Sunday 17 September 2017

Important press conference...fine, whatever (updated)


Those who hyped this one up are complete morons.

That's all I want to say. Thank you.


According to NST,

Najib to make important announcement at PC today

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is scheduled to hold a Press conference today at the Umno headquarters, Putra World Trade Centre.
The conference would be at held on the 39th floor of Menara Dato Onn at 4.45pm.
All Umno supreme council members are expected to be present, while Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s working visit to Perlis will be cut short.
It is learnt that Najib, who is also Umno president is expected to make an important announcement at the press conference.
All Umno menteris besar and chief ministers are expected to be there.

A friend asked me just now,

"Dissolution of parliament?"

Honestly, I don't think so.

I don't feel that BN is fully prepared yet for that.

But my friend insisted that this must be "it".

"Otherwise it's going to be an overkill, the way it was hyped up," he said.

Maybe so.

I told him just to wait for the scheduled press conference a few hours from now.

Nothing to get so excited about.

If it's going to be the GE, so be it.

Polling day, we just go and vote.

This country is still a democracy, I think, so, we should be glad and just follow the due process.

And that's about it.

Then my friend forwarded me these other predictions about the PC,

Could be a major revamp in Umno involving :
- Shafie Apdal of Sabah coming back
- Promoting Hishammuddin
- Sidelining Zahid
- Changes at state chief level

Quite interesting predictions.

But really, let's just wait and be calm.

It could probably be nothing. Maybe just some extra BR1M allocations or something.


  1. Annie. You are cool.

    "It could probably be nothing. Maybe just some extra BR1M allocations or something"

    Ya lah. Tunggu je. A few more hours. Then we deal with it. Accordingly.

  2. PAS is joining BN and that is why the press conference is from Party headquarters and if it was a dissolution of Parliament and government , then announcement will be from PM office

    Most likely it is about PAS joking BN and thus ensuring PAS get split and weaken again

    1. You almost right though. An ex Pas member rejoining the party..

  3. aisehman, in a coalition you just do not announce something so important unilaterally, that would illustrates the height of arrogance

    it's just bodeking and congratulating the supreme leader on his recent trip but I sure as hell hope I'm wrong, can't wait for the election

  4. Annie,

    When it comes to Najib, 'stupidity' tags along.


    p/s: I am not interested to build any fucking bridges with any fucking atheist retard, idiotheist and so on..


    Hahaha.......ini rupanya benda yang korang tertunggu-tunggu....KESIANNNNNNN. Bekas menteri besar Selangor Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib hari ini kembali ke pangkuan Umno.

    Pengumuman itu dibuat Perdana Menteri merangkap Presiden Umno Datuk Seri Najib Razak di ibu pejabat Umno di Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC) sebentar tadi.

    Muhammad berkata, keputusan itu dibuat selepas merasakan perjuangan pembangkang adalah sia-sia.

    Beliau menyertai PAS pada April 2013, sebelum menyertai PKR dua tahun kemudian.

    1. What an anti-climax..a complete waste of time!..

  6. So far all I read is Mike Tyson, Mr "Prestasion, eloped with Ku Yah, got detained in Oz wth a briefcase of millions is re-joining Umno.

    All that hype, recalled MT for THIS?

    Now I KNOW umno is officially f@#*#@!

    Who on earth is advising jibby? Or is he is living in his fantasy syok-sendiri world that he thinks we will swoon in awe at mat taib returning?

    There better be more important announcements to follow

    1. Mat Taib returning to UMNO. It will be a public holiday for Selangor tomorrow..

    2. UMNO macai dipshits ought to be proud

  7. Hahaha important announcement will be jho low is the kambing hitam 1mdb thus absolving MO1, dumnos & Bandit Nasional OK

  8. Paling kesian, Wak Jahid kena kensel important event
    in Perlis, just to attend the all important Press Con,
    Mat Taib masuk UMNO balik........HEHEHE
    Kalau announcemn Neelopa masuk umno oklah, kan.
    Rupa-rupanya cuma Trojan Horse, Mat Taib.

