Wednesday 3 February 2021

Lets make Khaled Nordin a Czar

 I saw this yesterday and I laughed,

Umno veep suggests new czar & more comprehensive plan to battle Covid-19

Did Khaled Nordin really used the word CZAR, like in the Russian king?


Politicians and their bombastic expressions....sigh.

Anyway, why would people want to care about what Khaled Nordin said.

Well, if they care, then let just make the guy the czar that he proposed. 

After all, Khaled Nordin is exceptional.

He took over as Johor MB in 2013, did nothing really, and led BN there to the worse defeat of the coalition in GE14.

He lost the parliament and state seats that he contested and BN got trounced in its once stronghold of Johor.

Yet, Umno people made him their vice-president. Stupid Umno people.

And the guy even got himself appointed by the Muhyiddin government as Boustead chairman, which comes with a more than nice salary.

That's exceptional, isn't it?

Nowadays, he's issuing statements like that one.

Once a while he also even criticised Muhyiddin's government which gave him the nice job to suit Umno grassroots negative sentiment.

Ya, lets make him a czar.

Khaled Nordin the Czar...hehehe

Khaled the Czar?

Oh, he should try run for the Umno deputy president post in the next party election. Why not, right?

Whatever lah.

Okay, I confess - I'm still sore with the guy after what he did to my Johor after 2013.

I really did lose quite a bit of my love for my home state after the mess that he did there.

Now, I'm really more at home in Pahang.

In fact, I'm now in Kuantan.

Staying at my best friend's place not far from the Istana Sultan Abdul Aziz, which is the actual home of Yang DiPertuan Agong Sultan Abdullah.

In fact, I can take a 15 minutes leisurely walk from where I'm writing now and be at the palace gate.

I love this place. Very peaceful, comfortable and quiet.

Perfect for a retreat from the MCO which has now been extended until Feb 18.

Well, as if things would get any better after that.

Do you think if Khaled Nordin is the czar in charge of things, Covid-19 will go away?

Nah, I don't think so.

I think most of you all are like me, resigned to fate.

What? New record high in number of cases?


New MCO? 


We have became numb.

The only concern is whether I still have a job or not.

Need to makan, okay.

The only good thing this time around, is that I now have a dartboard at home for the lockdown. I can practise and hopefully improve my game.

Like this Japanese guy living in Hong Kong whose videos I love so much,

You may noticed from the video that there is a Malaysian flag at his home.

He may have visited our country and loves it quite a bit.

It actually reminds me of our country's better days.

Hopefully, we could have such days again.



  1. You can laugh, Annie, but listen to Dr Dzul.

    The gomen is clueless.

    The much-praised Dee Gee was saying MCO "four weeks max".

    Foot in mouth.

    Word is, the Backdoor Boys are using him now as a political prop.

    You think the current "Minister" ha ha of Health knows what he's doing?

    You really think these morons cared about US when they begged YDPA to save them from being kicked out of power?

    1. need to replace that kesian-hitan montori stooge and two deputies.
      annine you think will Dr Hisam fly to mecca for umrah and better feeling like Dr Fauci being mereka from donal-tdumped.
      now life is a choke for the DG, insufficient reagen, insufficient PPE. pfizer vaccine no date,
      manjority frontliners are at last squeeze.
      reality if got choice likely the frontliners will leave.

  2. What we are going through right now should be called health crisis. We used to endured financial/economic crisis which cycyle every 10 years. Health crisis is extremely rare and usually happen in some parts of the world.

    In the late 80’s our main commodity export prices fell down sharply which precipitated an economic crisis. Asian financial crisis in 1998/1999 brought Asian economies to its knees and subprime crisis or mortgage crisis in 2008 originated in the US spook and shaken the world.

    Health crisis has a cycle of every 100 years. Spanish flu which became global pandemic happened in 1920. It takes 4 to 5 years for the virus to completely dissapeared with medicine and medical sciences that they have had at that time. After a 100 years, health crisis returned which quickly becomes global pandemic due to highly lethal flu virus, the COVID 19 virus.

