Saturday 8 June 2019

A doctor in the house Part 2

This is a comment I received just now at my last post;

Politischeiss8 June 2019 at 18:25
Da Mahn has spoken - FULL STOP

All the noises, bleats and whines which have followed are just like farts against thunder.

"Decision on Latheefa’s appointment final, says Dr Mahathir"

I almost laugh when I read that.

Hey, what did you expect? Quite funny, right.

Let me make it easier for you all, just click on this link to read the whole story;

Mahathir says Latheefa’s appointment final

Nonetheless, I think we must particularly take note of this part of the story;


Dr Mahathir said this when asked to comment on media reports that PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was of the opinion that the Prime Minister should clarify Latheefa’s appointment as the new MACC chief.

It's basically Dr Mahathir saying "Shut up Anwar, I'm in charge and I don't have to answer to you or anyone else".

Well, the fact that Dr Mahathir is not even considering Anwar's opinion for him to clarify the appointment was quite hurting for Anwar, I guess.

This is like in the 1980s and 1990s, when Dr Mahathir was fully in charge.

I believe that Anwar could feel the chill going down his spine when he learnt of the handsome old man's statement.

He should know now that Dr Mahathir will whack him again if he tries to get in the way, just like it was back then.

I now even suspect that he appointed Latheefa to that post just to send that message to Anwar.

Surely Dr Mahathir got some aces up his sleeve now.

If I'm Anwar, I really better back off.

Let Dr Mahathir runs the country as long as he wants and in any way he pleases.

Really Anwar, it's not worth going to jail again at your age now.

Well, this is what the majority of people who voted Pakatan Harapan in GE14 wanted - Dr Mahathir in full control of things, just like it used to be back then.

Right isn't it?

For the young ones who were not yet born or still small kids at that time, get use to these sort of things.

Try to get one of those books on Mahathirism and read it.

Understand it well, so that you all can adjust yourself to this Malaysia Baru.

Oh, and I think they should start on the Part 2 of this book;



  1. Keputusan muktamad.
    Tidak mungkin ADA perubahan.

    Yang Mahu penjelasan, yang masih nak mengomel boleh teruskan jika mereka mempunyai Masa yang cukup banyak.

    Menteri kabinet yang tinggi prestasi, yang banyak Masa mungkin boleh cuba² bertanya Hal yang tiada kaitan dengan kementeriannya?

    Anwar layak bertanya sebab dia jobless.

  2. Spot on Annie....padan muka penyokong tegar Anwar...Telan air liur ja la...hampa ingat Tok Det senang hampa boleh makan...go fly kite Bro Anwar...
    LGE...u next...if you play play..u pun kena nanti...buat kerja diam diam...jangan bodoh sombong...

    1. Lge, azmin, matsabu semua sudah kena la bro. The moment they became federal ministers. Semua kena angkat sumpah kan? Mana boleh lagi main cakap sesuka hati macam dulu. Thats why nowadays the best answer is “Hak PM”. Nak taknak kena support la bro. Why do you think anwar refuse to be DPM? Sebab kena angkat sumpah tu la.
      Nak tunjuk macho? Want to show defiance? How? Tak setuju resign la the ministers’ post. Ada berani? Resign means you lose la. Tun already said he wont sack any ministers. Kudeta? Cabinet Undi tak percaya? Senang saja. Election balik. Rasa2 boleh menang ke kali ni? Hahahahahah.
      That is why, TDM is DA MAN!!!!!

  3. If I am Anwar, I will play safe for the time being.Ikut stail Pak Lah, diam diam last last jadi Perdana Menteri.

  4. Thanks, Annie.

    I don't expect the 4,700 signatures in this online petition, let alone 5 million if they somehow manage to get them, can overcome the Thunder.

    "Nik Nazmi signs petition calling for Latheefa’s resignation"

    Quite frankly, I don't have much faith in how seriously governments, leaders, politicians, etc, not only in Malaysia but also in other countries, take these online petitions on sites like, or the number of Facebook likes, "friends" or whatever which are not binding on them seriously.

