Sunday 3 May 2020

Please stop drunk bastards from killing people

I got quite upset when I saw this police report among my WhatsApp messages this morning.

CCCSel 03/05/2020. 

Maklumat awal. DCC Kajang maklum pada jam lebih kurang 030210 Hrs kejadian kemalangan maut melibatkan seorang anggota yang terlibat dalam tugas SJR 5 Plaza Tol Kajang Selatan Lebuh Raya LEKAS. 

Mangsa Kpl 171555 Safwan Bin Mohamad Ismail umur 31 tahun dan bertugas di Cawangan D5, JSJ, IPD Kajang, Selangor. 

Mangsa telah meninggal dunia di lokasi kejadian akibat dilanggar oleh sebuah Toyota Hilux warna silver nombor pendaftaran NCT 6563 yang dipandu oleh (1) (L) India dipercayai mabuk. 

Mangsa telah dihempap oleh kenderaan tersebut dan mendapat kecederaan di bahagian kepala dan badan.

Mayat Allahyarham telah dibawa ke Hospital Serdang untuk siasatan lanjut. Saspek mendapat kecederaan kini dirawat di Hospital Serdang.

Butiran saspek: Nama : Kalaichelvan A/L Kanniappan Mykad : 760622-05-5201 Umur : 44 Thn 

Kes siasat bersabit Trafik Kajang Rpt : 8460/2020. IO : G/26132 Insp. Ammar Bin Mohd Tahir (018-2194013).

You can read the story by clicking on this link,

Covid-19: Policeman dies after being hit by suspected drunk driver at roadblock

I feel so sad for the family of the deceased policeman.

My prayers and condolences for them.

Somehow, the death of Corporal Safwan also reminds me of arwah Adib.

Some said Adib's assailants were high on alcohol too that fateful night.

Well, I know, it's fated by Allah that they died but I'm just hoping justice will prevail soon.

Those, who caused their deaths must be severely punished, one way or another.

By the way, can't those people just drink whatever piss they wanted and not go around killing others????....especially firemen and policemen.

I'm actually beginning to understand why the Pas people want to shut down the beer factories.

Some people just simply don't know the limit of their alcohol tolerance.

To make it worse, they also don't have any idea on how to manage their ego.

Two mugs of beer already mabuk, yet wanted to show off how macho they were and drank some more.

Talk big all the time some more.

Then went to beat up fireman at temple lah, hit policeman at roadblock lah.

Real fucking bastards.


  1. eh annie. so everybody is irresponsible drunk just because of a few idiots ? ban alchohol?

    Its like saying all muslims are terrorist just because of a few isis idiots.

    get a life

    1. There are so many types of edible healthy drinks available around us, so why the hell opting for something that will take fully control of your senses, let alone drive after drinking and end up in killing some innocent souls??? Don't wait until if there is a day when your beloved ones' lives are taken away in the same manner, only then will you understand the banning of alcohol is essential. You, yes you, get a life, too.

    2. right. last time i checked, road accidents due to alcohol is a small % compared to speeding / reckless driving. majority of fatal accidents are bikers. So lets ban bikes.

    3. Anon at 17:34

      Nail down to the root cause of this disheartening mishap. Don't be such an idiotic drunken ostrich.

    4. 15.04,

      Agreed with 16.06. your argument too generic and not contextual..

  2. I wonder why mainstream media hide the the driver’s name and his racial background. Why? If you mentioned names automatically you’re called racist. Regardless egregious nature of the crime. Sadly, Malaysia at this time and age, political correctness is much more important than being truthful and factual.

    1. Anon 15:05..the name not mentioned by the media is 'keling mabuk'... Lol... rasis kah.aku..?


    Kadang-kadang tak mabuk pun Annie. Memang macam tu puak ni bawak kereta. Macam jalan raya tu bapak depa punya. Tambah-tambah dekat area yang ramai suku-sakat depa. Lagi la action tak hengat dunia. Jenis memang tak makan saman dan jenis tak reti hormat orang. Tambah-tambah yang jenis bawak kereta besar dan tinggi, rasa megah dan hebat dia lain macam. Sukar nak digambarkan dengan kata-kata. Macam duduk di dunia lain.