    In order to bring this health crisis under control, at this stage, in current circumstances where daily number of cases reported constantly above 4 thousand, 3 things need to be done. Listen carefull DG Hisham:

    1. At this point of time, MCO is too little too late. The virus is already in the community. Meaning in 1000 people, 10 people already carrying the virus wether detected or undetected. The only option is to roll out the vaccine as soon as possible and to as many people as possible.

    2. We need confidence vaccine means the vaccines purchased must be more than 90% potent so you no longer pass the virus to other people.

    3. We need enough of our population to be vaccinatrd in order to create herd immunity. If we managed to get 70% of population inoculated, the virus will find it lself hard to transmit itself to the next healthy person; right, left and center.

    If the virus find human bodies around them have been jabbed by potent Pfizer bioNtech vaccine, AzraZeneca vaccine, Sinovac vaccine, Moderna vaccine, Sputnik V vaccine or Gamayela vaccine, the virus will fast weakening and die natural death. Not long after it will completely dissapear if the fertile ground (human body) they used to breed no longer compatible and condusive for them to multiple and procreate.

  3. Kerala Vs Kerala: Siapa Akan Menang?

    Tan Sri Thomas Thomas @ Mohan, atau Tan Sri Tommy Thomas, sangat kecewa dengan Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, khususnya kerana meletakkan jawatan sebagai Perdana Menteri secara tiba-tiba sekali gus menggulingkan Kerajaan PH, terpapar dengan jelas dalam buku beliau, malah pada muka surat 509-510 buku beliau Tan Sri Tommy menyifatkan Tun Dr Mahathir sebagai “pengkhianat sangat besar”.


    1. The 2nd worst AG in Malaysia History, after Apandi. Now, he bites the hand who had appointed him the AG for 22 months. What a heartless and feckless human he exposed himself! Kicking people around at the behest of his boss whilst the nation is politically suffering the most. Stupid Tom.

    2. Monday, 1 February 2021
      The need to not be hasty and emotional
      I agree with these lawyers,

      Absurd to jail man 1,050 years for rape, say lawyers

      if isis style #ruu355 already thrown into fires together gay semburits

    3. anyway, gonna achieve 300,000

    4. "Now, he bites the hand who had appointed him the AG for 22 months. What a heartless and feckless human he exposed himself!"

      Yes, Atuk you mean?

      He's finally gone insane.

      Read his long, defensive blog post and pick out all the logical flaws.

      Fact is, Atuk was working all along to destabilise the gomen and the Three Stooges led by Larut played to his ego.

      And then played him out.

  4. Karela vs Karela rakyat ketawa guling guling terbahak bahak..

    1. Dalam tulisan terbaru Tun Mahathir, dua kali beliau mengaku tiada majoriti untuk bentuk semula kerajaan. Di para 18 dan 26 jelas beliau nyatakan "Anwar peroleh 92 sokongan dan saya cuma mendapat 62 sokongan". Tun dakwa kalau 92 tu juga sokong Tun makna kata Tun dapat majority 2/3 jadi PM.

    2. Maknanya, Tun rakyat tak bodoh bangang lagi dah. Makna kata ikut demokrasi sokongan yang Anwar lah yang dapat lebih daripada Tun. Anwar lah yang lebih kuat daripada Tun. Wahai Tun rakyat tak bangang untuk menilai.!!

    3. Kenapa perlu Anwar beralah dan serah jawatan PM kepada Tun?

    4. Pemimpin yang ada lebih majoriti dituduh gila kuasa, manakala pemimpin yang sikit sokongan nak jadi PM kali ketiga tak gila kuasa?

    5. Kalau benar ikhlas nak tubuh kerajaan semula selepas dikhianati, kenapa tak serah saja kepada Anwar? Suruh saja 62 sokongan yang Tun ada untuk menyokong Anwar. Tun boleh berhujah "Sokong Anwar bererti sokong saya." Itu kalau Tun ikhlas la. Tapi apa kami nampak sebaliknya.

    6. Tun dah letak jawatan, kemudian nak jadi PM semula, Tun sedar tak apa Tun buat ni?

    7. Cukuplah Tun. Tak tau lah nak gelak ka atau nak nangis. Haahh sila lah ber gadoh lagi dan rakyat nak tepok saja..!!

  5. As usual, East Mal gets neglected...

    "SIBU: More than 1,000 people in Sibu district are in desperate need of food aid after having lost their jobs or income following the closure of their work sectors due to the enforcement of the movement control order (MCO) since Jan 16.

    Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) Sibu branch chairman Chambai Lindong said those affected were from rural areas working as general labourers, cooks and helpers at coffee shops, restaurants and bistros, helpers at hair salons, electricians and welders, lorry drivers and attendants, shop assistants, security guards and cleaners.

    He said since Jan 26, they had submitted their names through the SDNU Sibu branch to apply for the food aid but many complained they had not received the “Sarawakku Sayang” food assistance."

    Even Sabah, where Pantat Nasional now rules, is in terrible shape.

    Never mix up Politicians and Human Beings, that is the lesson.

    Especially in Malaysia.

  6. Damansara Kuantan memang very nice...

    1. annine ani idea why moo moo all sudden fly to jakarta.
      any things from your "very highly accurate" fake news sorces and supportive bloggers.
      ah, PMO must say scheduled since last march after sheraton move.

      bet ass0min. some nice LGBT sauna di jakarta.

  7. Aisay Annie....using d word not a bombastic expression, n is used quite regularly in media. Why not comment on d long Arabic salutations before any speech. Why can't we use Bahasa Malaysia....why d need to adopt ridiculous Arabic ways...dressing etc. Back to d issue...we need more testing. Spore n Indon hav developed a breathalyser n gives results in a minute. Y not adopt this....or just distribute air jampi...ha ha ha!

  8. Joe Biden needs to hire a single figure — a czar, in Beltway speak — to oversee the U.S.-China relationship.
    — John Mcwhorter, Washington Post, "Biden Should ...," 15 Jan. 2021
    According to emails reviewed by the Journal, the White House coronavirus task force was closely involved in those guidelines, with testing czar Bret Giroir sending the final draft to top CDC officials on March 23.
    Thats where Khaled learned to use the word....Lol!!🤣😅😆

  9. Kerela vs kerela Peguam Melayu pulak yang Tun maki hamun...

    Mahathir, Tommy asalnya salah seorang peguam yang membencinya tetapi sebelum menjadi Perdana Menteri semula, Tommy telah datang bersama Zainur Zakaria dan Ambiga, kedua-duanya juga pernah pada satu masa menentangnya dan Zainur telah cadangkan nama Tommy sebagai Peguam Negara.

    "Pada masa itu saya kecewa dengan sebilangan "Peguam Negara Melayu" yang bersedia untuk taat kepada Perdana Menteri (Najib) walaupun disuruh melakukan sesuatu yang salah. Saya fikir ia satu perkara yang baik untuk lantik Peguam Negara bukan Melayu.

    “Apabila saya jadi Perdana Menteri ke-7, saya putuskan untuk lantik Tommy Thomas. Saya sedar orang Melayu tidak akan suka.

    Peerghh... dalam masa cari alasan "Bukan Salah Saya" Tun maki hamun Peguam2 Melayu pulak dah.... sama jugak masa anak beranak Tun rugi berniaga minta nyawa kedai roti pun mintak di bailout juga. Maka Tun maki hamun lah orang Melayu pemalas, tak tau berniaga bagai....

    Ini lah perangai mangkok antik sampai hujung nyawa terkial kial cari salah orang Melayu...

  10. Couldn't agree more that he was a failed stateman. But his big mouth remains intact till today. The lethal weapon for these junky politicians is talk the talk without any practical action proofs. They should feel ashamed if ever come face-to-face with Ebit Lew. So, maybe he is alluding to be apponited as the czar but forgot about his pass baggage; just like Anwar, insisting to be a PM. Ok, let's give our honourable Umno veep the benefit of the doubt or a chance, who knows perhaps he has the magical fomula to bring light into the dire straits of the nation. Then, his magic finds its way through. The next thing ensues would be a tantalizing "bling-bling" to carry off all Malaysians pains instantly. Heehaaaa.....

  11. Kerala vs Kerala Rakyat Suffer In The Middle

    Tok Mat Hassan mintak adakan 'saparation of power' dalam Perlantikan Peguam Negara sebagai prerogatif mutlak seorang Perdana Menteri wajar dinilai semula.