    Surely, Dah Mahn will not be moved, though it still s possible that Lateefah herself could be persuaded to step down from the post.

    However, looking at these two articles on Aliran and especially the comments to them, it looks like the NGO community aligned to Lateefah, are generally in favour of her appointment and want her to stay in her most.

    "Latheefa Koya’s appointment: Excellent choice but flawed process"

    "MACC chief’s appointment must be unimpeachable and demonstrate integrity, good governance"

    Elsewhere, there are plenty of protestations by various commentators, political analysts and so forth but they all look like noises online which have no effect in the real world of politics.

    Well have to wait and see how things pan out next, especially after Lateefah gets down to work.

  5. Why only protest on Latheefa's appointment? How about the appointment of Hamid Bador, the man who is currently doing an excellent job ? Don't you guys want to protest ?

    Trust the old man. He is trying to make Malaysia great again. Let him do his job the fastest and the easiest way possible. Those YBs should stop complaining and start doing their work. If Tun M don't kick you out, the rakyat will if all you do is whining...

    1. Hamid Bador is a policeman, not a politician.

    2. I thought you said it's the "process" of the person being appointed. So, all those appointed by Tun M including that SPR guy should be protested....

      Latheefa is no longer a politician. So ?

    3. Oh ya! That lady chief justice's appointment also must protest! It didn't go through a proper "process".

      Gilalah! Semua nak protes bila masa nak buat kerja ?

      Just give Latheefa a chance and see if she can deliver. If not we'll get a replacement as simple as that!

    4. The lady CJ is a judge, not a politician.

    5. Annie,

      Is latipah Koya a politician? I am konfuse.

      She did not contest any seat at GE14.

      So how come she is a politician?

      So, all those BN appointed last time, they did not involved in UMNO?

      I am confuse. Can you unconfuse me?

      Were these things really something out of ordinary during the BN administration?

    6. Latheefa Koya WAS a prominent member of PKR central committee and a high profile anti-Anwar personality following the party's election last year. You tell me if BN had ever appointed such a person to head an enforcement agency. I can't remember any.

    7. They did not appoint but sacked both AG and MACC chief when things went awry


    8. @annie 14:42

      sure BN never appointed a politician, but najib sacked, removed MACC heads, AG. He appointed ‘ yes men ‘ who of course cleared him of all charges.

      Sure the process may be questionable, sure she WAS a politician, but she is no yes men. Her qualities are all out there for supporters & critics to see.

      Bottom line, theres lots of BN shit to clean up, the sooner we get someone as strong and uncorrupted like her, the better for the nation.


    9. A wrong is still a wrong no matter how you twist it. This appointment of a politician as head of an enforcement agency has set a bad precedent, especially for the country's civil service.

    10. its a tad rich coming from you annie - talking abt moral high ground & best practice - while continuing to defend the old regime & najib.

    11. Apandi Ali contested in the 1990 GE Pengkalan Chepa parliamentary seat but lost to PAS
      Later appointed by Najib as AG in 2015
      Here's a song by Vespers Nine - Holdin On


    12. Apandi joined Umno in 1982 and quit in 1991, that's 24 years before he was appointed as AG. He was not a high ranking Umno leader.

    13. Annie said so herself Latheefa WAS a politician. If she was, she is not a politician now. So what's the problem now ?

  6. The appointment is already consented by the YDPA Agong. Those who are against the appointment can be construed as against the wish of His Majesty.

  7. Anwar ibrahim is alreafy "killed off" and he does not even know it. There is no job for him in New Malaysia. He alreadychas a palace in Segambut and he still wants to build a castle in the air. Wonder when he is going to stage the next vote of no confidence? No confidence? Now? There are now abundant of confidence in Mahathir.