  4. How can he resist the temptation of "liquid gold" as long as gold is pconcerned. Whilst gold is gulping down his esophagus then running wild in his blood streams, this is the moment of his egoistic nature kicks in. He forgets thè existence of whole wide world as the overwhelming liqiud gold takes charge to dump him into the eternal fires of hell. Allow the Rule of Law takes its course. He asks for it, so he will just have to face the music. Serve him damned right.

    1. The liquid by right should have gone through to the killer lungs. He should have been suffocated by the piss he drank!

  5. Anon 15.04...please jangan emo and act is haram to Muslim kalau memabukkan. Macam juga makan babi..even the Jews tak makan sebab haram pada agama diaorang. Bodoh la hang ni

  6. There’s a country where the people never observe the traffic laws. They couldn’t care less. Road signs, road dividers, roadblocks, traffic signs and traffic lights are useless. The people never observe them anyway. It is a state of lawless on the roads and the capital city itself where the people are free to do what they want. Like putting their beds outside their home and sleeping in open sky almost naked, defecating on the streets and keeping livestocks inside their homes.

    Driving on the roads in that country requires all sort of skills. Sometimes experiences, knowledge and familiarity of the place helps. Since the people don’t observe the traffic laws, some sort of manoeuvring and spatial awareness needed. And honking non-stop is a must. Otherwise anything in front of your car and stuff wouldn’t move.

    That’s the reason why the people keep on honking 24/7 while in their car. It’s driving you nut if you just arrived in the city. It feels surreal how people could live in this kind of environment. Like from dusk till dawn the people never stop honking. Even late into midnight. The people keep on honking sometimes for no obvious reason. Probably till kingdom comes.

  7. Annie shud petition moo to restart adib investigation since moo shud know a lot as he was the Home Minister then intriguing right wakakaka

  8. This mule knows that this PKP has been emforced for the last 7 weeks and there are MKN roadblocks practically everywhere. For the last 7 weeks you can't go from one point to another without passing a roadblock. So if one has to enjoy the presence of alcohol in one's body, do it at home la.

    The man is 44 year old and wouldn't act in panic like a boy. He is either dead drunk or he has intention to cause harm or nak tunjuk gampang la.
    Not forgetting ada jugak orang minum sikit tapi mabuk lebih. No need to elabotate la.

    Tapi ini time PKP and everyone has to be confined to their home after 8pm if without a valid excuse. Jadi apa dia buat ni pukul 2 pagi masih one the road ?

    Bila pemabuk ni dah keluar hospital, kasi dia minum lagi sampai nyawa dia ditamatkan alkohol. Hukuman yang sangat adil sebab dia dah menyebabkan kematian. At the same time rakam dan viralkan timelapse dari dia start minum sampai dia jadi mendiang untuk dipertontonkan kepada gampang-gampang yang suka mabuk dan masih nak memandu.

  9. Tak ada pulak dengar NGO-NGO menyalak menuntut keadilan bila kes macam ni berlaku. Kalau kes kematian banduan dalam lokap melibatkan puak depa bukan main lagi puak-puak ni memekak. Bila anggota polis mati tiada siapa peduli. Mati masa tengah menjalankan tugas pulak tu. Jaga roadblock masa PKP. Satu tugas yang mulia. Menjadi frontliner masa musim CoVID 19 yang sangat disanjung dan dihagai oleh rakyat.

    Tapi bila banduan mati, banduan yang sememangnya jahat, hardcore gangster dan hardened criminal, Ahli Parlimen dan persatuan peguam berlumba-lumba buat sidang media tuntut keadilan. Kononnya kerajaan jahat, kerajaan zalim, IPCMC patut ditubuhkan dan sebagainya. Yang puak depa hidup kat negara ni macam tak ada peraturan dan undang-undang langsung depa tak ambil tahu.

