Tuesday 19 May 2020

Reviving tourism more important than reviving Pakatan's ambition - Agong

They had a one-day parliament sitting yesterday under the Covid-19 cloud.

I'm sure you all have read it.

The Agong told the politicians to stop their political bullshit and let the government he appointed to revive the country as the pandemic slowly eases.

He reminded everyone that after Dr Mahathir resigned, he had tried to persuade the handsome old man to take back the job, but was not successful.

He then had to appoint Muhyiddin because the man has the most support in parliament as per required by the constitution.

Ya, what else they want the Agong to do?

I believe the Agong was directing that part of his speech yesterday to the Pakatan Harapan MPs, who were still making noises about immediately taking back power from the Muhyiddin's administration.

He even told them not to drag the country into another round of political crisis after what they did with their Game of Throne nonsense at the end of the Pakatan government's days in power.

The Agong also made a point to described the current government as "kerajaan beta", meaning that if you go against it, that means you are going against the royal institution and the country's constitutional monarchy system.

I like the diplomatic yet firm tone of Sultan Abdullah's message yesterday.

However, I'm not hopeful of the Pakatan MP to really understand what the Agong was trying to tell them.

They were still talking nonsense till today, saying that the government was not fair for not allowing their motion of no-confidence to be tabled yesterday.

Really thick skulls.

Eh, it's Covid-19 la. Can't wait for proper sitting ka?


And seriously, do they really have the number.

My last count, the best that Pakatan could muster was 107, short of the needed 112.

Well, even if they win the no confidence vote, Muhyiddin could just dissolves parliament for a fresh general election.

And my calculations indicate that they will get trashed by Umno, Pas and their allies if that happened.

You think people like it that you force the government to be dissolved while it was battling the Covid-19 pandemic?

People will instead punish you la.

People for now just want to survive Covid-19 and the unemployment that will soon follow for many of them.

The Pakatan people really should heed the advise of the Agong to give priority to reviving the country's economy so that people will have jobs to feed their family.

This is one of the highlights of his speech yesterday which I found to be fresh and interesting;

Agong wants tourism to be revived, 

expresses confidence in government 

Typical of Sultan Abdullah to be concerned about these sort of things.

He must have known how important it is to revive the tourism industry as so many Malaysians - from sophisticated stewardesses who work for airlines to Makcik Kiah who sells kueh to tourists who check out her stall by the roadside - are dependent on it for their source of income.

Reviving tourism is more important at the moment than reviving the Pakatan's political ambition, okay.

Even the Agong can see that.

Of course, other industries are important too.

Still, we need to get our priorities right - for now, rakyat didahulukan, politicians' ambition dikendian-kendiankan.

Oh, and with that, here is again the picture of Sultan Abdullah and his rakyat which I took myself during his visit to the flood relief shelter at the Temerloh R&R of the East Coast Highway during the major flood of 2014/2015,

Daulat Tuanku.


  1. Revive tourism industry? How to do it ma? Borders pun tak boleh bukak lagi how to revive tourism?

    Even if our risk of infection has shown downward trend for the past weeks, but cases beyond borders still crazy high and extremely worrying. It is not just affecting our own country, it is a world wide pandemic. The moment you let other people coming in, you’re putting our people’s health at risk.

    Remember the INTERNATIONAL religious gathering at Sri Petaling mosque? The starter plug which triggered the whole health crisis? The whole world is infected by the coronavirus; meaning each person coming into our country is potential virus carrier. At the moment it is still not safe to open the border.

  2. "Reviving tourism is more important at the moment than reviving the Pakatan's political ambition, okay."

    Kih kih kih.

    The Moo-Semburit cartel were plotting, scheming and backstabbing all the way to end of February while COVID was already in full swing.

    Even NOW they are plotting, scheming and backstabbing to take over state gomen via katak hopping.

    Yes, right NOW.

    So, please lah.

    Spare us the hypocrisy.

    "You all don't do politicking in a crisis....but we can!"

    Tanda-tanda orang munafik ada tiga, iaitu apabila dia berbicara dia dusta, apabila dia berjanji tidak ditepati dan apabila diberi amanah dia khianati.

    Perfect description of the backdoor traitors.

