Thursday 7 May 2020

Selfish corporate bastards

I never really like the corporate type of people because I think most of them are bastards.


I avoid them most of the time....if I could.

Yeah, I know they are the sophisticated ones with fancy jobs who hang out at fancy clubs, eat fancy food at fancy restaurants and live in fancy apartments with their white expat boyfriends or sometimes husbands.

I know, most of you fancy to be like them.

But, you know what, I find them to be so fake in their arrogance.

And shallow.

And pretentious.

Yeah, they have the money and stuff, but they got those things by sacrificing their soul.

I know one who was so proud of her "all that matter is the bottom line" attitude and "be a winner at all costs"motto.

And she used to be the nicest of person before she joined the corporate world.

"Nice people are losers. They don't win wars. I want to be a winner," she once declared.

For me, nice people are the ones who made this world worth living. Allah bless us because of them, and not because of those selfish corporate people.

Well, whatever it is, that's the corporate culture as I understand it.

That's why I don't like those people.

I actually even distrust the corporate PR people because I always suspect them of being nice just to gain something.

It's after all about the bottom line.

Most of them never even understand what is genuine friendship....except one or two, maybe.

Yeah, it's plain toxic.

Because of this corporate culture, we have headlines such as this,

Want us to test workers for Covid-19? Then foot the bill, developers and builders tell Putrajaya

What a bunch of selfish bastards, right?

These are people who made billions from this country and yet they are demanding the government to pay for Covid-19 testing of their workers.

Making the government pay is the same as making us all Malaysians pay - not only the rich but also the poor.

And then they are making all kind of demands to make sure their bottom lines are okay.

Yeah, that's to our expense as tax payers.

I'm glad that this is the government's reply to them,

Covid-19: Company with a single infected worker will be shut down


“The government recently shut down the construction site on Jalan Ampang because we detected positive cases there,” he said, referring to the Pavilion Embassy where at least 27 workers had tested positive for Covid-19.
Ismail Sabri added that it was employers’ responsibility to make sure their workers do not become infected.
Well, that's why I don't have much sympathy for those people in the corporate world....except a few.

And it's also the reason why I don't listen to that BFM radio station. I find them irritating beyond belief, anyway.


  1. I don’t think government should give a face to these people. Just give them an ultimatum. No screening no go. It is as simple as that.

  2. Pavilion is former (or still existing) bossku crony right


    Tok Pa: Govt had to reopen economy as number of unemployment could have tripled

  4. Ismak Subri can only talk kok like Assmin and like "Duta ke Negara Pengembala Unta" talk Nuts.
    FYI your informations he try to sell the idea of tong ais to the pasar borong fish mongers.
    they nicked name "tong ais montori"

  5. It doesn't make sense for gov to insist companies to test all foreign workers. What guarantee is there that they will still be covid free 1 wk from now if they tested -ve today? What about local workers? Locals kebal ke?

    There must be more specific & focused criteria for testing. Asking all foreign workers to be tested is akin to asking all tahfiz students & mosque regulars to be tested on ghe basis they may come into contact with the tabligh group.

    1. What do you mean it doesn’t make sense? It does makes sense pasal depa datang dari luar. Kau tak tengok Singapore? Second wave of cases all originated from from hostel foreign workers. Singapore now the highest in SEA. Punca? Foreign workers!

      Kita tak tahu status kesihatan depa bila masuk sini. Datang naik tongkang duduk ramai2 tempat sempit. Pastu dk tengah laut lama-lama dalam keadaan tak ada kebersihan dan sanitasi. Negara nak amek risiko ke dengan orang-orang macam ni? Nama pun FOREIGN workers. Sah-sah lah travel a lot from far far away lands. Takkan benda macam tu pun tak boleh fikir.

      What about local workers? locals tak pergi overseas la boy..depa pi mai pi mai dalam negara jer..nak screen buat apa. Lain la kalau ada kluster kat tempat kediaman depa. Then KKM kena screening satu kawasan.

