Saturday 5 March 2016

Staying neutral and away from creepy people

I'm not going to sign the "declaration" initiated by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

It's because I want to stay neutral.

Also, I'm especially uncomfortable putting my name on paper as being on the same boat with quite a number of people who signed the "declaration" as some sorts of the movement's leaders yesterday.

For one thing, I don't want to join any movement if one of the leaders is Hishamuddin Rais.

The guy is just too creepy, okay.

Well, I can't join the Najib's camp either.

I don't believe in their "either you are with us or against us" dogma because for me it's too stupid.

There are too many stupid and weird people in Najib's camp and I don't want to be one of them.

I also don't want to be in the same team as you know who. Don't want to end up being neurotic like that.

Anyway, even if I want to join them, I don't think they will accept me as my way of doing things is very different from theirs.

Yup, I'm staying neutral.

Being neutral is allowed in a democracy, and I want to believe that there is still democracy in this country.

From now on, whenever I'm writing about politics, I will do so just as an observer.

I will try to stick with facts and make my comments based on them.

It's the same as during the Umno civil war which started last year.

By the way, I think that civil war is over for good yesterday when Dr Mahathir and the others signed the declaration.

It's now an all out war involving everyone, instead of just those within Umno.


  1. Annie,

    For me, it is difficult to stay neutral about politics in Malaysia.

    Our system is badly broken and it needs fixing.

    This time around I will not be supporting the incumbent and will most likely be voting against them.

    I do not believe that there will be or can be any significant structural changes to the system over the next two years.

    But it does not mean that I support people like Hishammudin Rais - that guy is a serious whacko cracko.

    I remembered watching him speak for the first time ever at the Chinese Assembly Hall in KL and I did not understand a single word he was saying.

    The entire 2-3 minute speech consisted of screaming and shouting and fist waving. His entire body was shaking from his wild gesticulations.

    For some strange reason, most Malaysians seem to love that kind of speech-making, like WTF!!!

    They all do it - the BN folks and the Pakatan folks.

    Their ceramahs tend to consists of wild-eyed, fist-waving, spittle-spewing speeches.

    Maybe those speakers think that they are being "fiery" and "passionate" but I think they look absolutely stupid up there on stage.

    Maybe it is because most Malaysians are unable to digest and decide on the content of the speeches, so it is more effective to use emotions to motivate them.

    Maybe Malaysians deserve to be conned by any politician who only needs to use hype to secure votes.


    1. najis tong rosak makes me a lot more geli than hisham rais, bro. Hisham is just a harmless clown, but the first fella's killing the country.

    2. i am with anak tun razak all the way....:)


    3. Wa sayang Uncle Lim ,mesti sayang sama kulit maa aa.

    4. dina 15:03

      .. errr.. which one??!!.. nazir is it??!!..

    5. "i am with anak tun razak all the way....:)

      Bak kata orang putih, "there's a sucker born every minute".

      This is your minute...

    6. We are not suckers but are realists. We support Najib because he is the president of UMNO and the current PM. Mahathir and other UMNO rebels who in cahoots with DAP are traitors to the Malays and Islam. We know very well DAP is anti Malay and anti Islam. Now they are sleeping on the same bed with the enemy. Ptiuh!!!!

  2. "I also don't want to be in the same team as you know who. Don't want to end up being neurotic like that."

    Yes, also you'll put on weight.

    The bloggers FattyDog and Poopookari weigh about a tonne if combined, and combined they still weigh less than the Chinese Gollum weighs alone.

    Stay neutral, stay slim!

  3. Love it when Malays keep splitting further.

    1. Chinese long ago split up - Communists vs Republicans. The healing has only just begun about twenty years ... Know your wisdom traditions!

    2. Anon 1113.. how sure you are that malay keep splitting further...kalo malay splitting pun, kau pikir melayu akan tengok ajer ker cina mata sepet tak mandi pagi jadi PM Malaysia...cuba larr!!!..