  8. Annie, among the many reasons why this anwar ibrahim can never be the pm of New Malaysia are the following 2:

    1. By his attempt to arabize Malaysia in the 80s and introduction of bahasa baku, he has damaged a full generation of malaysia youth who are now unable to get emoloyment in the market. anwar ibrahim is unable to repay this big debt to them, so why should he be the pm?

    2. His hidden agenda to bring up muslim brotherhood in New Malaysia. If he renounces his deep connection to ikhwan, maybe he stands a chance. But he will not. So no chance to be pm.

    Bye bye lah, brader. Always counting the eggs as if they are chickens, wakakaka ...

    1. He is a CONVICTED Sodomite! Pardon or no pardon. Anwar Ibrahim CANNOT be PM.

  9. Tum Mahathir's unilateral appointment of Latheefa as MACC Chief should be viewed holistically in the fight against corruption at all levels. Despite of the deviation from the PH manifesto, Anwar's questioning on this issue publicly is unwarranted, ill-conceived and rather dumb. This is most damaging act self-inflicted by him. Whatever reasons he may have, the public will perceive him of afraid or scared of something.
    Yes. Anwar should be better back off and better forget about becoming the next PM. In fact, he cannot be the next PM as in principle, he did not support and endorse publicly Tun Mahathir's appointment of Latheefa as MACC Chief in the fight against corruption notwithstanding the deviated process.

    1. Whatever lah friend; You made a manifesto and form a commitee and promise to the Malaysians if elected you will follow rule of law ensuring transparency and integrity as part of your Malaysia Baru's promises.Malaysia Baru my foot.It seem getting worse than BN.

  10. In fact, if Anwar becomes PM, he will remove Latheefa. So he cannot be PM for next 2 years at least, as he will be seen as thwarting Mahathir's good deed.

  11. annie manyak Bising Nasional, tu BN dzulkifli kasi dia banteras korupsi tapi dia pigi berpoya-poya dgn cewek kat Bali ni takde Bising Nasional adoi

  12. Hahaha....petition mintak Latfah letak jawatan cuma dapat 5,580 tsndatangan.Yang sokong mahu Latifah jadi pwngarah SPRM 10,887 tanda tangan walhal petition nibaru dibuka hari ni. So, nampak jelas orang mahu hapuskan rasuah berbanding isu remeh perlantikan Latifah. Dah, takmpayah bincang lagi. Biar Latifah buat kerja.

  13. Annie what are you smoking??? If im anwar i will be very ecstatic that Dr M & latheefa are whacking & smashing enemies dumbos songlap to pieces right

  14. Cik Annie,

    Apalah salahnya Tun M pilih Latipah Koya.

    Lagipun Latipah ini, dia ada pendirian. Dalam PKR pun dia hentam Sana sini.

    Lagipun dia ini tak bertanding dalam politik dan dah pun berhenti.

    Tun M pun sebagai PM ada kuasa untuk melantik.

    Back pepatah melayu "Enggang dan pipit terbang tak sama tinggi"

    Tun M ada kuasa, bolehlah dia pilih orang Yang paling terbaik atau terbest.

    Saya tengok memang Enggang terbang lebih tinggi, pipit terbang dekat bawah aje.

    Masa itu, says tengah naik kapalterbang Air Asia, model Air Bus A320.

    Kapalterbang A320 Airbus terbang lebih tinggi dari Enggang.

  15. One year passed...apa Wan Azizan buat??? Nothing significant. Anak dia pun dah diam. Dah kaya now better jaga anak la. Now Anwar cannot wait..strategy to stay relevant with your comments doesn't work so long Tun in power. So better shut your mouth Anwar. Go fulfill your PD promises. Don't talk cock.

    1. mau kasi husband jadi PM, resign la dulu.

  16. Alamak.

    Saddiq tak bole ke pujuk BTS tlg bawa masuk Lee Bo Young ganti dgn Tipah ni? I suka watak dia dalam whispers, comey dan cantik.

    .. ni main cast kerala mali.. producer drama oso asal usul from kerala juga kan? Issh malas nak follow drama sure boring wan.

