Saturday 18 October 2014

US embassy wants Malaysia to follow its orders

I have always prefer for Malaysia to stand on its own and not beholden to all those super powers.

We did achieve a degree of that during the administration of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Dr Mahathir was known throughout the world for his forthrightness at the global stage.

Malaysia, despite being a small country was well respected by others as it was doing well at that time.

Dr Mahathir could actually said just about anything, which includes telling off the powerful Jews which "rule the world by proxy".

No one at that time can do anything to Malaysia for it's free and neutral stance as well as having the habit of standing up for the weak and poor nations against big bullies among the more powerful countries.

We can, at that time, gave the middle finger to even the most powerful country if they interfere in our internal affairs, such as the Al Gore incident during the Apec meeting in Kuala Lumpur in 1998.

Al Gore who was then the US vice-president had expressed support for DS Anwar Ibrahim's Reformasi Movement which at that time was wrecking havoc in down town KL with violent street protests.

Dr Mahathir had nonchalantly dismissed Al Gore as "kurang ajar" (ill mannered) and that was the end of it.

Just imagine the significance of it, the prime minister of tiny Malaysia telling off the number two guy of the most powerful country in the world to go fly kite.

I believe Dr Mahathir would had done the same even if the one who tried to interfere in Malaysian internal affairs was the US president himself.

Those were the days when even our ministers could tell off their US counterparts to shut up, such as when MITI's TS Rafidah Aziz clashed with US secretary of state Madeline Albright.

Our ministers these days are mostly clowns and jokers if compared to Rafidah.

Well, some of them are in fact clowns and jokers even if not compared to Rafidah.

Yes, things have changed quite a lot since then.

Yesterday, the US embassy in KL issued a statement concerning the country's Sedition Act which had been lapped up by the pro-Pakatan media.

Malaysian Insider's
US concerned with Putrajaya's use of Sedition Act, says embassy 

Malay Mail Online's
Use rule of law transparently, US embassy tells Putrajaya

and a more hard-hitting headline by Free Malaysia Today
US: Najib must repeal Sedition Act, as promised 

I am not sure how the current administration will react to the US embassy's statement.

Are we going to cower and immediately repeal the Sedition Act or will our PM DS Najib Razak summons the US ambassador and tell him not to mind about our business?

Hopefully, Najib will be firmed on this.

The groundswell against the repeal of the Act among those who voted for BN in the last general election seems to be very strong.

Almost all Umno divisions had during their recent delegates' meeting wanted for Najib not to repeal the Act.

It was feared that without the Sedition Act, the extremists among us will do as they please and the country will end up in ashes after everyone have their say.

Those who called for the repeal of the Act may actually want that because they thrive when the country is in a mess.

They want to insult those they don't like with impunity.

However, they tend to forget that for every action, there will be a reaction.

Without the Sedition Act, I believe the provocations will come thick and fast.

Similarly, the reactions will be equally hard hitting and things will most easily end up in physical violence.

I wonder if that is what the US embassy people want to happen to this country.

When things get really ugly, I wonder who will be the peacekeepers to be sent into our country?

Americans? British? Singaporeans?

What? It will not come to that? Malaysian were matured enough to handle freedom of speech and expression? Really?

Okay, to answer that, you all look at this face of the "sue sue boy" and tell me if you think he's matured enough to handle freedom of speech and expression :

Baru panggil dia pendatang dah tak tahan, inikan pulak nak bergasak maki hamun tak tentu hala.

You all think la what will happen if our leaders follow everything that the white men tell them to do, okay.

Hopefully our leaders are not being stupid on this matter.


  1. I hope Najib will not kowtow to Uncle Sam and repeal the Sedition Act. If he does, what you said regarding peacekeeper will come true.

    Where ever there are unrest, there must be Americans hands in it. Just name it: Afghanistan, Iraq, Arab Spring countries, Ukraine and now, Hong Kong. They even funded the opposition apparatus but failed to topple BN. Now they seems bent on making Malaysian turn against each other. Maybe, as warfare weaponry manufacturer, their economy thrive when there conflicts.

    1. I don't care when they talk about freedom of movement, of expression, of speech etc.

      But they have ISA-like detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay, USA. That ISA Najib has yanked out of Malaysia.

      Blardy bastak. Them Americans.

  2. I actually do fear that Najib will "follow everything that the white men tell them to do". He wants to achieve developed nation status "in the coming few years" as he said at the MCA General Assembly. And it's the white men who issue the certificate for that. The World Bank, the IMF etc that are led by the white men, especially Americans.

    So, in order to get that, he'd "liberalize" politically, economically, culturally and what have you. He has already dropped the ISA, EO and RRA despite the fact that the US still has ISA-like detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay, the number detained now stands at 120. Imagine, he has tried to be liberal even more than the US. What utter kudutness.

    I really, really fear that Najib would drop the Sedition Act to please the white men. And the yellow men in DAP, the brown men in PKR one of whom appears on the way to Sg Buluh prison but still menacing the Malaysian society, friend of the kurang ajar Al Gore and also calling for the Sedition Act repeal.

    So, what do we do? Sure we speak up, shout where necessary, jeer where possible, so long as not breaking the law. And we clap and cheer as loud as we can the group of 20 comprising the former IGP Tun Hanif, other former Police Officers, lawyers etc who signed a statement on Thursday whacking the Bar Council blokes demonstrating and walking to the Parliament Building to hand over a "Repeal the Sedition Act" so-called petition to Najib. The Statement by the group of former senior Police Officers, lawyers etc should make Najib feel that there is, and will be more, counter-action to the Bar Council action.

