Saturday 9 May 2020

What is spinning

I used to read NST.

Yup, the one they accused of peddling BN propaganda back then.

Actually, to a certain extent, it's true.

The people who used to run the newspaper were guilty of that to further their self interests.

Real bastards, if you ask me.

It was the same with the other mainstream media organisations at that time.

Those mainstream media leaders used to kiss the BN bosses' ass to secure their place in the newsrooms.

And quite some of them did it so openly and blatantly with no shame whatsoever.

They got datukship, tan sriship and other awards along with business interests and other stuff, and one even got himself a publishing company as a reward.

These people include some who later on became politicians themselves and turned against BN in the run up to the GE14.

That was when BN was no longer controlled by their patrons and due to that they lost their portion of the cake at that time.

Well, the really unfortunate thing was that, because of those scumbags, journalists of the entire mainstream media and the news organisations they represented lost their credibility.

People lost their trust in the mainstream media, leading to the drop of newspapers' circulation and TV viewership.

Now what used to be the mainstream media is just a shell of itself. Some news outlets had even closed down.

And those responsible for what happened are still crowing about themselves, demanding respect and adulation as senior journalists.

Tokoh wartawan negara my ass.

Meanwhile, the real journalists are mostly out of job and doing other things to try to earn a living.

I know one who was planning to jual goreng pisang tepi jalan as the possibility of him losing his job became more real due to the Covid-19 crisis.

He said he wished he could set up a darts cafe but it was vetoed out by his wife because that would be too expensive a venture.

Ya, real journalists in this country don't earn much, okay.

Anyway, what used to be the mainstream media have now been replaced by the news portals such as Malaysiakini, FMT, MalayMail Online, Malaysian Insight etc, which thrive on anti-establishment propaganda to gain popularity. That was before Pakatan won the GE14.

They are actually the same as the likes of NST, Utusan and the other news outlets except that their political affiliation is supportive of Pakatan.

They actually employed worse spinning tactics.

For instance, NST, which I'm most familiar because I used to read it was quite clear about it being pro-BN at that time, unlike the portals who claimed themselves as being free and impartial but actually were not.

NST was also clear about what were its political commentaries and what were its political news.

A commentary is an opinion piece while a news is all about reporting facts, which means no spinning or editorialising.

NST didn't mix those two as far as during the period when I was still reading the newspaper.

Its political editor at that time who is my friend told me that it's about some sort of journalistic ethics. Well, that guy eventually got himself kicked out by his ass kissing bosses...probably because he talked too much about such thing. Stupid guy....hahahaha.

Anyway, such self restrain doesn't seem to be practiced by the pro-Pakatan portals.

This is an example,

PAS calls Pakatan power hungry for 
initiating no-confidence motion against PM

Its a Malay Mail Online piece written by one Azril Annuar.

If you read the headline, you would likely conclude that its a political news story, but if you read it, it's actually not so.

These are the opening paragraphs,


KUALA LUMPUR, May 8 — In a move worthy of the idiom “the pot calling the kettle black”, Islamist party PAS has accused the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition of being power hungry after the latter filed a motion of no-confidence against Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.
The Perikatan Nasional (PN) coalition member that entered Putrajaya through backdoor political dealings issued a statement today accusing the federal Opposition of instigating a drama by calling for emergency sessions of Parliament when its true intention was to unseat Muhyiddin.    

Note the words, that I highlighted in blue. They were not supposed to be in a news story, okay.

That's what spinning actually is - inserting one's own opinion into news facts.

And these were the closing paragraphs;


This is one of the rare few times that PAS has issued a statement since coming into federal power for the first time in decades.
The public, especially those online, have raised questions asking why PAS has gone quiet when it comes to the Islamic agenda.
During a Facebook Live session with Opposition chief Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim recently, the PKR president when asked to comment on PAS’ apparent silence also agreed, observing that the party’s leaders had kept mum on matters pertaining to the opening of lottery outlets such as Sports Toto and the temporary permit to operate a beer factory during the early days of the movement control order (MCO) while schools and mosques remained closed. 

What has the allegation (of the writer) that Pas rarely issued a statement got anything to do with the story?

Well, it's actually just another spin to discredit Pas' objection to yet another round of political crisis engineered by Pakatan as Malaysians struggle to survive the Covid-19 pandemic and its economic fallout.

For the record, Pas was invited to join the Perikatan Nasional government which was set up as per the Constitution and it was not involved in any way in causing the self-destruction of the Pakatan government.