    Roger out.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  17. kahh..kahhh…first a good snub at d appointee. then a shot a d appointer. then a wacky disdain to d one who seeks clarifications of d matter. kih;ihhhh…a funny everyday arbiter of politic. but i can see d craps at ur bottom.

    n let say, its not dis koya woman who is appointed…even with d cabinaet n parliament endorsement ….even with no anuar mulling over d reckless….i dun see d whacking'll stop. it‘ll go on …just with a different teaser n facet.

    dis is melayu nasty habit…esp d older ones to complicit politic into shit. eg when anuar seeks conciliation on d wrong game played by mahathir, he is d one who get d rough up.

    as a young voter i conceptualize n define leaders as very much d brand equity attribute to d functional country. now i ’ve a growing feeling tat dr mahadhir is very much into his own cult of politicking while pretending tat d nation ‘ll get along n agree with it. no its not. d entire country is waiting at d question of economics, d reforms, d private life….d new malaysia as ostensibly to represent why u n ur fellow ph in d govt right now.

    i definitely to go hostile if he to breed or to draw closer tat word of autocracy yet again into d system. he had d reputation to do so.

    as for anuar…..sacrifices and hardships faced by him were real…bare lies created, shamed, beaten. water, electric, garbage collection cut off, his father then mother passed away in time he was in jail, titles n positions stripped. his kids grew up in sheer pain of intimidation, lewd words…jokes n anyone who has heard tat they survive d odds.

    so i;ve no idea how to laugh at it as some of u did here. in fact…maybe d early declaration tat anwar n mahadir teamed up for good tat make d ph won. n at d moment its not anuar who exhibit most political conundrums in d country….its dr mahathir!

    right? or am i suppose to read more books on mahadir or anuar stories to correct it...

    1. Fatin... you sure need "to read more books on mahadir or anuar stories to correct it..."

      Get started with reading Dr. Mahathir's memoir, A Doctor in the House... go straight to Chapter 53, Anwar's Challenge, page 684.

      On page 685, there were even declaration that Anwar attempted to pay 4 university students for any orgy with him. However two of them refused but the other two consented.
      So... Anwar had a threesome... if its not true, the rule of law says, get Dr.M to expunge Chapter 53.

    2. RD, Fatin's 0:10 is full of sarcasm. Maybe her millenial writing style and horrendous spelling misled us.

    3. Fatin admittedly is a young voter. So she may have been unaware of much that had happened in Mahathir earlier premiership from 1981-2003. Hence she needs to read more.

      Now Fatin has this thinking that the present PH government is not giving adequate attention to economic issues. Well Fatin.. you should not listen to Lobakman. Economic issues of today is nothing new. And the government (fortunately Mahathir Mohamad is its head. Again.) is doing its bit to correct what need correction. And the result may take a little time to show. Pi la tanya mana economist pun. Moreover present economic climate worldwide is not very encouraging too..So the result will undoubtly be slower in coming than expected. Actually the 1997-1998 was a lot worse than today but Fatin maybe too young to remember. Anwar Ibrahim was the FM then before he was dismissed. I don't have to tell you what he did. Please read or talk to some oldies.

      Mahathir's cult ? Hear this; in 22 years of his 1st premiership, I would say he was the most hated PM Malaysia has had. Orang tua-tua dulu lagi menyampah Mahathir ni, Fatin. Dia lawan Tunku. Ini asal sebab. Dia lupus imuniti Raja-Raja. Dia Operasi Lalang. Dia bagi kontrak to selected few. Macam-macam lagi la. Tapi over time people realize he has done a lot for Malaysia. Not to say he had done no wrong la.

      You are young and bijak, Fatin. You tell us who else can steer Malaysia out of the present trouble ? Your Anwar who has sacrificed a lot ? What sacrifice did he make ? Going to jail for his conviction ? False conviction ? Politically motivated charges ? Anwar Ibrahim has brought nothing but trouble since the early 70's. Mahathir was trouble too but he later proved his worth. Anwar was inches away from being 5th PM and he had been acting PM too. Tapi dia main kasar. Politik Melayu dan Malaysia. Biasa la.