    I now expect follow up actions by other NGOs, including PERKASA, ISMA and those who value and want to protect our institutions on Constitutional Monarchy, citizenship rights for the pendatang, its quid pro quo the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, etc. And all those who want peace and stability, as it has been said, even by notable personalities, that all hell will break loose if and when the Sedition Act is removed. There will be free-for-all by those who are actually seditious (like the ones already brought to Court) and those with seditious tendencies, especially in the DAP.

    As assembling at Padang Merbok and walking to Parliament House is allowed, I hope to see the NGOs concerned do so, too, in order to let Najib and the Yankees know that the majority in democratic Malaysia want the Sedition Act to stay - like the US Guantanamo Bay ISA-like detention without trial stays.




  3. Here are the major points in the statement signed by the former top Police Officers, lawyers, etc who want the Sedition Act to stay:

    - to protect Islam as the religion of this country

    - to protect Bahasa Melayu as the national language

    - to protect the system of Constitution Monarchy and the position of the rulers

    - to protect the rights of the Malays and other Bumiputeras

    - to protect legitimate interests of other communities as stated in the Constitution.

    They said the following:

    - “The repeal of the Sedition Act like other laws will be a colossal mistake, unhelpful, a setback for the continued peaceful co-existence between the communities and will lead to anarchy.”

    - “The views expressed by the Bar Council on the alleged inconsistency between the Sedition Act 1948 and freedom of speech guaranteed under the Federal Constitution are wholly misguided, misconceived and erroneous in law"

    - the Bar Council was misguided with its notion that the sedition law was inconsistent with freedom of speech as guaranteed in the constitution

    - the Bar Council’s stand to repeal the law was tantamount to an affront to the basic structure of the supreme law of the land

    - “We strongly condemn the action of the Bar in passing the motion to repreal the Act and organising the walk.”

    - the provisions in the Penal Code were insufficient to check on those responsible for causing disharmony, disunity and feelings of enmity.

    - the government should reintroduce all preventive laws which had been removed from the statute book to preserve law and order

    The signatories include former IGP Hanif Omar, retired police commissioners Othman Talib and Zaman Khan.

    1. “The repeal of the Sedition Act like other laws will ... lead to anarchy.”

      Mark that. Will lead to anarchy. Said by no less than the Former IGP, Tun Hanif. And he passed law, too, mind you.


    3. Anonymous18 October 2014 09:10,

      I hope so. I pray so. But not sure if he'd MAKE A WISE AND POPULAR DECISION WANTED BY THE RAKYAT.

      The rakyat wants the spirit of Constitution pursued. Has he done that? Rushing to be developed nation is the problem.

  4. Don't talk through your a**, Annie. It was because of Najib's statemanship that made US and western powers to come and help during MH370 tragedy. If Mahathir was incharge, they would have just reciprocated by show him the middle finger.

    "Dont follow everything the white man say"......Offcourse you dont follow, you just follow the sedition law made by them in 1948. How is that not following what white man say? Guess you are not the brightest spark in town by contradicting your own narrative, are you? Dont go out of your depth by worrying about international politics, you may feel intellectually challenged.

    1. I say, stupido, US came to help, what has it produced? They got sofisticatud equipment, the most advance nation on earth also, cannot find where MH370 until now.

      Wat you talkin'?

    2. Damn stupido again - saying "just follow the sedition law made by them in 1948 ... that not following what white man say"?

      Kamon man,

      You so damn stupid as not to know that even British law follows Roman law, American law follows British, French and other laws?

      You follow communist law? At one time during Mao Zedong Cultural Revolution, the traffic light red meant go? Simply because red was the communist colour. Btw, you are colour blind, so how to go? Except to hell.

      You are not just intellectually challenged. You are even challenged on plain and simple rules of decency and decorum. Accusing Annie of "intellectually challenged" - we love her, you know. So you get the brick bats from us.

      Me whacking you? Yes, still got decency and decorum. By the law that says one attempted whack by you gets you 5 back. Wait for more from the other Annie lovers.


    3. 05:03, Where you got your middle finger? Inside somebody's assol?


    5. Emphasis on the word MORONIC.

    6. Hahaha 05:03, Annie has no a** lah. She has a lovely bottom. Otherwise known as a posterior.

      You dunno and no capacity to imagine. I have that capacity. That's why I'm in love with her. And many others who keep coming back here.

      And our life is so full of bliss, enjoying what she writes. And her lovely ... ok ok enough lah ..

      You? Have a nice bottom? Maybe a 3 ft obnoxious spread? Hihi.

      Enjoy your sumptuous meal? Every time? Watch out, maybe 4 ft in no time. Huhu

  5. Note that what the US Embassy says may not be a directive from Washington.

    The US Embassy is headed by an Ambassador who may be a political appointee, like Malaysia even used (still do?) Ambassadorships to get rid of unwanted politicians whose positions are untenable in the country one way or another. Or on "request" or "special consideration" for past services. Recent examples: Musa Hitam, Abdullah Ahmad as Permanent Representative (Ambassador rank) to UN, in addition to the career-diplomat Permanent Representative.

    Note also that US Presidents have been frequently "rewarding" those who contributed a lot in time and/or money to Presidential election campaigns by appointing them Ambassadors. One TV documentary on JF Kennedy mentioned his father being one of those - made Ambassador to UK, and he made full use of his diplomatic immunity by making big money on no-tax whiskey etc that diplomats are allowed all over the world. The bloody undiplomatic diplomat.

    Such Ambassadors occasionally do put their feet in their mouth. Such gaffaws may cause a stir in the State Department or the White House. But unless they talk about bombing Russia or China, the Secretary of State or the President's reaction may be just expressions of annoyance.

