Tuesday 17 August 2021

Agong must upholds constitution, best way - settles Covid and then GE15

 I guess most of you all are happy that Muhyiddin resigned yesterday.

So, now what?

Let the Agong decides what to do, right?

If you ask me, I should say he must uphold the constitution.

That is to appoint the person who commands majority support in the Dewan Rakyat.

Yup, just like what he did after Dr Mahathir resigned last year.

But this time he should do it openly in Parliament.

No need to call the MPs for an interview like last time or all the other stuff, like the SD comedy.

Let everyone sees for themselves who vote for who.

That way no one can accuse the Agong of conspiring with the one appointed as PM....like when he appointed Muhyiddin last time, remember?

Next parliament sitting on Sept 6, Agong gives his opening speech, then the MPs vote, then the results announced, complete with who support who list.

Whoever gets the highest number of votes becomes the PM.

Well, that's democracy, I believe.

Of course, ideally Agong should already dissolved the Dewan yesterday after the government fell so that we can have a general election, but since it's Covid time, we can't have that.


The Agong actually shouldn't solely, use his kebijaksanaan to appoint the new PM and government as it would ends the same way as the Muhyiddin episode.

I know, I know, he interviewed the MPs and all that back then but still people said the Agong was scheming and everything.

Yeah, this time he has to make it open in Parliament.

Upholding democracy, as they should say.

But you know what, the nonsense will go on no matter who wins the vote of confidence.

Trust me on this.

That's because everyone in the Dewan thinks by right they are the ones who should be the PM.

Doesn't matter whether they have the majority or not.

Every few days there will still be calls for a motion of no confidence against the new PM and his government in the Dewan Rakyat.

The frogs will still be jumping from side to side as usual.

And the country have to continue suffering the fools.

But, what to do, that's democracy for you.


Or, the Agong can do this - don't let the clowns in Dewan Rakyat have the power to run the country until Covid is over.

Yeah, he could give back the power to the legislature only after the pandemic is over through a proper general election.

For now, let the civil service runs the country.

They are the experts anyway. 

The politicians mostly can talk only and appointing any of them as PM now wouldn't do much good. They will just have another fight and that's about all they are good at.

The Agong can supervise the civil servants with the help of the interim PM (who is Muhyiddin by the way, ehem, ehem, ehem).

We surely can manage without the stupidly selfish politicians for a few months, right?

Yeah, why not.

After all, the immunisation process is going very well and we'll soon achieve herd immunity, probably before end of the year.

Then we can have the general election.

Well, that's how I see it.

What? Anwar wants to be PM right very now so that he can use his magic to make Covid goes away?

Hehehehe.....come on la. Get real, okay.


  1. screw all these politicians. people r now suffering endlessly n they r really sick n tired of these politicians' jostling for power. in the long run, the country will be adversely affected. what to do. the scenario has now become like who wants to be the class monitor. oh dear, what a shame..to all these politicians..look yourselves in the mirror n tell us what u c..

  2. the bulk that do scheming was first come mainly from bersatu, umno and pas, next round is umno alone, your party involve in both, thats democracy for you?

  3. MAGERAN is the solution to avoid potitical quagmire. Let solve covid and economy first. When things settle we will hold election. Parliament can functions but let the experts solve these two problems. It is a fact that these politician with exception of a few have limited experience and limited knowhow to deal with calamity of this mangnitude.This is black swan situation

  4. -tlme for war cabinet now...get ready... penting nyawa rakyat....DAULAT TUANKU !

  5. The next PM should focus and put more priority on controlling the pandemic and no more bloated and many clueless 70 plus cabinet members. A unity Govt, including sourcing some of the best from opposition parties should be encouraged. Vaccination should be as easy as ABC as Mahiaddin said he has paid in full for 87M doses. The public health system can be upgraded on accelerated basis with the Army helping out. Once that is in place in the first 2 weeks, the rest will take care of itself. Subsequently economy reopen fully and I am sure our resilient economy will crawl back aggressively without fears of unnecessary unplanned suspicious lockdowns. Strict compliance of all SOP must be monitored tightly with the top showing the way.Any member of the new PM team got caught flouting the SOP is a red card and have to resign and never again be appointed anywhere else in the Govt or GLC.We don't need another durian fest or Kelantan cafe politicians. Similarly for the rakyat, you flout, you get yellow card and your mySejahtera will turn yellow and you cannot go anywhere for 2 weeks, your employers may even cut your salaries.This is better than fining them as RM200 is also a lot to the B40.With a unity Govt, I hope they will push to limit the PM tenure to 1 term (but can comeback after sitting out 1 term) and anti hopping law ( once you jump, seat declare vacant and by election and katak cannot contest again for 1 term) and every MPs get allocation to serve their constituency based on number of voters. PN's wishful homogeneous team have proved clueless time and again and its time to bring in the best of the best for the first time.