  10. Tiap hari nampak gaya masih lamai kena tangkap sabit kesalahan engkar arahan PKP. Wooosh. Lamai masuk lokap ya?.

    Gomen takyah manja2kan mrk sgt. 3kali sehari beri mrk makan bubuq lambok cukup. Kenyang, berhasiat dan safe wang negara.

    Hantaq pesakit2 COVID 19 bantu jaga mrk dlokap.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  11. Strange that a writer who writes about racism among Rohingyas is contradicting herself for the sake of sensationalism. Disgusting. It goes to show that Malaysians haven't grown up and insist on the foundation of race and religion for all things that matter. Anyway it is your growth that is impacted and a miasma for writing.

    1. Wow so quick to play the race card. Whts so racist about her new post ? And why u r jumping ? Feeling the heat huh ?

  12. in what context are you utlizing the nouns "bastards"??? in this article

  13. I'm actually beginning to understand why the Pas people want to shut down the beer factories.

    go check what else a Carlsberg fatory produce other than beers and the over rm 100 millions "sins" taxes.
    do not be like a PASS-Y pussy!!!!!

    1. Nobody amongst us want tht money. U can shove tht money up urs

    2. In a country with a multi-racial/religious society, only pie-brain people would not want anything to do with 'sin-tax', especially when the country's economy and the whole world is in dire straits.

      As a matter of fact, even in their 4 decades of rule in Kelantan, the PAS led State Government haven't shown resolute desire to do away with alcoholic beverages... more likely than not, due to the exorbitant tax imposed by the Federal Authority on brewing, trade and sales of alcoholic drinks.

      Mind you... even in the West Bank, the Palestinians have their own Taybeh Winery and Taybeh Brewing Company.
      Saudi Arabia too, due to it's dwindling oil revenues have 'opened up' its economy by planning to build an entertainment complex which houses discos, gambling outlet and bars selling liquor with 40% alcohol content.

      Therefore... if "Nobody amongst us want tht money"... even Kelantan State Government... wouldn't it be wiser to let Kafir people collect all sin-taxes... including import duties on pork products... so they could spend it on whatever they wish?
      Indeed, that would be in agreement with Surah Al-Kafirun, Ayat 109.
      Say: Oh, you who disbelieve!
      I do not worship that which you worship
      Nor do you worship That Which I worship
      Nor will I worship that which you have been worshiping
      Neither will you worship That Which I worship
      To you your religion and to me mine.

    3. yeah why not ? table the option and im pretty sure whts the peoples vote will be like.

  14. Racist racial profiling. All of us irregardless of race malay Indian or Chinese are saddened by this act and justice must be taken. Stop spreading hatred among Malaysians. Another ignorant racist keyboard warrior with bad manners.

    1. Sure when it comes to u its profiling. Heres a thought why not put a label on it like antisimitism so u can give the gag order ? Antichauvinistism ?

    2. What racial profiling? Please go check facts and statitistics. The truth speaks louder than your acting-innocent preach and the truth always hurts. Ouch!

    3. are you very confident this drunkard driver is from the "gian mabok" races???? the non- ??????

      what happen to the male chinese hair-dresser who like killed some one drunk driving???

    4. Easy la for all these people??? To talk. Let's check the number rape, drug and hiv cases in Malaysia. Oops truth hurts. But doesn't matter this is the only zone they can talk.

    5. so some species get drunk and kill people, then u claim racial profiling, then u wanna check numbers for crimes cases that has nothing to do with drunk and kill case, end up profiling now. great.

      and pretty moronic too when u think about the numbers of people in this country and racial distribution numbers. doesnt even know basic comparison. might i compare the case with chinese in the mainland and guess wht who has the bigger numbers ? wht a dumbass

  15. Untuk maklumat kalian... Bekas Menteri Pengangkutan, Anthony Loke sudah rangka pindaan rang undang-undang... hukuman lebih berat terhadap pemandu-mabuk.

    Beliau hanya tunggu nak bentang di Dewan Rakyat saja... malangnya tak sempat, Geng Pengkhianat & Semburit rampas KUASA ikut lobang-belakang atau dengan cara tebuk-atap.