    So, if the bloke now sitting as Ambassador in the US Embassy in KL is a political appointee and not a career diplomat, the statements supporting the Bar Council may be regarded as a mere nuisance, a stupid attempt at interfering in the internal affairs of our country.

    Even so, normally such an interference deserves the bloke being called by the Foreign Minister and told the no no, don't do it again usual talk. But would Anifah Aman do it? So soon after the success of becoming a member of the Security Council? And Najib wanting the developed nation status soon? You guess is as good as mine.

  6. So, what will happeng? We just follow what US wang? Your guess is as good as maing?

    Entah lah, aku dah fedup dengan nakkan developed nation status apekebende nya tuh.

    Sebab tak dulikan tujuang tubuhkan Umno tuh. Tok kiro Melayu nih tingge jauh di belake'. Suruh Umno gantikan Najib, maroh. Guano mung. Aiiissh.

  7. Hahaha, the "sue sue boy".

    he's matured enough to handle freedom of speech and expression? Naaah, never. In fact, I have been wondering why he has not been arrested and charged for sedition.

    He has been in prison once - in Kajang for nearly 2 years. But not for sedition, for defamation, I think. And claiming like shit he was defending the integrity of a Malay girl or something. Nonsense. It was some 20 years ago and no Malay girl wanted to join DAP all that time. Until 1-2 misled young punks did recently. And the first one caused the loss of their Parliamentary seat at PRK Teluk Intan.

    Maybe the authorities have deferred his sedition case, if any, interpreted it liberally, out of respect for his position of CM. Just respect his position, not him personally, mind you.

    Hope his seditious tendencies don't cross intolerable limits. Otherwise he'll get Police reports on him and sure he will be acted upon under the Sedition Act.

    Yes, retain the Sedition Act for fellows like the sue sue boy and the likes of him.

  8. A wise, kind and fair leader will be respected and loved till kingdom come, in any organisation.

    One who is strong and firm and have self-confidence, and genuinely cares about the people.

    Not easy. "Rakyat First" has to be felt by the people.

    1. Tun Dr Mahathir "is strong and firm and have self-confidence, and genuinely cares about the people."

      But the impatient Al Juburi could not wait his turn, kacau daun, and got into shit. Literally Al Juburi got shit. Because he tried to korek shit. Of handsome young men.

      Note that eve at 89 years old, there are rakyat who want TDM back as PM. I'm one of them. Remember, there have been politicians leading countries well past their nineties.

  9. We cannot run away from super powers. Because they are super. Even those which are not so super Like China. Their Ambassador only earlier this year said on CNN that that they are not a super power.

    And defence experts have said it may be another generation or 20 years before they can become one. Yes, they have nuclear bombs and missiles but their delivery system not that sophisticated. And they don't even have any aircraft carriers in operation.

    Yet they were saber-rattling in the South China Sea some months back. Even somewhat threatening economic zones beyond our territorial waters that have been identified and recognized as ours. What do we do? What can we do?

    Now the real super power, the number one power, "the Policemen of the world" telling us what to do. What do we do? Najib is not likely to do do do. Because he wants developed nation status fast and Obama has praised him on his visit here not long ago.

    Yes, we the rakyat can do - we make noise, demonstrate against the US Embassy. And he Chinese Embassy when they next become a menace in the south China Sea. Put up placards and banners to the Yankees saying Mind Your Own Business, Don't Interfere In our Affairs, Malaysia Is Multi-Racial and Sensitive, Sedition Act Protects Peace And Harmony. Etc.

    Film documentaries on Vietnam show banners saying "Yankees Go Home". They don't do a Vietnam on us, don't deserve that kind of shouts. But anything telling them not to interfere in our internal affairs is good.

    1. Between China and USA, I will follow what USA says. I don't trust China.

      Sue sue sue boy and Bully bully bully big boy.

    2. Anon 8:15

      True, especially since China is expanding its military capability rapidly.

  10. Tell the US to drop the Patriot Act, drop charges against Snowden and Assange, then we drop the Sedition Act.

    I am not against repeal of the Sedition Act as such but I detest U.S. imperialist interference even more, and I tell you that if the Republicans are in charge of the U.S., they will interfere more.

    1. Agree with you. But I want the Sedition Act forever.

      Removing it will lead to anarchy, they say. Including the former IGP.

  11. Najib will follow what US ask him to do, just like he has been following what his team of Oxbridge consultants and advisers asked him to do. I bet he also followed strictly what his home minister asked him to do.

    1. The first sentence I don't care. The second sentence I like. He has to. Otherwise anarchy.

    2. He is a good boy. Any good boy also follow his mum and his mama too.

  12. This appeared in another pro-BN blog. I like it. The report was by the pro-PR Malaysia Chronic News, 2 days ago. Sharing with you all here -


    Malaysia Chronicle – ‎4 hours ago‎

    Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin today belittled the walk against the Sedition Act saying Malaysians want the law to stay.

    Shahidan Kassim, Minister in PM's Dept and one other Minister I think appeared to have expressed support for retention of the Sedition Act, too.

    Shahidan was the one who said at least 150 (at that time) of 191 UMNO Divisions want the Sedition Act retained. Later reports said at least 170 Divisions want it.

    I though I read one Officer in PMO saying many people want the Sedition Act. Saying so shows recognition of the fact even in the PMO. Presumably all the above have been conveyed to the PM.

    Meanwhile, we should tell the US Embassy in KL to go to hell.