  6. Datuk Ken’ yang hidup mewah hasil aktiviti jenayah selama tujuh tahun sehingga memiliki aset bernilai puluhan juta ringgit berjaya dibongkar pihak polis baru-baru ini.

    Lelaki berusia 40 tahun itu yang merupakan ketua sindiket dipercayai menjalankan kegiatan perjudian online, perlombongan mata wang bitcoin dan syarikat pinjaman wang tanpa lesen atau ceti haram secara berperingkat sejak 2014.

    Hasil aktiviti haram tersebut, suspek berjaya memiliki 14 buah kenderaan mewah antaranya Lamborghini Huracan, BMW 8i, Nissan GTR dan Porsche Cayman.

    Lelaki itu yang sudah berkahwin turut mempunyai 14 buah banglo yang setiap satunya dianggarkan bernilai RM800,000 yang dibeli di kawasan perumahan sama.

    Ketua Polis Selangor, Datuk Arjunadi Mohamed berkata, perkara itu terbongkar selepas pihaknya menahan Datuk Ken dan isterinya yang berusia 41 tahun di Rawang menerusi operasi khas dinamakan Ops Datuk Ken pada 11 Ogos lalu.

    Datuk Ken ni mintak mintak tak lesap macam Datuk Kenny yang lesap zaman Ex IGP Hamit Bedol lantikan Tun Mahathir dolu. Tokey judi online yg tak bagi bodyguard puasa dulu pun si Hamid bawak ke mahkamah pakai baju jenama Polo sambil lengang kangkung.

    Jho Low yg lesap sampai sekarang dia bole kata Jho Low bertukar jadi beruang. Justo lesap depan hidung Tun pun Hamid Bedol buat bodoh ajer..!!

    Ada ati nak buat MAGERAN makin bertambah lesap lah Jho Low dan gangnya

  7. Aisay Annie....PH shd continue to rule as they were given d mandate by the people. The choice of the people must b respected. Is this so difficult to comprehend.

    1. Kenapa pulak PH kena perintah?
      Rakyat/ pengundi pilih MP.Jika MP2 yg bergabung ada majoriti di parlimen , bolih bentuk kerajaan dan lantik PM pilihan.
      PH nak perintah semula bolih jika ada majoriti.Tak bolih lah serah secara otomatik .Dinamik politik dalam demokrasi ni mudah.
      PH ada majoriti bentuk kerajaan.
      PH tiada majoriti bubar kerajaan.
      MP jadi katak lompat tidak salah dalam sistem demokrasi sebab tidak langgar undang2.
      Ingat tak lepas PRU 15 ?????
      Ramai MP lain lompat masuk PH , betul tak? Majoriti PH bertambah.semua penyokong suka.( tak pertikai mandat rakyat pun)
      Bila MP2 lompat keluar , PH jadi hilang majoriti dan PM kena letak jawatan.kerajaan bubar.PH jadi pembangkang.
      Ni semua fakta sejarah.Belot,khianat,tipu & kurang moral,,ni semua orang politik buat(PH,BN , PAS sama saja).

      Kesimpulan saya , Jika MP2 PH ada majoriti mudah silakan bentuk kerajaan dan nama kan PM pilihan.
      Mudah sahaja.

  8. Sebenarnya mandat pengundi dan bukan rakyat. Bukan semua rakyat itu pengundi. Kombinasi undi BN dan PAS melebihi PH. Ini maknanya, majoriti pengundi tolak PH. Majoriti PH ialah kerusi sahaja.

  9. "We surely can manage without the stupidly selfish politicians for a few months, right?"

    Ehhhhh ehhh ehhhh.....

    Two days ago you wanted the helicopter thief, now lain ceriter pulak?

    If you flip-flop any more, you can be PM, Annie!

    1. You need to learn how to read properly. Last time I was writing about Muhyiddin's most probable choice to suggest to Agong la. Not my choice, okay. Sigh, itu pun nak kena ajar.