    3. "Love it when Malays keep splitting further." Apa splitting pulak? Buang jer si badak air neraka & suami lembik tu, everything OK lepas tu.

  4. Annie,
    Apabila semua saluran saluran ditutup untuk kritik Najib,bekas peguam negara dipecat,pengkritik dalam umno digantung dan jawatan dipecat ,task force di bubarkan dan semua media dan blog digantung ,jadi apakah yang kamu boleh lakukan untuk suara dan kritik kamu di dengar annie ,jadi jangan salahkan Tun M sekiranya beliau terpaksa berkerjasama dengan kumpulan yang pernah mengkritik beliau ,sebanarnya UMNO sekarang bukan lagi umno 20 atau 50 tahun dahulu umno sekarang adalah milik najib dan kuncu kuncu nya sepatutnya dilenyapkan.

    1. senang nye tun putar 360 degree kan......takde pendirian langsung atau dah nyanyuk....he better read back his own articles n books on who the people yg dia mintak sokongan tu....desperate people...and he better look back during his time as PM...all the mega projects he did...najib gov is still paying them today...tau tak?..and what has najib spend? mega projects but more towards rakyat like brim, klinik n kedai 1m...abolished tolls thru 1mdb....etc...u can see so many small businesses booming even now....

    2. "and what has najib spend? mega projects but more towards rakyat like brim, klinik n kedai 1m.......KAH KAH KAH pale otak hang, what about 1MDB? Pi mintak dedak lagi yop...mangkuk hayun ler engko

    3. Small business booming !!!! MAS buang orang , Petronas follow soon .

      kalau nak jadi cyber trooper perhati la sekeliling.

      Najib bayar gaji Tun? Pegawai kerajaan duit masa kerja dulu kumpul dalam KWAP. yang guna duit KWAP tu bukan SRC.
      Lu ingat duit gomen tu bapak Najib punya. tax payer money la bro

      inilah akibat makan dedak terlebih

    4. 15,14,

      re ,senang nya tun putar 360 degree kan .......

      That show how bad the situation is ,to save Malaysia .

    5. "u can see so many small businesses booming even now...."

      Betul ke nih?

      Keadaan ekonomi negara Malaysia sedang tenat.

      1. Guru2 sekolah, cuba bertanya kpd tukang2 cuci yg bekerja sbg kontrak, bila mereka dapat gaji? Pihak Kerajaan telah melengah2kan pembayaran gaji mereka dgn lambat menegeluarkan cek kpd syarikat pembersihan sekolah sebab Kerajaan mengalami kekurangan duit. Sikit lagi, keadaan ini tidak boleh berterusan. Tukang2 cuci sekolah akan berhenti kerja. Apa akan jadi kpd tandas2 sekolah? Ini boleh diatasi dgn menyuruh murid2 sendiri secara bergilir2 mencuci tandas sekolah. Kira settlelah tu.

      2. Cuba pulak tanya kpd jaga2 sekolah bila mereka dapat gaji. Jawapanya juga lambat. Mereka nak makan apa? Jaga2 sekolah pun akan berhenti. Keadaan ini agak merbahaya kerana jaga2 sekolah itu tahu di mana tersimpannya barang2 yg berharga di sekolah spt laptop. komputer, wang tunai dll. Tak mungkin, jaga2 sekolah ini akan merompak sekolah mereka. Tak juga jadi masalah, kan guru2 ada utk bergilir2 jadi jaga sekolah. Kalau malam ini jaga sekolah, besok bolehlah cuti dari mengajar.

      3. Lambat-laun, guru2 sekolah pulak tak bergaji. Macam mana nak bayar hutang rumah? hutang kereta? Nak beri makan anak bini?
      Pihak Kerajaan Malaysia sudah tidak lagi boleh meminjam dari luar negara, kerana sudah mempunyai hutang tertunggak sebnyak RM800 bilion!