    Lebih merisaukan bila pencalonan datang dari individu tertentu yang berkepentingan dan melalui perbualan dengan Perdana Menteri seperti yang di tulis oleh Tun Mahathir sendiri.

    Tok Mat menegaskan bahawa Malaysia mesti mempunyai tatacara perlantikan yang menepati segala ciri ketelusan dan kompetensi bagi jawatan berkepentingan awam dengan kuasa yang luar biasa seperti Peguam Negara.

    Kedua, ialah pemisahan (separation of power) cabang Executive dan Legalslatif serta antara jawatan Peguam Negara dengan Pendakwa Raya.

    Alahai Tok Mat kat sini dah 9 lapuran polis dibuat pada Tun mengenai separation of power..

    Naik meloya anak tekak sampai naik kembung perut nak muntah. Kau orang tontonlah ucapan Tun durasi minit ke 20 - minit 21. (video kat bawah ni haahh..)

    Tun mintak org politik dan urusan kuasa executive hendaklah dihentikan/dipisahkan (separation of power .. dengan izin) ni yg anak tekak tetiba naik kembang semacam rasa nak muntah hijoo. Bila Tun tak ada kuasa ke main nak separation of power bagai puiiii..!!

    Fakta Kat bawah ni dah 9 lapuran polis pasal langgar separation of power masa Tun berkuasa.

    Pengerusi UMMAH Malaysia, Mohd Zai Mustafa mengesahkan sebanyak 9 laporan polis telah dibuat oleh pihaknya terhadap Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Lim Guan Eng dan Tan Sri Tommy Thomas berhubung surat penarikan balik pembekuan akaun seorang taikun tanah berkaitan kes 1MDB. IGP dah lama bertukar kertas siasatan dah lama siap link kat bawah ni haaahh..!!

    Fakta Kronologi Kes dan Arahan:

    26.10.2018: Peguam Tan Sri Lim Soon Ping (TSL) menulis kepada KP SPRM (pada waktu itu Dato’ Sri Shukri Abdull) untuk lepaskan pembekuan semua akaun peribadi dan syarikat TSL (salinan surat ditunjuk lagi).
    Salinan surat diberi kepada Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (TDM).
    05.12.2018: TDM minitkan surat dari Lim Guan Eng (LGE), dan berpendapat TSL “tidak boleh dipersalahkan” pembekuan akaun peribadi dan syarikat TSL tidak boleh dikekalkan” (minit TDM dlm surat lagi).

    19.02.2019: Surat Peguam TSL diterima oleh LGE dan beliau minitkan Peguam Negara Tommy Thomas (AG TT) arah pelepasan akaun-akaun itu dengan merujuk kepada minit TDM.

    31.05.2019: LGE tulis surat rasmi kepada AG TT mengarahkan akaun TSL dilepaskan daripada pembekuan;
    14.06.2019: AG TT menulis kepada LGE memaklumkan status kes dan arahan beliau kepada SPRM melepaskan pembekuan akaun2 TSL (ada lampiran surat lagi).

    Bila Tun cakap separation of power punya lah 'gitu gitu' lagi Tun goreng dalam Dewan masa bentang Bajet 2021. Kalau setakat nak acah acah power bila kuasa dah hilang baru terhegeh nak sebut separation of power bagai..! Just forget it all okey..!!

    Separation of power konon..udah udah lah Tun, naik kembang tekak rakyat nengok nyer.!

    Klu nak citer separation of power ni memacam benda 22 tahun 22 bulan boleh tulis. Boleh naik lenguh tangan teman nak tulis balik..!!

    Selagi Tun boleh goreng kau goreng lah sepuas hati kau. Apa pun Tun nak goreng suma dah tak laku..rakyat dah tahu otak penipu lidah bercabangnya. Selagi ada kuderat si lidah bercabang cuba menipu dan membelit kau buatlah selagi mampu..! Rakyat tahu kau kaki penipu.

    Haah tepokk.. lu fikir la sindri..!!