    2. Agong can supervise the civil servants with the help of the interim PM (who is Muhyuddin by the way, ehem, ehem, ehem).

      Really, Annie? Why should Agong be a shit-cleaner and why should Agong get fireman help from the arsonist himself.

      This might help you. Pls read someone outside PWTC, Finance Twitter (verbatim) below to understand the real shit facing whomever next PM.

      “Clearly Muhyiddin was reluctant to let go of his power. Not only he becomes the shortest serving prime minister in the history of Malaysia, his short 17-month legacy will be known by historians and students as an era of SOP U-turns, policy flip-flops, double standards, incompetence, hypocrisy, corruption, Coronavirus mishandling, economic mismanagement and of course – illegitimacy.

      On March 1, 2020, the day he was sworn in as the 8th Prime Minister, the country had only 29 Coronavirus cases and “zero death” under the previous Pakatan Harapan government. Today, after 17 months under his clueless and incompetent Perikatan Nasional regime, the country saw a total of 1,424,639 infections and 12,784 deaths. He can argue until the cows come home, but the blood is on his hands.

      Last year, under Perikatan Nasional, unemployment rate has skyrocketed to 4.8%, foreign direct investments (FDI) has dropped by 68%, some 32,000 small-and-medium-businesses have closed down, Fitch Ratings’ has downgraded Malaysia’s credit rating from A- to BBB+ and economy – GDP – has plunged by 5.6% – the worst contraction since the 1998 Asian Financial Crisis.
      Coronavirus - Malaysia Shops Closed Down - Covid-19 Lockdown

      As of June 2021, 30% of shops at shopping malls had closed down and 300,000 workers in retail industries nationwide had lost their jobs over the past 16 months due to failure of the government in containing the pandemic. SME Association of Malaysia also warned that at least 50,000 more small-and-medium-enterprises (SMEs), especially in retail and food and beverages, may be out of business.

      In early July, former Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar admitted that up to 580,000 businesses – representing 49 % of the micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) sector – are at risk of closing down by October. Malaysia’s MSME sector accounts for close to 40% of the country’s GDP.

      IBM, Hyundai, Shell, T‑Systems, Citibank and HSBC are just some of the companies that had either retrenched or relocated to neighbouring countries due to the government’s incompetence and uncertainty over its policies. Heck, even chambers of commerce of German, Japan and the Netherlands had written to express their displeasure over Muhyiddin government’s half-baked SOPs.
      Coronavirus - Malaysia

      Today (August 16), as Muhyiddin reluctantly resigned, Fitch Solutions has warned of a stagnant economy for the rest of 2021 after revising Malaysia gross domestic product (GDP) growth forecast to 0% from 4.9%. Fitch also highlighted that Malaysia’s total government debt has already exceeded its self-imposed debt limit of 60% of GDP (64.6% of GDP at the end of the first quarter of 2021).

      With unemployment climbed to 4.8% in June from 4.5% in May, how could Muhyiddin claim that his regime had done a good job? Those who live by the sword, die by the sword. Even if Muhyiddin does not believe in “karma”, he should believe in divine retribution or God’s punishment for traitors who betrayed their own friends and allies. After everything he had done, he deserves it....”

    3. Well, all countries hit by Covid. All countries suffered economically duh. Even if Pakatan still in power the story likely the same. Maybe worse.

    4. Yeah but didn’t the Chief Shit Stirrer of PN, when justifying the Sheraton Move on March 1, 2020 had bet PN were forced to takeover from PH otherwise there will be more Covid deaths coming.

      No rocket science needed, 0 vs 13,000 deaths straight-up the Sandakan blur-man lose the bet and deserved to lose his clothes from his already undressed body, lol.

      U sud thank his genius MITI kilang essential service-rule for the massacre!

    5. Annie 17 August 2021 at 15:06

      This is Moo's opinion, or yours?

      "The only one I could think of to fit that is Hishammuddin.


      I know that the Agong will be okay with Hishammuddin, who is married to his cousin."

      KIh kih kih....

      "Annie's Cousin Theory".

      Apply for copyright, okay?

      Sigh, itu pun nak kena ajar.