      4. Wang terkumpul dlm Tabung Haji akan menjadi mangsa. Wang dlm KWSP akan jadi mangsa. Wang Tabung Angkatan Tentera akan jadi mangsa.

      5 Rakyat yg bodoh akan menjadi mangsa. Melayu sememangnya bodoh piang!

    6. Kubur kata mari, rumah kata pergi, si Mamak tua ni masih tak sedar diri. Sanggup pulak tu bersekongkol dengan si apek Sial. Dunia dah terbalik. The whole scenario in Malaysia makes Donald Trump looks like an angel

  5. Bugis-lanun tuh dipilih atau diangkat jadi PM? Dah jadi PM, guna kuasa semacam negara komunis tegar.....

    - aku berkuasa, suka aku nak buat apa
    - pecat,
    - tukar
    - ganti
    - pinda
    - tekan
    - amaran
    - paksa
    - tipu
    - helah
    - peras
    - ugut
    - cantas
    - buang
    - dan lain lain

    Banyak lagi.....

  6. Quote "It's now an all out war involving everyone, instead of just those within Umno." unquote.
    so it's against UMNO not BN?
    look like leaders in MCA and MIC taking neutral stand like you. but i dont think they can do that now because they will be in a group of "those in concert with him" as per the declaration.

    1. Jika tiba-tiba UMNO membuat keputusan dan akhirnya Najib berundur maka yang perlu di lakukan ialah penubuhan kerajaan campuran dan bukan lagi kuasa UMNO untuk menentukan siapa penganti Najib.

      Dua tahun adalah cukup untuk memperbaiki segala kelemahan dan menjelang pilihanraya, kedua-dua pihak diberi peluang saksama. Dan ketika itu biar rakyat yang tentukan siapa yang sesuai jadi Perdana Menteri.

  7. LOL......Same old faces who tried to unseat Najib,dah dekat 1 tahun setengah .....habok pun tarak
    Dari benci Najib, dah jadi simpati pada sekarang
    Dari sanjung TDM dah jadui meluat dengannya
    Apa...Malaysia tidak ada Undangx ke
    Tunggu lah GE 14.....balun jika bolih
    Mukax dlm gp dah senja dah...elok lah tumpu membuat amal ibadat kalau yg beragama Islam
    Rasanya itu sebab kita lihat Najib sehat bugar buat kerja kerana banyak menerima pahala dari pemfitnah sampai ketika menunai UMRAH pun masih difitnah
    Kita lihat dari masa ke semasa kebenaran timbul satu persatu,contohnya ASWJ statement mengenai Donation....

    1. Yang melawan Najib sekarang ini adalah bekas pemakan dedak tegar kesemuanya dari wang rakyat. Sekarang bekalan dedak dah terpotong sebab itulah masing2 meroyan kuat. Asyik tukar haribulan je.

    2. Tak ada gunanya kita melayan hasutan pemakan2 dedak ni yg inginkan najib terus kekal supaya mereka akan terus hidup senang lenang.

      Focus kita yg paling utama untuk selamatkan negara ini dan turunkan najib daripada singgahsananya.Kalau tidak sia sia sajalah penyatuan semua parti parti politik sekarang ini.

      Bila semua parti parti politik telah bersatu kita semua wajib menyokongknya.

    3. Buat UMRAH, naik JET yang masih berhutang tiga ratus lima puluh juta. Belanja buat UMRAH sejuta dua, rakyat yang tanggong. Ini boleh dapat pahla ke kalau rakyat tidak menghalalkannya..............??????

