Sunday 29 March 2020

Heroes of Covid-19 war

In war, we need heroes.

I actually remember this from the movie

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The film is a fictionalized story of sniper Vasily Zaytsev, a Hero of the Soviet Union during the Battle of Stalingrad in Second World War.

Yesterday, my beloved sent me this,


My beloved is now a fan of Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah.

I like the guy too, and so do many others, I think.

We can tell that he has been going all out in this Covid-19 war and he seemed to know what he is doing and doing it quite well.

He's quite a bit of a hero now.

But, in this article,

Kisah anak flat Loke Yew memerangi Covid-19

Dr Noor Hisham was quoted as saying this when asked about his personal self,


“Let us all work to solve Covid-19 first. This is the priority. Its not about me, its about Covid,” katanya dengan penuh rendah diri.

Still, I think it's okay for us to be inspired by the good doctor.

This is an interesting bit about him written by his former schoolmate at KL Methodist High School as published in that article;

Please click on image to read

Quite inspiring.

I'm sure we have many other heroes out there fighting on the frontline against the invisible Covid-19 enemy.

In fact, for me, all our frontliners are heroes in their own right, risking their lives for us and this country.

We must do our best to assist them in whatever we could.

At the very least we could give them moral support from our MCO confinement.

Or by not complaining too much about our difficulties which may irritate them.

Well, you all know lah, some people keep on bitching about the government not doing this and that, not helping them enough, etc.

Why can't these people just shut up and bear the burden like everyone else?

Again, this is a war, okay. We are all suffering and it's not all just about those selfish dumb-ass whiners.

Personally, I'm suffering here too and will suffer more if I really lose my job because of this Covid-19 pandemic.

But I see that as a cost of war, and I will try to bear with it without complaining too much and being a burden to others.

Hey, at least I'm still alive and well for beloved too.

I'm praying to Allah to lessen my hardship and that of the rest of this country.

Well, that's the least that I could do.

And to cheer myself up in this MCO confinement, I watch YouTube videos such as this;

Okay guys, cheers and stay safe.


  1. I can’t believe the media dug his personal background during these difficult times. Why are this media people are so nosy and busybody? I couldn’t care less his history or background. I think it is just inapproriate. Especially if he feels uncomfortable when members of media poking their nose in his personal life.

    What we should do now is that we as a country are extremely grateful the country is in good hand under his stewardship and leadership. Instead of being unnecessarily rude by asking that kinda personal questions, why don’t we giving him moral support and pray to Allah so that he’s always in a good health so that he could continue doing his job well and keep all of us safe and sound and informed all the time.


    1. Anon 12:52,

      Manyak betut lu punya cekap maa aa, lamai olang tatak keleja lain sini cucuk sini kasi selak , aii Yaa apa macam ini olang maa aa .

      Mana lia latang ,lia apa macam , itu lia punya nasib maa aa ,itu tempat latang bolih ada jasa pada negala maa aa,sibuk-sibuk punya olang maemang manyak kacau ,jasa tatak maa aa.

    2. annine this is mere "stupidity" and "idot-cracy" not war.

      if you have heros like this why need enemy???

      munafik, pakai "gloves" sekali

      mesti banyak symptons!!!!!!

    3. so sad, those smart ones like lapptifah koya, thomas tommy, Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla already resign. also tokong and daddy relak kat rumah main ping pong.

      this poor fellow Hisham only picking up the faeces shitting from the Perikatan "semburit" guys. even the MOF is smart when live show to put on mask only appear

  2. You all have built me up and up into someone i'm not...
    I cant carry that weight anymore...
    Yes,i want to fight!
    I want to fight jus as any regular soldier....

    1. Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah says authorities may have to take similar action in “one or two” areas in Selangor like they did in Simpang Renggam, Johor.

      and he has to the job, some are glamorous in shopping!!!!!!
      probably one "semburit" is busy getting ais-krim eaten.

      just send that johor polis chief Dato' Ayob Khan bin Mydin Pitchay ex terrorist hunters over to hunt those stubborns and idiots like doggie LTTE and saki baki communist

  3. Today alone, 7 lives were cut short when they fatally succumbed to imperceptible horrifying Coronavirus invader. That did not include a doctor and her son perished in a road accident while en route to Covid-19 mission. It was a horrendous breaking news that came in like a thunderbolt. It must have saddened many. Following the outbreak, doctors, nurses, police, army etc are deployed all along the front line to tirelessly carry out their respective duties to prevail the fight, a fight to the finish. The potentiality of getting infected is high, yet, they brave the risk and defy the odds. These are our true heroes who work around the clock, trying their best to pull it off. Without them, the severity of illness and the extent of disease spread would be unimaginable. So, why grumble or even make a fuss to adhere to the order by staying idly at home to keep safe and help break the chain of infection. Shame on those who had intentionally violated the MCO. Everyone has the onus to selflessly sacrifice just a little. That will make a massive difference to the outcome.

    To our honourable Covid-19 War hero, Health Ministry director-general Dr NHA, salute and hats off. You certainly deserve a medal. May you stay robust and continue to update us daily without fail.

  4. wansee c
    Betul! Salute to all frontliners yg sanggup berkorban masa, tenaga dan nyawa. Semoga diberi perlindunganNya setiap masa. Aamiin.

    Rakyat pun janganlah sekadar nak mengharap gomen semata2. Kan 'everything starts from home' mustahil kalo diri dan keluarga sendiri pun nak gomen uruskan juga?

    Negara kita pernah lalui kepayahan hidup. Toknek makbapa kita dulu2 zaman Jepun dan komunis lagi susah. Dulu klo songgeh mengada2 silap2 kena pancung kepala tau! Ganas macam virus corona juga.

    Hello PH. Wakil2 waktu ni la pi bantu kawasan masing2. Pengikut yg keteghaq masih nak melilau sana sini buat macam China dan India.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  5. yg tak reti dok berlagak pandai gebanh kuat komplain sana sini tak reti bahasa sllu nak menyusahkan negara.. bila berkuasa bodoh tak tau buat apa2