Friday 27 March 2020

No need for hate-mongering during this Covid-19 war

I saw this article yesterday and thought it has some good suggestions concerning the plight of middle income group, especially those who operate small businesses.

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However, I felt that the article was also nasty at the same time.

Were these necessary?

excerpts 1:

It’s worth remembering that the poor do not pay taxes and the majority of the civil servants do not pay tax. Thus, it can be safely said the poor and the civil servants are far better protected and cushioned to face any downside from the Covid-19 pandemic.

excerpt 2;

Thus, it’s the government’s brilliant idea, that the M40 segment can and should dip into their EPF and live off it for the next 12 months.
In short and in truth, the government has decided to leave the M40 segment high and dry to their own and their fate ― yet it is from this segment the government depend its taxes from.
excerpt 3:

To continuously announce yet another help for the B40 segment and the poor, and appearing on TV in yet another Perutusan Khas, announcing another “lockdown” isn’t helping the M40 segment employers.

Hey, if we want the government to help the middle income group, just tell it to do so lah.

Why the need to bash it for helping the poor and those from the low income group like that.

I don't really believe the allegation that the government doesn't care for any particular group of Malaysians during this hard time.

Everyone is suffering from this Covid-19 pandemic, and I think the government is trying to help every single one of us.

It's just probably that the government sees the poor as being in need of help more for now because their problems are more basic such as not having enough money to buy food for their families.

I don't think the middle income group's problems are that dire yet. Yes, having to close down businesses is hardship but it's not the same as not having the means to feed one's family.

I'm quite sure the government will address the needs of the middle income group more, once it can already make sure no one among the poor die of starvation and such.

Well, it's not like the poor are being given luxuries, okay. So, please don't begrudge them too much if it appears that the government is paying more attention to them for now.

And it's not true that the poor and most civil servants are not paying taxes. We are all paying taxes one way or another.

On this one, I read a hint of an old racist political dogma - we pay taxes, they don't.

Heard of it a lot during political campaigns when certain people were trying to gain support from certain community by making them hate people of other certain race.

That's bad, especially now as this country is facing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Not the time to play politics of any kind, okay.

It's time for all of us to get together, no matter B40, M40 or T20, and help the government in this Covid-19 war.

We are all in the same boat now, remember that.


  1. the T20 good one aside....but to all those pariah T20 that are paying tax.... you are paying your tax by selling shits to the therefore it is the B40 that are paying the tax...(whatever the B40 buys...they have already paid the tax that you are going to pay plus profit for you )

    >james bond

  2. Annie...the person who wrote such statement....akal pendek...very immature...dunia ini dia sorang saja duduk...bodohhhhhh

  3. james bond 16;23

    You absolutely correct !

    In this country there exists a a divide (intended or not) amongst the naturalized citizens and the inherited citizens. And the likes of Mr.Fernandez have been growing in numbers and now they grow into the the inherited citizens too. It is all a concept in the mind (corrupted or not). They were waiting to win and they thought they have (for a time). Now this bashing will contnue to perpetuate.

    To them nobody who were born with a bin or binti is of any worth except for maybe those who they can ride on to achieve what is in their corrupted minds.

    Am I not speaking the truth ?

    The so called backdoor government (technically or constitutionally) there is legitimacy in the Tan Sri Muhyiddin govenrment and at time of crisis of this scale any government would be putting its best effort to first contain to pandemic and assist the rakyat. Elsewhere in the world similar actions are observed too.

    Sometimes I think the naturalized feel the inhereted owe the heavens. Odd country we live in.

    Happy MCO everybody. We got 17 more days to go; that is if our obedience is like that of China.

  4. It is historically well documented those people are chronic complainer. For them nothing is ever good enough. Their sense of entitlement knows no boundary.

    1. thats why you see most of the countries "naturalized citizens" chronic complainer from are well displined and truthful in time of need. and resilence. not like some tabligh inhereted. hundreds times doktor ask, still untrythful till doctors infected and loss much resources.
      anyway most M40 nowadays are the iherited, since naturilised are declined to only 20%.

  5. PM8 announced the lengthy economic stimulus package that will reach out to almost everyone in Malaysia.

    Tht is what "Najib's BRIM" was all about .. so to everyone, WELCOME to BRIMcv19.

    Kepada mereka yg sgt2 menentang pemberian BRIM, kata tongkat la, pemalas la, peminta sedekah bla bla ... better make sure you dont apply for whatever is being offered under this stimulus package.