  9. I even cancel a day out with my family today. What a waste of my f**king time..

  10. Hi Annie,

    The big news is Mike Tyson (M) balik UMNO.

    This must be a big thing for UMNO, photo shoot with Uncle SAM + Mike Tyson (M).

    Daripada tak ada apa-apa, at least something.

  11. Ibarat sireh pulang ke gagang, ari tu blm cukup ali baba cuma berdepan 39 org pencuri je ari ni bru cukup 40 org kahkahkahkah

  12. HHK,

    //I am not interested to build any fucking bridges with any fucking atheist retard, idiotheist and so on..//

    I wonder who you could mean :)

    Lighten up, HHK.

    As far as I know, this blog doesn't work on hating each other.

    Well, at least, I have not seen Annie encourage hate in her writings, so I try to follow her lead.


  13. Annie,

    It is the usual fun and games before an election.

    This is the Guess-What-The-Announcement-Is section which is part of Guess-The-Date.

    I did think that it was THE announcement myself and I duly advised all my friends about it.

    My friend in Scotland was so concerned that she wassap me trying to find out how she could watch the announcement live.

    Oh well, I've got egg on my face now as each one of my friends have now wassaped me back telling me what the announcement was :)

    No fun pretending I didn't know and having to thank each one of them for keeping me up-to-date :)

    I could not get rid of one fellow who kept exchanging messages with me for over an hour.

    But no choice, had to put up with it because he is quite a nice fellow.

    Oh well, until the next installment of Guess-The-Date.



    1. Sultan if Selangor not going to take this kindly . What a public relations disaster for Najib , UMNO and BN

      Looks like another PH victory in Selangor

      Where ever Mohd Taib campaign for BN , opposition need only to circulate the CD of HRH Sulatab's press conference about how much he despises Mohd Taib and the Malay voters will not vote BN or they will incur the wrath of the Sultan

  15. Annie.

    "Those who hyped this one up are complete morons."

    Saya setuju. Sangat. Sangat.

  16. Anybody notice Hisamuddin not at the press conference. Falling out and a defection soon

  17. I can only tell that the blogger's short trip of 2 lines reflected damn with so much clarity with an inch of salt to the 'open' wound that you and the people still rooting for dungUMNO are so bloody mad that all of you are being TAKEN FOR BLOODY FOOLS....or was I wrong?

    With the China trip (minta HUTANG), then the US trip (LEBUR HUTANG) after more than 2 years trying to shake-off that 'iron-ball 1MDB and SRC' MOTHER-OF-ALL-CORRUPTIONS not withstanding series of side-effects flanking the KLEPTOCRAT CHIEF-THIEF as in 117 Million DIAMOND, 9 Milion PAYMENT to SHAFIE-the-lawyer whom are still without tongue to offer valid reason/s, 90 Million alleged 'OFFERINGS' to PAS without sign of the 'DARK CLOUDS' ever to pass....and then came along a TERRIBLY anti-climax news..., a bygone man coming home to 'ROAST' dungUMNO (unlike the chook coming home to roost) at one time coming into AUSTRALIA with 20,000 RM yet going home with 2.8 MILLION RM!!!!!! What a bloody joke gone even worst!

    Was in Australia (before leaving for Japan and then the US now) for a number of years and saw the circus of embarrassment Mat Taib had managed to project back then in the 90s.

    What is the point of this little ramblings? 3 million dungUMNO cannot be all DONKEYS, MONKEYS and CHICKENS can they?

    You have been ridiculed but, exactly to say SCREWED by a man that has caused such a GREAT MALAYSIA TANAH AYER KU (potential) that once were seen as a GLIMMER of light about to become the GLOWING example of a developing country but tripped over and about to fall flat on its face!