  13. Dear Annie,

    our so called leaders, especially the PM himself craved for US blessing for just about everything. because thts where all the fame is. and thts wht is all about. legacy and fame. rakyat haprak ape pn xdak.

    Recently dicanang habis malaysia got into UN. so wht? where is UN nato pbb when the rohingya was slaughtered?, where were they when marvi marmara (dont know the spelling) was assaulted? so wht if malaysia got into the UN. is malaysia aiming for status and fame or is malaysia serious about justice and peace ? which is the priority. we should just stand aside and be neutral and must not to collude with these people. Our sentiment was well heard when malaysia was under tun M.

    but ah jib gor would rather be goody2 with them, have a selfie with mr obama and probabbly wouldnt mind selfying with al gore.

    u see that is why i always have problem with these liberal leaders. theyve forgotten where they come from, they forgot wht they stands for and now its all about dasar pandang ke barat. i rather have stupid pm than having a liberal one. att least our value will not be compromised. and this assuming najib himself is not stupid which is saying a lot.

    so Annie, have a look at najib track record, is he wht i said he is, a yes man to the west? do u think malaysia will eventually sign the TPPA? i am all so familiar with this man's tactics. when people protest he hold the decision but eventually will still go through with it. same tactics applied witth the sedition act. and who is telling malaysia to sign tppa? do you still have hope for najib? its not about the advisor anymore. how naive can he gets? we cant always conveniently put it all on the advisors and pretend not to see the obvious.

    1. Agree with you on the "problem with these liberal leaders. theyve forgotten where they come from, they forgot wht they stands for".

      The PM doesn't even know where he came from. His father did. You go to Pekan now I think they still have the house where Tun Razak was born and grew up until he went to MCKK - in a kampong.

      Najib has no clue what life in a kampong is. He went to school in KL, then in Englaaaaaaand till unibasiti. So, what does he know about the hopes and aspirations of the Malays. He even conveniently forgets the aims and objectives of UMNO when formed 60 years or so ago. Muting NEP, rushing to be developed nation at the expense of the still economically backward Malays.

      So how? UMNO Supreme Council meeting at PWTC a few days ago? No news, no press conference? They had serious talk about leadership? Change of leadership? That's my hopeful thinking.

  14. My Half cents comment: Najid already kow tow to DAP/Sekolah Cina demands so what you expect with orang putih USA?
    " Najib must repeal Sedition Act, as promised " made by Najib but he didnt promise it cannot be reinstate it right? So today anounch 'Sedition act repeat' then tomorrow anounce ' Sedition act reinstate' thats it. Little cute annie.

    1. Wat talk you? Najib reinstate? Why no talk reinstate ISA even?

      Tun Mahathir already asked for that. Also former IGP Tun Hanif, his group, and many others.

    2. Aiseh 09:56, you so low value arr? People always 2 sen, you only half sen.

      Use Zimbabwean Shillings lah. Then you can say 500,000 shillings worth, haha.

      Aiyyo, if you are a Malay, this is what Mahathir said, must naikkan murtabat Melayu. Tarak self worth what.

      But kesian kita Melayu, the bloody ungrateful ingrate pendatang DAP Cina Bukit always hate hate hate, until we lose self respect oso.

      But never the mind, few Ministers and 170 UMNO Divisions olely said want Sedition Act retained. Can wallop the seditious DAP and other buggers.

  15. While PM is talking in UN about freedom of speech, moderation, rule of law, freedom of expression, beliefs, cultures, education and so forth, behind that every diplomat who knows Malaysia more so the FBI and CIA are smiling at his hypocrisy.

    The Sedition Act is used in Malaysia for the purpose of selective prosecution of opposing parties to the ruling Govt of the day so as to entrench and continue the legacy of whoever is in power.

    All Malaysians know what is the real purpose of the Sedition Act anyway. Comparing it to the Patriot Act or Guantanamo which is for terrorism just shows how intellectually deficient are the commenters. It should be compared with the ISA which was thrown out earlier.

    What happens if PR is the Govt of the day after GE14 or 15 or 16 or 17? Or some other party besides UMNO or BN? Wouldn't it be used against them when they are in the opposition then?

    It cuts both ways. Only a matter of time. It just depends who is the ruler and who is the oppressed.

    The Sedition Act is nothing more than just a political tool to be used to quell whoever is opposed against whoever is holding the reigns of power.

    It's obnoxious to any civilised society who cherish the freedom of mankind.

    1. Who say so one? You say so ah? Only you and those like you say so meh.

      Sedition Act used in Malaysia selective prosecution of opposing parties sure lorr. You buggers the seditious ones, moo. Read Malaysia Kuno, Malaysia Chronic News, Malaysia Outsider etc, can see olely, what.

    2. Who compares Sedition Act with the Patriot Act or Guantanamo? People say those are also restrictive. Not saying the same.

      And who decides who are terrorist potential? Names sounding Arabic or Islamic also kena penalise, what. So Patriot Act not unfair?

      They you say it shows how intellectually deficient are the commenters here. How stupid you are. We don't use the words intellectually deficient on you. Just the simple word stupid. How about that?

    3. You "cherish the freedom of mankind"? You want to be allowed to berak on the street? That's freedom, too, innit?

      Ever heard about limits to freedom? Sedition Act is one of those. You talk properly, why afraid? Lu mulut like Tokong Lim, Tian Chua, Surendran or whoever that bloke got charger 2-3 times, lu kina lah.

    4. 10:28,

      What makes you think that FBI and CIA know Malaysia? Do you know that they both have not found out the real motive behind the assassination of JF Kennedy in 1963 until now? Even things so damn important in their own country they don't know, how to say they know about Malaysia intimately?

