Friday 19 December 2014

Business as usual for DAP's cyberwar effort

I spend the months after last years' GE13 mostly blogging about how Umno and its BN allies need to improve themselves.

I was quite critical of them.

My intention was for them to fix everything that's wrong so that they will do better in the next general election.

For me, it was time for them to take such criticisms and fix things as the next general election was still quite far away.

I would not had been so hard hitting on Umno and its BN allies if the election is near.

I remember how damaging that could be when a bunch of pro-Umno bloggers attacked former Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman just weeks before the last general election.

Their motive was to ensure that Ghani disappear from Johor so that their patron could take over his place and in the process there will be better prospects for them and others in the same camp to enrich themselves.

I remember that very well and have no intention of doing the same.

I did however notice that the DAP cybertroopers who used to hang out and taking potshots at me in this blog had gone quiet as I attacked things which I feel were wrong with Umno and its BN allies.

They were probably enjoying themselves as I criticized my own side, sometimes even taking direct shots at the leadership of DS Najib Razak in order to urge him to fix the wrong things.

But of course the DAP cybertroopers didn't go away.

My last two posts were proofs that the enemies are quietly and efficiently doing their work.

When I decided to ease my criticisms against the establishment, this was what I posted to shift back my attention at countering the Pakatan gang,

About being a nice moderate liberal Malay

It was actually a reminder of what happened in GE13.

True enough, the DAP cybertroopers immediately sprang into action.

You can read what they wrote in the comment section of that post.

Yesterday, I tested the water again with this post,


It's about the hypocrisy of Pakatan.

The first comment was this one which I immediately recognized as that of a DAP cybertrooper's,

Amazing. People have died, and all lil Annie can think of is how to please her masters with another spin. No wonder you're all known as bangang. The lot of you. I know getting some sense of intelligence is probably beyond you, but try and have decency?

To confirm my suspicion that this blog is being closely monitored by the DAP cyberwar team, I posted the following just to provoke a response,

If you want to accuse me of spinning, please point out how and at which point of my posting that I did that? Which part of my posting is not based on facts of truth? Don't be such a fucking piece of DAP cybertrooper pig shit, okay.

And this is the response that I got,

Annie, your whole fucking piece was a spin. Don't try to fucking worm out of it you brainless dumno bitch.

Do take note the time I posted mine which was at 12:27pm and the DAP cybertrooper's response which was at 12:28pm.

Yes, it was within just a minute.

That's how fast the DAP cybertrooper had responded to my probe.

Probably, he/she was one of the less experienced cybertroopers as such haste to hit back at me actually revealed who he/she was.

But what is clear from the seemingly close monitoring of this blog by the DAP cyberwar team was that the Pakatan's cyberspace effort to topple the BN government is as active as ever.

They have quieten down a bit for now just because those on the BN side are currently busy with shooting one another.

As I have always argued, The Pakatan cyberwar team, particularly that of DAP is much more effective and efficient compared to BN's.

In fact, BN or Umno, does not even have a proper strategy on cyberwar. This is a fact.

Go and ask the people at the so-called National Communication Team (NCT) whether what I said was true.

Seriously, semuanya makan gaji buta saja. Apa nak buat pun tak tahu.

While you are at it, ask the NCT guys what have they done so far ever since their new boss took over.

Anyway, NCT was not so bad, previously.

For more lessons on how to detect DAP cybertroopers, you can read my first post about it here,

In the Komtar's crosshair


  1. DAP and PKR - it's the new fucking LGBT agenda lah! . . . . Penang is free sex haven

    1. I mean come on man, growing up I had friends playing football and doing teenage things but when this guy sort of made sexual advances on us .... that was no-go zone you know what I mean? We never condemned anyone gay but I think it fair to say that none of us would agree for same-sex marriage to be legitimized in the country. It's a pity those two friends went on to have a successful career but it was too uncomfortable to keep in touch ....

  2. Yes only Pakatan Rakyat and DAP has cyber troupers and trolls trawling sites like yours. Barisan Nasional and UMNO ? Just read Syed Akbar Ali's Blog outsyedthebox where he comes to the open and say how he and a group of people were involved in cyberwarfare against Pakatan Rakyat.