      Ada ada masa kita dibolehkan ketepikan manifesto. Mahathir ni pun boleh tahan degil nya. Tapi Lathefa Koya is a good choice nak lawan corruptuon ni. Maafkan la orangtua ni. Dia kadang2 unorthodox sikit akal nya. Agong pun dah consented. Maksud nya it is not against Federal Constitution. It is not in line with PH election manifesto. Itu aje

    4. Fatin, pls la learn to write properly.

  18. If I'm an Anwarista... who will gain most when the man get to become PM... I will not worry too much if Dr.M whack my idol again.

    Why worry when almost all corrupt leaders like Najib, one way or another would seek Uncle Sam's assistance to either hold-on or to gain power.
    Remember that letter before GE14 by then-Malaysian External Intelligence Organisation (MEIO), Research Division Director General Hasanah Abdul Hamid, to the Director of U.S' CIA, Gina Haspel, which contained accusations of Dr.M’s past anti-West, anti-Semite and autocratic policies?
    Well, I can always add that Malaysia now under Dr.M is also pro-China's Huawei and recently in Japan, Dr.M dismissed MH17's report as a deliberate attempt to pin the blame for the tragedy firmly on Russia.

    So don't be surprised if next year, Anwar's wife received an official invitation from Trump to the White House, all expenses borne by the US government.
    No need lobbying and accommodation at Trump's International Hotel, paid for by Malaysian taxpayers, as what Najib did in Sept. 2017.

    After-all, Anwar was known to have be accorded a red-carpet reception, including Guard of Honor Inspection upon his unexpected visit to the US during the reformasi days in 1998.

    1. RD.. kuat main drama ya? Hmmm plot bulat2 macam kmovie The Fortress;

      .. Main cast you kena la pilih yang muda2 cikit pasal the kneeling rituals.. kena merangkak, naik tangga2 hentok2 dahi kat lantai.. 9 rounds teroq tau.

      La aaa. White House pun RD nunggu dgn penuh HARAPAN nak gi sembah juga? Eh marah Saddiq nanti kat u nanti.

      Baru aje baca.. quoted sini "Mahathir is not bowing to China on Huawei. He's standing up to US bully: Malaysian minister Syed Saddiq"...unquote

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Prof... betoi laa, mulut hang lebih laju dari otak.

      Cakap budak kanyiaq macam Saddiq pun hang peduli. Otak dia sama kanyiaq macam hang.
      Orang kanyiaq, biasa la... suka bodek tak kena tempat.

      Kan Dr.M dah kata... 'Malaysia is an open book'... jadi kita tak perlu terikut-ikut dengan apa yang didakwa US, bahawa teknologi 5G Huawei boleh diguna untuk mengintip dan mencuri maklumat rahsia.

      Oleh itu, tidak timbul isu 'bowing' kepada sesiapa. Yang penting, Negara & Rakyat dapat manfaat dari China, tanpa 'membahayakan' pelaburan yang sedia ada dengan Amerika.

  19. Cik Annie,

    Bagi sayalah, perlantikkan Latifah Koya ini satu pengiktirafan kepada kalangan orang wanita.

    Beza dengan dulu dimonopoli oleh golongan lelaki.

    Agaknya, kalau orang lelaki Yang dipilih, tidak sangat banyak bangkangan.

    Realitinya adalah golongan orang perempuan di Malaysia lebih banyak yang berpelajaran berbanding lelaki.

    Inilah hakikatnya.

    Saya menyokong ketua Hakim negara dan ketua MACC orang perempuan. Sekiranya layak.

    Nampaknya Tun M beri iktiraf tentang kebolehan orang perempuan.

