Friday, 27 September 2019

Let's not delay justice for Adib anymore

The inquest ruled that

Adib’s death caused by rioters


Coroner Rofiah Mohamad in reading out the ruling said the blunt chest trauma that led to Adib’s death was caused by an assault by more than two individuals.
She said the testimony of witnesses at the scene indicated that there had been an assault on someone in the area.
Rofiah said the court also accepted the testimony of United Kingdom-based senior consultant forensic pathologist Prof Dr Shahrom Abd Wahid, who said that Adib, was dragged out of a Fire & Rescue Department van and beaten.
Honestly, I never expected that verdict which was so obvious from the start of the case.
That's because I didn't believe that the inquest was even necessary as it was a clear cut case of Adib being killed by rioters at the temple.
Police just needed to get the rioters who beat up Adib there and then.
My lack of faith in the inquest at that time was also confounded by the conduct of the AG's Chamber, particularly concerning the representation of Adib's family.
But never mind all that now. The important thing is that the court has ruled that Adib was beaten to death and therefore the killers must be brought to justice.
The police must quickly catch them and the AG's Chamber must after that prosecute them.
If the AG's Chamber tries to be funny on this one, then we as Malaysians must take the government to task for its conduct.
The case is over eight-month-old now, lets not delay justice for Adib and his loved ones anymore.
In remembrance of Adib,


  1. Semua pihak perlu menghormati dapatan inkues.
    2. Bola berada di kaki PDRM seterusnya Pejabat Peguam Negara
    3. Suka dengan reaksi pantas Ketua Polis Selangor yang akan bertindak AS SOON AS POSSIBLE selari dengan dapatan inkues
    We are ALL for the due process. Long live Konsep Pengasingan Kuasa! Salute to ourselves, the FIFTH ESTATE

  2. The AG's chamber already acted funny from the beginning, very likely the AG's chamber would continue doing so, what are you going to do about it?

    1. Alhamdulillah, syukur teramat sangat. Family and friends teruskn dengan solat hajat.

      In sha Allah.

      Professor Nasi Lemak.

  3. AG Chambers may have made some bad discretions on this case earlier. However it is not too grave as the inquest gets to proceed and now come out with this judgement.Now let us all let the law takes its course.
    Those who are calling for the AGs resignation, knowingly or unknowingly, maybe compelled by those who want to see a disruption of court cases againts the ex-PM,ex-DPM,and other UMNO stalwarts.

    1. Anon 23:49

      Salahkan Najib, Zahid and UMNO juga ke? Mabuk toddy ke?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. It's not bad discretion. Shouldn't be an inquiry to determine cause of death in the first place when the police already started investigating it as murder. The suspects were released and then the AG put out that affidavit, trying to have it ruled as an accident. There were pressure on Adib's parents legal representative, the witnesses for murder being pressured as well.
      No wonder AG's silent after the coroner ruling.

      If he had any bit of shame or decency he would resign himself.

  4. Tunggu apa lagi....clearly this should not take long for our PDRM to move in...



    1. Hahaha...if I remark on this surely I ll be called a racist again.

    2. It’s funny when everyone kinda accept the verdict but he’s the only guy with a different opinion..

    3. It’s okay Annie. You can have an opinion since you don’t have a race. You kinda in the middle between Malay and Chinese..

    4. OSTB ni Blogger Bodoh & Tolol (BOTOL - gelaran yg dia cipta sendiri).
      Ada 2 orang Pathologist la..satu lagi yg bekas Professor UKM.yg Ni OSTB Tak nyatakan.Dia berniat jahat untuk condemn Senior Coroner Session Court.Macam OSTB yg lebih pandai.Tipikal Keling Mamak yg meroyan sangat sebab penat sokong Madey tapi Tak Dapat jawatan apa2.Hmmm. Semua orang salah,dia aje betul.
      Loyar Buruk.

    5. Hahaha.. unfortunately you already on the way there like your blog master 😂

    6. Ni boleh dianggap menghina mahkamah ke?

    7. OSTB kerap mencemuh ulamak yang pakai serban dan jubah katanya nak mengikut orang Arab tapi dia sendiri pakai beret dan suspenders nak tiru Mat Saleh tak sedar diri bontot hitam macam bontot kuali! Saya kerap baca artikel tulisannya hanya untuk jadi bahan jenaka kerana OSTB sangat2 perasan dia pandai dalam segala hal tapi tulisannya banyak yang salah dari segi fakta. Dia dan Siti Kasim kamcing, dari sini kita dapat agak cara pemikirannya!

    8. Hanya baca ostb utk insider info. Itu pn kadang2 x accurate. Biased comment approval. Kononnya self aclaimed filter comment cerdik x cerdik.

      But i have to agree. He thinks everyone should listen to him since he wrote books. He thinks malay punca masalah kt msia. They discuss about malay over there how we should behave and stuff as if we are the lesser human being.

      Wonder why annie takut kene gelar racist. I think ostb highly racist towards malay. Every malay other than those having acute reaction for being a malay would be highly offended reading his entry

  6. Sejak bila blog tu mula condemn Mahathir?

    1. Sejak tun pro constitution. Sejak tun pro agama.