    1. Anon 17:53

      Eh.. you ni dok menghoyan cakap sorang depan cermin ke?
      What backdoor rooftop are u'olls pokpekpokpek about ni? Your chairman, PM7 yg sebenarnya ca alif ba wau ta lali, as PM7 and PH Chairman. He abandoned u'olls?

      Kejap cabut, DYM Agong pujuk jgn resign dia nak nunjuk peghunguih taknak juga.

      Lepaih tu skrg nak plak? Video dok viral kaw kaw. Suara dia habaq tak suka DAP dan Anwar. Lepaih tu skrg dok I LOVE U dgn depa plak! Sendili angkala olang lain dpersalahkan??

      Hmmm mmg ciri2 mirik olang2 yg dah dkembalikn k alam kebudak2an nampak gaya? Mungkin lamai yg terdekat dh lampak, tu pasai pakat2 lali keluaq PH..

      Viral sikalang video last PH meeting.. kesian meleleh air mata dengaq. Surf youtube sendili replay mayak2 kali klo masih tak faham. TU LA AAA. Tak laghat habaq, 12/222 is NOWAY WAN. Tinggal 3/12, one quarter is MINORITY tau tak? (KATAK2 tak kira ya.. tu semua suka makan lalat tahi, lagi besaq2 lagi sedap).

      Neway.. Bapa anak dn bbrapa pemimpin PH dh macam terkena sumpah laknat Bossku? Pelik nuuu. Masih asyik bebel nama Najib memanjang?

      Professor Nasi Lemak.

    2. Vedeo suara tu edit lah bro..kerja biasa puak penyamun...

      Madey letak jawatan kerajaan PH tumbang...kerajaan blm berpindah tangan....muyudin bawak Bersatu kluar join dgn penyamun baru kerajaan bertukar....ini di panggil tebok atap

  3. "The Agong also made a point to described the current government as "kerajaan beta", meaning that if you go against it, that means you are going against the royal institution and the country's constitutional monarchy system."


    Not sure if you just arrived here from Bangladesh or Mars, but EVERY royal address is written by the gomen of the day.

    Hence, "constitutional monarchy."

    The phrase "kerajaan beta" here, "my government" in the UK etc. etc. is a convention of addresses by the titular monarch. Dulu, kini & selamanya.

    That phrase was used for Parliament opening during PH time, so did the Semburit-Moo Cartel commit derhaka by the Sheraton Move?

    I am using YOUR OWN logic, see?

    You think every reader of yours is a gullible dunggu ke?

    Please lah....don't misuse DYMM YDPA for your spinning purposes.

    1. Presiden PKR Anwar Ibrahim membidas sesetengah pihak yang menggunakan ungkapan “kerajaan beta” oleh Yang di-Pertuan Agong untuk dijadikan hujah pengiktirafan terhadap kerajaan sedia ada.

      Katanya, istilah itu telah digunakan sejak pentadbiran perdana menteri pertama Tunku Abdul Rahman lagi.

      “Masa kerajaan Tunku Abdul Rahman, dia kata kerajaan beta, dan puji memanda perdana menteri, kemudian masa Tun Razak, kerajaan beta, masa Pakatan Harapan (PH), kerajaan beta.

      “Saya ingat ada tokoh pemuda Bersatu, yang sebelah sana (blok Muhyiddin), dia tak faham. Tengok? Tuanku kata kerajaan beta, maknanya ini dia iktiraf. Bukan,” katanya.

      Meskipun tidak merujuk secara langsung, Anwar dipercayai merujuk tokoh pemuda Bersatu yang ada membuat satu hantaran memetik “kerajaan beta” dalam titah diraja, disertai perkataan Arab “khalas” (selesai).

      Hantaran itu bagaimanapun didapati dipadam.


      Kih kih kih.

    2. Abam Non kuciwa,his feveret DYPA abdicate too early.

  4. #However, I'm not hopeful of the Pakatan MP to really understand what the Agong was trying to tell them.#

    Have the ever understood anything about being Malaysians for majority Malaysians ? If they have, they would have made a good government for Malaysians but for only a urban inspired Malaysians. They must know more half of Malaysians remain rural. But to focus on only urban dwellers needs are no way forward. Worse still PH senseless politics are making the people fed up.