    4. Now dedak is the new buzzword.semua org makan dedak.takkan kita lupa dulu dekat nak dgn pru13 ramai sgt yg jadi ustaz dan ustazah mi segera.aishah,bob lokman,and so many others.where are they now?semua dah lesap bila the dedak supply is cut off

      Prof kangkung

  8. Annie,

    Macam ni je lah, aku komen terus terang yer.. yg berani berdepan dengan najib penyamun tu, hanya TDM!!.. yg tau cara, sistem nak melawan najib penyamun tu pun hanya TDM!!.. so,macam maner cara TDM nak apply singkirkan najib penyamun ni, aku SOKONG SEPENUH HATI!!..negara ini sudah tak mampu di aibkan lagi..rakyat negara ini da MUAT dan MELUAT tengok rosmah dan gelagat merak kayangannya.. pompuan mcm rosmah ni hanya sesuai jadi bini presiden diktator negara negara arab!!..
    Belum pernah lagi dalam sejarah moden negara Malaysia ini.. rosmah adalah bini perdana menteri yg paling cukup di benci oleh rakyat yerbanyak!!.. dan yg sedihnya tempias kebencian itu terpalit kepada Umno!!.. setiap gari aku mengharapkan..BERAMBUS LAH NAJIB DAN ROSMAH!!

    p/s: cuba kau buat poll pasal rosmah..amacam??!!

    1. Patutnya TDM hari itu jadi PM sampai akhir hayat kerana semua orang lain buat dia kata tak betul. Kecualilah anak beranak dia. Semuanya bersih sebersihnya.

    2. "p/s: cuba kau buat poll pasal rosmah..amacam??!!"

      Ishhhhhh...pompuan puaka muka seram...geli!

    3. TDM dah cuba banyak Kali untuk menjatuhkan Najib tapi semuanya tak menjadi. Percayalah kalau Allah tak memberi restu, semua percubaan akan gatal. TDM has lost his magic touch!

  9. Bahaya duduk atas pagar annie.Nanti jatuh boleh pecah kepala!

  10. It says a lot of what Jibby has done that all these old rivals are willing to set aside their enmity to unite against him.

    He's systematically bankrupting the nation, people are suffering, bright students denied scholarships, and yet, he and his gerombolan of "nothing-wrong-what, people-give-me-billions" dare to hector, threaten and persecute those who complain and speak up.

    He's proven he's a coward, terrified of meeting even docile malaysian journos nevermind the foreign media, runs away from a 90 year old man, and gets his yapping poodles to do his dirty work.

    At the rate he's going, if we wait till the next GE, habislah Malaysia. Our coffers will be kosong, millions of Banglas will be here, dozens will be prosecuted, etc as he tries desperately to hide his guilt.

    He doesn't realise that unlike him--he believes if he ignores his wrongdoings long enough, it will miraculously disappear-- other people will search for the truth.

    He can only try to block out websites briefly. The truth gets out just as quickly.

    As for that psychotic Ah So, oh she'll be so busy now. Bet you she'll be stalking every signatory of the SaveMalaysia petiion to find out if they comment here.

    Go crazy with joy, Ah So. No one else in the whole country has the time, inclination or desire to do so. It's amazing what jealousy, envy, hate, vengeance, rejection and paranoia can do to someone.

    1. "Go crazy with joy, Ah Soh. No one else in the whole country has the time, inclination or desire to do so. It's amazing what jealousy, envy, hate, vengeance, rejection and paranoia can do to someone."

      Yeah, but think about it, what else does Chubby Gollum have to do with her "life" (or lack of it)?

      She's obviously paid, because how else would a mediocre low-level ex-journo survive without a job?

      But I'm sure Gollum would do it for free, just to fill in the empty hours. A sad, pitiful creature, mumbling to itself, alone in its dank cave.

    2. 6th PM - worst of all time
      5th PM - 2nd worst of all time

      NO.7.......macamane? jeng jeng jeng

  11. u were never in najibs camp laaa...
    but wow that u not even in tun m's camp show that what tun doing is wrong..
    anyway..tun the one who had endorsed najib and threw anwar in the slammer...wonder if now he should release anwar...but unfortunately the old man got his own agenda lah kan...hehe...