    2. Haiyaa. Workers local or foreign are the companies' responsibilities la.. apa haprak punya corporation employees welfare pun tak tau jaga ni? Talak provide insurance ke? Jenis bisnes untung atas angin nampak gaya?

      Ini bukan zaman slavery tau? Is this d reason why so many PATIs are scrambling to work in Malaysia? Brtongkang2 brbot2 lai ci peng?

      Sorok2 bekerja dgn these cheapskate corporations, bila ada masaalah pekerja lari bertempiran lompat pagar?? Gaya cari makan macam binatang liar aje ni?

      Corporations yg tak jaga kebajikan pekerja kasi KATUP aje. Mirik gaya sekok menteri PH, berhadapan masaalah lari lompat pagar.. MEMALUKAN

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Agree with u. Most importantly the taukey MUST foot the bill. Malaysia is NOT a welfare country.

    4. Prof nasi basi, saya cadangkan kita mula kan dgn felda, th, maybank etc. Sila mintak diorang ni test semua pekerja, tak kira bangsa atau warganegara, especially pekerja yg customer facing. Covid 19 tak kenal bangsa kan? Selagi tak test jgn bagi diorsng ni mula bekerja.

    5. Its each persons responsibility to follow the MCO guidelines. No reason one to get the virus unless they go around without mask and touching everybody and everything outside their homes.Current government has been doing a good so far. But still people complaining. Why not u people just go and live in US or Italy lah...semak jer masih nak duduk Malaysia.

    6. Maybank dan TH employ foreign workers ke?

    7. Anon 22:45, pekerja maybank, th kebal ke? Tak kan kena covid 19?

    8. Cluster UDA tu bukan ramai ahli koprat melayu islam ke?

  6. annie, the corporate business people for as long as they worship money, we can never expect them to be reasonable or humane.To them everything is about money and their profit margins. nothing can touch tht even if other people are suffering. it is a dog eat dog world to them. no morale or humanity, its just good business. they call it capitalism.

    and boy do they like to lecture you on so called 101 business, low demand, cheaper price. and this is my fav, low cost cheaper price ? last time i check fuel price is cheaper but the price or merchandise remain the same. but the same people would shamelessly increase the price if the fuel price increases.

    it is the same in Malaysia, when u talk about developers. These people are the greedy bunch money worshiper bastard. is the price of house humane ? those who could secure the loan, is it a healthy loan ? it has gotten so bad to the point that people can no longer afford loan and thus lots of unsold house. so wht happen ? business 101 right ? low demand cheaper price ? cheaper house price ? hell no they force zuraida instead to open the market to foreigner. be damn with poor malaysians. thts them.

    next they shift the blame on high price to gov with tht so called A.P or lazy malay this and malay tht gov just like wht u would see in outsyed. but u know wht, they were all to happy to just play along with tht AP. just shift the burden to the consumer. as long as tht profit margin doesnt get lower. its fun to see them calling each other hardworking chasing money like theres no end to it. funny even to ask the gov to bail them out when time is hard. these people has no shame.


    Bersatu parti mati segan, hidup tak mahu telah menjadi duri dalam daging PN, pergolakan didalam Bersatu amat-amat teruk dan memalukan, bayangkan dalam satu parti boleh ada dua kiblat, satu berkiblatkan Muhyiddin pro PN dan satu lagi berkiblatkan Atok pro PH/DAP. Mungkin dari fitnah dan sumpah laknat bossku akhirnya Parti Bersatu tersungkur hancur berkecai

    Katakan lah, Muhyiddin berbesar hati untuk memberikan laluan kepada BN untuk bertanding disitu, adakah barua-barua DAP dalam Bersatu akan bersetuju?

    Seratus peratus mereka tidak akan bersetuju kan? jadi apa yang bakal berlaku? pertama, berkemungkinan mereka akan letak juga calon mewakili Bersatu/PH bertanding di situ, watikah calon boleh ditandatangani oleh Pengerusi yakni Atok, kedua, mereka akan planted seorang calon yang bertanding atas tiket bebas dan disokong oleh Bersatu/PH dan yang ketiga, Bersatu mungkin pull out, parti lain akan bertanding, mungkin PKR atau PAN dan fraksi Atok akan memberi sokongan kepada calon PH.