    They must also know that their ugly politics are not of any benefit to the rakyat. Yes umno, pas politics sucks too but unfortunately the majority rakyat are with umno & pas now. Why..PH bungled; they made promises they knew was semi impossible to deliver but they went on campaigning that deceptions. What were GE14 weapon now makan diri. Don't blame others but themselves. People of Malaysia are also tired of anwar ibrahim's game. What reform is he talking about ? Reform must benefit the people not only those aligned to them. The people don't see how their proposed reform lift them up in anyway.

    Listen to the Agong. He is the best this country has had. He is the people's Agong.

    For now PH, please lay low for a while. Handsome oldman has lost it with the people. He is playing a game only he understand.

  5. Annie sayang.....

    Nahhhh, a mangkuk hayun after your own heart : ) jgn segan ye...

    A certain first-time deputy minister was so mesmerised when our Tuanku YDPA addressed his government as "Kerajaan beta". It has always been "Kerajaan beta", whether BN, PH, or PN.


  6. Jauhi Makhluk Perosak

    YDP Agong sendiri telah memujuk Mahathir agar menarik balik perletakkan jawatan tersebut tetapi Mahathir tetap tegar dengan keputusannya.

    Jadi,.salah siapa ?
    Adakah salah.Muhyiddin?...
    diatas perletakkan jawatan tersebut?

    Mahathir dengan rela hati dan suci hati sendiri yang mahu melepaskan jawatan tersebut.

    Yang menjadi persoalan,. kenapa Mahathir masih menyalak dan mengatakan Muhyiddin mengkhianati beliau???

    Disini orang bodoh pun bolih pikir.

    Sememangnya Mahathir dah jadi"gila talak"lakunya.

    Cukup cukuplah wahai Ahli PPBM.
    Sedar lah..Allah SWT sendiri yang menjatuhkan Mahathir!!!

    Tak usahlah nak guling guling lagi, terimalah seadanya.

    Hari ini pun "musuh" tradisi Mahathir pun tak mahu hadirkan diri dalam sidang media bersama Mahathir.
    Katanya 'tak mahu dipergunakan lagi". Dalam maksud kata kata Anwar tu...takkan Mahathir tak faham faham?

    Masanya sudah sampai untuk memasing menjauhkan diri dari makhluk perosak Melayu seko ni.

  7. Politi Scheiss19 May 2020 at 22:15

    I share the Agong's and most Malaysians' sentiments and priorities to.

    Cut the politi scheiss (bullshit politics) and get down to containing COVID-19, reviving the economy and jobs.

    Carry on with this politi scheiss and you will be toast.

    1. Yes, surely the best way of doing that is to install an entirely corrupted group of politicians in Cabinet and to head GLCs.

      Even Najib never dared to be this blatant with "rewards" but then Moo is desperate, I guess.

      The leakages will be back with a vengeance, or maybe you think it's an excellent idea to put the musang2 back in the henhouse / KFC restaurant / ayam percik stall. Tambah kuah & kickbacks yop.

      Speaking of scheiss, I think the current situation with confirmed crooks drawing a double salary at our expense is a perfect khinzir-dung nexus, kan?


  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Kalau engko nak tulis benda yg engko tak ada bukti tentang Agong ni pi lah tulis kat platform engko sendiri. Benda macam ni yg buat bloggers tak boleh nak publish comments sebab nanti dia org yg kena dan bukannya engko.

    2. It's ok Aannie kalau hang tak mau siarkan komen aku. Kebenaran itu memang mengejutkan ya.

      Have a good day Aannie.. hi hi

  9. Agong is correct!!!
    But PN or PH cant because all the YB's are stupid as donkey. U imagine the drug law is dated back in 1952. That law is older than Malaysia.

    Thailand has legalised Marijuana for medicine. Their Hospitals are now selling CBD Oils for cancer patients.

    While Amsterdam and Europe has legalised Canabis Recreation. We just watch like a stupid monkey. Ganja is 89Billion economy. We still want to plant rubber and palm oil. Now oil is as cheap as nasi kosong.

    1. I agree.
      We should've longed shifted to Medical Marijuana cultivation. As a matter of fact, rubber & palm-oil plantation in the North of Peninsula should have longed shifted to Ketum-plantation to cater for European demand, especially during winter seasons.

    2. Din. Kau mesti tengah ranum kan bila tulis komen ni. Kalo iyer pun share2 la broader.. Jgn pekena sorang2.. Kena stim bodo nanti duk temenung plak.. Kihkihkih..