    1. His agenda was to oust Najib as soon as he can. He longer Najib stays, the more damage will be done to Malaysian and religion too. Just look at the way in which he lead government officials visit to Saudi Arabia. He is giving Islam a bad image by performing Umrah, a personal religious ritual, leading the whole entourage, on tax-payers money.
      (Maybe is OK if you do it at night or Najib declared that no photos or the media was censored. Do it discretely la. Why so stupid, want popularity or what)

      Sambil selam, minum air?

      Or is it 'lead by example'.

    2. Dina 15:01

      Everyone had and has their own agenda.. so what so wrong about TDM having an agenda??!!..

    3. Bukankah Anwar masuk jel sekarang semasa Najib PM? Did I read the wrong papers?

    4. "Everyone had and has their own agenda.. so what so wrong about TDM having an agenda?"


      Either your agenda is good or bad, that's all.

      Najib's only agenda now is "Stay Out Of Jail".


    5. Dina 15.01

      Re: "... and threw Anwar in the slammer..." " ... he should release anwar... "

      You talking about Najib or TDM here?

  12. Annie, I'm with you on this one. I think Tun M is wrong in forming this marriage of convenience with Pakatoon.
    I do not believe the end justifies the means.

    1. Untuk menjawab semua kebarangkalian dan persoalan bolehkah bekerjasama dan adakah kesalahan Mahathir telah di ketepikan hanya terjawab apabila Najib benar-benar berundur.

      Demi masa hadapan negara, Najib wajib berundur untuk memudahkan peralihan secara baik. Sebagai Perdana Menteri, bukan sahaja tahu mempertahankan jawatan tetapi wajib tahu bila perlu letak jawatan.

      Pemimpin saling berganti, Malaysia pasti bergerak ke hadapan dengan memberi peluang kepada orang lain dilantik sebagai Perdana Menteri.

    2. Firstly, it can hardly be called a Marriage of any intimacy - they are not establishing a formal political alliance. And the path so far has never been easy let alone convenient.
      Certainly, the ends do not justify the means:
      Najib cannot rule with an fiery iron fist just because he feels Malaysia is indebted to his father!

    3. Najib father and Najib are 2 different worlds...

  13. I don't think there will be any GE14. Kit Siang think so too. That's why his Daddy Anak Party joined Dr.M in singing that declaration. Its different, when Pak Lah was about to step down. At that time he knew GE was in no danger of being postponed, hence the opposition did an about-turn. With a corrupt PM at the helm, DAP stand a better chance of winnning GE13.

    This time, Najib is different. After the 'new' NSC, he is above the Agong. He can now declare emergency at his whim & fancy.

    When 1MDB scandal hits the fan:-
    - Najib said 'wait for Auditor General Report which will be made public'. But now it had been OSA-ed.
    - then, 'wait for PAC report.... but now the new PAC Chairman is friendly to Najib. Therefore nobody cares what Hasan Cari-Makan is going to report after he had 'studied' the OSA-ed documents.

    Now his bootlickers are asking us to 'wait for GE14' to oust Najib.

    Therefore there is high probability that GE14 would also be postponed, indefinitely.

    We know that the 'RED-shirts' are very 'close' to Najib.

    We've been frequently 'warned' of Daesh threats and many were arrested at home.

    Today we're also told by home Minister; Intelligence information reveals that there are commanders from a sultanate appointed in every State Legislative Assembly constituency in Sabah. Huh....those clamoring for Sabah & Sarawak to cease being part of Malaysia, must have been very distraughted.

    What if a bomb was discovered by DBKL or explode in KL, running-up to GE14. Najib then declare 'emergency' and therefore rule forever, like Marcos did.

    1. RD,

      "...Intelligence information reveals that there are commanders from a sultanate appointed in every State Legislative Assembly constituency in Sabah..."

      Hm... good point.

      And don't forget that Malaysia's involvement in that Saudi's unholy war in Yemen and against ISIS in Iraq will leave us exposed as well to the ISIS threat. (Even though the Yemen war involves the Shias!!)