    For credibility write about how Malays have been fooled by the own Malay government to give up and sell vast tracts of land in Johor. Just watch how Pantai Lido was taken away for luxury development. Oh by the way, the tempat kuimbahan najis is situated in Kg Pasir. Guess what ? This is a malay kampong and UMNO totok. I think Pakatan and DAP is doing well, its UMNO which in a mess and in Johor, Melayu kena main kiri kanan. Don't be like the Penang malays who sold the land for money and now having seen the property prices appreciated are crying foul. sama macam orang Melayu kat Johor.

    If you really care about Malays in Johor then highlight how the Johor government and UMNO are making them poorer and landless unless they are thankful for Perumahan Rakyat. Just remember not all Malays support UMNO and neither PAS. I for example just told my family (5 undi) to just cast spoilt votes last election. I am a Malay and I dah muak dengan UMNO. Mungkin kita kelas pertengahan dan orang Bandar sudah celik dan dah muak dengan UMNO yang hanya jaga suku-sakat mereka. Lastly, have you noticed the share price of Felda Global. Even lower than Chinese managed companies like IOI. Hj Seman. Taman Suria.

    1. Ah Jib Gor sei em sei ah lei! Orang semua nampak kejelekanmu .....

  3. I am a slient supporter of DAP. I am not a member nor do I vote for them because they don't contest in my district.

    And yet, I will fight you and Helen Ang all the way... And that too against UMNO, Perkasa, ISMA, Mahathir, Muk-kris, Din Turtle, Unspinner, Rocky, Kadir Jasin, etc. until the day I die.

    Not so much against the non-english speaking bangang bloggers because they are so dumb, it would be a waste of my time.

    As it is, there are thoudsands of us out here ready to fucking destroy you bitches.

    We are not an army, we are not troops, we are not "coordinated", we are individuals with like minds. Our numbers will rise and fall but we will always be here.

    Until the day we are treated like we are truly accepted as a citizen of this country.

    So fuck your special rights and your ketuanan Melayu. We are not your fucking servant.

    1. Lu kelija apa haa??. Mana melayu bikin lu jadi kuli?? Wa telingin mau tau jugak....wa tengok melayu manyaik jadi kuli olang semua tokey maaa... lu olang ada lumah mainyak besar..kelita manyak besar.. peligi holiday main judi, main pelempuan... mana pigi semua olang tatak kacau.. apa hal mau kacau itu melayu special right punya?? olang marah pasai itu diskaun 5% beli lumah ka??? Lagi apa special right lu orang marah?? Kasi tau la... Itu kuota schoolarship ka?? Aiyaaa... lu olang semua mau sapu ka?? Sapa mau tolong itu budak2 miskin kampung punya... mana boley compare itu bandar sama kampung punya result maa.. lu olang manyak duit pi tusion hali2 sampai malamm... itu budak kampung haaa jaga lembu, tanam padi tau kaaa... lu olang lumah ada wifi, minum itu starbuck... itu budak minum itu air korek dari tanah punya... lu olang mau sikit hati baik laa... baru semua boleh hilup sama2 talak kacau2....

    2. no need to fight, man. bloggers like annie, helen, dinturtle have more to worry from najib and his cybertrooper than from the dap.

      word of mouth is najibs cybertroopers is preparing major salvo on these gunting dalam lipatan & blogger bangang.

    3. "Until the day we are treated like we are truly accepted as a citizen of this country. So fuck your special rights and your ketuanan Melayu. We are not your fucking servant."

      Hmmm, and yet a fucking huge 90% of the top 20 billionaires in "apartheid" Malaysia is made up by the "second-class citizens". In fact, top 6 billionaires in "apartheid" Malaysia are these so called "second class citizens". That was reported by Forbes 2014 (which is not own by UMNO). So don't talk cock ok? Don't try to pull a YTL-kind of self-righteous hypocritical sermons here.

      These so-called "second-class citizens" who refused to go to national schools, want their own special education system, with their own special examinations, can't even speak/write the national language properly (unlike their cousins in Thailand and Indonesia), want to only speak English, has the habit of threatening the government, didn't like the GST as that will eat into their "two-books creative accounting system", created their own discriminatory practices in the private sector (ranging from Mandarin requirement, glass ceiling in promotion to discriminatory interview call-backs), differential pricing system according to race, operates brothels and mini-casinos and of course, has this sick habit of saying bad things about Malaysia abroad since the 1950s, has the guts to point their dirty little fingers at others? Don't be so YTL lah!

      Pwincess (of the First Class Citizens of the Sole Surviving Apartheid Country).


    4. Anon 10:20,

      re, I will fight > ..............> till the day I die.
      That a good call ,very patriotic of you towards your clan , I wounder would you say the same toward Malaysia ?.
      Oop ! , I forget you say , re, Until the day we are treated like truly accepted citizen of this country .
      How !, I wounder ,but you must already have your Malaysian I/C ,though you may not speak the language ,thus, the problem is with the country ' Malaysia ' or with you ?.

      re, So fuck your special rights and ketuanan Melayu .

      Keep on fucking , you cannot change China become Malay country , either Malaysia become Chinese country ,you have to be Malaysian to be in Malaysia and do as the Malaysian do , never remain yourself as a Chinese .

    5. 12:52 I bet you will have no problems killing a bunch of school children either. Fucking animal.

      Here's me writing in your fucking Melayu language: apa lagi lu chibai mau? Happy now? Fucktard. Fuck your chibai language. Why the fuck should I use it? Fucking fan cheong.

    6. Aiya... apa pasai mainyak malah sana wa.. wa cakap talak tipu punya..wa mau tanya saja apa pasat lu mainyak malah sama melayu.. itu melayu ala pi ×%@# sama lu punya mak ka?? Lu ala talak cukup makan ka??
      Aiyaa...kita melayu sokong itu PM haaa talak sukak bom2 punya... itu olang suka bom2, suka potong2 punya haa lu punya kawan lorrr..ini hujung tahun haa itu hudud mau kasi table sama lu olang punya member ala lupa ka??

      HEHE...thanks Annie..i am having a field day with the retards. Just like golum from the middle earth, they will creep up from their nasty holes bringing with them their evilness once you mention their names. Nothing will change their outlook so lets chill out..
      17.15, go improve your english will you. You are embarrassing your pay master..

    7. Anon 10.20,
      '.....As it is, there are thoudsands of us out here ready to fucking destroy you bitches......'

      And there are millions more here who are ready to destroy you, the son of the bitch pendatang! We will protect people like Annie and Helen Ang!

      '......Until the day we are treated like we are truly accepted as a citizen of this country.....'

      If you think that you are not treated like a citizen of Malaysia, why don't you follow Alvin, and BEREMBUS from this country?. Malaysia will be a millions times, a better place to live, without a people like you!

      Dasar manusia tidak mengenang budi! Telah diberi taraf kerakyatan, kebebasan mencari harta sebanyak mungkin, masih tetap tidak puas hati! Dasar tamak!

      Lu ingat semua benda di Malaysia mesti beri pada lu saja ke?

      Ingat ini pantun,

      Dalam semak ada duri,
      Ayam kuning buat sarang,
      Orang TAMAK selalu rugi,
      Macam ANJING dengan bayang bayang!

    8. Ooh, pwincess.... it must be a nice plane that you are dwelling on - no competition, guaranteed good jobs, no need to be fluent in English, plenty of special rights and privileges, no need for meritocracy, no religious freedom - must be a heaven on earth, a Shangri-la even.

      Kisses, ma Cherie.

      Pwince (Charming)

    9. Tebing Tinggi jadian datang lagi.

    10. Pwincess has got a problem.

      Pwince (Charming) has called her bluff.

      Or in poker terms "up you and see you".


  4. Aiya, why Annie sound like a whinny bitch?

    She and the other PAID bloggers (ya, like they will readily admit they are being paid..) will try to perpetuate the myth of the DAP cyber troopers.

    Let's put it this way, if there are no PERCEIVED threat, why would Najib need to pay these bitches with no talent....???

    1. Anon 10:23,

      '...... if there are no PERCEIVED threat, why would Najib need to pay these bitches with no talent....???....'

      If this blogger is such bitch and with no talent, why did you visit and read her blog?

      Because you are a son of a bitch! A Moron of the highest degree!

  5. Step by step.

    UMNO will fall. It's a matter of time.

    1. Yup UMNO will fall.. as like every other thing in this world nothing shall ever remain. Lets see whats the replacement is going to be like.. will it be replace by a better species or by mutants?


    2. Anon 10:28

      re , Step by step, UMNO will fall ,

      UMNO latoh , Wa tatak kisah lea aa , itu UMNO manyak lembik maa aa , bolih kasi putar-putar lor rr .

      Tapi eaa aa ,itu UMNO kalau latoh ,lagi susah cali makan maa aa , itu ganti UMNO punya, tatak-tatak bulih putar punya lor rr.

      Lagi sekali ingat ,itu UMNO latoh pon atak syok lea aa , semua bulih jadi Malaysian Malaysia ,tapi itu Cina sekolah apa macam ,semua mesti jadi Malaysia ,hai yaa !, tatak bolih cekap malaysia apa macam mau jadi Malaysian , Wa manyak takut maa aa.

    3. Anon 11:40,

      May be UMNO Fall will fall.

      But don't raise your hope too high. DAP will NEVER be a replacement!

  6. Bloody Dap red bean cyber terrorists. Can smell yr filthy assholes from far away.

  7. PEMUDA UMNO cyber team DAH MAMPOS KER.... ?

  8. UMNO will fall....but DAP, PKR and PAS will fall harder

    1. Anon 15:13,

      '.....SPM ada pass? Fucking retard.....'

      Lu ada degree, Doktor Falasafah ke?. Cara lu berbahasa macam anak pelacur murahan Jalan Tuanku Abd.Rahman!

    2. Umno fall n replace by bunch of hooligan
      And those who suppose to b in museum.


  9. Look on the positive side Annie ,it's good for them to come in ,so got's to understand them better .
    Tungku Abdul Raman ,our first PM always say ,'win the heart and the mind of the people ' , and what I like to say hear is ,learned the heart and the mind of this people' ,as they represent the heart and the minds of their 'dear leaders ' hopping the Malay can understand them better ,and not been's conned by their smiles.

    UMNO, with the present's leadership ,are considered 'gone' ,don't hope much for a change . With the coming in of this DAP cybertroopers, with their nothing are right attitude ,with the Malay and Malay leadership , so the Malay can understand them better and it's a lessons to be learned ,'more would be better '

    Let's welcome them as Malay has been blindly acceptance and tolerance all these years .

  10. Perkasa now claims that they have 700,000 members, a big increase from their previous claim of 500,000.


    At this rate, by 2018, they will have 25 million members including cinabeng bangsat like me.

    How can I join??

    1. Unknown 15:10,

      Keep on making fun at Perkasa and Isma!

      Don't forget more than 60% of Malaysian population is Melayu Islam!

      DAP and their supporters of the late, had became more arrongance, just because they had taste a little bit of power! The power they had achieved with the support of the stupid PAS supporter.

      We are all watching you! To certain extend I am thankful for your attitude!

      You attitude is a waking up call for us! With that kind of attitude, for sure majority Melayu Islam will NEVER give our vote to DAP. Without Malays support don't dreams to capture Putrajaya.

      Better still prepare your tongkong to migrate elsewhere!

      Your race is just like 'Belanda minta tanah', 'telunjuk lurus kelingking berkait'

    2. Ubah to BN, cinabeng includin my vry close friends r vry arrogane nowdays. Used to b buddies n whack d gov as well. But once they kutuk my race my religion my language my customs n not to 4get kutuk d azan. Tht is too much we will show it nx PR. Malay bumi tsunami.

  11. Wow... Hhahahahahahaha..... reading the comments here you really know how to attract the RedBean like bees to honey. Funny reading how most of them will put in a comment on how they are just "normal" bloggers.

    1. Wow, immediately got reply. That means no more gaji buta for bangang UMNo troopers.
      Better do some work, you fucking lazy pig. Everyday drink teh tarik. You will fucking die with diabetes.

  12. I have a job opening. Next week I am going to call up some fucking Melayu candidates to come for interview and tell them what a shit they are.
    Why? Because I can!
    Then I will tell them to blame it on chibai UMNO (and their bangang trooper) becasue they pissed me off.
    This is not just me posting comments.
    This is me giving it back to fucking UMNO... In real terms.
    So fuck you Annie.

    1. Seriously you dare?? You will end up in pieces just like those Myanmars in Penang.. only this time your "pieces" shall be fed to the dogs and will never be found!

    2. Anon 17:25,

      Go and tell them the that!

      But be sure to tell them to blame it on your mum cibai. You mum chibai had gave birth to a bastard son. That is YOU1

    3. I'm interested in attending that interview. Can I have details?

    4. I bet Anon 17:25 is not a chinese (or indian). Just an agitator. Tulis dalam internet berani lah. Kalau berdepan aku dah lutu.

  13. Buy Chinese last. Don't work for them. Don't buy anything from them. Look for alternatives. There is more than a plenty. Report any Chinese running drugs, porn and prostitution. Open your eyes. See the true enemies. Isis wannabe are waiting right here beside you oh poor filthy rich second class citizens. You reap what you sow, eaters of pigs. These people eat pigs. You are what you eat.

    1. MERCEDES, BMW, PORCHE, DAIMLER, AUDI, VW - These Malaysian Favorites are produced by the Germans, whose favourite food is Gebratene Schweinshaxen or Roast Pork Knuckles.

      Those who don't like the idea could use only Proton, Perodua or Naza. But hey, the 'heart' of all the above (the engines) are again made by pork eaters.

      These German Pork Eaters also own: Allianz, Daimler Chrysler, Deutsche Bank, Siemens, Munich Re, BASF, Commerzbank, and Bayer - all of which have huge presence in Malaysia.

    2. Well, pigs are smart. What do you expect? As they are filthy greedy and so full lof themselves, brutal killers and cursers to the core.. That' s why most pig eating countries are and were killing themselves in mass horrible wars such as the holocausts, specifically Germans, Mao's great leap forward, specifically Chinese. Funny eh, I mean, they still need Malaysia to buy their products. As the ungrateful lots of the Chinese here. Buy Chinese last. That's the only way forward for the Malays. Stop feeding their ego. Make them pay, dearly. And oh, stop feeling sorry for them too.

    3. And one more thing, you are a miserable liar. Germans don't just eat pigs like you. They prefer rouladen and much more. Even vegetarian dishes. JE or the Nipah virus or baby pork tapeworms seems to be present among your depleting brain cells. You have my sympathy oh vile mouthers that can only spew curses, hate and venom. You'll be consumed by your own self sorry state. That's what being ungrateful will do to you. No matter how much money you have. You will never be free from senseless hate and anger. Your lots are and were not treated like the Palestinians, Rohingyas and Black South Africans. And yet you dare accuse us of discrimination while flaunting your wealth. Like I said. You are what you eat.

    4. See...

    5. saraly69, believe it or not, I'm not what you think.

      The Malays who know me would never accuse me of what you did me.

      I merely pointed out to you that 'you are what you eat' does not refer to racial or national character. I do believe it is pertinent in regards health though.

      If it's of any interest, I'll like to say I eat little meat, preferring fish and vegetarian food.

      I know race relation in this country is in a mess, but no Malay in my organisation would accuse me of being unfair. Infact, I'm irritated by people who say that Malay people are lazy. Infact, the Malays who work for me are way more hardworking than some of my Chinese staff.

      Recently, I helped a Malay friend's niece got an interview for a junior management position in a highly regarded Chinese owned organisation in our city. I did it by calling the co's chairman, who arranged an interview by the gm that very day.

      She was immediately accepted. During her first couple of days, her mainly Chinese collegues didnt think much of her. Then they became guarded as this young woman showed her reourcefulness and hardworkingness. But it didnt take long for them to realise that she is a competent and hardworking team player not out to undermine anyone of them - and accepted her as their 'member'.

      In my small way, I spreaded my believe that we can all have a place - peaceful, productive and mutually beneficial - under the Malaysian sun.

      By the way, the friends I know in politics are mainly from UMNO. Simply put, I'm apolitical.

    6. Hahaha, anon 13:04. Why be apologetic. That's typical of your race, bila orang melayu naik berang, lu sudah kecut perut. Just to remind you that Muslim believe in life in the hereafter, will all its rewards and punishment, so death in the course of defending agama and bangsa is not an issue. You people need your merc, BMW, paper money to help you in grave,. Muslims don't need that. Better to be poor than behave like assholes.

      Watch what you say or write.

  14. Famili Askar Melayu19 December 2014 at 20:33

    Kepada yang tak reti dek untung. Yang asyik tuduh kerajaan Malaysia rasis, low class dan asyik tuduh Melayu tindas bangsa lain, ini senario waa kasi ingat.

    U ada sekolah Negara tok nenek lu. U ada ekonomi. U ada duit. Wa ada askar Melayu. Wa ada Sultan. Wa ada Agong. UMNO jatuh boleh ganti. Declare darurat. U semua lari oversea. Askar Melayu ambil alih. Reset. Ambil balik tanah dan harta rampasan. Pulang pada kerajaan. Tubuh UMNO baru. Apa ada hal. Lu rugi. Wa untung maaa... This is MY country! Malaysia Negaraku. We can always start from zero without pendatang rasis.

    1. Anon 20:33,

      Tambah satu lagi! Wa ada PDRM, Polis DiRaja Malaysia!

    2. Polis Raja di Malaysia. Can't rely on them too much.

    3. Really? You sound like Ambiga! When her house was 'attack' by peniaga peniaga, to whom did she a made a report?

      You should be thankful that Malaysia is a peaceful country! PDRM have done their duties well.!

      So next times you are in trouble don't called PDRM! Call LGE's Security Force!


    What do you think this great lady think of E25, especially in the face of utterances such as below?

    Collecting guitars or football kits is no music to the ears of Muslims, says an Islamic scholar who declared the religion forbids such hobbies.

    His puritanical views tabled at a seminar in Kuala Lumpur come at a time when Malay Muslim groups are seeking a stricter implementation of Islamic laws in the country.

    Abdul Raof Nurin said the majority of ulama forbid the use of musical instruments, such as piano, drum and saxophone, as they were deemed part of Western culture, which was not in line with Islamic values.

    See more at:

  16. What Behavior!

    Perkasa tears Christmas posters at DAP office

    A ruckus broke out outside Perak DAP's headquarters in Ipoh today, when a group wearing Perkasa shirts tore down Christmas posters at the office.

    1. Pakiam and Hannah, please don't rehash The Athanasian theological controversy with your headstrong foray into "Allah" as your Trinitarian godhead. Many innocent people will be hurt as a result of your religious disturbance while Allah remains eternally Unique Oneness without any association whatsoever.

    2. Anon 23:47,

      Are sure the hooligan that tear the Chrismas posters are the Perkasa men?

      If they are wearing Perkasa TShirt that don't means they are Perkasa members!.

      Are you a police dectative?

      May be that people are being paid by DAP to give Perkasa bad name!

      If Perkasa want to retaliate to all the bad propoganda by DAP there many ways more significant than ' child play '

      ' like paymaster like coolie ' dont have an intelligence idea to beat an opponent!

    3. Biar saya cerita kisah benar pada zaman pemerintahan Jepun di Tanah Melayu.

      Orang Jepun memang benci dengan orang Cina. Mungkin akibat negara Jepun sering berperang dengan negera China. Jepun lebih bertolerasi dengan Melayu Islam kecuali lah kalau mereka ditentang.

      Jadi Cina berada dalam ketakutan pada masa itu. Ada di antara mereka untuk mengelak daripada diseksa Jepun mula lah berpakaian seperti orang orang Melayu Islam. Siap pakai songkok lagi!

      Macam Hannah Yeo bertudung lah dan masuk masjid/surau!

      Tetapi orang Jepun bukan bodoh. Mereka sentiasa 'one step ahead '. Jadi orang Cina ini diperiksa 'anu' nya oleh Jepun. Nyatalah 'anu' nya kolop! ( he,he,he tidak berkhatan lah! )

      Moral cerita di atas, mungkin yang membuat kerosakan di pejabat DAP berpakaian tshirt Perkasa. Tetapi mestikah mereka itu ' budak budak ' Perkasa?

  17. Hi Annie, masalah umno adalah kerana terlalu banyak pemimpin yang sudah senja tetapi masih Mahu berkuasa dan syok sendiri. Orang muda tidak tolak Umno tetapi orang muda meluat dan kecewa kerana tiada tempat dalam umno. Orang muda tidak benci orang tua dalam umno tetapi orang muda cuma tidak mahu dipimpin Oleh orang tua umno seperti teuku Adnan, Noh Omar, Adnan Yaakob, bung mokhtar,Hassan malek dan byk lagi yang sebaya dengan mereka ini, jika mereka sayangkan umno, mereka harus pergi dan berehat. jika ini dapat dilaksanakan nescaya Akan ramai yang berkaliber Akan menyertai umno. Saya masih ingat dizaman Tun Mahathir menjadi PM Belau cuma Ada Pegawai tadbir yang cekap dan EPU untuk membantu Beliau mentadbir negara tetapi PM sekarang mempunyai bermacam Macam consultants, sepatutnya Malaysia harus lebih baik Dari Zaman mahathir. Tetapi sebaliknya berlaku. harapan saya pada masa hadapan jika Umno dan BN masih memerintah pilih lah perdana menteri atau presiden umno yang bukan Dari golongan bangsawan, kerana golongan ini lebih suka bercuti dan malas berfikir. Pilih lah Dari rakyat biasa yang berkelayakan kerana rakyat biasa lebih memahami Akan erti kehidupan rakyat yang sebenar. golongan bangsawan lebih suka mendengar puji pujian dan apa yang mereka hendak dengar saja, mereka juga agak malas untuk berusaha berfikir mengatasi masalah rakyat, mereka lebih gemar mempamer kemewahan. Sekian harap maklum

    1. menarik cerita donggeng kamu ini.

    2. Anon 06:02,

      'Cerita' 0:44 bukan cerita dongeng tetapi itulah realiti keadaan yang sebenarnya!

      Mungkin kamu masih impinkan zaman zaman dulu dulu, letak batu dan kayu pun orang masih undi UMNO.

      Be real lah brother/sister!

    3. Melihat bagaimana kebanyakan pemimpin UMNO menjadi jutawan seger setelah mendapat kedudukan dalam parti dan jelas mempamerkannya, bagaimana orang yang punyai akal mahu terus menyokong mereka?

      Parti lain pun dua kali lima. Sigh!

  18. Gosh people, this is just a blog no? where people choose to voice out their opinions, I think the publisher deserves some form of respect too. you're always welcome to start your own and gain your own readership. Otherwise, constructive comments please.

  19. my life have become immeasurably better the day i stop listening to whatever these DAP got to say....

    Do not listen to anything and whatever they got to say and Dont vote them too....


  20. Annie, I am not a cybertrooper, but some of your posts are really unfair and dumb, you take potshots here there and everywhere from inside your glass walls and relish in the reaction you get. It's all a give and take reaction, what you wish on others, guess they do the same to you. Some of your posts are humorous, and these ones I like most. Keep on blogging...

    1. simply write her blog is unfair...? what is unfair ? list down all what you think is unfair or you are the one that is unfair to simply take cheap shot at annie.... blaady chicken

    2. Hi blaady chicken, it was addressed to Annie, are you her cybertrooper?

  21. Dah Lah Annie....
    Dah Cukup Lah Menari Lagu yang Music Nya Sumbang!
    Pergi Jumpa Psychologist sebab Kamu Sudah Masuk Tahap Kegilaan!

  22. Tiada apa yang hebat tentang DAP, mereka mempelopori perpecahan kaum, perkauman tahap teringgi, pencetus 13 May dan bermacam macam lagi. Tetapi kenapa DAP hidup?? DAP hidup kerana umno terlalu bangang dan bodoh, syok sendiri dan apabila Guan Eng jentik sikit puak puak umno ni meloncat tak tentu pasal, kemudian panggil 7-8 orang kumpul pegang sepanduk suarakan bantahan... Lepas tu senyap. Apa ni??? tak pasal pasal Guan Eng dapat Political mileage. Hahahahaha

  23. Even Dr Mahathir is getting into the act.

    His latest foray is to claim that the Malays in Malaysia have to "beg" the non-Malays to support them in elections, because the Malay "ground" is divided between Umno, PAS and Pakatan Rakyat.

    Of course, he doesn't ask what happened to the billions of ringgit that was spent to "uplift" the Malays after Merdeka.

    Why would he, since that would open up multiple cans of worms.

    But that's the modus operandi these days - to blame everyone else, but yourselves, for failures and shortcomings.

    Dr M should take note of recent comments by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (author of 'The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable" and originator of the term "black swan").

    Mr Taleb refers to the "survival of the fittest" - for people, companies, governments saddled with debt and countries, among others.

    A concept that Dr Mahathir and his ilk should think about, because you cannot keep on protecting, spoonfeeding and subsidising.

  24. Anon 12:03,

    Kalau kamu orang Melayu Islam, memanglah kamu golongan buta mata dan hati! Sampai kan ada orang yang hendak 'membunuh' agama, bangsa dan hak kamu masih tidak sedar sedar lagi!

    Kamulah lah yang sepatuhnya berjumpa Psychologist sebab Kamu Sudah Masuk Tahap Buta Mata dan Hati tahap KRONIK!

  25. With all the problems and challenges faced by the malays, here what STAR can report about Najib.

    Najib: Export our circumcision technology

    by ong han sean

    PEKAN: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has suggested that Malaysian-made Sunatech circumcision device be exported as there is a large market overseas.

    He said the device was not only made for Muslims who practised male circumcision but for believers of other religions such as the Jews.

  26. Not very enlightening, this blog.

    And I don't vote for anyone. Nor am I paid.

  27. Ibrahim Ali & perkasa. Siapa ibrahim ali ni?? Beliau adalah pencacai politik, tahap kecelaruan politik beliau amat tinggi dan pendirian politik beliau yg tidak tetap. Orang orang cina dan segelintir orang melayu amat marah kepada beliau. Mereka mengatakan Perkasa adalah pertubuhan racist, ya saya amat setuju dengan pandangan tersebut tetapi Perkasa dan Ibrahim Ali wujud adalah kerana "bantuan" dari orang orang cina itu sendiri. Jika DAP dan org org cina tidak memberi modal politik kepada beliau saya percaya perjuangan perkasa sudah tidak relevan lagi dan akhirnya perkasa dan ibrahim ali akan terkubur dgn sendiri. Tetapi orang orang cina bersorak gembira apabila hak melayu disentuh, mereka bercakap seolah olah orang orang melayu tidak mempunyai perasaan, melayu dihina, dicaci dan dikutuk dan orang orang cina dan DAP amat seronok melakukannya. Mereka lebih memuja anwar ibrahim, kerana anwar ibrahim telah memberi harapan dan janji janji indah kepada mereka. Jadi jika ibrahim ali dan perkasa terus hidup adalah kerana bantuan dan sokong politik yg secara tidak disedari datang dari golongan golongan cina extremist dan racist yg secara tidak langsung telah memberi nyawa kepada ibrahim ali dan perkasa.

  28. Anon 11:20,

    Tidak kisahlah apa anda hendak kata mengenai Ibahim Ali dan Perkasa! Sekurang kurangnya beliau bersuara lantang bila Cinabeng extremist cuba memperkotak katik kan agama Islam dan hak bangsa Melayu di bumi sendiri!

    Mungkin isu yang ditimbulkan golongan Cina extremist memberi nyawa kepada Ibrahim Ali dan Perkasa! Tetapi di mana dia golongan Melayu yang segar bugar dan yang tidak perlu diberi bantuan hayat ketika agama Islam dan hak Melayu dipijak pijak Cinabeng extremist ini?

    Semuanya diam membisu seperti Pak Kadok kalah sabung, kampong tergadai!