Thursday 29 October 2015

Down with the nonsense and love

Half way on my very long ride.

You will not believe it if I tell you where I am now.

So far, it was an eventful journey.

Got tyre problem at the start.

Quite troublesome.

Once the tyre was fixed, my bike was fine.

There were good moments and bad moments.

But I'm enjoying myself.

Was riding alone.

All in all, it was a smooth ride.

Lonely though.

But I enjoyed the solitude.

Woke up about 4am this morning.

Went for a walk about 6am.

Nice clear weather.

Feeling very relaxed.

Told myself, there's more to life than what I'm doing now.

The politics was truly tiring.

The rebels said I'm pro-Najib.

The pro-Najib said I'm a rebel.

They don't seem to have the depth to realise that there are people who can be objective about the whole thing.

Ah...just thinking of it makes me tired already.

Anyway, I have also decided that I will be alone for the rest of my life.

It's a liberating thought.

Why would I want a bastard messing up things for me.

I'm done with all that nonsense.

I actually made that decision while having a bath just now....hahaha.

Okay, I'm going to tour this place for the rest of the day.

Just going to walk around.

Will continue my ride early tomorrow morning.

Here's a bit of music for you all :-)


  1. OK Annie, now you sure will hear a load of advice, views, suggestions, statements, whatever, from your readers. All given with sincerity, in the spirit of helping to prop up your spirits, to let you know we care, being members of your blog.

    Here's mine, given in general terms first:

    1. Love - if that's your choice, we'll respect that. But allow us to state dissenting views as there are always two sides of the coin.

    2. Politics - Try not to feel involved. Easier said than done, of course, as I myself find it's so difficult not to feel so. It's so difficult to be "politically correct" these days. Opposing parties, opposing factions within each party, even splinter groups within the factions.

    3. Overall - when feeling sick of people, it sometimes help by telling oneself that "it takes all sorts to make this world". That will prevent uttering regrettable words or taking matters into one's own hands.

    Good to know you are OK. Take care, Annie, and ride home safely.

    1. Annie is back home? Now moderating the comments. Or half way again?

      Tell us about the place, Annie. Not necessarily bout what you did there, your privacy is respected.

    2. Yes, how to be politically correct?

      Now even the usually staunchly supporting Najib, Minister Nazri pledges to speak up to keep Muhyiddin, said M'kini.

      Even as Umno is reportedly mulling action against its deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin, he has assured he will do what he can to save the party's number two from being suspended.

      Umno supreme council member Nazri Abdul Aziz said UMNO should be big enough to allow dissent within its ranks.

      The implication is that if UMNO takes action against Muhyiddin, it means it's a small boy with so narrow mindedness.

      Once in a blue moon he talks sense, this man. Good that he does so this time. Defending Muhyiddin, too.

    3. When the party is divided, when the leadership is divided, and "hidden hands" try to prop up the boss, how can there be such a thing as "politically correct"?

  2. Half way on your very long ride? That's not metaphorically speaking, is it? If you are trying to ride your emotions away, do keep steady, Annie. You'll be hearing a lot of this kind of advice. Don't feel bad about it. It's just that people care about you, even if we have never met and know you.

  3. Nice clear weather, you said. Must be up north or east coast.

    See, everybody is facing problems these days. The Sumatran and Borneo-an open burners causing endless haze to us in the West Coast, even the weather causing havoc in US, the quake in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the hundreds of thousands of Syrian and African refugees suffering the cold, hunger etc in Europe.

    Whatever problems we have, there is always company. Misery loves company, they say. But I wish it sticks only to Najib and company.

    Have a good day.

  4. Somewhere near Pattaya you ought to be by now ... should be some mouth-watering cuisines along the way.


  5. Tatak elok solsng-solang Annie ,manyak sunyi lagi manyak bahaya maa aa .

    Wa punya Yamaha 100 cc ,mesti tatak bolih ikut lea aa . Wa manyak sukak tengok itu Najib ,mana pegi mesti atak Losmah lor rr ,tatak selupa macam Uncle Lim ,itu Auntie Lim tatak pelenah nampak maa aa .