    Malah, selepas kehilangan jawatan, Anthony Loke menyarankan supaya Kerajaan-Baru meneruskan penambah-baikan rang undang-undang berkenaan pemandu-mabuk... pindaan hukuman lebih-berat itu.

    Malang sekali lagi... PM8 tangguh Sidang Dewan ke 18 Mei 2020... itu pun... hanya untuk satu (1) hari saja, bukan 2 minggu seperti dijadualkan... seolah-olah ada 'something to hide/evade'.

    1. Biasalah tu.
      Dimana2 artikel media ,kita bolih lihat Bekas2 Menteri Pakatan Hancing & Haprak (termasuk juga pecacai2 Haprak )telah pukul canang nak buat macam2 penambahbaikan kepada Malaysia Tapi selepas mereka hilang kuasa secara tiba2 olih PM yang " merajuk" .
      Ketika masih dalam kerajaan apa yang MP2 PH buat hanya lebih kepada berpolitik tanpa henti,pukul canang mahukan Anwar cepat2 jadi PM .Ini belum cerita Lagi Hal MP2 yang kaki PONTENG hadir ke parlimen .
      Sudah lah .move on aje .

    2. berat apa nya last i check his proposed version of punishment is still laughable. u wanna drags politics into this too ? people died u know.

    3. Ya la... lebih baik hukuman 20 tahun penjara yang dicadangkan Anthony Loke, daripada gesaan Wee Ka Siong supaya orang-mabuk jangan memandu, sebaliknya guna e-hailing.

    4. Oh... lupa pulak.
      Apa hukuman yang diterima Amoi yang gelek-mati 8 budak-lajak di Johor Bahru tu? Dia tak mabuk kan?

  16. It is only a start annie. Lets see how the driver will react. Drunk malaysian drivers who killed people so far never show remorse. In fact they become even more arrogant.

    And why shouldnt they ccause they get away with it afterwards.

    Heres an idea, if they killed people for reason such as being drunk or high then lets execute them too. Why the hell not. The victim is dead after all. Im sure we will see some improvement soon after tht.

    Whts the latest punishment for drunk driver who kill people ?

    6k or jail time 5 years ? U call tht justice ? Thts why these people can plead not guilty when they killed a person.

  17. Let’s wait for the blood/urine test result of the alleged drunk driver. Then we can all make up our mind.


    -He’s only 31 years old. Still a young man. It’s kinda sad his life was cruelly taken while yet reaching his prime. His family and loved ones were shell shocked and saddened beyond words. He had so much in front of him.

  19. Anonymous3 May 2020 at 22:15
    Nobody amongst us want tht money. U can shove tht money up urs

    is it? really!! then why the huu-haa! when worst ex finance ministers in Malingsia sejarah donate rm 20 juta kepada sekolah cina rendah!!!!
    wonder where the money come from????

    1. why u go and mix diff issue ? i just said we dont want tht money. whts tht gotta do with this separate issue ? u think u know us ? what a moron.

    2. hasil sampingan dari kilang seprti "toddi" karl-besrt!!!!!!

      Lapan jenis bahan kimia berkenaan yang termasuk etanol,
      Sebagai contoh, kami gunakan etanol dengan kandungan alkohol 60 peratus
      ke atas dan natrium hipoklorit 0.5 peratus penggunaannya untuk operasi berkenaan.

      lapan jenis bahan kimia dalam operasi sanitasi awam dan disinfeksi
      di tempat-tempat yang dikesan mempunyai penularan tinggi wabak COVID-19.

    3. if not want money why "meroyan" se dunia when jiven to bernacular schools

    4. U r either an ignorant to the state issue or u dont understand the real reason why theres an issue after all.

      Are u even a genuine malaysian? For example i know why u so gung ho when it comes to ur school. Yet u dont know why tht money is an issue to us ?

      Why dont u do the thinking urself. I cant be feeding everything to u aight ?

    5. help!