  10. It is pointless to dwell on the past. What's happened happened. However, it is very unfortunate that Malaysian politics has always been marred by all sorts of unethical ulterior motives. All thanks to the unscrupulous ambitious politicians, fighting tooth and nail all year round, creating unnecessary chaos to make life difficult for the people. Yet, they are the honourable YB with secure and well-paid incomes. As for the an-hour Parliament sitting, it was somewhat regrettable that PN government couldn't muster up the courage to take on the vote of no-confidence. It should have allowed to prove the so-called numbers, once and for all. Beating around the bush to shilly-shally about the matter would only make thing even doubtful. A clean-cut and transparent 'kerajaan beta' would be laudable and acceptable by all, including the opposition.


  11. Bergaduh dengan semua PM, semoga Tun Mahathir mendapat hidayah

    HABIS diserang habis-habisan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. Habis semua orang salah. Naratif yang sama dibawa oleh Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad dalam sidang akhbarnya di Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana Menteri sebentar tadi – topiknya kita semua maklum.

    Kelibat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan wakil-wakil PKR bagaimanapun tidak muncul bersama Pengerusi BERSATU

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Your blog don't have enough space for your anti-Malay rants, is it?
      If I let yours through, then there will be replies. Then it would be a racist slug fest which I can't afford as they will shut down my blog. Yours okay lah because you are not in Malaysia. Go ahead and knock yourself out there la, okay.

    2. Tahniah di atas ketegasan anda .
      Bagus & Terbaik .

    3. Hiya! Annine

      how many sentences of DYMM speech belong to istana????

    4. Sebahagian Titah Agong hanya boleh datang dari istana - KJ

      Walaupun kerajaan berperanan dalam merangka draf Titah Yang di-Pertuan Agong,
      Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri'ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah di parlimen,
      Menteri Sains, Teknologi, dan Inovasi Khairy Jamaluddin berkata sebahagian
      daripada titah baginda hanya boleh datang dari istana sendiri.

  13. Demi kestabilan politik semasa ketika kita berdepan dengan ancaman Covid-19, tak perlulah diganggu Perikatan Nasional (PN). Tumpuan harus diberikan pada PRU-15 dan mereka juga harus menghormati nasihat Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

    “Kalau tak diambil peduli nasihat Agong, ini gambarkan PH betul-betul obses dan gila kuasa,” katanya ketika dihubungi Malaysiakini.

    Tambahnya, dalam tempoh sebelum menghadapi PRU, PH perlu memperbaiki beberapa isu dalaman parti.

    “PH harus mantapkan kerjasama anggota dalam parti sekarang dan harus dinyatakan secara jelas siapa hendak jadi PM (perdana menteri) nanti, jangan serabut-serabut macam dulu,” Anwar Ibrahim dalam sidang media PH tanpa kalibat Tun Mahathir.

    Makin mereput nampak gaya Tun Mahathir buat masa ini tiada lagi talian hayat untuk dirinya dan keluarganya lagi untuk kali ini.

    1. Jatuhkan mukeriz kerana kedah sudah bebas covid?...masa tu Agong blm nasihat lagi kot..

      Kak kaah kaaaah..

  14. Because of "kerajaan Beta" lots of mangkok2 hayun meroyan. Pls talk to mountain. Good luck.

  15. My two bits is tourism is the last things that the country needs right now. Get our industry working within covid safe confinement and exporting. Free mingling and sightseeing should be discourage If you and household is covid free for 14 days why should you let in somebody unless you are willing to be quarantine again.Get the vaccine and antiboby first

  16. Cik Aannie, kalau pun u tidak hendak siarkan komen reader u yang u rasa tak sesuai tetapi tidak perlulah mengata nista mereka. Cukuplah sekadar print ' Sorry unable to show your comments because of its sentivity to public'

    These are your blog supporters and readers. Without them your blog writing is nothing.

    Loved Mat Kedah reply to your celupar comments. It showed maturity.

    1. My comment "celupar"? Well, whatever.






    1. Itu rakaman palsu daa...

    2. bukti palsu ada mai tunjuk ..laa

  18. BERITA
    Muhyiddin akan berdepan 'masalah yang sangat besar', kata Dr M
    Diterbitkan 6 jam lepas
    Dikemaskini 5 jam lepas

    Pengerusi Bersatu Mahathir Mohamad berkata Perdana Menteri Muhyiddin Yassin akan berdepan "masalah yang sangat besar".

