Tuesday 18 December 2018

Punish the racists in power too

In this story, DPM Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said

Fireman Adib a true hero, 

crime will not go unpunished

Okay, that's good.

But it's been three weeks now and no one has yet been charged with anything.

Hopefully things will move faster now.

And I disagree with Dr Wan Azizah when she said this,


"We must remember it was not a religious or racial crime but a criminal act committed by heartless human beings," she said. 

Well, Dr Wan Azizah, why do you think those murderers beat up Adib that night?

Because he was a fireman, is it?

Or was it because he was a Malay and a Muslim?

And those murderers, why do you think they become "heartless human beings"?

Do you remember what that Selangor exco V. Ganabatirau said just hours before Adib was beaten up by his murderers?

Honestly, I'm sick of people telling me that this is not about race and religion.

So what, if this is about race and religion?

People like V. Ganabatirau and those murderers are racists and religious extremist bastards.

They called those who gathered peacefully against ICERD that day racists and now I'm calling them racists back for murdering a fireman because he was a Malay.

And we have that bastard Waytha Moorthy as minister in charge of racial unity and whatever else.

Yes, this is the man who led the Hindraf extremists, claiming that Indians were being oppressed by the Malay Muslim government and even being ethnically cleansed.

He never retracted those claims, let alone apologise for it.

When the temple riots broke out, he never tried to calm things down until Adib was beaten up and reported to be in critical condition.

He only put up a show of sympathy after realising that the whole thing could blow up in his racist face.

And after all that he still panders to the temple people who lied about how Adib sustained his injuries.

Well, if Dr Wan Azizah wants to talk about punishing those responsible for the murder of fireman Adib, she must also talk about punishing racists like Ganabatirau and Waytha Moorthy who instigated and defended the actual murderers from their seat of power in the government.

And that temple which breeds murderous religious extremists must cease to exist, the same way it should be for mosques, churches and other places which breed murderous religious extremists.

These liars at the temple must be punished too,


  1. Yes punish those higher ups too. Justice for Adib.

  2. Justice will only be serve if
    1. the terrorists who murdered Adib are arrested and charged for their act
    2. the land is returned to its rightful owner
    3. the government state and federal do not give in to the demands of the temple administrators. They have had their day in court. They have been compensated with money and another piece of land. They should get lost. We have seen the government rollover people’s homes for occupying state land. Some are not even adequately compensated. So why bend over backwards for this temple? How can we respect the judiciary if we have a group of people who disrespect the courts’ order and profit from the death of this firefighter?

    1. Those racist cum terrorist, especially the monk in yellow, MUST be charged for relaying false information, hence misleading the Police investigation.

      If the Police could or dare to use SOSMA/POCA on Malay/Muslims for showing sympathy to DAESH... even with a mere-DAEsH Flag on their HP... why can't the Police charge those racist terrorist for misleading facts or as an attempt to 'protect' murderers who happened to be, of their own skin.


    2. Anon 15:10 .

      Agreed with you . There is so many Masjid and Surau being relocate and some even just don't exist any more ,that show how tolerance the Malay Muslim has been .

      Mohamad Adip cuold be still alive if the temple management have some respect of the law and the country .

  3. The reasons why bastard Moorthy and other india mps was in no hurry calming the kuil riots coz they were trying to gain political milage from india amoks.
    As u said, moorthy came to the picture only when realising that the whole thing could blow up in his racist face

  4. Annie,

    Before you get flooded by comments from PH mad men, let me post for them using their standard answers:

    i. Very sad for Mohammad Adib, great loss to country, condolence to family, etc..

    ii. At this time of grieve, let's stand together, hand-in-hand, we are Malaysians..;

    iii. Annie why are you inciting hatred, jadi batu api, blah blah blah,

    iv. Annie how much did you receive from your paymaster, you write for your paymaster, inciting hatred for your paymaster etc.,

    v. Annie you are part of umno goons, umno is gone, this is new Malaysia, people don't want umno no more etc.,

    vi. Annie why don't you talk about 1MDB? Tabung Haji? KWAP? FGV? These are more important issues?