  20. Where is the Human Right Watch? The dead policeman should have had his right to live.

    1. Human Right Watch sitting at home watching porn....they will only make noise when their pay master orders them to make noise....useless

  21. My heartfelt sympathy for the loss of our front-line hero, Allahyarham Koperal Safwan at a MCO roadblock in the wee hours while we were all asleep safe and sound at home. All this could be avoided if the drunken was a little responsible human for not getting behind the wheel after drinking. There are so many negative consequences stemming from alcoholic beverages. Perhaps a special law with severe punishments should be immediately enacted to ban any driving while intoxicated. Al-Fatihah and my prayers for our unsung hero; may he be placed amongst the righteous ones. Aameen.

  22. Even though you’re of mixed blood Annie, I appreciate your sense of injustice and intolerance towards blatant transgression in your writings. You don’t get to see this kind of writing on other sopo blog as it wasn’t a course of his immediate concerned. A subject matter itself wasn’t to his taste and liking though a life lost due foolishness. To him an elephant in the room is Malay Muslim and their regressive and backwardness.

    On the other hand, whenever unsavoury case involving the Malays, religious people, Islam, Islamic rituals, sekolah tahfiz coming in the news, he would be the first to highlight it in his blog and thrashed it like there’s no tomorrow. Calling it how the people are can be so backward and stupid. When it comes to Islam and Arabs, he even picked news from obscure and never-heard-of webs which he found on the internet and merciless thrashed them to satisfy his despise of the people.

    1. Anon10: 01
      Menepati ciri ciri Busuk Hati, Prejudis ,Bodoh Sombong,Egoistik &Anti Melayu Blogger Outsyed The Box ( DKK Keling Karam Asal Ipoh , yang merajuk Madey tak lantik dia jadi Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur info hasil dari maklumat pengakuan dia sendiri ) .

    2. I didnt think he is tactless enough not to post my comment. He especially addressed me as kampung lad in his post about goreng pisang. Since his post addressed me especially I should be given the chance to answer. It is only right. Twice my reply not posted while new comments are approved. So wht do u think about this guy ? Haha

      Alas this guys is all talk and have no balls despite all the things tht he wrote. It is as u say pick and choose whichever wins his arguments. Even then i didnt aspect him to be this low.

  23. she said she begining to understand why certain want to shut down the beer factory.

    I ask her to check out what other products from beer factory!!!!!
    beer factory not only produce beer ok!!!!!
    and here only one. some country where drinking beer is prohibited has more.

    1. Anon 20:25

      Satu hari u n yr famili katakaloo tak bernasib baik terkena langgaq dengan kereta driven by a drunk driver mungkin u may appreciate why Islam prohibits such drink.. tak kena maka tak tau.

      Nah, ini olang masuk jail, imagine whats going to happen to his wife and kids? Arwah's family pula macam mana? You think a beer factory oso can produce a human life ke? Cih!

      Fruit juices are good, nape nak sangat beer? Bila mabuk perangai jadi sewel faham tak?? Apasal mau kasi otak kamu sewel?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Alcohol, lebih-kurang sama kesannya macam dadah... "... perangai jadi sewel..."
      Contohnya... Hisap ganja, minum air-ketum, telan pil-kuda, hidu gam dan lain-lain.

      Makan sirih-pinang dan makan-tapai dengan kuantiti yang banyak juga boleh mendatangkan kesan 'khayal' seperti minum arak atau hisap dadah.

      Prof tak ingin nasihat ka... majority anak-anak Melayu... ada yang sampai tua... terbabit penyalahan-guna dadah... "Apasal mau kasi otak kamu sewel?"

  24.'ll have to write something about this.
    Khaled Nordin whacked Semburit. Khaled basically said semburit (and by extension, Moohee) is useless. Semburit whacked back Khaled. But he said something about the state gomen may be sued by Ngos and what not for not following the Cmco.
    Seriously, does the toilet kitchen cabinet really know what its doing? They seem to be terribly clueless!
    Bottom line is the backdoor gomen is pretty godam useless. Most likely implode before year end!