  12. I am green with envy over your Covid-hideout at a posh neighbourhood not far from Pahang Palace. Really admire you to bits altogether. Don't think so the virus spike will slow down anytime soon. As we see record-breaking counts of new cases with each passing day, we actually have got used to it already or like how you put it: we have become numb. Come what may. What else can we do other than murmuring the familiar phrase: kita jaga kita. It is absolutely unfortunate to have witnessed the nation most appalling political scenarios alongside death-dealing pandemic, taking place side by side at the same time that causes so much damage and uncertainty. But, do those self-serving politicians from both sides of the divide ever care? Yes, they couldn't care less. Just today, the opposition leaders are still blaming each other for the downfall of PH. They just can't help it as they are so obsessed with the blame game; before, during and even after PH regime. What to do, they were rivals and still are. Unbelievable superficially wayang, isn't it? So, let's go crazy a bit and make KN a czar despite his rotten track record to see what he has big surprise in store for us. Why not?

  13. Posting by this admin is about Khaled Nordin. Story is about him using the Czar word. Suddenly commentors got riled up, go ballistic with the Atok...
    Whaaat the..?....So obviuos where they are coming from..
    What dah deyy..ayoyo.... Hey listen..for many decades in politics.You can claim to champion agendas on equality, anti corruption just dont go about with your gung ho politics. You will keep get eaten up....LOL!!@

  14. Khaled as a Csar , ha ha ha , teringat masa Pak lah jadi PM , Khaled salam dgn KJ siap cium tangan .

  15. Tun Mahathir kenapa pelik ssangat minggu ni.. kau dah kenapa..!?

    Tajuk Hari ini FMT news.

    - Mahathir Kini Kesal Lantik Tommy Tommas Sebagai Peguam Negara

    - Tommy Thomas terikat ‘kisah silam’, Mahathir kesal pilih beliau sebagai peguam negara

    Tajuk Semalam di Awani News

    - Hubungan Saya dengan baik baik saja, malah nak beri gelaran Tan Seri lagi

    Sebelum Semalamnya Berita Harian News

    - Kenyataan Tommy Thomas dalam memoirnya sangat mengarut sekali.

    Laman CheDet Blog News

    - I was shocked to read excerpts from Tommy Thomas’ book My Story: Justice in the Wildness. Tommy was one of those lawyers who hated me

    Kau dah kenapa Tun...!! Tiap tiap hari keluar kenyataan yang berbeza beza.. panas montot yeerrr... Lidah Bercabang penipu kau dah tak ada ummmphhh lagi yerrr..!!


  16. Kerala Vs Kerala Kau Gaduh lah Sesama Sendiri Sampai Kau Mampos. Datang Mu Tidak Di Undang - Tok Ayah Rani Kulup

    Sebab itu pentingnya kita ni bercampo gaul dengan budak2 teori konspirasi tuan2. Kalau mengikot tanda2 sebelum ni apa yang berlaku di Putrajaya? Dulu Babi masuk Alamanda Putrajaya . Yang ini apa pulak tandanya..!? Minggu ni tiap tiap hari cerita pasa Kerala VS Kerala, Rakyat Suffer in the middle.

    Nampak tak? Babi tu dah bagi hint dah,kau je lembap banyak makan semut api. Dengan kejadian babi masuk ke Alamanda Putrajaya.

    Ayah mencadangkan agar dibuat segera solat hajat,agar kerajaan PN pada hari ini dijauhi dari musibah batu api semoga PN seperti sedia kala.

    Tu baru babi masuk Alamanda dah kecoh. Korang tak tengok lagi,ada babi masuk highway duduk lorong kanan lawan arus bawak kereta dengan kelajuan 20km.

    Tu belum cerita pasal babi masuk simpang tak reti bagi signal lagi. Banyak lagi jenis babi ni kalau nak terangkan

    Ada sekor babi ini dulu suka berteori konspirasi ada ke dia kata Atok akan kibar panji hitam di Putra Jaya pemuda bani Tamin tanda akhir zaman.

    Bukan saja panji entah kemana komen Jon Doe pun lesap terus di alam maya. Umur dan 95 tahun muda apanya bawak tolo labuh dah gayut pun huyung hayang.

    Udah udah la tu jangan jadi batu api lagi. Ayah sekadar mencadang... kikiki..!!

    1. Apa hal ni sebut pasal keturunan kerela.ketika Orang kerela dah masuk uni bani jawi masih jakun. So jgn banga sangat dgn keturunan yang penting akhlak dan kemahiran.