    Stay home. Stay safe.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  6. Try to visit OutSyd tbox blogspot The bashing goes unabated doesn't matter what topic being discussed.

    1. That guy has deep seated unresolved issues la. The kind 10 tahun theraphy pun tak habis...


    just 17 days onto his job!!!!!!!!!! imagine 170 days more???????????

    hansome kan annine!!!!!!!! nampak "mature" sikit!!!!!!!

    oh!!!! processs "ke-tua-an" dari tekanan hidup or

    photoshot from differnt angle

    1. He is just a glorified manager of nation purse. The troika is setting the policy.

  8. In the midst of any war, everyone is distressed, worried, confused,... all sort of negative feelings crop up deep down inside can be really suffocating and agonizing. Seemingly, everything has now turned into a standstill condition. Still, the fight must go on till the end no matter how long it takes and how strenuous it is. This powerful coronavirus is certainly not flawless that can be destroyed. There must be a lethal weapon yet to be discovered to end this ruinous antigen which has been invading the whole planet for the past few months. Like it or not, all world's leaders have to unite and all hands on deck. At the same time, to God, we desperately solicit divine intervention to put an end to this ruthless and tragic disease.

    Whilst the mood of the nation is very much downbeat, here comes the announcement of economic stimulus package totaling 250 billion to come to the aid of distraught people amid the unexpected MCO. Just hope that our beloved country is able to pull through and the stormy period will pass in no time. All differences in politics should be cast aside for the time being, instead, just focus on combating all out and battling hard to win the war.

    My heart melts when listening to humble plus quite apologetic last bit of our PM's speech: We are a nation at war with invisible forces. The solution we are now facing is unprecedented in history. And, this government may not be the government that you voted for. But I want all of you to know that this government cares for you. I accepted to the fact that I came in as your PM not at the best moment. I face political, economic and health crisis all at the same time.

    So, let's give TSMY a chance to prove his worth and to see if he is true to his word. Shall we?

  9. Middle child is always at disadvantage.The day M40 stops constributing the ecomony will have the problems.

  10. The losers are starting their spins again. They are still smarting from their loss of power. Thank God it happened when it did else Covid 19 would have been a disaster due to their inaction. Their contributions to the country included wiping out GLC reserves and assets. Amazing how fast this happened. It is as if that was part of their major scheme prior to GE14.
    They are sore with the Agung. Now SR has started to spin the story of TH and YDPA corruption. AKJ has as usual not stopped his spin. OSTB has now trained back his guns on the current government. The handsome old man as Annie calls him has huge appetite still to helm the government again. His crony and son agenda was interrupted. He will cry and promise the world to Malays to get to power. When he gets power he will throw them to the dogs and call them lazy. Schemes for May 18 confidence vote are being cooked up by their spin doctors. Hope the rakyat esp the Malays have learned a hard lesson and will not fall to these lies again. Unfortunately that is the only specialty this gang has....

    1. As claimed, some of current adminstration are collective responsible of said fiasco.Dont twist the facts.Are MY,AA et al not in past adminstration. Does AliBaba is only guilty party not the forty thieves. Well you can ask current adminstration to buy back what were sold. We have economic and health issue to solve dont talk about trivial

    2. Mr Wizard, which fact am I twisting? Granted there are few clean politicians. I have no particular liking for AA who I deem as dirty in a number of ways. But at the very least the DAP chinese morons and their foolish sidekicks PAN have been removed. The Government looks much more functional that the last one. Between LGE, Tony Pua and TDM they were wiping up all the built up country's reserves. Despite all the beautiful promises to the rakyat they were doing the opposite. Malays suffered most from their doings. Happy to see the MARA Head sacked. Not sure what your gripe is with me but believe both of us want to see this Government succeed.

  11. annine
    jangan anda melipat ganda "dosa-dosa" anda denga membuat liputan tulisan ornag lain cam hang dulu melipat ganda "perempuan puaka" kuasa bomoh 108 mama rosi

    Mereka ini termasuk pekerja swasta, peneroka Felda, petani, nelayan, peniaga kecil dan semua

    yang tergolong dalam kumpulan M40 dan ke bawah

    gua tanya sama lu, berapa kerat "naturalized citizens" yang ada di felda?????? nekayan???? petani???