    6. Ok, my fault. Layan org bodoh.

    7. Layan ok lah tu Annie.....jgn jadi bodoh, ye : )

  10. Nampaknya game Tun sudah dibaca oleh Mahyuddin dan PN . Kuasa penentu bukan berpihak pada Tun dan Mukhriz dan sebagai penentu. Malam ini tawar menawar dan katak katak saling lompat melompat.

    Selamat tinggal PejWang gud bye Tun dan Boboi.... Nasib kau Boboi dan Tun tak mudah selepas ini.

    Ditelan mati boboi diluah pun boboi mati. Gi mampos Mageran..!!

  11. Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim selepas jumpa Agong cukup lunak suara nya.

    Mana perginya suara "I have a numbers, its legitimid and coherent consensus.."

    Ditemui pemberita di Istana Negara sesuai pertemuan dengan Yang di-Pertuan Agong dan timbalan baginda, Anwar berkata Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah mengingatkan semua ketua parti politik bahawa negara dalam krisis kesihatan, politik dan ekonomi, dan mahu semua pihak bermuafakat menanganinya.

    “Maknanya yang menang jangan jadi seperti yang pernah berlaku – memakan orang yang kalah,” katanya kepada pemberita.

    Ketua pembangkang itu berkata ketua-ketua parti yang hadir memberikan pandangan masing-masing pada pertemuan itu.

    “Semua nampak ada konsensus hentikan politik lama dengan cara hukum dan harus jurus semula ke arah membangun,” katanya.

    Anwar berkata isu yang dibincangkan dalam pertemuan itu bukan sahaja mengenai pelantikan seorang Perdana Menteri baharu, tetapi menggagas bentuk politik baharu “yang lebih aman dan nyaman untuk rakyat”.... wahh lunak sungguh suara bangau itu...


  12. Oh Malaysia ku... politics of negotiation...dalam rakyat tak ada duit boleh nego juta2...semua membabi buta...ikut nafsu serakah jahanam...Dari yang tua bangka sampai yang muda muda tongok....SEMUA MULUT BAU TAIK...SEKOQ SEKOQ MAU CALIT TAIK LEMBU....

  13. Menang jadi arang kalah jadi abu.

    In Malaysia politics, this cannot be further from the truth. Those days of having a stable government that had brought progrese has gone pass and would never visit us again. When politics is not about serving the voters and the rakyat but only about serving individuals and parties' ego, Malaysia will never get out of this disease.




  15. wow,Ismail Sabri?

    Hancurlah UMNO

    1. tengok Kabinet dulu, saya ingat orang GLC can stay.

      But no confidence in DSIS in managing the situation. I have looked at his career and it is not inspirational, not much was done at any of the ministries he helmed except those things that was sound and fury to his base.

      No long term and deep dive to actually improve things.
      TSMY the same.

      They may be good politicians and how TSMY organised his cabinet and appointed those policitians to GLC's and Universities was a masterclass in politics but not much else.

      I can't see DSIS being any more but who knows, may surprise us all, one can only hope

      Put he is under more pressure than TSMY, UMNO will want him to undercut Bersatu and remove them from key positions while he will want to keep them on side.

      The new cabinet will reveal all.


    2. How TSMY organised his cabinet and appointed those policitians to GLC's and Universities was a masterclass in BRIBERY but not much else.

  16. Anwar disokong 105 MP adalah Palsu.

    Dakwaan kononnya Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim disokong oleh 105 ahli parlimen sah palsu dan direka untuk cuba mempengaruhi ahli-ahli parlimen yang enggan menandatangani Surat Akuan Bersumpah sokongan untuk berbuat demikian secepat mungkin.

    Seperti biasa, kem Anwar tengah sibuk mewar-warkan kononnya Anwar sudah mengumpul sokongan seramai 105 ahli parlimen menggunakan portal-portal media yang dianggap “Anwar friendly.”

    Malangnya, Anwar gagal lagi mengumpul surat akuan bersumpah dari semua ahli parlimen Pakatan Harapan, termasuk sekumpulan dari PKR yang tidak begitu cenderung ke arah pelantikan Anwar sebagai Perdana Menteri.

    Jika benar Anwar memiliki sokongan 105 ahli parlimen, saya cabar Anwar menerbitkan surat akuan bersumpah kesemua 105 ahli parlimen berkenaan di portal-portal utama yang dikira “Anwar friendly.”

    Saya cabar Anwar berbuat demikian sebelum 12 malam ini jika benar surat-surat akuan ini sudah berada dalam tangannya sekarang.