  17. Pengkhianatan Tertinggi Terhadap Negara Oleh Mahathir Atok Sial.

    Kenapa sejak seminggu nih Tun gelabah tetek semacam yerr..!?

    PM7 Atok Sial…Mengaku Bahawa Dia Lah Pengkhianat Sistem Kehakiman dan Pemerintahan Negara… Pengkhianat Orang Melayu dan Umat Islam…Pengkhianat Rakyat Seluruhnya…Terbukti Dalam Buku Tommy Thomas dan Jawapan Balas Mahathir Atok Sial...

    Kerala vs Kerala Melayu di maki hamun

  18. What a joke. Government govern by complaints.Once you set SOP stick to it.Otherwise it is based on whim and fancy or putar alam Just what TDM said this government does not know how to govern.I have no problem if we celebrate hari raya within my household or friday prayer with 30 pax.As i do not want to be statistic.

    1. Stay home la. Sacrifice sikit tak bole ke? Kalut sana sini tempit kasi yelek memangjang, kan kerja olang bodoh!

      Dok lumah belajaq invest crypto. Olang nasihat tatak mau dengaq. Malam nih sja lompat by USD6K.

      Kali 4.07 tengok belapa?
      Nah 5-6 bulan makan tak habih!

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  19. Itulah sepatutnya. Bila PM7 letak jawatan, itu melibatkan dirinya sendiri, bukan Kabinet.
    2. Govt. -of- the Day tidak terjejas oleh perletakan jawatan seorang Ketua Kerajaan Semasa.
    3. Sidang Parlimen bukan pun berlangsung malah Ketua Negara Malaysia tidak pun membubarkan Dewan Yang Mulia...
    4. Kerajaan Semasa yang sebelumnya dipimpin oleh PM7 Langkawi boleh mentadbir Malaysia sebagai sebuah Kerajaan Minoriti. Tidak pelik pun kerana itu selari dengan undang-undang sejagat kerana pasukan itulah yang memenangi PRU14. As simple as that!
    Moral of the Story, Kebenaran acapkali begitu pahit untuk ditelan apatah pula dihadam. Namun seorang pendekar sejati tidak pernah gentar untuk menelusurinya.

  20. Our health system has reached a breaking point, patients have died and are dying at home without getting treatments. Yet, the capricious government is running the country in its whimsical style, responding to nonsensical and selfish requests to celebrate their CNY during MCO. It is so crystal clear that PN is dysfunctional and fails in tackling not only Covid but everything. Swaying like lallang and dancing to all sort of tunes without a comprehensive masterplan, hoping that all problems would be solved. What is it so grand about the Reunion Dinner that HannahDAP has to drag the vulnerable elderly folks into the picture? Celebrate la next time however you like after the dire conditions improve and approve. But, do they care to sacrifice just for once? Well, soon, the place where I live, the skyline will be filled up with tantalizing colour of thundering fireworks and the supposedly solemn MCO atmoshpere will be erupted by firecrackers bangs. Aren't these explosive items have long been banned in our country???Ironically, it is getting now even worse as they are being played in all celebrations of all races throughout. It is more like the people are openly challenging the law. Why do the politicians never bother to squeak a sound and turn a blind eye to the bill that had been passed in the House? What a sacastic joke! And, that is the reason why Singapore always looks down on us. They would say: that is truly Malaysian law!

  21. Mohammad Natsir dan Nurcholish Madjid yang mana satu Anwar Ibrahim kagumi sebenarnya?

    Pendokong Islam Liberal Indonesia adalah Nurcholish Madjid Penaung Ajaran Pluralisma Indonesia.

    News terkini tokoh Mohammad Natsir adalah pemikir Islam yang disegani oleh Anwar Ibrahim.

    Anwar berkata ketokohan Perdana Menteri kelima Indonesia, Mohammad Natsir dalam penulisannya mengenai Islam dan modenisasi memberi kesan yang mendalam kepada pembangunan negara islam di rantau ini.

    "Kewibawaan tokoh agama dan ahli politik Indonesia, Mohammad Natsir dalam penulisannya mengenai Islam dan modernisasi memberi kesan yang mendalam kepada pembangunan negara Islam di rantau ini" kata. Anwar Ibrahim

    Dahulu John Sidel pula memperkenalkan pemikiran Anwar Ibrahim adalah sebagai tokoh setaraf dengan Nurcholish Madjid dari Indonesia. Kedua dua tokoh dari Indonesia Anwar kagumi.

    Agenda Pluralisme dan Tokoh Pluralisma Nurcholish Madjid, pendokong Islam Liberal Indonesia juga dikagumi oleh Anwar Ibrahim.

    Cuma persoalan untuk rakyat Malaysia yang mana satu tokoh ini paling dikagumi oleh Anwar Ibrahim..!?

    Malah dulu Anwar Gagal Jawab Surat Amaran JAKIM, Anwar Tarik Balik Ucapan Pluralisme in Divided World di LSE London dlm Blog nya

    Kumpulan Persatuan Islam mengadakan wacana di Masjid Wilayah Kuala Lumpur, bertemakan Membanteras “Gerakan Pluralisme Agama dan Permutadan Ummah”, anjuran bersama Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) dengan kerjasama Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor(JAIS), Pertubuhan Muafakat Sejahtera Masyarakat Malaysia ( MUAFAKAT), Majlis permuafakatan Badan Amal Islam Wilayah Persekutuan, Allied Coordinating Committee of Islamic NGO (ACCIN) dan Yayasan Dakwah Islamiyah Malaysia (YADIM).

    Anwar terpaksa menarik balik teks ucapan penuh di LSE pada 18 Mac lalu di blognya kerana telah menerima surat amaran daripada pihak JAKIM.

    Dari pemikiran dipengaruhi Maududi, ibnu Batutha, Hassan al-Banna, Syed Qutb dan yang sepertinya akhirnya Anwar menjadikan pendokong aliran John Hicks dan Nurcholish Madjid dengan aliran pluralisme agama.

    Apa pegangan dan gaya pemikiran Anwar yang sentiasa berubah ubah wallahualam. Layak kah rakyat angkat Anwar sebagai pemimpin Malaysia..!?

    Anwar dikatakan tidak menjawab surat JAKIM itu sebaliknya menarik siaran ucapan di blognya itu, tanpa memberi sebarang penjelasan berhubung sebab-sebab penarikan teks teks tersebut daripadanya.

    John Sidel memuji Anwar Ibrahim sebagai tokoh setaraf dengan Nurcholish Madjid, pendokong Islam Liberal Indonesia
    Anwar Ibrahim sewaktu berucap atas tajuk “Religion and Pluralism in a Divided World” (Agama dan Pluralisma dalam Dua Dunia) di LSE, London pada 18 Mac 2010 lalu dengan penuh yakin telah mempromosi Pluralisme Agama.

    Hingga sekarang ini Anwar juga tidak tampil mempertahankan atau meminta maaf membetulkan kesilapannya.

    Awas agenda Pluralisma agama ancaman negara belum pudar. Anwar Ibrahim masih membisu dan kunci mulut rapat rapat pasal pluralisma

    Kepada umat Islam di Malaysia wayang sebenar Anwar Ibrahim masih kabur dan rakyat Malaysia berhak mencurigai Anwar Ibrahim..

    Sekali pertanyaan untuk rakyat Malaysia layak kah Anwar jadi pemimpin dengan dasar pemikiran yang sentiasa berubah ubah terutama soal akidah dan Islam..!?

  22. Ekonomi orang Melayu masih perlu dibantu – Dr. M.

    Selepas panas bontot Kerala vs kerela pada minggu lepas terbongkar hari ini Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad tunjuk hero jadi jadi champion Melayu.

    Selepas kantoi jadi barua Lee Kwan Yew@ DAP dan terbongkar dan kantoi menipu, memaki hamun orang Melayu bila perniagaan anak anaknya rugi dan minta di bailout hari ini mula tunjuk lagak jadi hero melayu semula. Mohon Tun Beramboss...!!

    Hari ini Tun menjelaskan bahawa ekonomi orang-orang Melayu masih perlu dibantu. Melayu kaum majoriti di Malaysia masih merupakan kumpulan paling miskin berbanding lain-lain kaum di negara.