    1. Kalau dulu Najib lantik ketua Puteri Umno jadi pengurusi SPRM lepas tu kata dia nak mertabatkan Wanita macam mana? Kalau saya, saya tak setuju walaupun lepas tu ketua Puteri tu keluar dari Umno sebab nak pegang jawatan tu.

    2. Zaman Najib, ramai kaki bodek kaum lelaki la Annie. Kena la bagi pembodek terkuat jawatan-jawatan penting. Aku garu kurap hang, hang tolong garu kurap aku balik. Hahaha.

  20. Why so much fuss in LK appointment as MACC chief ?
    Dreaded are the crooks present and future
    With LK onboard the presents are bamboo fiver bound
    These critics knowing / unknowlngly are pawn / cohort with these crooks
    Critics from her own party are uncalled for
    They should be elated
    Are they also compromised ?


  21. What is most perplexing is that those who are demanding that Lateefa Koya’s appointment is an affront to the Pakatan Harapan’s manifesto, conveniently kept quiet when it came to the appointment of :
    the Attorney-General
    the Election Commission Chairman
    the Chief Justice and
    the Inspector General of Police

    They concurred silently with the prime minister, when he said that the Pakatan Harapan’s Manifesto is not a bible.

    In any event, every passing day the Pakatan Harapan’s Manifesto is looking like meaningless trash and a gravestone of unfulfilled promises.

    1. Kan I dah kata???

      With 13/222 noway man, count punya la count 13 tangan aje angkat sokong??

      Kena la tunjuk lagak cengey nak buat apa saja keputusan.

      Nanti nak cari movie atau drama with similar cengey plot..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  22. Nasib baik PM bukan dari DAP. Kalau tak, ini Malaysia DAP control. Selamat bertelagah wahai malaysians yg emosional bermusim.

    1. Bukan bermusim, bro.. tapi dulu, kini dan sampai dunia kiamat.

      Malaysia ni kalau hantar Rasul pun (dia macam orang arab) tak boleh berhenti bertelagah. Nasib sikit baik orang Malaysia mulut aje gatal. Tangan kaki berat. Kalau tak dah hancur Malaya ni atau pun dah pakai poskod america.

    2. bagi la peluang PH buat kerja, dah dulu undi depa. Tunggu la sikit masa. Baru setahun lebih kot. Banyaknya kudrat untuk saling jatuh menjatuh. Letih tengok org melayu yg pemikiran semakin mundur. agak-agak esok2 undi geng2 mangkuk Najib balik ka? Bila nak habis daaaa. Belum ada rakyat yg tak makan walau tol masih ada, ringgit tak naik, ekonomi merudum konon! U-turn la bagai. Time raya, elok je. pandai2 la ukur baju di badan sendiri.

  23. Well, following Lateefah Koya's unilateral appointment, hostilities have resumed after the Ramadan lull, and in this case, the attack comes from outside Pakatan.

    Perhaps Mahathir knew something was brewing, which we were unaware of, when he unilaterally appointed Lateefah Koya as MACC chief.

    The title of the You Tube video on Raja Petra Kamaruddin You Tube channel reads:-

    "Haziq Aziz confesses it was him having sex with Azmin Ali"

    Note that Haziq Aziz only said in the video that he was the other party in the video with Azmin on 11 May during the Sandakan by-election, and then calls for the MACC to investigate Azmin for alleged corruption. He does not indicate what the video is about nor the nature of the alleged corruption.

    This is the web page on Malaysia Today in which the above video is embedded.

    Here on Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen's The Third Force website, Gerak Bangsa Nasional Sabak Bernam Chairman gives Azmin Ali 24 hours to answer whether he is the person in the video which went viral.

    And here is the video on The Third Force's You Tube channel which is embededed in the above website


    How all this unfolds and how Lateefah will handle the corruption allegation against Azmin, we will have to wait and see.

  24. Or perhaps I'm dead wrong about this coming from outside Pakatan. I hadn't paid much attention to this until just now.

  25. The devil in the house is better suited