      And do you know about the long-serving FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover kept secret information about President Kennedy, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, sex with Marylin Monroe film star etc in his special Top Secret cabinet for him to use in case any of them want him removed from office? Read the columns of US newspapers online to know lah - they make reference to past info when commenting on current affairs.

      That's not sedition, sure. But what the hell you glorify FBI and CIA, freedom of speech, rule of law, freedom of expression etc for? And talk about every diplomat smiling at DS Najib's "hypocrisy"?

      Look, I also have strong reservations about DS Najib lah, but I don't glorify foreign countries, organizations or personalities in trying to criticize him, man. The moment you do that, your statements become suspect, tinged with fallacies, do you know that?

      Do you now FBI and CIA, do you smile with their Officers?

  16. We need the Americans and the Europeans. Our economy will go into a tail spin if they reduce import from us, as well as reduce the sale to us of high tech medicine and equipment which both the government and private sector need. Can you imagine what will mnc's do if they can't get the equipments they want into their factories here?

    Already, this is what they think of us:


    Malaysia's productivity is decades behind that of neighbouring Singapore and other advanced Asian economies, data show.

    Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI) executive director Stewart Forbes said that on average, a worker in Malaysia in 2013 is as productive as a worker in Singapore 35 years prior.

    Gross domestic product per worker in Malaysia last year is also equal to that of a Japanese worker in 1972, Hong Kong in 1982, Taiwan in 1990 and South Korea in 1995.

    1. Malaysia have too many puiblic holidays

    2. productivity at the expense of ?

      in Malaysia european countries take opportunity on asian mindset who are generally hardworking.

      U wont see the european and us citizen working like asian but with less salary. They purposely set up facties here in asian country knowing well how the workers here being exploited. Had they had their worker work like us back in germany, the whole worker will go riots, like deutsche bahn, like deutsche post because they have strong work union.

      i dont think we need to have them judge us. who are they to say less of us? like tun m always says they dont have the moral ground to preach to us.

      I believe all of us are working hard, going back home late at night and have salary tht doesnt compensate wht we did. so they can go fly kite for all i care

    3. You no like too many public holidays here, you go to countries no public holidays, lorr. Like Russia. Live in Siberia.

      So many problems in the country to be complaining of too many public holidays lah, Mister. Apa la lu

    4. import from us is important. But comparing productivity with Japan, Taiwan Hong Kong etc - you are talking about investments.

      For those, what is important is the type of investments, technology transfer etc, lorr. So talk about the stupid kind of investments from China and Singapore to dump sand, build islands and put up luxury housing units in Johore, meh. So many locals can do those what.

      Talk about high-tech kind of investments lah.

    5. 10:55,

      Did you say pubic hairs?


    6. Anonymous18 October 2014 11:22,

      Bravo. Come to this blog more often, amigo. I like your arguments and we need to wank these funny fellows with counter arguments.

    7. The Malaysian worker's productivity is not solely of his own doing.

      Let's take a fast food restaurant crew. In Malaysia he takes home about RM1000 a month after an 8 hour day. The same worker, provided he is conversant in English, makes the equivalent of RM9200 in Australia (where the minimum wage is 16.87 A$/hour). In Australia, the cost of a Big Mac is about RM14.65.

      So it's up to the government to provide an environment in which a worker's earning is as much as possible more than his cost of living.

    8. Anon 20:51, Money is not everything. Sacrifice for the greater good of the country is.

      Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country - US President J.F. Kennedy.

      I believe all of us are working hard, going back home late at night and have salary tht doesnt compensate wht we did. so they can go fly kite for all i care - Anon 11:22

  17. In 1957, Malaysia was among the richest country in Asia.

    Now, so many Asian countries have forged far ahead of us.

    Care to think why?

    1. Malaysia best country in world because we have proud KETUAN BUMIPUTRA policy!

    2. Lu teka teki or doing quiz puzzle here arr? Aiyyo, don't waste people's time, man. You got things to say, you say, horr. Not do a quiz game here.

      Me? I'm here only for the beer. And I don't even drink. Just quoting a British TV advert to people like you.

      Have a good day, ok?

    3. Woi, 10:41, Malaysia not yet formed in 1957 lah. Cakap katun Pakatoon ke kamu?

  18. Agree with you "Our opposition to the Anti-Sedition Act groups must be co-ordinated and managed by those who can appeal to the sensitivities of worldwide audience .."

    Sad UMNO/ BN cannot orgnize and counter. UMNO cannot because bossman l-i-b-e-r-a-l. MCA/Gerakan can but won't. Because they quietly also want Sedition Act to go. Then Malay rights, Ketuanan Melayu, Special Position etc can become less prominent.

    Unless UMNO changes bossman.

  19. This is the reason that the US has insisted that the Transatlantic and Transpacific Partnerships be totally secretive and negotiated outside the democratic process. Not even the US Congress has been permitted knowledge of the negotiations.

    Obviously, the Europeans and Asians who are agreeing with the terms of these “partnerships” are the bought-and-paid-for agents of the US corporations. If the partnerships go through, the only law in Europe and Asia will be US law.

  20. "US concerned with Putrajaya's use of Sedition Act, says embassy.."

    LOL..Coming from a country who chose to look the other way and acted like nothing happened when thousands of Palestinian women and children ruthlessly murdered in Gaza back in July.

  21. To win the heart of the west you need to ACT LIBERAL.

    If you talk force with America, they'll send cruise missiles.

    Najib is well liked by the west, so he is useful here. KJ could be the 'co-ordinator and manager' as he too is liked by the west.

