Thursday 11 April 2019

BN shouldn't worry too much about Indian votes in Rantau

I was sitting behind these Indian ladies in BN t-shirt at the ceramah in Bandar Ekar, Rantau last night,

They were clapping enthusiastically when it was the turn of BN candidate Mat Hassan to deliver his speech.

Earlier, I talked a bit with one of them and she turned out to be a resident of the housing estate.

She said her friends are also locals.

From what she told me, Mat Hassan really shouldn't worry about getting votes from the Indian community as he had done a lot for them in the 14 years he was the Negeri Sembilan MB and Rantau assemblyman.

Well, that's good news for Mat Hassan.

I know that many BN supporters were worried that their candidate may not get votes from the non-Malays but in this case I believe that Mat Hassan is going to get quite a lot of votes from among the Indian voters in Rantau.

In fact, I think Mat Hassan may even get quite a few votes from among the Chinese voters too.

The demographics of the Rantau constituency is Malay 53.43%; Chinese 18.81%; Indian 27.01%; B/P Sabah 0.18%; B/P Sarawak 0.13%; Orang Asli (Pen. Msia) 0.01%; Others 0.42%.

Mat Hassan's speech last night was rather normal. I have seen similar speeches by him at YouTube.

So, I decided not to wait for the end of his speech and left for Rantau town where Anwar Ibrahim was having his ceramah.

There was quite a bit of jam as the ceramah was held in the middle of town.

I only caught the tail end of his speech and even that was from the car while stuck in the jam.

Anwar was shouting "reformasi" for the closing of his speech which I found awkward.

His side is the government now la. What reformasi he was shouting for?

Well, never mind.

Here's a nice video of the Rantau campaign,

I'm going to Rantau again later today.



  1. I was there in Bandar Ekar yesterday. Rugi tak jumpa you Annie.

  2. What happen in Rantau tak sama dgn Johore. Rantau memang betul-betul isu politik bukan isu royalties nak jadi pejuang marhaen. Tok Mat ada rumah harga 10 juta di London & 6 juta di Seremban3 has nothing to do with us. Kalau itu duit haram, tanggonglah sendiri. so, good luvk Annie. The best man win!

  3. From Google Maps, Rantau is an area across the PLUS Highway from Seremban 2 which includes at its upper end, Senawang, where I got my first job as a process engineer with NS Electronics in March 1980, though which closed down around 1987 due to an economic downturn.

    It appears that the site where the plant stood is occupied by an ON Semiconductor manufacturing plant now.

    Back then the area was mostly bare. a "cowboy town" with NS Electronics, Motorola and other plants served by one road going round the "block" with Taman Senawang Jaya next to it, and Taman Marida, where I rented a place about 5 minutes drive away.

    There was a single row of shoplots facing Taman Senawang Jaya, in which one of my colleagues a supervisor had a sundry shop and where some enterprising young guys ran a burger stall.

    That's all the Senawang area was back then and if we wanted anything more than grocery supplies, we had to go into Seremban town, but today it has exploded with developments all around.

    Does the Rantau state seat include Senawang?

    I'm kind of tempted to take a trip down to Rantau.

  4. Bandar Sendayan was awesome..elite Housing estate as good as Damansara

  5. mat haasan never talk abt the indian n chinese pendatang in his speech? odd.

  6. Hey Annie,

    I think your choice sampling is questionable.

    You ask a group of Indian ladies wearing BN shirt who they will vote. It is like asking Manchester United fan wearing red Manchester U shirts who they support.

    They might be MIC negeri Sembilan branch.

    You ought to approach a plain Indian ladies, probably sari wearing, then your sampling data is realistic.

  7. of course malays are angry with dumbos over TH + felda so mat flip table need the non malay votes, hope that felda sendayan was transacted with no dumbo hanky panky sigh

    1. 18:41 you are very Bodoh Nasional, malays are OK with dumbo songlap & curi cause dumbo are bangsa & agama meh wakakaka

  8. any #justice4TH or #justice4felda...punish dumbo BN right

  9. Mat Hasan + Bodoh Nasional never ever talk of helping victimised TH + Felda seeking justice so malays in rantau or elsewhere how to vote BN sure kenot right

  10. BN shouldn't worry too much about Indian votes in Rantau?? Actually BN should not worry la Cik Annie.

    PH sendiri is proving their worth, not only to the rakyat but sedunia..he eeee

    Geli geleman tengok how they present themselves in the Dewan, maaf ya.. even the Speakers, la aaa malunya nak sebut sini!!

    Contoh mudah macam ni. Watching drama series 60 eps, klo the 1st to 10th eps punya la boring.. the casts dan plot drama sekadar nonsense, kamu nak terus tengok sampai habis drama 60 episodes ke???

    Bukan sja buang masa, buang karen letrik buang masa kita saja..ceh boring la.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  11. PH menang atau kalah, mereka masih perlu kerja keras untuk negara. Nak tukar PH? Tunggu la next PRU. Apa-apa terjadi di Rantau ni, saya tak ambil kisah. Bagi saya TDM macam nak bagi menang Tok Mat, pasal itu dia letak calon macam tu dari PH. Nanti letak yg betul-betul layak, kalah pulak Tok Mat. Bila kalah, dah tak dapat masuk Parlimen. Siapa la lagi yang layak membawa suara UMNO dalam dewan. Ada skandal sikit-sikit tu pun kira ok la. Kalau menang, beringat-ingatlah, takut-takut kena dakwa pulak nanti. Jangan lupa siapa pemerintah Malaysia sekarang. Selamat mengundi orang Rantau.

  12. dumbo2 BN yg rompak TH + felda (bukan salah PH) right