    Raggie Jassey

    1. Anonymous17 August 2021 at 23:00

      Posting stuff written by skinny mamak drug addicts does nothing for your credibility, bro : )

    2. Encik Raggie, YDPA dah arahkan supaya kandungan dan nama di dalam setiap SD adalah sulit dan tidak boleh dedahkan.

      Semestinya setiap ahli parlimen perlu menghantar setiap surat secara persendirian.

      Saya tak faham bagaimana SD atau surat berkaunan boleh dikumpul oleh sesiapa tetapi laporan berita mengumumkan TSMY telah mengumpul 35 SD dari ahli parliment bersatu dan rakan rakan sekutunya.

      Saya tidak lihat berita sedemikian dari parti-parti lain

  17. Anwar Ibrahim (PH) 105 undi. Ismail Sabri (UMNO) 106 undi

    Difahamkan, setakat ini Ismail Sabri memiliki jumlah majoriti tertinggi bagi mewakili sebelah blok Perikatan Nasional (PN) dan calon pembangkang, Pakatan Harapan (PH) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim masih bergelut dalam memujuk beberapa orang kem Presiden UMNO, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

    Daripada maklumat terkini, Ismail Sabri memiliki 106 Ahli Parlimen (MP) yang menyokongnya sebagai calon PM.

    Bagaimanapun, terdapat lima orang termasuk Zahid dalam UMNO yang tidak menyokongnya, antaranya Datuk Seri Najib Razak dan Ahli Parlimen Gua Musang Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

    Pujuk guna air liur tumpoo yeopp..!!

    1. Aiyoh, BN dengan sebulat suara telah melantik DSIS, siapa Ketua BN?

  18. Sikit sikit anwar punya pasal. Muhiddin jatuh sebab sapa? Anwar ka? Gang umno yg jatuhkan Muhiddin.. Ingat betul betul. Apabila kerajaan tumbang, Pembangkang sepatutnya jadi kerajaan baru. Ini konvensi demokrasi.

  19. To get real, from "strong, formidable and convincing numbers" to "adequate numbers", and now, hemming and hawing about the magic 111 number, these are all real. The whole nation, not only PH, is now solely relied on him to produce the magic number in order to claim the throne to conquer Perdana Putra, which he had been deprived of decades ago. Yes, the Last Samurai of nation saviour is about to rise from the rubble to help retrieve everything back to normalcy in a snap of fingers. He sure has the magic likens to something his family always praises to the skies. So, how can we not put high hope on him? Even the Covid would listen and take heed of his command to go away provided that he is being given the chance to rule the country. He fits the bill to be our next PM owing to his extraordinary inclination and lust for natural and unnatural things that would definitely make a whole lot more wonders for us to cherish in future. You just can't reject a perfectly wonderful great leader in time of need, can you?

  20. UMNO wants to put the PM, next appointment is the Home Minister and AG to release the kleptokrats from court cases. Covid, economy? The robbers are back....good luck all.

  21. "For now, let the civil service runs the country."

    A lot of the corruption involves the civil service

    They are not clean hands and angels

  22. Nak pilih PM to lead this nation tolong ambik perhatian bab umuq juga ya. 2021 statistic shows populasi kita above 64yrs r made up of merely 8%.. we need young leaders tau..

    Zaman skrg dah byk berubah.. canggih faham tak?? a 17yr old boy like Vitalik Buterin mampu mmberi sumbangan kpd dunia. Contoh my kids easily can earn an average of RM5K monthly by just following this man and his visions. Generasi muda skrg not interested dgn pemimpin2 tin kosong ya..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  23. Will a govt full of the same contradictions be able to hold?

    But what is surprising is for all the noise and drum beating before, once something is achieved they were able with speed to jump on a decision and be cohesive.

    May that be a portend to good things.... until the next set of drum beats

  24. Pada pemimpin Melayu yang acah acah power Melayu Islamik, Acah acah power Melayu, acah acah melayu retorik berpuisi sajak bagai, menteri sijil sijil palsu, menteri yang tak berfungsi lansung dan katak katak lompat, makan gaji buta, kejap islamik kejap liberal dan plural masa kau berlakon dah tammat.

    Kami tunggu kamu PRU 15

    Rakyat dah FED UP dan meluat dengan kamu..!!

  25. Once upon a time..."I support the security of Israel nation...bla bla bla..."

  26. Ke mana gerangan Parti PejWang lepas ini dah lah cawangan tak ada, ahli ke laut dalam berapa juta keahlian PejWang.

    PRU dah dekat apa jadi pada nasib Boboi dan apaknya. PrjWang nak jadi kuasa pengimbang dah melingkup.

    Bila PRU 15 nak jadi calon kat mana.? Jentera parti pun tak ada. Nak harap sambil kudakan jentera rakan sekutu sambil melaung laungkan suara retorik acah acah Melayu Islamik rakyat dah meluat mendengarnya...!!

    Boboi dan apak boboi zaman senang lenang sambil mengkudakan jentera parti sekutu dah berlalu. Apak dan anak kena buat sendiri usaha sendiri pasang kemah, pasang bendera PejWang dan tampal poster sendiri ..!! Upah bangla dan buruh India kerala pasang poster PejWang.

    Bole lah anak cucu kesayangan "all my bitchs love me' dan anak cucu mabuk langgar SOP panjat tiang tampal poster PejWang dan kibar bendera PejWang sendiri.!!

    Rakyat dah meluat perangai fitnah jijik lidah bercabang.!!


    1. tahun 70'an makan "sushi" dan minum "sake", "kimchi", "beef noodle"
      tahun 80'an, 90'an mat salleh berlaja makan "sambal belacan"
      2000'an berlaja makan "itik peking" dan minum "maou-taik"

      sikalang mula berlaja "berak tepi tali air sawah" sama sama Viet Kong

      Pindah ke VietCong selpas covid-19
      Recent outbreaks of Covid-19 are disrupting plans by Apple, Google, Amazon and their key

      suppliers to shift production from China to Vietnam as governments tighten border controls

      to contain outbreaks of new variants of the virus.

      Google’s upcoming Pixel 6 smartphone range, for example, will be built in China even though

      the company had planned to move production of the handsets to northern Vietnam early last

      year, four people familiar with the matter said.

  27. Seems almost foregone conclusion that Ismail may win. Even those UMNO 10 are agreeing to this. That says something! Think some DAP and PKR fellas with brains will now be kicking their arses for not supporting what Tony and OKM were suggesting.
    Opportunity for real reforms were staring at their eyes and now will be violently taken away…not just taken away but taken with 2 fingers being shown to them to boot!

    Imagine a party that got kicked out in last GE now potentially becomes a PM!! The stupidity is immense to just even fathom! PM was gracious enough to elect a non political person to become finance minister and I believe during this time money was used for the good of people ( COVID thingy), 1MDB money was recouped by the billions, he was not skint and stingy like the previous failed accountant FM and gracious to give money directly into the hands of Malaysians, basically money not stupidly used for party purposes but for good of rakyat.

    Now with that potential party to come back what do you guys think? Old habits die hard mate!

    Till today I still cannot understand how are people so stupid to say that the PN govt failed to take care of COVID. Blardy hell, this virus is a raging storm and you need all sorts of expertise and quick measures to contain it, even then new variants come and back to square 1. How stupid can one think that by changing a leader all will be honky dory. Sometimes I wonder what the heck do these people learnt in school.

    Just imagine..
    Money poured by the billions to help people hardship. Eh nothing is ever enough ok, they need to work with available money. Vaccines being procured by the billions and they frantically jump over to find money to secure this. New emergency hospitals and make do shifts being done quickly to cater for avalanche of patients ( MAEPS, Army hospital etc etc). Doctors and frontliners given extra help but of course it can be better but resource are tight, etc etc etc. Unfortunately deaths are a given for this . No doubt mistakes are made ( Sabah election, school opened up too early) but don’t take these small mistakes against the other bigger things that are put in measures. Anyway whatever is said , people already made their mind up and it will never sink into their kernels!

    SO now, yes Good Luck. Kick up your arse for not taking the last minute straws given by the PM.

    Do you numbskulls now think GE will happen next year? What do you think about the court cases? DO you think there will be passion to go after whatever IMDB money left out there to bring back? More importantly do you think Finance Ministryship will be run by professional like what PN did? You guys were asked to be patient for 10 months till July next year, but you cannot even do that!

    Now reap what you sow.

    1. Rightly said bro, good riddance to them n to Mr Forever PM tepi, served them well

    2. Boss why you whining about PH and not Zahid and Gang?

      Who did this? Why so buta?