    Fakat-fakta berikut diperturunkan agar kita insaf tentang betapa rosaknya Melayu dibawah kepimpinan Tun 22 tahun 22 bulan :

    1. Rizab Melayu berjumlah 3 juta hektar pada tahun 1957 kini berkurangan kepada 1.7 juta hektar pada 1995.

    2. Terdapat 22,000 ekar tanah kerajaan digadai kepada gergasi KLK (KL Kepong) di Lekir, Manjung, Perak.

    3. Terdapat 200 ekar tapak kilang simen Perak Hanjoong. Kesemuanya tanah rizab Melayu di Padang Rengas.

    4. Ada 9 ribu hektar tanah rizab Melayu di Selangor ditukar status kepada bukan rizab Melayu. Hanya 1/3 sahaja iaitu 3 ribu hektar sahaja yang diganti.

    5. Pada tahun 1990, seramai di 80 orang penduduk di Pantai Chenang, Langkawi di atas tanah rizab Melayu dihalau keluar untuk membina Pelangi Beach Resort.

    6. Pada tahun 1990, sebanyak 930 hektar tanah rizab Melayu Kampung Mambau, Negeri Sembilan diambilalih untuk projek Seremban 2. Sebelumnya terdapat 600 orang yang tinggal di situ.

    7. Terdapat 26,000 hektar tanah rizab Melayu di Tanjung Langsat, Tanjung Piai, Johor diambil untuk membina New Township.

    8. Terdapat 300 ekar tanah rizab Melayu di Pulau Redang, Terengganu diserah kepada Vincent Tan untuk project pelancongan.

    9. Pada tahun 1993, 1,000 ekar tanah rizab Melayu di Kerpan, Kedah (tapak sawah) diambil untuk projek kola mudang.

    10. Di Kampung Chu Badak, Sentul, Kuala Lumpur sebanyak 273 ekar tanah kampung Malayu tradisi diambilalih dan kira-kira 160 keluarga dihalau keluar.

    11. Terdapat 217 hektar tanah Keretapi Tanah Melayu di Singapura diserahkan kepada Singapura.

    12. Menghalau 290 keluarga di Kampung Plentong Tengah, Pasir Gudang, Johor. Mereka sudah tinggal di situ hampir 30 tahun.

    13. Kes fitnah Raja Raja vs Prebet Adam suatu pengkhianatan yang tidak boleh dimaafkan. Hanya 22 bulan jadi PM kali ke- 2 ICERD pula mahu direktifikasi pula oleh Tun.

    Bila semua tipu daya fitnah jijik si lidah bercabang sudah tidak menjadi dengan muka tebal tak tau malu kau berlagak semula nak jadi champion Melayu semula. Fakta diatas jelas kau lah pengkhianat Melayu.

    Tun Mahathir Mohammad sila Berambossss...!!!

  23. ishh ish ishh... saje chek amik kopi pes dari laman otai blog reformasi... ishh ish ishh

    mati lah legacy kau kali ini...


    Ikut amalan di negara ini, sesebuah kerajaan yang sedang berkuasa hanya boleh dijatuhkan dengan dua cara, iaitu:

    1. Melalui Parlimen (Undi tidak percaya/undi percaya)

    2. Akuan Bersumpah (SD) dari Ahli-Ahli Parlimen.

    Siapa ada bukti dan fakta bahawa kedua-dua di atas pernah terjadi sewaktu Mahathir menjawat jawatan PM di bawah kerajaan PH? Kompom tiada. Ertinya, kerajaan PH tidak dijatuhkan melalui dua cara di atas.

    Tapi, mengapa kerajaan PH itu jatuh?

    Terdapat pembelot dan pengkhianat di dalam PH itu sendiri.. Namun, mereka tidak pernah berjaya rampas kerajaan PH walaupun cita-cita mereka telah lama untuk berbuat demikian.

    Bila mereka berjaya?

    Apabila bapak segala pengkhianat, Mahathir secara sukarela, bersendirian, berahsia tanpa diketahui oleh Majlis Presiden PH, telah meletakkan jawatan tanpa menyerahkan kepada yang dijanjikan iaitu Anwar Ibrahim, atau paling tidak pun diserahkan kepada Timbalannya Kak Wan. Perletakan jawatan dengan niat jahat iaitu untuk menghancurkan PH.