      Therefore, I will not be surprised if Intelligence will "suddenly" discover ISI sleeper cells in every State Legislative Assembly constituency in Semananjung.

      These two factors would be the perfect justification for the NSC to be declared over all of Sabah and all of Semananjung.

      Sarawak? I guess it will remain free because everybody is too scared of the Dayaks - they can be quite violent and they are virtually invincible in the dense jungles of Sarawak. :)


  14. Apa hal Najib patut berundur.....
    Dah terbukti sahih ke segala pertuduhan terhadap beliau
    Majoriti Rakyat tak bising pun,jika tidak dah haru biru dah negara,silap ATM control
    Kalau betul suruh Najib berundur,buat cara demokratik,tunggu GE 14,baru betul jangan jadi macam orang tak bertamadun
    Yang pelik langaux ini buat deklarasi tetapi jika Najib diundurkan tak lak bagi tahu siapa penganti
    Bila soalan ditanya banyak menepis.sebab tiapx individu dalam kumpulan ada agenda masingx.....Deklarasi Taik Kucing,dia orang ingat Rakyat ini bodoh sangat ke
    Kata orang Pakatuns,yg sokong Najib makan dedak,mungkin betul tetapi dedak yang dah improvise taruk honey,telor dan mayonesse siap dgn teh tarik atau starbuck coffee,ada taste.

    1. Nah sayang, mai sini. Dedak, dedak, dedak...

    2. Najib tak bertamadun, tak demokratik, suruh Pak Lah letak jawatan, kenapa tak tunggu PRU?

  15. Replies
    1. Anonymous 5 March 2016 at 17:55,

      But a smart chicken :)


  16. Annie, I am confused. Someone said PM is not a civil/public servant. Is that correct? Then, what is PM? Elected leader?

    1. Under macc act, jibbi is "public servant" and hence is presumed GUILTY if he gets donation.

      Section 16 of the MACC Act provides that it is an offence for any person to accept gratification (donation, money, gifts etc).

      Under Section 23 of the MACC Act, it is an offence for an officer of a public body to use his office or position for any gratification for himself, his relatives or associates.

      Under Section 50, any gratification received or agreed to be received, accepted or agreed to be accepted, obtained or attempted to be obtained, solicited, given or agreed to be given, promised or offered, by or to an accused is presumed to have been done so corruptly, unless the contrary is proved. This is the legal presumption.

      Therefore in this case, it is guilty until proven innocent.

      But jibbi got barua called pandi. Not pandai, just pandi.

    2. Anonymous 5 March 2016 at 18:50,

      "... Then, what is PM? Elected leader? ..."

      No, not elected leader.

      He is The Chosen One :)


    3. Thanks Anon 23:40 for the clarification

  17. Ministers and civil servants are different

  18. I'm signing the Declaration because Al Quran taught me to say no to injustice, bribery, breach of trust etc...sorry.

    1. I think you shouldn't apologise for making your stand. I respect your right to do so. Thank you.

    2. I agree with you.

  19. Sweet child in time learn to see the light that tells good from bad

  20. Its important to get a proper perspective of the whole thing. TDM and gang are trying to stop Msia from being ruined. To save a country, you need to get support from ALL you can get. The political opinion, struggle to realise ideas of deeds, justice & what are preceived as rights are partisan and done thro polical parties ngos etc. These two are quite different.

  21. sighhh....just wait for the GE lah...wats the rush???...Negara kita ok jer....people still go Starbucks...Buy Iphones....Go Overseas....Shopping Complex still full...Movie collection juta2....people still buy designer dress...people still can afford pergi Jom Heboh....Football matches.....blablabla

  22. Say what you like. At the rate Wan Azizah n her generals are saying that PKR has the say in deciding the next PM... Allah help us, not Mat Sabu...if Anwar remains in Sungai Buloh. Kit Siang will be overjoyed of course...😁😁😁