    Jelas Mahathir, ini kerana, beliau akan berusaha untuk membuktikan "ketidaksahihan" kerajaan Perikatan Nasional (PN) dan Muhyiddin sebagai perdana menteri

    Berdasarkan susunan 222 kerusi di Dewan Rakyat pada sidang berkenaan, 114 menyokong Muhyiddin, iaitu hanya dua kerusi majoriti.

    Sementara itu, laporan Reuters turut memetik Mahathir sebagai berkata bahawa pembangkang akan menolak sebarang rang undang-undang yang dibawa pentadbiran Muhyiddin di parlimen sekiranya undi tidak percaya tidak dibentangkan.

    "Jika semua yang dibawanya ke parlimen ditolak, bagaimana dia mahu teruskan (sebagai perdana menteri)," kata Mahathir.

  19. Muyidin ada majoriti.tipis..mp2 PN tak boleh ponteng sidang Dewan...kalo ponteng ada usul yg tak boleh lulus...pening muyidin..

    Yg kuat ponteng lobai Hadi..

    1. Jangan risau. BossKu kan ada.
      Muhyiddin boleh guna tactic sama pernah dilakukan oleh Kleptocracy.

      Ingat tak dulu... bagaimana, setelah Najib telah mansuh ISA... menyebabkan beribu-ribu gangster, geng kongsi-gelap dan samseng terpaksa dibebaskan dari Penjara Simpang Rengam?
      Rupa-rupanya EO (Emergency Ordinance) terkait Akta ISA. Maknanya, jika dimansuhkan ISA, EO juga turut terhapus. Kongsi-gelap dan gengster ditahan dibawah EO.

      Apa lagi... Kelam-kabut KDN gubal Akta SOSMA & POTA.
      Supaya dapat diluluskan di Parlimen... diperdayanya Ahli-Politik Pembangkang... secara tiba-tiba dan tanpa diberitahu terlebih dahulu... undian dilakukan pada pukul 02:00 pagi.

      Pada 01:00 pagi... Lim Guan Eng dan ramai lagi Pemimpin Pembangkang bergegas-kembali ke Parlimen, namun sudah terlambat kerana undian sudah dibuat dengan kehadiran 100% Pengubal UNdang-Undang dari pihak Kerajaan.

  20. Untuk ape muyiden kuasai Bersatu dan kerajaan jika Bersatu tiada kuasa lagi selepas Pru15?..

    Umno sudah jelas akan singkirkan muyidin dari jawatan PM dlm pru15 nanti dgn tinggalkan PN..

    Umno tak mau PN didaftarkan secara rasmi kerana tak mau terikat dgn PN yg dikuasai oleh muyiden…umno mau pegang jawatan PM dan kuasai pemerintahan…

    Bersatu akan tenggelam dari arus politik negara seperti parti KITA HAMIM dan BERJASA..

    Muyidin dan Assemim tidak cerdik untuk politik jangka panjang….kejar untung besar jangka pendek saja.....hanye untuk beri peluang kpd umno kembali rakus setelah berhempa pulas singkirkan penyamun dlm pru14...

    1. Perpatah Melayu mengatakan...orang tamak selalu rugi.

      Itulah yang berlaku kepada Geng Pengkhianat & Semburit.
      Kerana sikap tamak-kuasa dan gila-pangkat, mereka tidak peduli samada Negara diancam Covid dan masaalah ekonomi ketika menjalankan 'Langkah Sheraton' itu. Menipu rakan-rakan dan Rakyat pun mereka sanggup.

      Begitu juga dengan sikap Penyamun yang terdesak mahu melepaskan-diri dari tuduhan di Mahkamah. Penunggang Agama yang mengidam Mercedes Benz... kereta mewah buatan-kapir... sudah tentu akan turut serta.

      Akhirnya... PRU 15 nanti... UMNO & PAS tidak akan memberi laluan kepada kem-Bersatu Muhyiddin. Maklumlah, mereka berebut 'undi-Melayu' yang sama. Akhirnya Muhyiddin terpaksa letak calon mereka di kubu-kuat DAP... kerusi yang MCA tidak berani bertanding kerana sudah tahu akan kalah kepada DAP.