  6. If only you would say why the bastard is messing up things for you, there may be some here willing to do him up.

    If in the east coast, tell him to go fly kite. If on the West Coast, tell him to suck the polluted air till he drops dead.

    Geram plak aku dengor. Is he an ungrateful ingrate bastard? Mesti punya. Dia tak sedor berapa ramai orang nakkan Annie nih. Termasuk yang dalam blog ini.

  7. "It's your road, and yours alone.
    Others may walk it with you, but
    No one can walk it for you."
    - Rumi quote

  8. Morning Amy, u dekat mana ni?

    1. dah Amy mana pulak dah ni...hahaha

  9. Auntie Annie wants to go for celibacy? Hahaha.. Boleh ke?

  10. If you feel bad about both sides accusing you and it's connected with your work, the thing is to go away, take a break, like maybe what you are doing now.

    More often also can and need not be far away. You like riding also ok only drive carefully always, as now is rainy season I think.

  11. Jealous of your bike seat :)

  12. Half way on a long ride? Are you in Thailand now? If so, avoid riding at night on certain stretches.

    The Thais claimed they have never been colonized, they have been independent all through out. They are right. Though they angkat tirai for anyone who wants to pass through. Like The Japanese did during World War II, passing thru to then Malaya.

    I often wish we were never colonized. But had to grin and bear the facts of history - 80 years of bloody colonial rule. The British never helped the Malays educationally and economically. Caused a huge gap between the Malays and the Chinese. One of the major reasons for the lack of cohesion and unity among Malaysians in the country.

    One other reason is of course 1MDB and RM2.6 billion. Even the Malays are split on that. So much to write on that but maybe another time. On that score, I bid you good nite.

    1. same what help did sabah and sarawak get in malaysia? .lucky brunei

  13. Whatever you do or don't do, smile and laugh more often. Don't be like Putin, the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister of Russia. That's one country where even the comedians don't laugh.

  14. Annie pengecut. Kalau dia berani dia kasi tau kita mana dia pigi. Tentu ada satu orang antara kita ekorkan dia. Tukang tukar tayar jadi lah.

  15. Annie, you went away, Njib became bolder. He sued Ling Liong Sik. But dunno when the hearing will take place. Up to the Registrar of Courts and the Chief Judge. Wanna hear what will come out about 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion then.

    Mebbe after that he will sue WSJ and NYT. He knows they won't let go the US Free Speech Act if sued. Why want to use that as excuse and not sue.

    1. Thats not true freedom of speech does not mean you can slander or lie celebs in the US sue publishers on the basis that a story lied or is using false information

    2. Try saying the above in the comment section of a current post and you'd get pretty hood response, amr.

      Nobody writes on a past post.

  16. 20.47,
    Only the M40 Malay urbanites were split on 1 MDB and 2.6 bil
    To the rural folks they could be bother about these two as their lives were taken care by the govt
    Honestly I think these urbanites too did not really understood the real situation,they just joint the crowd esp those anti establishment
    I think these issues will gradually cool down as if there were really crime had been committed,why until now no police reports made,only insvestigtions.
    Lets us wait until all reports by all the investigation groups out,then only the truth prevail.I t is better not to believe presumptions and speculations.

    1. Question marks on both Only the M40 Malay urbanites were split on 1 MDB and 2.6 bil and the rural folks lives taken care by the govt.

      But concede that the rural folks are the silent majority. Though not some of the UMNO activists. But generally tak mau buat kacau.

      Nevertheless, Jamal ikan bakar said he brought 10,000 of them (from Perak?) to the Red Shirts rally. And the rural-migrated urban folks are the ones joining street demos, frenzied about showing the Chinese not to jatuhkan maruah Melayu, silat demo in front of Sogo shopping complex..