  12. These are pescholarship etc. People who are greeding and will take every opportunity to swindle the other people right like low cost house. For muslim they are supposed to help the poor to live well and will be rewarder in afterlife. I know who are the one that complaining a lot. My bet are the Raykat..

  13. “ the majority of the civil servants do not pay tax..”

    - I don’t know where he got his facts from? Writing an article purely based on imagination. Always with always-played-victim kinda attitude. As if their kind being opressed and suppressed in this beautiful country. What an ungrateful lot. Ignorance of the subject matter but having enough ball to write an article.

    For those of you who don’t know how tax system work in Malaysia, let me give short course to you. Free of charge. FYI income tax or individual tax in Malaysia is paid based on source or sources of income and your ability to pay tax. It culculates how much you earn, your liabilities/obligations and what you actually earn at the end of the day, taking into account your other commitments approved by IRB and all stuff.

    If you have an income barely enough to eat and pay basic needs and necessities, you NO NEED to pay tax. The government are not that cruel to impose taxes on you.

    In the civil service, especially those at the low rung of the pay scheme, when they first started or joined the service, their basic pay is pittance thus they won’t required to pay tax. As they get older in the service, getting more and more years of seniority under their belt, their paycheck also become bigger and bigger due to yearly increment or promotion. There will be a time when their basic salary cross the amount which require them to make a little contribution i.e. to pay tax and their salary will be automatically deducted by IRB based on monthly basis, on the percentage-to-salary calculated by LHDN.

    These group of workers now have been included as taxpayers because their income now have increased and being categorized as being capable to pay tax. Of course there will be recalculation based on individual liabilities/other additional obligations, tax return bla bla bla, but this group of workers already have an income which reached a level that require them to pay tax.

    They now have become a yearly contributor to gomen finance for the benefit to the rakyat at large.

  14. PN New Finance Minister: RM250 billion not a problem, Malaysia’s ability to raise cash high

    While the new People-Centric Economic Stimulus package (Prihatin) appears to have its detractors, finance minister Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz has reminded them that it’s a short-term solution to a problem that no one has any idea how to fix.

    Do you think Mat Sabu@Kalunari Degree, LGE@Fake Charted Accountann and AnwarIbrahim@3rd Class Degree In Arts understand what the new MoF was mentioned..!?

    “There will be a bit of reallocation within the ministries to the tune of RM2 or RM3 billion. The rest is what we already have through the government ecosystem and the remainder will be from borrowings.
    Tengku Zafrul said the biggest misconception people have when they realise the government is spending a lot of money is how they are able to get so much when the economy is reeling

    1. 250 billion is an illusion. It is just another 20-30 billion direct injection. There other portion of money is other people money. The money still need to be paid back.

    2. More than 80 countries requested imf help due to covid19. Are we seeing vat and austerity in pipeline

  15. Ehmmm...

    At least during the Economic Stimulus Package speech, TSMY admitted that his government don't have people's mandate, albeit legal according to the constitution.

    At the end of his speech, he lamented in English, instead of the formal speech in Malay....

    "And this government may not be the government that you voted for. But I want all of you to know that this government cares for you."

    Well... lets wait and see how TSMY 'cares' for those who had not voted for him in GE14.

    Meanwhile... allocation for opposition MPs represent Langkawi and Muar have been withheld, a few days ago.

    1. There is a phrase... crocodile tears..

    2. RD, Anon 0250, it is quite useless now to parrot the 'mandat rakyat' thing. The last government collapsed on its own with resignation of Atuk. Atuk and PH did not care two hoots about the Covid 19 pandemic and the potential disaster on the rakyat. Atuk and PH only concerned with politics. Lets take a break from the incompetent and corrupt Atuk and PH politics and focus on the rakyat.
      'Mandat rakyat' is just a temperature measurement at a point in time. This temperature is not static. With the combination of UMNO and PAS this 'mandat' has shifted a lot. At the same time loss after loss of PH in PRKs also tells us that the 'mandat' as claimed by PH has probably vanished. It is no wonder that Khalid Samad with their 'Bersih' sidekick Ambiga did not want a PRU as it 'wasted' rakyat money. Apparently they did not want to test the true 'mandat' rakyat post collapse of PH. At the same time pls think - is the Sabah government based on 'mandat' rakyat? Did BN not win? Apparently PH fans never question 'mandat' when PH gets the benefit. So why question now? Let us let PH old snakes retire and not poison the country anymore. Move on friends.