    1. Amboi NGO2 mana plak cenghei semacam nih? Nak saman? Hmmm

      Duit sumbangan2 ahli mula kurang masuk ke? Tak dengaq ke US?.. ambik peluang COVID 19 to cut all fundings to WHO.

      Banyak sgt jaguh2 SAMAN dalam Malaysia ni.. ade sekoq Amoi QUEEN of SAMAN pantang apa sja nak SAMAN.

      TIAM TIAM doksah
      Dok pikiaq asyik nak saman memanjang tau!

      Haiyaa buat la kerja2 yg berfaedah cikit! Nak ikut teladan Trump ke?. Sementara 1,211,258 rakyat kena jangkitan, 69,589 rakyat dia mati sabit COVID 19, kepla otak dia asyik dok pikiaq nak saman China memanjang!!

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  25. Wokay.. NGO dan rakyat yg cinta negara yg bertuah ini. Ayuh lamai2 kita bantu tangani masalah yg lebih besar;


    Fwdd fm all my grp WA;



    Kuala Lumpur - 0362011954 , 0362011044
    Selangor - 0355117230
    Penang - 043906170
    Negeri Sembilan - 067624275
    Johor - 072333855
    Perlis - 049762636
    Kedah - 047333302
    Perak - 055017117
    Melaka - 062322562
    Pahang - 095739143
    Terengganu - 096270149
    Kelantan - 097441833
    Putrajaya - 0388801294
    Sabah - 088488853
    Labuan - 087451995 , 087421296
    Sarawak - 082486504

    Boleh juga emailkan ke

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Hai... nak tangkap "PEMBELI-PEMBELI MYKAD" saja ka?

      Penjual surat-beranak/Mykad... bagaimana?

      Nak biar mereka terus mengancam keselamatan dan masa-depan Negara sambil 'cari-rezeki' tambahan, sampai bila-bila ka?

      Mereka inilah yang sepatutnya dituduh di Mahkamah sebagai pengkhianat-Negara dan menerima hukuman mati.

    2. sikalanga ada teknolji "contact tracing". tak tau apply ke?
      pandai kutip ayam free gulai rendang jual online!!!!

      kalau imigresin setakat cam zafar rohingya standard lagi bagut gulung je!!!!!

    3. They are hoping tht the issue will subsides as always. I wish theres a vigilante killing all the traitors to the nation.

      Who knows if the gov felt contend to do nothing serious as always, my wish might just comes true. At this point ive lost faith on our enforcement in this issue.

  26. Maybe the Police should re-look into their SOP in manning roadblocks... especially 2 or 3 hours after midnight, at a time when people should be sleeping or on Saturday-night where drunkard and criminals are aplenty.

    The paramount... Safety First.

    The police should come to the spot on a 3-ton truck or larger, so it can be used as a protective barrier to run for cover, in case of emergency.
    Park the truck on the road-side or on the emergency lane with its lowest gear engaged + handbrake. Its rear-end with lots of reflector stripes and cones trailing behind it, at least 200 meters afield.
    The furthest cones, fitted with flashing lights.

    Drunkards usually falls asleep easily, just like people with Narcolepsy. (suddenly fall asleep at any time/during any type of activity). Therefore those cones should serve as wake-up call before the cars hits the back of the truck.

    At the same time, there're criminals who panic upon seeing a roadblock and they will try to escape through the side of the road or emergency lane.

    There're also clumsy and panicky people who mistakenly step on the accelerator instead of the brake, when in shock.

    Note: I'm not in anyway trying to defend the drunk bastard.

  27. SEDIH LAH!!!!
    SPRM sahkan siasat kontrak pemerolehan diberi KKM

    kalau KP kesihatan bagus ada "chithole" people downline pun
    SPRM sahkan siasat kontrak pemerolehan diberi KKM

    gua dengar baru rm 33 juta pun mau "ambik sikit" poket money.
    ini covid 19 satu hari delay satu selayang market EMCO.
    sikit hari di katakan "miscommunication" close case