    3. Errr how in God's name did you think any agreement for reform could have occured with Muhyiddin without PAS and UMNO and even some Bersatu MP's pulling out completely from PN? Then everything would have collapsed.

      Everything is a Sandiwara to get to this point, UMNO PM replaces Bersatu PM, that's it. Everything else is just a side show.

  28. I'm more concerned as to whether whoever replaces Muhyiddin and his government will be able to do a better job to handle the COVID-19 crisis and its negative impact upon the economy, business, employment and education.

    As for unstable governments with slim majorities of seats in parliament and the practice of frogging, I doubt that it will end after GE15, since the days of a large 13-party coalition - i.e. Barisan Nasional winning a comfortable majority of seats in parliament, including more than a two-thirds majority ended with GE14 and most BN member parties, including Sabah & Sarawak parties left.

    Moving forward, I foresee that no party, pact or coalition will win a majority of seats in parliament, so like what happens in continental European countries which practice a proportional representation voting system, they will have to form post-election coalitions which together have over 50% of seats in parliament to be able to form a government, which will very likely have a slim majority and inherently unstable.

  29. If covid 19 variant DELTA++ come to shore.
    start looking "six foot" under plots
    insted of worry which to vote GE15

  30. if stupid no more pm not perform, we shd let ismail sabri try, he seem to be the most capable from umno, else he wont chosen as dpm. and he have good experience dealing with covid.

  31. Akhirnya benar pendedahan Ahli Parlimen DAP, Tony Pua yang mendakwa Anwar tidak memiliki majoriti dan hari ini Setiausaha Agung DAP, Lim Guan Eng pula terpaksa merayu kepada Presiden Warisan, Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal bagi pihak Anwar.

    Ini membuktikan bahawa Presiden PKR itu nyata sama sekali tidak akan dapat menjadi PM seperti yang dicita-citakannya.

    Sifir mudah, Bersatu dan PAS tidak akan membiarkan blok pembangkang Pakatan Harapan (PH) yang majoritinya terdiri daripada Ahli-ahli Parlimen (MP) bukan Melayu bumiputera untuk mentadbir kerajaan pusat.

    Anwar nampaknya mabuk kuasa dan khayal dengan retorik politik sehingga memaksa rakyat turut terlibat dalam huru-hara yang dicetuskan kumpulannya yang terdiri daripada Zahid dan konco-konconya.

    Lebih malang Tony menyatakan rakan-rakan parti blok pembangkang DAP dan Amanah boleh percaya bulat-bulat kepada Anwar.

    Menurut Tony Pua, kini DAP dan Amanah diheret sekali dalam kancah politik dan mereka nampaknya sekali lagi ditipu Anwar yang kononnya sudah memiliki majoriti.

    Agenda Daily awal lagi meramalkan Anwar bakal terjerat dengan strategi yang dicaturnya, berkali-kali dipesan supaya tidak percaya dengan Zahid.

    Lebih lagi teruk Presiden UMNO Zahid lansung tak percaya pada dirinya saat akhir U-turn sokong Ismail Sabri sebagai calon PM ke 9.

    Nampaknya tekaan Tony Pua UMNO kembali dominan menjadi kenyataan.

    Telahaan Tony Pua calon PM baharu akan menjadi milik UMNO yang akan kembali menjadi dominan di Putrajaya akhirnya menjadi kenyataan.

  32. GPS clever, let Agong decide, if Agong think Turtle Sabri is a smart, good, clean PM that can manage the country, economy and covid.....it will now be charge under Agong account.
    Once bitten twice shy??

    Bersatu, Umno, pasing here and pasing there...ahahaha.....the rakyat knows what's going on and watching. Court cases? Appoint Zahid as Minister of Law....and Najib as Home Minister. Problem solve for kleptocrat, all the scheming work.
    The same traitors that make fall the PH, and the traitors that make fall the PN.
    Yes, Agong is a wise king to put the fate of Malaysia again to these traitors.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....BWAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHA
    This is the extend of the government of the Malay, by the Malay for the Malay capable of......This lah...what a joke to the whole world...