    vii. The fact that you don't talk about those presumably more important issues, then Annie you must be condoning corruption, you want the Rakyat to be robbed, you want the poor people to suffer, you are actually helping the thieves to take away the opportunities for the poor (oh so dear in the heart of a DAP);

    viii. Annie what happen to najib, rosmah birkin bags, (laughter plus symbols such as these :-D ;-D :) etc..) making fun of others like zahid hamidi, jamal , calling them names such as komedi, jamal tongkol, and hahaha laughter.

  5. Semoga Allah menempatkan arwah Adib dikalangan mereka yang dikasihiNya.

  6. Agree with you Annie..Those poooondekkkk ministers should also resign.Sorry, mind the language.

  7. I would like to remind Indians that there are more Indians living amongst Malays, than Malay living amongst Indians.
    Therefore, before you unleash your hatred/anger towards the Malays or Muslim, please think of your brethren safety first.

    1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh................

  8. Ni la jadinya when top leaders kepala otak bahalol mereka sekadar kalut dok tangkap KATAK aje.

    Klo masih tak sedar diri, memang biadab muka tak malu semuanya.

    Shame on them!! Real shame..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  9. Malaysia Baru....podahhhh...semua nak jadi hero..piraahhhhh...
    Tak kena kat hampa pak menteri mak menteri boleh la sembang kuat...Ni semua poyooooo...semua nak jaga pungkok masing masing..

  10. Wan Azizah does not fit to sit in the DPM’s chair. She is more suitable to be in the kitchen... or is it better in the bedroom?... to fulfill her duty towards Anwar so that he does not go missing.

  11. Malay lives matter too Kak Wan

  12. Bravo Annie.. So brave saying out in the open.. tak payah ada teloq.

  13. Al-Fatihah for Adib. His life worth much more than those two goons and all that rioting that night even when added up together. It seems that way.

    As usual, they will play victim. Spouting apologies is a little too late. We want justice at all levels! They have started a fire that no firefighters can douse, even if they're willing to.

    But let's see how sincere are they.
    Will justice serves? Any resignations?
    For starters, since no relocation has happened, will they give that 1.5 mil to Adib's family as some form of appeasement?

    For 140 years, ever wonder why none has cared to make that temple legally theirs? All of sudden fighting tooth and nails for it? And for 140 years, from recent tragedy, it has failed to promote the devotees into having good values, even producing lying priest. Will they let it still standing since it is illegal and fail to function?

    Will they start encourage more of their youth to display bravery as firefighters instead of misplacing it in gangs? Be more contributive lah..

    Waytha is really the man of the word and Indians should thank him! He has just made his skewed fantasy into a posibility. Endangering you and the one you care in possible danger. However, it would be good for Indians to spearhead any initiatives to repair the badly damaged reputation.

    That is only IF they truly care. Better act fast while a lot are "still" watching. Consider it as a friendly advice...

  14. Bila orang Melayu mula bersuara, sebaiknya seluruh Malaysia beri perhatian. Ni bukan Melayu macam Tajuddin Pasir Salak. Bukan juga macam Noh Omar. Bukan juga macam Jamal Sekinchan. Dan bukan juga macam Zahid Hamidi.

    Biasa nya mereka tak ambik pot. Tapi sekarang melarat-larat sampai fed up.
    Dia orang nak tunjuk kepala keras. Membelakangkan undang2 Persekutuan Tanah Melayu / Malaya (semak le mana dokumen rasmi) & Malaysia.

    These Menteri's should not just repeat the usual script, they must act. Now we want to see how quick they act. We want justice. If we have justice the way we want it, some people will be sorry. But we are all law abiding citizens of Malaysia. We let the law take its course. But all too frequent with rubbish like this , we are getting fed up with this uninvited troublemakers. Put them behind quickly.