    Disinilah kita boleh tengok talibarut-talibarut DAP memainkan peranannya, bayangkan ketika berlangsungnya kempen pilihanraya, pemimpin Bersatu fraksi Atok/DAP berkempen menghentam polisi dan dasar kerajaan PN, walhal dalam kerajaan PN itu juga melibatkan pemimpin Bersatu, tak ke lawak bunyinya tu..

    Tukang-tukang fitnah dan pengadu domba seperti Khalid Samad, Mat John Sabu, Anwar Ibrahim, Tokong Lim Kit Siang dan lain-lain sudah tentu akan berkampung disana, tajuk utama fitnah mereka sudah pasti terarah ke kerajaan PN dan pemimpin Bersatu juga akan tumpang tuii menghentam PN yang mana dalam PN tu ada pemimpin dari Bersatu.

    DAP, PKR, PAN dan Bersatu fraksi Atok akan bermati-matian menyerang calon BN dikawasan itu. Dun Chini kawasan Parlimen Pekan@Malu aper bossku..!! Bossku akan all out disana nanti.

    Ini pertarungan peribadi antara Bossku lawan Atok Kau...!!

    1. Amende ni komen lari tajuk. Berpolitik siang malam tak abis-abis. Annie jalan tugas..

  8. Wow guys! Aannie is talking about ladies corparate gals laa.
    Awat hang marah sangat ni Aannie. Biaq pi lah. Some corporate guys are ok ya. Well, may be not gals laa.

    That former ex Maybank, PNB and now Bursa boss is ok. You like him don't you? We all do too. Tony from Air Asia also ok. He never ditch any of his employees despite of covic19 no business pandemic. Sapa lagi.. aa aa that Cinaman Vincent Tan pun belum buang pekerja walau pun Berjaya group business sudah separuh mati. Banyak lagi corporate guys are ok.

    Corporate gals I tak taulah...only Aannie knows best ya.

  9. Not all companies with Covid-19 cases will be closed, clarifies Ismak Sobri tong ais
    Nicholas Chung -May 7, 2020 11:36 PM


  10. Dah dapat belum result urine test mamat yang langgar polis kat roadblock hari tu? Betul ke mabuk??

  11. Corporate people should not be looked at as individual, human being with compassion for they are representatives of an entity without soul or feeling. Companies has a life of its own, a system run by money without which they will perish. Compassion will not make a company successful. CEOs of companies are apparatus used by companies to do their bidding and most believe charity is not part of their business. If ever they do charity it must be for monetary returns directly or indirectly. That is the fact of the business matter.

    1. Corporate people are not human being with compassion, soul or feeling. Got it. Thanks.

    2. So why gather all tht money ? For wht purpose ? Just like how the khazanah was created 1st. For wht purpose ? And now they burdening the poeple with the toll. Are they here just for the money ? Just for amassing money ? For wht ? U guys get so involved with money u dont even see the big picture anymore. Money by all means but u become less human in the process.

  12. Syabas buat Speaker Parlimen Ariff Yusoff yang menerima notis Vote of no confidence oleh Tun M.
    2. Ini amat penting, kerana pada bulan Oktober nanti, selepas pembentangan Bajet tahunan, Ahli Parlimen perlu mengundi untuk Kelulusan.
    3. Jika tidak, satu sen pun Govt of the Day tidak boleh guna duit Pembayar Cukai
    Jadi, elok ditentukan seawal mungkin sama ada PM8 ada at least 112 lawmakers bersamanya.

  13. EASY . If no test cert do not allow them to work. With no workers employers are forced to get workers to get tested. Govt should stay firm for the sake of masses. Otherwise there will be 3 or 4 waves.
    Illigals should be deported to home countries.