    Yet, we can expect them to be FUNDAMENTALLY UMNO, because it is from UMNO that they get their power. They are not stupid to see UMNO lose power.

    However, to retain power, UMNO has to change a little.

    Those who have done deep sea fishing will understand. When you get a BIG ONE, such as a marlin, you have to yield a when the fight may cause the line to break, then you reel in some when the fish is not fighting hard. There will be many, many yields and reels. Intelligence, the ability to work out win-win situations, and patience - not hot headedness which makes us look bad in the west - will be needed.

    We need the west as a counter weight to China, which has become the largest importer of Malaysian products (most of Singapore's pruchase from Malaysia is trans-shipped):

    Main export partners on 2013 (from wiki):
    Singapore 13.6%
    China 12.6%
    Japan 11.8%
    United States 8.7%
    Thailand 5.4%
    Hong Kong 4.3%
    India 4.2%

  22. Whether you support or oppose the Sedition Act the main benefit/disadvantage for both parties is in its ambiguity. Let's say I called you "Shorty", some people may be okay with this, but others might be offended. When you deal with the law or bureaucracy, most people just want the rules to be clear. But the Sedition Act allows us to get those "obviously bad" people that are not operating outside other laws because they threaten our harmony. But who determines our harmony? Then it becomes arbitrary, perhaps like leste majest laws in different nations. What this means is that the law must be applied only to extreme cases or else it loses support in the rakyat. When we look at those charged with sedition, do you see the worst of the worst people, or not? White nations always see a need to comment on other peoples business, that's what they are like, but we should determine what's best for ourselves. If the Government wanted to prove this to the World, rather than be seen to be listening to consultants, certain newspapers or foreign powers, it could just hold a referendum at the next election. I'm sure it would comfortably win both.

    1. Intent, man, intent.

      When 10 of our Police and Armed personnel died defending Lahad Datu Filipino incursion, instead of condolence to the bereaved families, bloody Tian Chua made fun of their efforts there, what the hell is that if not bad intent.

      Charged in court, whether he wins or not up to the Federal Court finally lah. That's what the Courts are there for. But the Sedition Act is for blokes like Tian Chua.

    2. “the Sedition Act the main benefit/disadvantage for both parties is in its ambiguity.”

      Ever heard the lawyers say that however long the clarification and the arguments may be, however thick the legal documents is, it’s only worth the paper it’s written on? Meaning nothing in law is as clear as clean water. And if you are in Selangor, hell – mining ponds water!

      Have you heard the expression that a lawyer is a merchant of words? Some clients are somewhat suspicious when there are long explanations and clarifications, suspecting justifying for higher fees! Especially when they are long winded!

      One lawyer I know likes to use short briefs. And he is on his way to becoming a Judge now. Having to interpret disputed words, phrases and sentences in short letters, memos, etc in cases that appear before him.

      Ambiguity? Nec gemino bellum trojanum orditur ob ovo. You will be long-winded if you explain too much, m’man. And I assure you I’m no lawyer but know the above from lawyer friends. Neither do I know Latin. Put out that Latin bit above that I learnt long ago just to impress!

  23. So many opportunities lost.

    I know of a social group that is made up of former residents of a well known hall of residence in a foreign internationally well regarded university. All 3 races included. Their ages ranges from late 50s to late 60s. Many of them are now well known names in this country in business, profession and politics.

    They get together frequently. Their wives too sometimes. There are no racial hangups. They call each other brothers. The lingua franca is English. All think Ibrahim Ali a loud mouth with no substance.

    They are like that because they all came from a common background. There was no NEP then. All got to work hard to make the grade. The standards they all had too live up to were the same, and international.

    What has Malaysia come to?

    1. "They get together frequently. Their wives too sometimes. There are no racial hangups"

      They must have shared common activities. What works here, especially for the well to do, is dinner and drinks, clubbing, golf, etc.. Quite difficult thing to do for the not so well to do and those who value life in the hereafter more.

    2. You forgot one thing, mate - the Malay is the exception to the rule. Most of the nearly 60% Malays of the country before NEP could not have the opportunity to even join that group.

      But what about the 23% Chinese who have been the richest community in the country even before NEP? Why are there not many of them like those. Instead, even the MCA Youth and the Gerakan now want to cakap a bit songsang to BN line on a few issues. What more the clearly ungrateful ingrate Cina Bukit DAP.

    3. Lu insinuating ha? Tempias from the DAP Red Beans and Pakatun goons re the usual Melayu don't work hard but get NEP benefits? If so, say so here. I'd like to tell you a few things.

      And the lingua frnca is English. Meaning all the time? Not even sometimes BM? You proud of such buggers no respect for the Constitution? Mat Salleh bontot hitam, coklat and kuning ka?

      And do tell us what have they done to chip in towards the overall efforts of avoiding your question "What has Malaysia come to?". Sip in Chateau de Pape wine, gobble Chivas Regal whisky, and gently roll under the tongue what'sthename smooth high class neat brandy thru and after dinner, and talk lovey lovey, hantaming Ibrahim Ali? What the ....

      See, I don't drink, so didn't complete the last phrase.

    4. All think Ibrahim Ali a loud mouth with no substance? Not DAP blokes? None of them? Not even Tokong Lim?

      And you said There are no racial hangups as far as they were concerned?
      What the .....

      You one of them? Ever read about 13 May 1969? Which source? The White Paper produced by the National Operations Council? Or the DAP-commissioned book by Kua Ka Soong? The bloke who fought big time with Lim Kit Siang even before the book was published? Cabut DAP. Then fought with the Dong Zong, Administrators of Chinese Schools when he was teaching in one in Kajang? Cabut again.