    Nak kata aku melayu-muslim-malaysian malu wei tapi kekawan Indian engineer yang baru datang dari 10 tahun di Singapura cukup peka tentang apa yang LANUN-BUGIS dah buat kat MALAYSIA siap boleh perli aku lagi yang dah senior bertahun di America!

    Despite the highly regarded credentials sebagai anak-melayu-muslim 30 years on working living other than Malaysia (bukan angkat diri hanya berkongsi ie. Dr Bakri Musa dan lebih ramai are more distinguished malay-muslims overseas), this period of the last 3-4 years has been the most embarrassing to be identified as MELAYU-MUSLIM-MALAYSIAN, period!

    Orang arab, orang India dan Pakistan, dari Eropah dok kata apa yang dah jadi from the GLORY days of Tun Dr Mahathir Muhammad??? They could not even name Bugis-Lanun's NAME yet Tun Dr Mahathir they remembered Tun M vividly!

    Saja tumpang cerita di Blog Annie,


    PS. by calling them MORONS you are still giving them some recognitions in some ways....

  18. The most Lawak Event of the Year.
    Doboh punya penasihat...

  19. Ann,how stupid is your pm just to announce that stupid stuff he makes all his lickers haywire.. what a moron

  20. IMHO it was done on purpose.Yes,many people regard it as non-event but Najib is a cunning guy.
    So what is the big deal about 'the old newspaper' rejoining his old party.
    First, to pay people attention back to UMNO since the tahfiz fire has taken over the top news slot for the past few days
    Second,to prove that there is no party better than UMNO.Neither PKR no PAS can replace UMNO
    Third, it will open floodgates for others to rejoin UMNO.What is important is for UMNO to always be in the peoples' mind

    Prof Kangkung

    1. RE:"Third, it will open floodgates for others to rejoin UMNO."

      Hahahaha.... you were trying to be as "cunning" as the Chief Thief?

    2. Anon 0944

      Nope.. prof kangkung just want you to know that he had the same level of IQ with the Chief Thief

    3. I think this mike tyson is sent back to umno to be a spy so don't feel so shiok so soon.

    4. Anon 1729
      Who sent Mike Tyson back?

      Prof Kangkung


    Read this and was an ambush by PKR and Najib walk into it

    Egg on the face

    1. I paste it here.Edit sikit, too long:

      IT was meant to be more than just Muhammad Muhammad Taib re-joining Umno yesterday. He was supposed to bring along eight state government lawmakers and cause the collapse of the Azmin Ali administration.

      But for the intervention of powerful stakeholders in Selangor, the end result: Umno president Najib Razak only had Muhammad to show at 5pm in a much-hyped press conference in Kuala Lumpur.

      Sources told The Malaysian Insight negotiations for Muhammad’s defection back to Umno and that of eight others were handled by intermediaries and not the prime minister himself.

      “Najib was informed that it was a go, but when he turned up, only Mat Tyson was there,” a party source told The Malaysian Insight, calling the 72-year-old former Selangor menteri besar by his popular moniker.

      “The deal fizzled out because it was blocked at the highest levels when it was found out that Mat Tyson was part of the deal,” another source told The Malaysian Insight.

      That led to the rather short and flat announcement yesterday that Muhammad was re-joining Umno, despite the presence of almost the entire party Supreme Council that sparked rumours and speculation of a state government change or a party reshuffle ahead of the general election which must be held by August 2018.

      It is learnt that the political equation that involved Muhammad’s defection would be eight PKR assemblymen joining the 12 Umno lawmakers and another 13 from PAS together with former menteri besar Khalid Ibrahim to form a bloc of 34 lawmakers that would be enough to form a state government in the 56-seat legislature.

      The reasons for the eight PKR assemblymen willing to quit their party have not been revealed, said Umno sources familiar with the plan.

      Political observers said the move to bring in Muhammad and eight others state assemblyman was reminiscent of the Perak move in 2009 when three Pakatan Rakyat (PR) lawmakers quit the ruling state government and backed Barisan Nasional (BN) in the 59-seat Perak state assembly.

      That caused the PR government with 28 lawmakers to collapse and the state ruler then invited BN, also with 28 lawmakers, to form the state government as it had a thin majority of three due to the defections.

      The observers said Muhammad’s move yesterday reflected Najib and Umno’s desire to revisit the Perak route to defeat their political foes in Selangor.

      “If someone with no principles assumes the helm, everything is bound to fall apart. We must hold on to our principles. If our faith is in the right place, we can weather every test, analyse each problem that arises properly and do not falter after we have made a decision,” the ruler said. – September 18, 2017.

    2. Anonymous @ 18 September 2017 at 08:34,



      Are there really 8 PKR assemblypersons who can be bought?

      Personally, I doubt it.

      Maybe 2 or 3 but 8 is a bit farfetched.

      Anyway, with Pakatan looking like a shoo-in for GE14 in Selangor, I would be surprised if any Pakatan politician would even contemplate changing camps.

      But, stranger things have been known to happen in Malaysian politics.


    3. When I first read the news I almost believed it but after analyzing the situation it is not worth it.
      Like JDT buying Messi just to play the final game of the season.

      Prof Kangkung

    4. What has JDT has done to you?

  22. Sejak akhir-akhir ni Najib selalu buat lawak jenaka tahap mega.Hari tu dia buat lawak dengan Trump dan semalam pasal Mat Taib pulak.Macam tak percaya Najib sedungu itu.Takkanlah...Lagipun pakar strategi dan taktikal politik Si RPK berada di pihak dia.Takkan lah RPK tak bagi nasihat yang sepatutnya kepada Najib.Nampaknya Boffin Boy dah jadi Coffin Boy.

  23. Annie, PM is surrounded by idiots. His trip to US was a PR disaster..."kita nak tolong ekonomi Amrika"..who told him to say this. Even Treasury DG Ab Srigar had to step in to clarify things. Now Ku Nan sends this SMS...heard some UMNO bigwigs even flew back from East Msia. With all this shit flying around most have forgotten abt the tahfiz fire...other than the kids who else shd be responsible. The Principal must be charged, but will he? Me think not.

  24. It was a slap in the face for dumno when only self suicidal Mat Tyson frog jump without any other Sgor Pakatan govt ADUNs...

  25. Cita2 nak sakau duit negeri Selangor sebelum PRU14 tak kesampaian..cuba lagi! Dah plan lama kot sebelum gi jumpa Donal Teram..takpe2..Usaha tangga kejayaan..!

  26. Let me control the media and i will turn any nation into a herd of pigs

    Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels

    1. Zaman Goebbels mana ada internet.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Prof Kangkung,

      Sometime ago you were being very cheeky and wanted all to expect explosive revelations in the BNM forex inquiry, and you suggested that perhaps TDM must be sweating in his pants and his reputation ruined.

      Well, that didn't happen.

      In fact, he gave his statements professionally and he even approved the honest personality of the late Governor, and I trust that the Inquiry Panel Members must have the greatest respect for him, because they are bureaucrats themselves and have their own code of conduct.

      Prof Kangkung, remember that BERANI KERANA BENAR, that's why najib and his supporters could never face the truth.

  27. Prof Kangkung,

    //Like JDT buying Messi just to play the final game of the season.//

    Dont think JDT need Messi. :)


  28. Annie. I share the following article. Hoping that it will create some sense of care among us for us. An excerpt:

    “If there’s going to be a war to stop [Kim Jong Un], it will be over there. If thousands die, they’re going to die over there. They’re not going to die here. And [Trump’s] told me that to my face,” Graham said. “That may be provocative, but not really. When you’re president of the United States, where does your allegiance lie? To the people of the United States.”

    Full article here:

  29. This teory about 8 pkr mutiny do not make sense.

    8 people too many.

    Why in the world anyone want to topple the Selangor Government when election is just in the corner. Not make sense at all.

    1. Yeah, at first we thought so too, and as RPK said, is just some figment of the imagination. However, today, "... Umno information chief Annuar Musa has claimed that more Pakatan Harapan politicians will be joining Umno in the footsteps of former Selangor Menteri Besar Muhammad Muhammad Taib ..."

  30. Pendek kata......

    PAS is ready and willing to sabotage Selangor for the sake of their President.

    Their President has wet, greedy pink lips and does not wear kopiah.

    1. Anon 1038

      Bunyi mcm dengki aja.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. People don't create justice system because they were dengki to wrongdoers and mega robbery

  31. Selangor = Fort Knox


  32. Due to UMNO members insecurities about BN's wining the GE14 , many are worried about the lifehood , corruption and criminal implications when PH forms the Federal government

    Bersatu is playing on these insecurities and working on defections before the GE14 . This way the others will panic and defect to Bersatu

    While Najib was trying to trigger a change of Selangor Goverment , Bersatu have been on the quiet vowing UMNO state assemblymen

    Between know and December can expect Perak , Negeri Sembilan to have a change of government with significant number of UMNO members defecting to Bersatu . Negotiations are going on and heard Musa Aman is negotiating with Warrisan to at least keep his job and form a coalition before GE14 .

    1. Is Hisamuddin the go between and save his skin and his family ill gotten wealth from post GE14 when PH forms the federal government and MACC with new zeal and infused of staff who are more accountable to the rakyat

      He is lying very low and the talk un the streets is that he does not see eye to eye with Rosmah even though he is Najib's first cousin . He knows it is a foregone conclusion that VN is going to loose big in GE14 and Hohor is a gilonwr and PH us no t going to show any mercy for the defeated BN. All wealth accumulated illegally during BN's rule will be seized and the corrupt will be shown no mercy with criminal charges and life inprisonments due to multiple sentencing

      When you attack the old man's family , it means you seal your own fate

      The government will need money and the seize wealth will come in handy

      Hisamuddin is a practical man and that is why he and his fraction is own thru him are cutting a deal with Tun

      More fireworks are expected and the happens when BN are wearing hose blinds and can only see what is in the front but nothing at the back

      Nor Yakoop first person to cut a deal and more will follow

      Remember and BN members know that Najib will escape because when on polling day he will he overseas and the others will be caught and incastrated

    2. Yes heard there were some rumours about a very important defection who is a blood relative of Najib from UMNO to Priibumi and brining along a chunk of MPs and state assemblymen

    3. Was his gender and sexual preferences for the better of him and also his wild partying days

      Videos , photos , bank statements ??????

      Prof longkang

    4. Old Fart have a debt of gratitude to pay because Hisamuddin father Tun Hussein Onn choose the old fart to be the Deputy President of Umno and DPM of Malaysia. He always pay his debts and paid the debt to Tun a Razak by getting Najib to be PM. Always had a soft sport for Hisamuddin. How he going to pay the debt only old fart knows .

      Now ball is in Hisamuddin's court and must act fast before old fart dies

      It is going to happen very soon

      As we speak the negotiations are going on


    5. Another important press conference soon by Bodoh Nasional MO1 to announce hisham joining Dr M terbaik LOL

    6. Syukurlah zahid will be affirmed the 2nd man of that Bocor Nasional perahu.

  33. Dumnos missed sheikh jho low who can arranged BILLIONS to entice oppo to defect muakakaka...

  34. A waning raja katak is the WOW factor to win GE14 for dumnos???

  35. Insider,

    //Now ball is in Hisamuddin's court and must act fast before old fart dies//

    H2O will NEVER EVER betray Najib.

    I have reason to believe that Najib Razak, Zahid Hamidi and H2O made a solemn oath to support each other during an umrah in about 2013 (?).

    You will note that it was after this umrah that Muhyiddin was progressively shut out of the loop and eventually chopped.


    Najib knew he could count on Zahid and H2O to back him.

    So, the way it probably works will be, Najib will try to win GE14, hand over to Zahid in GE15, and Zahid will hand over to H2O in GE17 or GE18.

    H2O will still be young enough in GE18 to enjoy being top dog.

    That's just my hypothesis anyway.

    KJ? He will need to wait until H2O hands it over in, say, GE20 or GE21?

    Incidentally TN50, which is supposedly KJ's baby, is supposed to come true around GE20 or GE21, ain't it?

    So, perfect for KJ to step up and take over from H2O in GE20, assuming everything goes to plan and Pakatan does not win between GE14 and GE20.

    Plausible? I dunno ;)


    1. You seem to be cocksure and 2013 is a long time in politics. I think you are and abreast of the current talk and maybe of your blind loyalties. 4 years in politics is along time ago and sanjib used to be Anwar's errand boy when Anwar was DPM

      Than again you are only reassuring your own insecurities.

      When Tun does , he always do it mega style and when it happens , it is going to be a domino effect on all the fence sitters in UNBO who are 96% of the UMNO members who did not join Prebumi

      These UNNO members have no qualifications other than being an UMNO member or UMNO office bearer district divisional state or federal level who are for easy money and are rent seekers

      They know this GE14 is the end of UMNO and will want to secure their future

      Najib does not dare call GE14 because the rats from UMNO will abandon the ship right away and by default PH will win

      Do not play with the old master Tun Mahathir

    2. Hisamuddin will be too old in GE 18 which is 16 years from know in he will be in his seventies

      You got it wrong as there is nothing left fir UMNO after GE14

  36. MO1 + dumnos should give that oxfart khairy a Flying F(arewell) press conference hahaha

  37. Why does a MB of the richest state in Nakaysia with control of the state treasury wants to be bribed to switch parties

    Tak masuk akal and only the stupid BN can think like that

    Next week and before December, BN UMNO and also also watch out what the alley cat drags in thru the door . Tum Mahathir have a lot of unfinished business to attend too and he is rumoured to have a very massive war check and also a heap of favours to call in

    Tun is not a gambler and only bets if he is sure to win

    Najib have run out of bullets and now it is time for machine gun Tun's turn to shoot and there will be a lot of colleteral damage in UMNo PAS when he is attacking Najib .

    Ghost of UMNO


    Start of the long awaited Autumn offensive against BN and more to come

  39. Wow contingency in the event BN lose GE14, BN is getting ready the expertise of king of frogs cash & carry billions or millions to australia or overseas oh no!!!


    MO1 tipu and kantoi Trump . Habis NO1 as Trump will be hopping mad as he is made a liar and fool

    DOJ will now swing into action and file criminal charges in 1MDB case

  41. Anonymous @ 20 September 2017 at 18:52,

    //You seem to be cocksure//

    Actually, I am not cocksure.

    As you can see, I presented it as a scenario and asked if it was plausible right at the very end.

    But I accept that it may not have come across well.

    Blame my lousy writing style :)

    //maybe of your blind loyalties.//

    I have no loyalties, not even to my own theories as you can see from my comments about not being cocksure :)

    //Than again you are only reassuring your own insecurities.//

    It never seems to work when I try to re-assure myself of my own insecurities.

    Well, I know it has never worked for me when I am around female company anyway.

    Maybe that why I am still single :)

    //When Tun does , he always do it mega style//

    In the interest of keeping this as a pleasant discussion between you and me, I am happy to take what you are saying at face value.

    I do not claim to know what is happening in UMNO now other than get occasional glimpses here and there when I hang around some UMNO friends.

    Even then, they are usually very careful with what they say, except for one fellow who doesn't seem to care who hears him :)


  42. Anonymous @ 20 September 2017 at 18:59,

    //Hisamuddin will be too old in GE 18 which is 16 years from know in he will be in his seventies//

    OK, fair point, I checked and Hishammuddin is 56 now. (born 1961).

    So how about GE16 (2028)? When he is 67?

    And Zahid gets 10 years from 2018 to 2028? Or something like that? :)


    1. See you are shifting the goal posts and assuring yourself that the inevitable does not happen

      My friend you cannot postpone the inevitable as Hisamuddin have already made his deal

      You are the kind by maker who decides how many years Zahidi becomes PM and when Hisamuddin takes over or when Najib quits

      It is already cast in stone and Hisamuddin defecting is no suprise but the group with names you would not expect who will be defecting will shock you to the core

      Let the fat lady sings and enjoy her sing while you can enjoy

      Wrong move to cross the rakyat as the rakyat this time around will not be that forgiving

  43. Anonymous # 20 September 2017 at 22:09,

    //See you are shifting the goal posts//

    It is nice not to have any loyalties because you can shift goalposts wherever you like.

    Everything I have said is just a guess and it would be silly not to change one's views when new information becomes available, like for example, when I am told that Hishammuddin may be too old in GE18.

    It is stupid to keep believing in flying carpets and flying horses when you have learnt a bit of aeronautical engineering.

    //you cannot postpone the inevitable as Hisamuddin have already made his deal //


    He has?

    Where and when was this announced?

    //You are the kind by maker who decides//

    Could you please rephrase that paragraph because I can't understand what you meant even though I tried several different possibilities.

    //It is already cast in stone and Hisamuddin defecting is no suprise//

    Like I said, when and where was this reported?

    //but the group with names you would not expect who will be defecting will shock you to the core//

    Goodness gracious me!!

    And defecting with a group as well?


    When and where was this reported?

    Look, let me be honest, OK?

    I think it is only a rumour.

    These sorts of things do not get leaked out to the extent that even an anonymous commentator like you can know about it and talk about it publicly on a blog.

    Think about it.

    Even something as mundane and boring as Mat Taib returning to UMNO was unforseen by anybody because it was kept a secret and nobody knew what that "important press conference" was until his return was announced.

    Yes, maybe some people in Pakatan would have known or suspected it, but you can be sure that they kept very quiet so as not to compromise their deep-throats.

    So do you think that something like Hishammuddin defecting with a group of politicians will get leaked?

    If Hishammuddin was REALLY defecting, you can bet your bottom dollar that you and I will know nothing until it is announced.

    Personally, I suspect that this kind of talk is only to try and destablise the Najib-Zahid-Hishammuddin relationship.

    Remember all that talk about Zahid about to depose Najib? Nothing.

    My guess is that the N-Z-H relationship will not be broken because of my earlier hypothesis about the pact made during the umrah.

    Don't play play about promises made in Mecca, you know - go to hell if anybody breaks such promises, you know.

    //Let the fat lady sings and enjoy her sing while you can enjoy//

    I am not sure which fat lady you mean because I know of two.

    One can't sing - she only screeches hate against evangelical Christians, DAP, jews, the Chinese and of cos, Hannah Yeoh, and as for Rosmah, well, the less said the better.

    //Wrong move to cross the rakyat as the rakyat this time around will not be that forgiving//

    Well, I am not sure if the Electoral Commission has finished its delineation exercise yet.

    It is not always the majority of the rakyat that determines the outcome of an election.

    But sometimes, even the EC cannot hold back the anger of the people.


    1. Less spoken now is better and if want more info ask Hisamuddin and Tun

      About going to heaven , do you really belief that God will deduct your sins and let you in Heaven . Remembering corruption is a big sin as you are taking money which rightly belongs to others , jailing opponents for their political beliefs , murder and oppression of the rakyat

      The above will earn you a place in hell and God does not do or give discounts

      The pack they made was the Devil's pack

      Nothing was and will be written in the media and only will be in the media when the announcement is made . Tun is not dramatic like Najib who makes an announcement and than have nothing to show

      I was brought up on Tun's rule and know the old man beliefs less in fanfare and more in results

      Just a hint - 45% of UNNO MT are in this negotiations and are also anxiously waiting for the go ahead

      Stalling the deal is the negotiations for criminal immunity which Tun have not agreeded and also the ill gotten wealth accumulated during UMNO's rule

  44. Anonymous @ 21 September 2017 at 08:28,

    //The above will earn you a place in hell and God does not do or give discounts//

    God may not give discounts but, in Malaysia, Hadi Awang is more important than God and his version of Islam gives discounts, so no problems there.