    1. First, GPS is only respecting the request from YDPA to keep the nominations confidential.

      Second, you are a racist stem cell

    2. Anon 18:03
      Wahh..syok ah kutuk & maki Melayu.Awak orang bangsa apa? Duduk dalam Malaysia ke?
      Jika duduk dalam Malaysia pasti awak pandai berlakun dan pura pura baik jika ada urusan dengan Melayu.
      Ya..betul komen anon 18:46 ," racist stem cell "

    3. Anonymous18 August 2021 at 18:03

      Agong is not choosing, he is appointing someone he believes has the confidence of the majority

      Faham tak Consitutional Monarchy and their role?

      if not go and learn instead of your racial comments - just a troll

  33. Serangan seksual, Anwar cabar saman Yusoff Rawther. Peguam Yusoff ialah Hanif Katari yg sllu bela Tun Mahathir. Boboi dan Tun baru lepas mengundi siapa jadi calon PM ke 9. Kalau Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim tak faham jugak tak tau apa nak kata dah..!!

    Anwar Ibrahim akan mencabar saman bekas pembantu penyelidiknya yang mendakwa diserang secara seksual, tiga tahun lalu, kata peguam ketua pembangkang itu.

    “Kami baru menerima writ saman dan pernyataan tuntutan hari ini. Kami akan melawannya,” kata Ranjit Singh dari Tetuan Ranjit Singh & Yeoh kepada FMT.

    Mengikut prosedur, peguam Anwar akan menghadiri pengurusan kes pada 9 September ini.

    Peguam Mahajoth Singh yang mewakili plaintif, Muhammed Yusoff Rawther, mengesahkan tarikh itu.

    Yusoff, 28, memfailkan saman pada 15 Julai lalu di Mahkamah Tinggi menerusi Tetuan Abd Halim Ushah & Associates.

    Lepas mengundi siapa calon PM ke 9 kes cabul pun naik balik. Siapa punya kerja ini tentu musuh dalam selimut Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim punya kerja. Mungkin musuh dalam selimut brother sedang panas bontot. Maklumlah nak jadi kuasa pengimbang percaturan memilih PM - 9 dah melingkup tengah jalan.

    1. LTTE, ADIB, UMMAH, COMMUNIST, NO DAP, GAY CASE, SEKS VIDEO.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....BWAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA...WAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! No need go Oxford to study political science, when Anwar near power, all these playbook bring up by DUMNO operatives. Mahaidin oh Mahaidin....LTTE is opening new base in Penang.....they are hiding inside Lim Guan Eng tunnel


    Issshhhh..!! ishhh.. tak payah lah Tun

    Hang pi lah kawan dengan Nuar iIbrahim tu udah laaa... ari tu kan Tun sama sama kumpul kat Dataran Merdeka dengan gang baju hitam..!!

    Hang lupa kaa, hang dengan boboi dok skali sebelah Nuat Ibrahin kat Dataran Merdeka !

    Cepat sangat hang lupa Tun...!!

    Ke mana hang nak bawak Parti PejWang lepas ini!? Hang dah lah cawangan tak ada, ahli ke laut dalam. Hang dah kira ka berapa juta keahlian PejWang la nihh..?

    PRU dah dekat apa jadi pada nasib hang dan Boboi .. hang pikiaq la sendiri..!!

    PrjWang nak jadi kuasa pengimbang dah melingkup ke longkang. Kan itu strategi hang ari tu..!

    Bila PRU 15 mai nanti hang nak jadi calon kat mana.? Jentera parti pun tak ada. Tak kan hang nak harap jentera rakan sekutu buat kerja sambil melaung laungkan suara retorik acah acah Melayu Islamik. Ishh geli dengaq hang dok teriak lagu tuhh..

    Hang tau tak rakyat dah meluat mendengarnya...!!

    Zaman hang anak beranak senang lenang sambil mengkudakan jentera parti sekutu dah berlalu.

    Hang dan boboi anak beranak kena lah buat sendiri.. Hang usaha lah sendiri pasang kemah, pasang bendera PejWang dan tampai poster gambaq hang sendiri ..!!

    Bole lah anak cucu kesayangan "all my bitchs love me' dan anak cucu mabuk langgar SOP buat kerja skett..

    Hang pi la kerah anak cucu hang tu suh panjat tiang tampal poster PejWang dan kibar bendera PejWang skali.!!

    Susah susah Hang pi upah jaa Bangla dan buruh India Kerala pasang poster tuk parti PejWang..!! Duit hang kan banyak 10 keturunan pun tak abis makan..

    Rakyat dah meluat dengan perangai lidah bercabang hang tuuu.!!