      Ehmm... tidak lama lagi... Muhyiddin akan menyesal kerana keberatan mengharamkan UMNO ketika beliau jadi Menteri Dalam Negeri dalam PH.

  21. Cik Annie

    Your comment on domestic tourism..

    Maybe PN shld show some goodwill and provide special funds to sponsor the YBs from PH for an all paid vacation - "cuti2 sambil kenali Malaysia"?.

    They shld know Malaysia dulu sebelum nak jadi wakil Rakyat tau. How to become Menteri Belia dan sukan klo Sepilok pun tak pernah pi?

    Neway hope Najib/BN/PN can compile his whole series of "menjelajah rata ceroq negara Bossku videos" according to States as they are such valuable educational materials esp for our younger generations.

    Bossku shld continue wth his menjelajah, kita rakyat dapat "menjelajah" dan kenali Malaysia dengan lebih mendalam melalui video2 Bossku. Please cover more places esp kawasan2 pendalaman.

    Not now. After PKPB ya.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. talking kock ajain di puasa.
      the whole satu mesia PN plus duta pengembala unta will meroyang. report dari bukit kayu hitam ke selata teerbrau.
      anyway what you know about semenanjung malaya. other than pendatang tonkang haram!!!!
      do you know cheng ho save your ancentors skin from the raja siam

  22. Nampaknya Madey 'berpatah arang ' betul .Nampak macam tidak selari dengan titah nasihat YDPA .Ya lah,Madey cakap dia berhak berbuat demikian sebagai MP .
    Malaysia akan berdepan lagi dengan ketidak tentuan politik atas kenyataan Madey ini.Cuma ragu ragu adakah pihak pihak lain di dalam Pakatan Harapan bersependatan dengan Madey ,terutamanya Ketua Pembangkang Anwar Ibrahim.
    Jika berterusan begini nampaknya tiada pilihan bagi Muhyidin untuk membubarkan Parlimen untuk mendapatkan Mandat baru .
    Saya sekeluarga sudah pasti tidak akan mengundi PH .(yg manifesto tidak bolih dipercayai) .
    Begini lah sikap sebenar Madey .(yang kami benci) .

    1. Kami juga sangat benci dengan sikap tamak-kuasa dan gila-pangkat yang dipamerkan Geng Pengkhianat & Semburit sehingga tergamak membelakang dan mengkhianati rakan-rakan Ahli Parlimen dalam PH.

      Kami juga benci pada Muhyiddin dan Semburit. Demi KUASA dan pangkat, mereka tergamak mengkhianati inspirasi & mandat Rakyat... bersubahat dengan Geng Penyamun & Penunggang Agama dan mengembalikan mereka yang kami telah berjaya campak kedalam longkang pada PRU14.

  23. Drama Atok, Apa Sebenarnya Berlaku, Rakaman Audio: Pengkhianatan Sebenar, Tembelang Mahathir Terbongkar!. Siapa yang bacol.!? - Bossku

    Apa yang menarik, mesyuarat tersebut Mahathir bersetuju untuk keluar daripada PH, malah Mahathir jelas Tun tidak suka pada DAP dan juga Anwar. Mahathir telah mengamalkan politik hipokrasi tahap dewa terpaksa bekerja sama dng DAP dan Anwar.

    Lidah bercabang, hipokrit, gila kuasa dan BACOL masa Negara ada masalah Covid ini, Bossku jelaskan apa yang sebenarnya berlaku:

    1. Dia tak suka DAP. Dia tak suka Anwar jadi PM. Tak tahan dengan tekanan DAP dan geng Anwar terhadap dia tapi dia perlu bertahan kerana jumlah kerusi parlimen DAP dan PKR jauh lebih banyak banding dia.

    2. Parti PPBM dia mahu keluar dari PH secepat mungkin kerana bimbang kalah pada PRU15 akan datang setelah 5 kali kalah PRK kepada BN. Dia juga sokong

    3. Dia juga yang menyokong parti BN dan PAS bergabung dengan PPBM. Lalu, dia umum bahawa dia mahu buat kerajaan perpaduan semasa dia PM interim. PM ke 7(i)

    Nanti dia boleh pilih ahli-ahli parlimen yang totok pada dia untuk sokong dia sebagai PM tanpa mengambil kira tekanan parti atau pemimpin parti.