      Then he joined Anwar-backing and US Necons-funded Suaram (he admitted it openly). Went to France, daily sending to KL dispatches claiming there was an on-going trial on the purchase of the Scorpene submarines involving commission by Establishment personalities.

      Until no less than a French Public Prosecutor, in KL for an anti-corruption conference, told the media no such on-going trial that Kua had been lying about. And you belived Kua's version of the race riots of 1969?

      What the ......

    5. Aoi, Anon 12:25, you Pakatoon secret member?

      What has Malaysia come to?

      Malaysia doing good. Malays more united. All want ban Octoberfest!

      Dont be simple minded. Malaysia just fine!

      Dont be simple minded!

    6. Anon 12:25

      You insinuating NEP no good?

      Careful - may be Sedituous!

  24. To protect Islam, the UMNO gov seems to have no problem of burning other people holy book. This may imply that Muslim in this country can go violent way against others especially the Chinese Christians and be no wrong.

    1. Now now now, you 12:31 bugger. Loose gun, eh, you? Tembak as you suka only arr?

      Lanti people use blunderbuss to tembak your bontot, lu baru tau.

      Check again your words there, Mista, I don't even want to say out my thinking, don't want to be seditious in any way.

  25. 1. Wiki not reliable. Any Ahmad, Chong and Muthu can write. Often got Editors' notes asking for sources and authorities of info stated there. So, info there often changing one.

    2. Malays don't go fishing marlin. They fish shallow waters. That's why you don't understand the Malays. Najib, too. And the Malays quiet, quiet, accomodating, compliant, submissive, but if long ignored or provoked, may mengamok, you know.

    3. Read what Dato Sagor and his men did to the First British Resident to Perak after the Pangkor Treaty in 1874? The fella wanted to collect taxes from the Malays dulang washing tin mining operations and the like. They kerissed/ speared him to death along the banks of the Perak River. The word amok entered the English dictionary since that time - check it, it's there.

    4. We may need the west as a counter weight to China. But doesn't mean we get pulled by the nose like cows by them. OK, we don't have much weaponry, but if they shoot missiles, we just kentut them lah.

    5. And who talks about weaponing them, anyway. We just tell them off when they want to interfere in our business. Liberal may be. But must take into account our local conditions lah. Multi racial, ungrateful ingrate Cina Bukit DAP, ungkit ungkit, sensitive issues.

    6. We don't want race riots like 13 May 1969 what. Or black-whites race riots in US many times what. Even in a country generally better educated, what. What more in Malaysia, vernacular schools, self isolation, multi-nations within a nation nonsense, etc.

    7. So, we retain Sedition Act and FO the Yanks (not militarily, hehe) when they put their nose into our affairs.


  26. re, Our ministers these days ,are clowns and jokers .

    Annie !, you forget to mention who lead, those clowns and jokers .

    re , Will our PM DS Najib Tun Razak summons the US ambassador and tell him, not to minds with our business.

    I am very much in doubt ,that will happen ,Najib can't even tell Lim Guan Eng off ,what more to the US .
    Rakyat has been watching , and how I wish someone of Tun Mahathir caliber, leading our Nation now ,and of course leading UMNO as well.

    1. Bravo, tebing tinggi. I like the last part of your comment very much. Yes, Najib can't even tell Lim Guan Eng off, what more to the US. I want to see him do it.

      Woi, Najib supporters, what say you? Don't want US marah if Najib scold Tokong Lim? Be LIBERAL like said the fler commenting with that word in capital letters, above?

      And the wish that someone of Tun Mahathir caliber, leading our Nation now and UMNO as well. Can we promote the idea? Propose here and there that TDM take over? There were, maybe are, world leaders still running countries at 90 plus. TDM is only 89 now.

    2. Don't think TDM wants to be the PM who might preside over the fall of BN.

    3. 16:53,

      See my opinion submitted at 17:45 just now, or thereabout.


    4. Anonymous18 October 2014 16:53,

      You wanna bet on TDM wants to be PM? How much? Say so here. But don't tell PAS.

  27. The next few years will see Malaysia under great economic stress.

    As a result of dwindling national resources, the government's options to rule are severely limited.

    Those of us in the private sector (eg automobile, property or finance) should be able to confirm the sharply slowing economy in the last few months.

    BN might even fall in the next GE.

    I don't see TDM wanting the job even though presented with it.

  28. Can we ask our ambassador to USA to express Malaysia's concern regarding The Patriot Act. Do you think it only applies to terrorists? NO, only to 'suspected' terrorists picked up from all over the world, tortured (under special rendition program) and thrown into Guantanamo Bay WITHOUT TRIAL some even for ten years. And yet their eyes can only see the warts of others

    1. Hahaha, "their eyes can only see the warts of others".

      But every step the the poor flers take dragging the steel chains on their hands and feet, day in and day out, they imagine whacking the Yankee guards to their bone marrow and smashing the bastards' heads to the floor until their brains splutter all over.

      Yes, that's how some of them must have been able to last that long without getting loony. Saw the mafia film acted by Warren Betty where a gang of mobsters pooled their finances to build a casino in the early days of Las Vegas? In one scene Warren was driving out to whack a non-conforming mobster dead and, to get him out of any sense of guilt, pity etc for the shooting he was going to do, he repeatedly muttered some kid phrases until he reached destination and banged the fella.

      The one time I drove LA-Las Vegas with friends, I kept remembering that scene. Who did I hit? Not even the slot machines. You wanna me swear? Don't la.

