Saturday 29 December 2018

About Malay power and Islam under Pakatan

Last night, Pribumi Bersatu president TS Muhyiddin Yassin said these at the Pribumi Bersatu AGM,

Malay power, status of islam intact under Pakatan Harapan

Well, what did you expect him to say anyway.

Lets go through the important bits that Muhyiddin said,

excerpts 1;

Muhyiddin said the Malays should be grateful that UMNO lost in the GE14 because, with the defeat, UMNO leaders had also lost their power to hide all their lies and wrongdoings.

”When they lost their power, all their wrongdoings came to light and their leaders have to face charges,” Muhyiddin said.

-  Okay fine. But does that guarantees that Malay leaders of the new government are any better?. Personally, I believe that many in Pribumi Bersatu are not any better then those in Umno, since I know the history of some of them when they were holding high office in Umno. They used to be among the most corrupt Umno leaders and blatant practitioners of money politics. They first gained power in Umno through such means and in fact corrupted the party by what they did while still with Umno. I will always remember the Umno election in 2000, particularly the contest for the vice-president posts when money politics in Umno reached a new height and I was a witness to it. Well, some of those worst corrupt ex-Umno politicians are also in PKR now. Those who are older than me may also talk about the Anwar-Ghafar Baba contest for the Umno deputy president post in 1993 which cemented the money politics culture in Umno. Don't take my words for it, okay. Just go and talk privately with senior DAP leaders and ask them whether they agree with what I said about this.

excerpts 2;

He said that after UMNO and PAS lost in the GE14, the two parties had resorted to an extreme racial and religious politics just to win back the support of the Malays – to the extent of spreading wild speculations that Muslims were no longer safe in Malaysia, that the position of Malay Rulers as heads of religion in their respective states would be jeopardised, that the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (JAKIM) would be abolished and that the law allowing the culture of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) and same-sex marriage would be passed by the Parliament.

“Those wild speculations have been proven wrong. The Malay rulers are still heads of religion in their respective states, Jakim still exists and it is quite impossible for the law allowing LGBT culture and same-sex marriage to be passed by the Parliament when the majority of the members are Muslims who adhere to the practice of the Sunnah Wal Jamaah,” he explained.

- Really? But I think Pas is just doing what it has been doing all along and Umno is more or less paralysed  after their GE14 defeat and in no shape of doing anything extreme. Or is this about the recent anti-ICERD rally? That one is actually headed by the Malay Muslims NGOs while Pas and Umno were merely supporting them. Anyway, is the anti-ICERD rally really racist and extreme? The way I see it, ICERD as championed by that Hindraf extremist minister in charge of racial unity and social well being does have the effect of eroding all those Malay and Islamic things mentioned by Muhyiddin. The government would have ratified it if the Malays and Bumiputera have not voiced their objection. So, that's why that anti-ICERD rally happened. By right, Pribumi Bersatu as the new defender of Malays and Islam in government should be the one leading it or at least joined the rally. It's definitely not racist or extreme. It was peaceful and no fireman was murdered by the participants of the rally.

excerpts 3;

At the same time, he said Bersatu would welcome the opinions of non-governmental Islamic organisations in shaping the New Malaysia.

“For that, I propose for the setting up of an Ummah Consensus Council comprising representatives of government and non-governmental organisations to contribute to the development of the ummah in Malaysia,” he said.

- See, after the anti-ICERD rally, they are beginning to realise the importance of courting the Malay Muslim NGOs. By the way, the main organiser of the rally is called Ummah. However, I don't think they will side with the government as long as the likes of Waytha Moorthy and Ganabatirau are still in their seats of power.

excerpts 3;

The Bersatu president further said that UMNO and PAS were just daydreaming if they thought they could win the next general election by spreading lies based on religious sentiments.

“The Malays know who UMNO and PAS leaders are. They are just two of a kind. One is a robber and the other, despite being Islamic, willing to kiss the robber,” he said.

- Hmmmm....I don't think Muhyiddin should use this line. It sounds too DAPish.

excerpts 4;

As a party which recently received the mandate of the people, Muhyiddin also reminded Bersatu to always exercise self-reflection and realise that power is a heavy responsibility, not an entitlement or privilege that they could brag on.

“For those in the government especially, focus your attention to discharging your duties as members of the government. Work more and reduce politics. Do your level best to solve the people’s problems. Remember that the people are watching and judging our performance as the government,” he said.

- Yes, I agree with this. People are watching and some are even pleading. I'm one of them. Click on this link to read my recent pleading,

Dear government

It's about the plight of Lynas workers, who are mostly Malay Muslims

and Adib who was murdered because he was a Malay Muslim fireman.


  1. Thanks for sharing Annie. TSMY kena hati hati. He needs to draw that fine line to claim champions for Malay cause. Jangan salah tebuk sarang tebuan.

    At this point it seems Bersatu nampak incapable of championing it. Wider audience nampak macam ikut telunjuk other components. All ministers are trying very hard to showcase their competency but most incapable. Tun juga kena intervene and how long can it last. Next two years will show a true colour of leadership to shape Malaysia Baru which is still a false hope. Pergi pasar ikan pun semyum sebab harga tak turun turun.

    2019 is a challenging year with rakyat higher expectation of new govy fulfilling its JANJI MANIS MU.

    Do you they will??

  2. "Adib was murdered because he is a malay muslim."

    So you implied that during the riot, only adib is a malay muslim fireman at the scene while the rest is not malay muslim.

    So, how many fireman were there during the attack?
    How many malay fireman?
    How many non malay fireman?