    Entah kenapa nak ambil dari PAN, dan dari parti-parti Sabah/Sarawak. Hanya dia yang tahu.

    Asalkan totok pada sudah cukup. Dia pun boleh pecah-belahkan kuasa parti masing-masing.

    Oleh kerana semua pihak tak setuju, parti-parti PH dan BN pun tak sokong dia jadi PM semasa menghadap YDP Agong.

    Lalu, dia pun kalah kerana tak dapat sokongan padu dari kedua-dua pihak.

    Setelah kalah, dia pun bekerja lagi keras untuk menumbangkan kerajaan PN untuk merebut kuasa kembali. Sah Gila Kuasa

    Anwar tidak ada banyak pilihan samada mahu berkecil hati dan berpatah arang dengan Mahathir atau menelan sahaja segala apa yang berlaku.

    Dia tak pernah hormat PH dan tak pernah hormat mandat Rakyat. Siapa yang bacol sebenarnya..!?

    Sebab itu, dia tak berbincang dan memberitahu pemimpin-pemimpin PH semasa dia letak jawatan.

    Hakikatnya DAP dan khususnya Anwar telah terpedaya serta terbelit dengan seni kelicikan politik Mahathir lidah bercabang dan kaki fitnah.

    Sebab itu dia tak hadir apabila PH suruh bermesyuarat untuk menyelesaikan kemelut. Lalu Anwar pun dipilih sebagai calon PM oleh PH.

    Cukuplah – cukuplah Mahathir jangan BACOL dan menyalahkan orang lain atas agenda politik sendiri.

    Mahathir memang bacol dalam mengamalkan POLITIK HIPOKRASI tahap tertinggi dalam sejarah poltik tanah air.

    Dia buka aib orang Allah buka aib nya lebih teruk lagi. Yang dibuka oleh Nya untuk kawan dan lawan mengingati kembali sosok tubuh yang bernama Mahathir sang fitnah yang bacol.

    1. Woi... rakaman audio tu diedit la.

    2. Cik Rahimah RD.
      Audio edit atau asli dah tidak berapa penting.
      Yang penting sekarang samada Anwar & LKS percaya dan sokong Madey lagi tak.
      Adakah DAP & PKR akan sokong Madey ???
      Mat Sabu PAN ikut rentak DAP aje ( seperti selalu ).
      1.Jika semua Sokong , ada peluang Madey buay comeback.
      2.Jika semua tak Sokong,Madey cuma ada pengikut MP dari 3 ke 4 orang sahaja .
      Sudah bolih agak apa pengakhiran Madey ini dalam arena Politik Malaysia .

  24. Rakaman Audio: Bukti Pengkhianatan Sebenar, Tembelang Mahathir Kian Terbongkar!

    Kalau rakaman audio palsu sila buat report polis biar polis siasat..Jangan jadi BACOL..!!

    Cukuplah – cukuplah mahathir menyalahkan dan mempergunakan orang lain atas agenda politiknya sendiri.

    Mahathir memang hebat dalam mengamalkan POLITIK HIPOKRASI tahap tertinggi dalam sejarah poltik tanah air.

    Apa yang terbongkar ini adalah aib yang dibuka olehNya untuk kawan dan lawan mengingati kembali sosok tubuh yang bernama MAHATHIR BACOL

    Kalau rakaman audio palsu sila buat report polis biar polis siasat..

  25. Anon 09:50

    La hang ni.. jgn mengoyan dan galak lebih2 sgt tak pasai2 kaitkn Cheng Ho pulak dah? Satni lamai sini mula bohong keluarkn setipiket palsu mengaku meleka anak cucu cheng ho, payah tau!

    Laksamana cheng ho tu adalah sorang pelayar terkenal wiki kata "mengetuai armada China sebanyak tujuh kali ke tiga puluh buah negara di serata alam Melayu, Asia Selatan, Timur Tengah, dan juga benua Afrika, hampir satu abad sebelum Christopher Columbus tiba di Amerika".. mak wei!!


    Kekekeke. Apapun famili sya semua Cdrama addict ya.. sgt2 minat celita2 sejalah negala China.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. annine
      camels rearing, camel urine haversting is good potential industry to consider. hear camel urine good for SARS. so good for covid

    2. mengaku meleka anak cucu cheng ho???????
      cheng ho ada testicle kah???
      dia ialah "eunuch"!!!!!!!