    2. How can the urbanites do not understand the real situation? It's so simple as ABC, bro. The "rural urbanites" have been struggling for a living, riding rickety motor bikes to work every morning and evening, rain or shine. Trying to make ends meet day in and day out, yet facing GST and rising prices. Complaining GST even on phone credit top-ups.

      Yet hear on tv or radio, at warong or work place about RM2.6 billion masuk ekaun bank PM. Mak ai, bukan sikit duit, bro. They don't "just joint the crowd". They are politically literate and feel satu macam hearing about 2.6 bilion.

      And they go to street demos to express frustration. Especially when it's "crowded" at home, small sitting room with wife and children wanting to see their favourite tv programme that may not be his favourite.

    3. Of course Najib and supporters are hoping these issues will gradually cool down. But no Police reports does not mean people are quieting down.

      See the so-called news portals. The Opposition ones sure lah very loud on 1MDB and 2.6 billion. The non-Opposition ones are not - some have suddenly changed to strongly pro-Najib, accused as being paid and so on, but very many are still talking about the subject.

      Now the issue hots up again. Because Najib decided to sue Ling Liong Sik the other day. The urbanites understand it. And are waiting to hear what will be said about 1MDB and the 2.6 billion in court when the hearing starts.

    4. Yes, Let us wait until all reports by all the investigation groups out. But then not much is heard of progress of he investigations, innit?

      Supposed to be transparent. Of course some secrecy got to be but people want to hear when the Special Task Force will have a meeting that the MACC Commissioner and the IGP have mentioned about over a week ago. The AG has not responded to that.

    5. It's not that people "believe presumptions and speculations" but they just want to know. Such questions being asked for so long and no convincing answers.

      Like why 1MDB made so complicated deals with the Arab companies, why the US700 million was paid not to the one stated in their application on foreign remittance and why using a bank different from that stated in the application. These were in the Bank Negara statement, so how not to believe?

      And the huge RM2.6 bilion Najib not saying who from and what purpose. Only his people saying all sorts like for fighting Al Qaeda, fighting ISIS, for fighting DAP even. So, how for people not become curious?

  17. Offering us music with the porky tu tak kena, Annie.

  18. Sdr
    The fault with these M40 urbanites are that they raise the own cost of living. Most of them are materialistic,they adopt the policy of buying what they want and not what they need.
    Most of the ,not all are arrogant and I still remember they branded the rural folks as stupid for voting BN
    Common la,apa itu 2.6 Bilion duit dari rakyat ke....stop speculating without proof or just an excuse to hemtam the govt
    GST....was that really much affect the livelihood of the urbanites...cut your your duit rokok,less outing,plan your budget well and if in the bracket of elegibilty of BRIM ,use the aid constructively eventhough not that much,at least it helps
    Granted,most urbanites are polically literate,but as far as Iam concerned they are still illiterate in making decision to express their frustration by joining street demos
    The last para of the comment on crowded at home proved how most urbanites do not have the kind of mentality to be polite,sense of belonging,give and take attitudes.....tak payah nak ajar jadi kepala keluarga

    1. If in a current post comment section, I'll be happy to give further views, bro.

  19. Being alone for the rest of one's life may not be a proud thing to be. Or even a happy thing to be.

    It may be a liberating thought but the minus factors are numerous. Company, conversation, serious exchange of views, mutual help etc etc especially at old age. Note that the experts say that conversation and serious exchange of views also contribute towards delaying the onset of senility as they keep our minds active.

    Yes, many privately run welfare homes for the elderly nowadays in this county but they are mostly commercial in nature and those non-profit taking ones may not have the dedicated staff really interested in looking after the elderly.

    Even in UK, so many abuses occur on the elderly, specially the senile and other handicapped. The tabloids often carry such news. Not worth reading the tabloids? No. It's full of "entertaining" news, they provide escapism from suffering due to wars, and lousy and crooked politicians the world over.

    But the fact that Annie tells us she made that decision of being alone while having a bath and added hahaha shows that she would not be alone for the rest of her life. A few here readily offer themselves for company, etc.