    U hard to believe when people said u r stupid annie and called other explanation as bullshit.
    You answer that questions and you know from the bottom of your heart that u r the one who bullshit all along.

    You think we dont know what umno is planning.
    Keep pushing that racial issue until the few malays in PH look irrelevant to the majority malay voters.

    Dont get me wrong. I support all effort to punish those responsible for the murder including the police and ministers who fail to provide adequate security and supressed the riot.

    But dont pin that crime into racial issue. It just wrong annie. It shows you have bad intention and try to manipulate for your benefit.

    1. If the other firemen who are Malays didn't manage to escape that night, they probably would have suffered the same fate as Adib.

    2. TBH was murdered because he is a DAPig sigh BTW why god created pigs???

    3. Anon 14:00, what proof u have that tbh was murdered?

      God created pigs to eat all the crap.

  3. The road to Putra Jaya remains the same between BN and PH which is due to its demographic
    The only ' constant ' is tweaking
    Or otherwise spirited with a scandal which we saw in GE 14
    Actors/actresses remains the same with different roles
    Either you love/hate it

    Heraclitus's quote
    (1) The only constant in life is CHANGE
    (2) You only steps in the same river once

    Here's a song by Poppy Family - Which way you going Billy


  4. UMNO is still rock solid at grass root level.
    Prof Kangkung

  5. BN is subverting reformasi PH with bangsa & agama sigh

  6. Good for u Annie. Keep up the writing.

  7. Hmmm
    Klo ramai dr Sabah jadi katak abis lopong la hutan2 simpanan sana nanti.

    Generasi muda semua skrg elok ambition masuk politik aje la camni. Tak payah belajaq penat2. Pakat2 jadi katak guarantee kaya tujuh keturunan.

    Croak croak ribbit ribbit

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  8. Mana pegi penyokong taksub DAP ? Selalunya awal awal lagi dah mwnyalak.

  9. pas become more racial, hadi is a racist, they now target umno vote bank.

  10. Malay power...
    Apasal eh ?
    Sekarang tak cukup power ke ?

    Islam in Malaysia...
    Nak tambah apa lagi ?

    Dendam brader ni baru nampak sekarang. Tapi apa yang Muhyiddin sebut memang ada banyak betul nya. Nak sangkal buat apa.

    Macam ni la...
    Kalau ada kesepakatan dalam PH ni dan tak bergoyang kesepakatan nya, PPBM tak perlu risau la. PH ni aku tengok macam "rumah siap pahat berbunyi". They would be foolish to expect little or no resistance from the masses. Umno & Pas MP's and diehard's can be expected to come up with all kinds of discrediting craps. Najib Razak is no cookies. The PH people must realized how they have won the last election. What they did to BN is now being done to them. Why are there no effective force to counter attack ?Wah...sudah menang boleh goyang kaki ka ? Mana Pua? Mana Rafizi? Mana yang lain2 ? Semua Mahathir mau kena bikin ka ?

    You don't jam the Grand Old Man. Without the Old Man being named PH PM, there might not have been victory. There were no other PM candidate the PH could offer other than the jailed Ketua Umum (which could not garner enough federal seats in 2008 & 2013).

    When the Old Man retaliates, you can tahan ka ? He has been at it since 1964 la. He was dismissed, he came back and he made Malaysia what it is today (the good, the bad and the ugly). Mahathir haters are many and they are not recent. Some have been around since late 1970's. Which Melayu leader can be as blunt as Mahathir ? Name one..those have died don't count. Mahathir saved Muhyiddin skin a few times and Muhyiddin return favors too. That's politics.

    I watched Mahathir blasted a reporter's question on Mkini..he is being himself. There is nothing more he could do for the Malays until the Malays adopt the Malaysian attitude. Well it is true they are the majority and hak-hak orang Melayu terjamin, tak cukup lagi ? Lagi apa mau ?
    Selagi ada Sultan dan Raja-Raja di Malaysia ni, Islam pun terjamin la. Sultan...tengku mahkota jangan banyak mulut.

    It is up to the Malays how they want to play this. All these NGO's are not helping the Malays either. They are (fool) of rethoric. They must help majukan Melayu bukan condone the terjajah mentality prevalent among large segment of Malays.

    So Annie, tak ada salah cakap Muhyiddin ni. He is seasoned enough already. I think he takes que from his boss..just say it. it and deal with it.

    I honestly hope PPBM is a future. Umno..from the looks of it, it will take 2 generations to go back to original struggle that won the people's heart. Grassroot is intact...yes Prof Kangkung but beaten and ruddeless present leaders are of no help to rebuild themselves quickly.

    Berhenti la takut-takut kan orang Melayu dan Islam.

    1. Ada aku kata cakap Muhyiddin tu salah? Kan aku cuma bagi soalan tambahan dan ingat-ingatan je. Lagi satu, engko rasa orang Melayu dan Islam takut ke baca tulisan aku kat blog ni? Entah lah, aku rasa dia orang lagi takut kalau kena pukul sampai mati lepas tu tak ada orang nak bela sebab takut kena cop rasis.

  11. Fadzireen

    Heres a song for you;


    Croak croak ribbit ribbit

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  12. Bersatu monkeys are no different than UMNO.
    For us Pendatang, life goes on. Whatever shit they throw at us, we will just deal with it.

    So all these melodramas are for the monkeys.

    1. Anon 2149

      ‘.. for us Pendatang..’ - bullseye, that is absolutely correct!!

      ‘.. whatever shit they throw at us ..’ - Wronggg!! We don’t have to do that, you’re Shit!!!

    2. This is how racist some of the pendatang really are & yet has the cheek to accuse others: