruh rakyat Melaka ke dalam kancah politik melalui pilihan raya yang tidak perlu ketika Melaka baru naik ke Fasa 3 Pelan Pemulihan Negara (PPN).

    Kekuatan Parti Pejuang hanya menyambung talian hayat Tun Mahathir di arena politik demi legasi nya. Kekuatan Pejuang demi merealisasikan cita cita Tun Mahathir jadikan anaknya sebagai Perdana Menteri.

    Serang dan serang Mukhriz@Boboi sampai jadi bermakna lenyap lah Parti Pejuang. Apa sangat lah dengan Parti PejWang tu, Tun dah keseorangan lonely pedulikan dia.

    Ayoh serang dan serang Boboi sampai lingkup.


  17. Keputusan bubar DUN didorong oleh perasaan hasad dengki, angkuh dah sombong...semua pemimpin Melaka menunjukkan taraf pemikiran yang cukup CETEK, akal yang cukup LEMAH..

    INGAT...semua rakyat MELAKA akan beri pengajaran yang sewajar pada pemimpin yang TAMAK, ANGKUH dan BAHALOL.

  18. Bossku didakwa dengan pantas sekali, kes suami Zety bila nak selesai.!?

    Hasil siasatan berkaitan dana 1MDB membabitkan suami bekas Gabenor Bank Negara Zeti Aziz, Dr Tawfiq Aiman, sepatutnya diumumkan perkembangan selepas disiasat polis sejak April lalu.

    April lalu, Pengarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Komersial Bukit Aman, Zainuddin Yaacob, berkata siasatan membabitkan suami Zeti itu dibuat mengikut Seksyen 4(1)9a) Akta Pencegahan Pengubahan Wang Haram, Pencegahan Pembiayaan Keganasan dan Hasil Daripada Aktiviti Haram.

    FMT sebelum ini melaporkan, polis Singapura berkongsi maklumat dengan Bank Negara (BNM) mengenai transaksi mencurigakan akaun bank milik syarikat suami dan anak Zeti, melibatkan wang daripada syarikat atau akaun bank dikaitkan dengan ahli perniagaan dikehendaki, Low Taek Jho, pada 2015 dan 2016.

    Jho Low lesap melambangkan betapa lemah dan haprak nya sistem penguatkuasaan di negara ini. AlJazera bole temuramah Jho Low sambil gentel telo. Pulis Malaysia buat apa..!?

    1. Najib buat bodo (konon) tak tahu menahu kena tipu & zahid mintak derma melalui money changer & firma guaman menunjuk kan betapa angkuh & haprak nya ahli politik tertinggi negara ini.

      Either that or dema ni bebal tak boleh di ajar. Pick whichever u prefer.

  19. My suggestion:

    1. The Election Commision should give a date say mid Nov with one requirement... NO PHYSICAL CAMPAIGNING ALLOWED. People should only make use of technology ( computer, handfon, SMS , Whatsapp, Telegram etc)

    2. If 1 cannot happen, then PH instead of coming with all sorts of statements as saying it's illegal etc etc, they should participate but don't do any campaigning. Just give name , then straight away go home. Don't have any kuncu kuncu follow them to the dewan during penamaan time

    Then just let UMNO, Bersatu , PAS and independent go and do campaigning if need be and if numbers of cases arise after that , then PH can just sit down and relax.

    Even tho this may potentially mean PH might loose the state election , so be it because after all there's only another 1 or 1.5 years to go before GE, so why bother with this ridiculous election.

    My thinking is even if action 2 is done, DAP will still win all its seats nd PKR may win about 60% of their current seats

    1. It is also possible that rakyat Melaka boycott the election.

      Don't go out to vote. Teach the politicans some lessons.

  20. The party that can come with an app like tiktok and basically flood their campaigning using that should win the race for modern type of campaigning.

    That kinda app is easily developed and these parties should engage the young local talents to create that.
    Forget all the old fashion tyronosaurus style of doing ceramah, making stupid jokes, khemah, karipap blah blah blah...nowadays people want to hear short crisp straight to the point speech....tiktok is taking away much of the space of existing popular apps...case in point insta and tweeter...

  21. 20:44, 22:35,
    Jangan pulau PRN. Undi itu tanggungjawab kita.
    Kalau bakaudarah2 ni besok datang kempen, kompol ramai2 tanya kelemaut2 ni semua balik apa kerja adun2 ni ? Berkelahi aje ke ? Sebab berkelahi pasal berebut projek ? Berkelahi rebut pangkat ke ? Mana dia janji khidmat terbaik untuk rakyat ? Tanya puas2 sampai calon2 adun ni berlendir telinga dan sampai serak tak keluau suara. Lahanat2 ni semua bila dah berpangkat mana ingatkan rakyat. Asak cukup2. Maki cukup. Nak undi, boleh kasi. Tak buat kerja, benamkan dalam pasir cepat2. Orang Melaka tolong ajaukan umno ni. Jegahak-kan jauh2 manusia suku umno ni. Dah tak boleh obat lagi dah. Hentam dulu cukup2. Bagitau calon2 adun ni kalau boleh kerja macam Tok Ali, kita undi. Kalau tak berani janji, cakap terus-terang kita pangkah lawan dia. Biar dia melutut. Ini le masa dia kita hamun puas2.