Friday 28 April 2017

People love their freedom

I think this is silly,

WhatsApp group admin may face action if members spread false news

It followed this Berita Harian front page the other day,

Come on la.

If want to catch the real culprits, go and track down those who started the fake news, can or not?

Scare people from becoming Wassap admin for what?

I think this sorts of nonsense will only built more resentment towards the government.

Yes, spreading fake news is bad, but being seen as curtailing freedom of speech is even worse.

How the hell are they going to enforce this anyway?

For me, a much better way to stop the spread of false news is by giving out the real news in such a way that the people believe it more than the fake news.


By being more credible than the ones who spread the fake news.

Make people like and trust you so that they will listen and believe that the news you give them is the truth.

Read this post of mine from the other day to get some idea of how it can be done,

Facts don't win hearts

Anyway, back to that jailing Wassap admin stupidity, let me tell you that even if you are right, the more you try to suppress  freedom of speech, the more people will hate you.

That's just simply the way people are.

This country is a democracy and therefore being liked is important, irregardless whether you are right or wrong.

The people hold the ultimate power because their votes will decide how it's going to be.

If they hate you, you are not going to get their votes. It's as simple as that.

Malaysians will hate you if you try to take their freedom away.

Sometimes, I don't really understand why some people in position of authority can't see this.

They seemed to want to do things the easy way.

Arrest, jail, sue, shut down, close down etc.

Are those the only ways they can think of in countering dissent?

Don't they realise that such tactics will backfire at the polls later on?

Why can't they be credible and smart in persuading people to trust them instead?

Well, never mind. I'm not paid to give these sorts of advice to such people, anyway.

So, let them continue to shoot their own feet.

Actually, I don't really give a shit about this Wassap nonsense.

I'm in only two Wassap groups now- one strictly for work with my colleagues and another one with my family members.

I don't really like Wassap groups.

Used to be in several of them but I quit because I can't tahan the nonsense that everyone wrote and share in them.

Everything want to if I care what they are having for lunch, whether their kids are doing well in school, where they are going shopping etc.

The political nonsense shared in Wassap are the worst. So much bullshit.

But still, to stop people from airing their nonsense in such apps is equally bullshit.

Most people are not like me, okay. They love their bullshit and if you try to take it away from them, they would hate you for it.

Anyway, there are other messaging apps out there.

If they kacau at Wassap, can use the others.

I installed Line last month.

You can check it out here,

LINE : Free Calls & Messages

It's the most popular in Japan and Taiwan.

It's cute.

Here is a Japanese friend of mine welcoming me to Line.


  1. "If want to catch the real culprits, go and track down those who started the fake news, can or not?"

    You're correct, Annie.

    I heard Najib relayed fake news on Bulletin TV... he said that Forest City was sold leasehold for 99 years.

    Lead by example... please go after TV3 and Najib first.


  2. Wa telingat itu satu Bulayu punya pelibahasa ,Wa belajar sekolah dulu , 'takut sama bayang-bayang' ,ini sutak manyak teluk maa aa.

    Wa tatak tau lea aa ,itu negala kominis atak buat ini macam kaa aa ?.

    Wa ingat itu 'fear ' pon bolih kasi vote jugak lea aa.

  3. Oh Mother, our freedom birthright!

  4. Sudah jadi bahan lawak di semua wassap group,
    including my family wassap.


    Bro, why are u here.........???
    I stole a bike.
    And U bro, why are U here....?
    I kill my girlfren.
    How about U bro, why are U here...?
    I AM AN ADMI OF WASSAP GROUP..........:)

  5. It is not that simple Annie. They don't vote out parties just because of a 6% tax, massive money laundering or jailed admins.

    Come election day, people will be swayed by scare stories of race/religion under threat. That matters most.

  6. Told you so...

  7. Wait until IS and its equivalent set their feet on our land.All of us know how they use social media including wassapp/telegram to spread their ideology.
    I am against the unlimited freedom of speech because Tun Mahathir was also against the unlimited freedom of speech.That is why he did not abolish the ISA during his time

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Ye la.. Kalau ye pun bg la guideline.

      Bg amaran dulu ke.

      Semua orang boleh guna ke kerajaan je boleh guna peruntukan ni ek prof?

      Pihak pro-PH, atau pro-PAS pun boleh guna juga peruntukan ni ke atas pro-BN ke tak leh?

      Individu awam boleh guna jugak ke?

  8. Here's the clanger: fake news is generated and spread by those in power. A fine example is all the lies about !MDB. About the DPM meeting personally with the donor of the RM2.6B. There are more examples one can count on like the donor's fake letter, the "units" in Cayman and the like.

    Start being truthful for once and there will be no trouble with whatsapp groups. People talk and speculate when there are so many doubts and questions about a public issue,

    We have people at the top whose brains have been fried and can longer think thoughts and ideas that are beneficial to everybody. All they can think clearly about is making money illegally. Just look at all the cases brought by SPRM against the top dogs in government.

  9. Menteri Minta Rakyat Berterima Kasih Padanya, Harga Gula Naik Tak Membebankan

  10. BN should close down social media which is so anti BN!!! Go back to kopitiam, mamak & warong & if these venues becoming anti BN are also close down, then we will be another tyrant state like north korea sigh!!!

  11. Freedom