    Discounts given while still living are much much better than discounts given after death, don't you think?

    //Nothing was and will be written in the media ..//

    I am sorry but as far as I am concerned, the H2O thing is no better than a rumour and has little substance.

    Of cos, I am also basing my assessment on my own favourite hypothesis about an umrah pact.

    For those who believe in such things, understand that the power of Syaitan can be strong, even in Mecca, and unholy acts can occur in His name there.

    But, regardless of whether it is true or not, it is a nice story to bolster the confidence of Pakatan supporters.


  45. Interesting debate between Gladiator and Anon

    What is it is true that there will be large scale defections from UMNO PAS and MiC to PH

    Hadi is an agent of the Devil and he was born with a purpose and it was to serve his father the Devil

    He Hadi is not Bly giving discounts on your life spans and killing us early

    He is imposing the Devil's ways

    He is charging all the DCLT devil's Cost Of Living Tax

    Why is PAS not PAI which is Parti Agama Islam but PAS which is Parti agama Syaitan . A point to ponder

  46. The biggest defection PH should be worried are the Chinese votes which the analysts are predicting will swing back to BN as the Chinese always want to be the kingmakers and with 70% or more Malays will voter PH minus PAS ,a great full BN UMNO will shower the Chinese with political and economic goodies

  47. Anonymous @ 21 September 2017 at 15:31,

    //The biggest defection PH should be worried are the Chinese votes which the analysts are predicting will swing back to BN//


    That's a good joke.

    Now, have you got a similar one about how DAP is going to resign from Pakatan and become a component party of BN?

    Or maybe Hadi Awang has finally come out of the closet and admitted that he dresses up in women's clothing when nobody is looking?


    1. Now you tell me about Hadi's clothing . I thought all the while he was wearing a gown and a head dress like the African women . Man oh man am I wrong , the PAS guys who wear the gown and an African head dress like the African women because they are cross dressers and have a sexual identity problem

      As for DAP joint UMNO led alliance then what do you consider Pribumi is , it is a breakaway faction of UNNO but will inherit the UMNO name when UMNO Baru implodes and collapses after the defeat in GE14. UMNO members will desert to the wining party because they know where the gravy is. So for me DAP already in alliance with a UMNO breakaway faction

      The Chinese are disappointed with DAP because DAP have sold their soul for positions and money

      The Chinese votes are a leverage votes and once the leverage is gone , the votes are useless and become legal me a Malay votes

    2. Mic yes they are a gang and caste base party and the leaders of Mic act as the gang leaders . But at least they have a herd mentality and makes defections easy as they go in a group and not individually. This is the threat and they are king makers in 50 to 60 parliament seats and it is what the opposition need to get the magical 130 seats on GE14 and it is very possible

  48. Anonymous @ 21 September 2017 at 13:48,

    //Interesting debate between Gladiator and Anon//

    No, not a debate.

    Just shooting the breeze.

    //What is it is true that there will be large scale defections from UMNO PAS and MiC to PH//

    Well, I suppose that is a strong possibility as I know that many PAS members in my kampung have largely deserted PAS for Amanah.

    PPBM made a grand entrance into my kampung and no doubt will be working the Malay kampungs nearby.

    No news on progress by PPBM.


    Hm, hard to say but an Indian NGO held a dinner recently and the prominent seats were occupied by some local DAP heavyweights.

    Over 1000 attended - mostly Indians.

    I noticed that most of them were gang members (never mind how I know), so this suggests that at least one gang has left MIC.

    But this is only my kampung.

    I dunno what the situation is elsewhere.