Anyway, that's how the new media operates.

Same MO as the old ones, just that of different platforms and political affiliations....and sometimes using worse tactics.

If you don't believe me, just read those political stories that they published with an open heart and mind. Trust me,  you will detect the spins and sometimes even the outright lies.

What I read now?

I mostly just watch YouTube and read only whatever my friends sent me via social media.

Malas mau baca all those propaganda-laced stories.

Oh....wait.....the business portals are not so bad, I think. Sometimes I read them.

Eh, this posting is getting too long....enough lah ya.

Here's again another music video for fun,

It's actually from Akira Kurosawa's 1947 movie, Drunken Angel.

I love Shizuko Kasagi's cute.

Okay, ciao.


  1. do not wolli, even those deep in the jungle will be given posts!!!
    like that one staying in Yan or Sik!!!!

    orang asal penyokong pun boleh dapat jawatan sekurang kurang nya timbalan ketua jaga kampong.
    Dulu masa Pakatoon nak jadi ahli sekuriti secara sukarela flat PPR pun Atok dan ling kun eng tak bagi.

    Beberapa lagi ahli parlimen disebut-sebut telah dilantik dalam syarikat berkaitan kerajaan (GLC), termasuk termasuk Ahli Parlimen Cameron Highlands

    1. Maszlee dah rejek tawaran jadi pengerusi Mara. Dia kata dia diundi bukan utk memenohi keperluan pribadi. Dia perlu utamakan kehendak pengundinya.

      Katanya, keutamaabnya ialah pengundi Srmpang Rengam yg menderita akibay CIVID. So whay ever he do, mesti direstui oleh prngundinya.

      Sooooo....siapa kata penfundi Melayu Johor dah menolak Bersat dan tak sabar-sabar nak umnonor pas nerompak mereka....???

    2. Orang Simpang Renggam mana yang nak dia tu? Tun pun buang dia. Kalau kena offer menteri berlari terkedek2 lah si ketot tu datang..percaya

    3. Really Anon 1.28....???

      Kalau jawatan pengerusi mara is not gud enof for you, apasal gerombolan kluster umno/pas menuntut jawatan-jawatan jenis ni.... shows that you people are sour grapes. Cakap tak serupa bikin. Awak siapa, nak bercakap bagi pihak kami, pengundi Simpang Rengam...?

      At least Maszlee sentiasa ada di Simpsng Rengam, bersama mereka in this difficult time.

    4. Bagus lah suh dia duk jer simpang renggam... Tol dah xde kan... Alhamdullillah tahniah... Lol

  2. Annie lu tak pandai horse trading so you shud stop writing politics or moo shud teach you few tricks to survive wakakaka

  3. not any diff with bloggers like yourself annie. everyone has a slant, its called an opinion. And its free.

    best thing is read all sides & form your own view.

    1. Yesssss sir, this is what I do. Masuk semua blog, baca tajuknya, kalau releven, baca isinya.

      Kalau tajuknya merapu, leave without prejudice.

  4. Ucapan Tun ulang tahon ke 2 Kemenangan PH - Najib juga yang salah

    “Kita harus ingat, kita tubuh Bersatu bukan sebagai parti campuran, seperti parti-parti lain. Kita tubuh Bersatu untuk orang Melayu dan Bumiputra. Sebabnya, Umno tidak lagi mengutamakan Melayu dan Bumiputra. Itu sebab kita tubuh Bersatu.

    “Bila kita hancurkan Bersatu, kerana tindakan Umno, maka hilanglah parti Melayu uang berhasrat berjuang untuk bangsa, negara dan agama kerana Umno bukan lagi macam itu. Umno sekarang ini hanya berjuang untuk Datuk Seri Najib tetapi kita terjebak kerana tidak diberitahu,” kata Mahathir dalam ucapan itu.

    Sehubungan dengan itu, Dr Mahatahir berharap sempena ulang tahun kedua kemenangan Pakatan Harapan ini ahli-ahli Bersatu berfikir dengan mendalam sebab apa mereka menyertai Bersatu.

    Parti Bersatu terkontang kanteng Najib juga yang salah.

    Elok Tun dibawa jadi saksi kes 1MDB 18.5.200 nanti.

    Bring it On Q serra serra..

  5. Funny. Buletin Utama Nielsen’s numbers are at their highest levels (exceedin 2.5m daily) and digital reach for BH, Harian Metro, Star, NST are highest in the country. Just because u dont watch tv or dont read Malaysian mainstream media, doesn’t mean the rest of Malaysia don’t. Its a bit too easy to make sweeping generalizations without actually referring to hard facts. Yes printed papers are down, replaced by digital, mainstream digital for that matter.

    1. Oh ya ka...hmmm wonder why the journalists are complaining that they were losing their jobs.

    2. Due to MCO ratings maybe higher buat advertisements may have gone down a lot which is where their main source of income is.

  6. Perodi ucapan Tun semasa memperingati kemenangan PH

    Demi Boboi andai masa mencemburui kita dan masa tiada lagi bersama ako...

    Kedudukan boboi sebagai Menteri Besar Kedah dalam keadaan terancam, dalam kes ini, bukanlah PAS yang menjadi parti pembangkang terbesar di kedah mengancam kedudukan boboi, tapi yang mengancam tu adalah kawan-kawan boboi sendiri dalam PH.

    Kedudkan boboi di kedah seperti teloq dihujung tanduk, bila-bila masa boleh jatuh pecah, jadi untuk menyelamatkan boboi dan memastikan kedudukan boboi tidak terancam, maka apak mu akan buat perangai lagi.

    Itu je yang sebenarnya, kenapa apak mu meroyan lain macam kali ni, pasal nak pastikan boboi ada jawatan tinggi baik dalam negeri atau negara.

    Perjuang Apak hanya untuk boboi je, tak ada sebab lain, kalau apak mu kata dia berjuang kerana rakyat, itu bullshit, masa apakmu jadi pm ari tu, apak suruh rakyat di suruh ikat perut, sedangkan kroni apak dan anakcucu apak anugerah kan projek berbillion-billion, kalau apak kata apak nak berjuang nak lawan rasuah, sebenarnya apaklah segala kepala rasuah yang ada kat negara ni, habis semua kes-kes rasuah pemimpin PH apak arahkan AG Tomi Tomas untuk buang kes, kemudian apakmu akan buat-buat terkejut.

    Apa apa yang berlaku jawab 'tatau'


    dari ApakMu

    1. Pantang di sebut Bossku...menggelupur orang tua tu....

    2. theres no better parody than d cow enters thru d rooftop

  7. Tak tanya pulak rakyat yg undi depa dulu sama ada patut kah buat undi tak percaya kt parlimen. Kalau buat survey pd rakyat, mesti depa nk kekalkan Moo punya gomen. Penat dah tengok drama politik org yg gila kuasa lepas hilang kuasa. Dah ke laut segala motto utk rakyat. Kalau gentlemen sgt, tunggu la PRU15. Sekarang masa utk buat kerja. Tak lari rezki jadi menteri esok2 kalau mmg dah ditakdirkan. Mungkin depa takut bila Moo punya gomen successfully facing isu Covid ni, bonus utk Moo. So, baik spoil kan dari sekarang. Isu LHDN, biasa la..nt settle la tu. Sabar ye..bukan sorang je kt Malaysia ni nama dia Cik Kiah...

  8. Pot calling the kettle black aptly used for his blog 😂

  9. i dont watch tv news and i dont read newspaper....i just follow mynewshub and ttkm in fb and i can know eveything of what is going on and i even know that tomorrow at 2pm the pm is going to make an announcement

  10. Written media is a sunset industry. Nowadays not many people will buy hardcopy newspaper or magazine when they can search for & read just about anything anytime any place as long as they have a smartphone. For local news, just tune in to one of the local berita programs on tv, for regional news there is cna & for int'nal news there are many to choose from.

    Evolve or die

  11. I pun dah lama tak tengok online news kat Malaysiakini...banyak spin .Harap the govt do something to close this portal.

  12. Perodi ucapan 'Langkah Boboi'

    Bersatu tiada pilihan lain lagi.

    Saya terpanggil untuk mengajukan beberapa soalan kepada kepimpinan Umno. Sikap pemimpin Umno terhadap Bersatu yang tidak menggambarkan kesepakatan yang telah menyebabkan kejatuhan Kerajaan PH dan penubuhan kerajaan baru yang digelar PN. Kerajaan tebuk bumbung dan tebuk muka sendiri yang diwar-warkan kini.

    Soalan ini juga saya tujukan kepada Presiden Bersatu Muhyiddin Yassin, sekaligus memberikan peluang kepada Tan Sri untuk menjelaskan kenapa janji beliau kepada Bersatu tidak menjadi kenyataan.

    "Bersatu sudah berpecah dua" kata ayahnda saya. Saya mohon dan merayu kali ini utk kembali pada rakan dalam PH yg tertebuk muka sendri dapat berlapang dada dan menerima kami semola.

    Pada hemat saya, Bersatu hanya ada satu pilihan sahaja iaitu kembali bersama PH. Kembali kita repair semola bumbung yang langkah ayahnda saya tertebuk mukanya sendri.

    Pengalaman tidak sampai dua bulan di bawah kerajaan Perikatan Nasional yang tidak wujud itu sangat pahit bagi Bersatu hingga ke akar umbi.

    Kepahitan tertebuk bumbung dan muka sendri memang menyakitkan hati ayahnda saya dan tok wan saya. Kepahitan tertebuk muka ini sangat menyakitkan diri saya juga hingga sampai ubun ubun kepala saya... kikiki

    Ahli Majlis dan MPKK yang dianggotai Bersatu telah digugurkan di beberapa negeri kecuali Kedah.

    Sejarah pemimpin pemimpin besar Kedah dari dolu dolu lagi memamg macam itu. Pulau-pulau strategik seperti Pulau Pinang dan Singapura pernah pemimpin tertinggi negeri ini kasi sedekah pada orang lain asal dapat jadi pemimpin tertinggi.

    Hampir 22 bolan dalam PH Jambatan Bengkok lansung tidak dimanfaatkan untuk dibina semola. Jambatan bengkok hanya gula gula penyedap hati orang Melayu saja selama ini.

    Cukup-cukuplah dengan menang sorak kampung tergadai. Sudah sudah lah tu dan hentikan lah kerja tebuk menebuk sesama sendri ini.

    Kami tidak mahu lagi Bersatu diperkudakan dan diperkotak-katikkan oleh mana-mana pihak.

    Tiada siapa yang rela diperkotak katik kan kita dalam Bersatu, kami dan rakan dlm PH yang terebuk muka satu sama lain. Mohon dimaafin ayahnda saya kerana tertebuk mukanya sindri terutama janji pada PKR @ Anwar Ibrahim PM ke 8 tidak tertunai.

    Saya sangat yakin bahawa krisis politik, krisis kesihatan dan krisis ekonomi yang sedang melanda negara ketika ini akan dapat ditangani dengan lebih baik oleh sebuah kerajaan perpaduan yang pernah dicadangkan ayahnda saya.

    Jika ahli-ahli Yang Berhormat dari Bersatu bersetuju dengan kenyataan saya ini, 'SAYA ULANG..!!' silalah mengorak langkah dan kembali ke pangkal jalan.

    Dalam erti kata lain, kita dlm Bersatu dan PH bersama sama merepair semula bumbung yang kita tebuk suatu masa dolu. Kita mengambil pelajaran dari sejarah ahli Bersatu yang membakar jambatannya masa ayahnda saya berkuasa 22 tahon dolu, dia repair jambatan itu semola kemudian dia bakar balik...!! Pada rakan PH kejadian bakar, repair dan bakar semola jambatan tidak akan berulang lagi. Ambil lah pengajaran ini. (dalam hati mmmm bole caya ke nih..? Dasar anak lidah bercabang..!!)

    Itulah sebaik-baik tindakan yang boleh Yang Berhormat-Yang Berhormat lakukan untuk mengembalikan maruah dan menjamin kelangsungan Bersatu. Saya doakan Allah SWT memberi petunjuk dan hidayah kepada anda semua.

    Demi langkah boboi, dengan ini semoga kita repair kembali bumbung yang kita tebuk dolu demi perpaduan dalam Pakatan Harapan.

    Menteri Besar Kedah
    Timbalan Presiden Bersatu.

    Note : Mampukah rakan rakan dlm PH yang lain kembali dengan langkah boboi. sama sama lah kita nanti episoda akan datang

    1. Well written piece Anon 10:57
      Setuju dengan pendpt anda. Demi melelaikan segala kemelut politik tanah air yg tak pernah berkesudahan ini, aku rasa cadangan kerajaan perpaduan yg dikemukakan oleh Tun tempoh hari adalah satu-satunya jln keluar yg terbaik utk rakyat dan negara sejagat. Semua tak payah rebut, kita ambil jalan tengah.

  13. I think this new portal news are even more dangerous for their continuous racist indoctrinations among malaysians.