    2. Agree wholeheartedlty. The USA is a kay-poh nation. They bully other nations. Imagine if the US prez is of the Chinese stock, I'm sure DAP and gang will try to jing-gang with him and then ask him to teach the Malay govt and the Malays/Pribumis/Orang Asli a lesson or maybe will instigate to sanction M'sia or to bomb it. I am sure these pendatang tak sedar diri will be happy. They will of course bring all their money and treasures away from the country and wait till it's ok to come back. Where got love for M'sia? Only want to scrape the wealth as much as possible and then cry, govt racists lah...when they are the richest of all in M'sia. . Bloody bastards!

    3. I second that.
      As 'The Champion of Democracy', ask Uncle Sam why they turned a blind eye on Saudi Arabia.
      With Saudi Arabia, why they created and funded ISIS to overthrow Syria's Bashar Assad?

  29. 15:53,

    Give lah some names, examples, figures, sources of those. Forecasting gloom and doom have always been the Oppo Hippos job. The Tony Puas etc. Easy to say difficult to prove. So, difficult to believe also.

    Saying BN might even fall in the next GE, that's just your opinion, no facts to support that, and my opinion, I insist, is, without facts also, better than yours.

    You "don't see TDM wanting the job" because nobody presented him with it. You try lah persuade DSN to hand over the job to morrow, see if he'd give his usual sarcastic smile, then appear in Putrajaya PMO the next day.

  30. Apa erti lagi nilai kemerdekaan yg dilaung2 saban tahun kalau pemimpin akur dgn telunjuk negara besar

  31. Good point, bro 17:24. Though I doubt the US State Dept bothers about what we say. They think they are towering blokes, probably Israeli Lobby-supporting bloke, many in State Dept are Jews or Jewish (having some Jewish blood, grandfather or somebody along the line was a Jew).

    Double standard? No, they'd say, could't find anywhere to send them, not Iraq, not Afghanistan. Bloody shit, they were scared because 1-2 they released many years ago re-joined Al Qaeda and walloped them back.

    And scared also if tried in US courts, lack of evidence (those buggers won't confess even after frequent inhuman water boarding etc), those fellas may be found not guilty, let go scot free, and whack a few Yanks on the way out from court!

  32. Aiyyo, Annie, just over half a day since early this morning, already 73 comments ha?

    You are getting damn popular, girl. Keep it up. We'll follow you. Frequently moderated, we got encouraged larr.

  33. Of course lah the US embassy would do this. It is headed by a chink. So, a chiink will always help their brethren wherever they are. The M'sia oppos feel strong as they have the US big brother of their own kind helping them. Isn't DAP is a chink party? Bar Council is full of chinks, isn't it? The US embassy should just mind their own fuc***g business.

    1. Yeah lorr, forgot about that. Blardy bastak American Chingkie.

      Political appointment, innit? Not so bad lar, after Obama gone, the bloke also sone.

      Meaning of sone? Between me and the bloke. I wish I could pon him. Also P&C between me and him.

  34. I personally think, China is the lesser evil than Uncle Sam. China had never funded or supported the opposition in any country. Unlike Uncle Sam, China had not been known to be the 'instigator of uprising or rebellion' in any foreign land.
    With China on Russia's side in Ukraine, they both could act as deterrent against US hegemony.

    James Shoal is only 80km from Sarawak's shores. Therefore, without any doubt and by whatever international standard, it belongs to Malaysia. That landing by PLA, without much fuss from the Malaysian government, astounded the Americans more. It's seem to them that the landing might have had our approval or blessing. The US would not dare to be a busybody when Malaysia is not complaining.

    As a small non-align nation, we had the advantage of friendship from both super-powers and enjoy the freedom to choose side. If China were to threaten us in anyway, we might be tempted to, let say, allow Uncle Sam to built a military/naval installation in Sabah or anywhere they think is more strategic. The same scenario, the other way around.

    Aye, China seems to be exerting its muscle or in dispute over territorial waters with countries in her proximity and around South China Seas. Not surprisingly, all those countries are US' staunch allies, all with US military presence. If China really wants to 'cari pasal' with Malaysia, they would have make their presence felt around Pulau Layang-Layang which is 300km from Labuan. We had built a military base, now with a holiday resort and runaway for light aircraft. Thanks to Dr.M, who had instructed the Navy to set-up camp, just 2 month after becoming PM, in 1981. If not because of him, we definitely would not have legitimate claim over any part of the Spratly Islands and what lies beneath.

    1. Alamak RD, u r irritating la, how can u say "China never funded or supported the opposition in any country .. not been known to be the 'instigator of uprising or rebellion' in any foreign land."

      You didn't read the history of this country arr? Mao Zedong did all those to bloody communist terrorist Chin Peng and the Communist Part of Malaya lorr.

      Wat you talk "That landing by PLA, without much fuss from the Malaysian government .. seem to them (US) that the landing might have had our approval or blessing .. US would not dare to be a busybody when Malaysia is not complaining." Where you got that information - from Chinese Embassy propaganda ha?

      U an agent of the Embassy?

    2. Your last paragraph is somewhat a mitigating factor for you. Though your suggestion that China had reasons to flex their muscles on those "staunch US allies" countries sounds strange, I'll compliment you for praising Dr Mahathir's foresightedness in instructing our Navy to set up camp on the relevant Spratly Islands in 1981.

      Not to "legitimize" our claim, as it had been legitimate since before. What it did was to show our presence so that nobody tries any monkey business there. Our concern is the big monkey monkeying around.

      An island needs not be occupied to be belonging to us. Look at the many tiny islands off the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia, occupied only by babi hutan, but recognized as belonging to us. God damn it when monkeys try to claim them.

    3. RD,

      re , China is lesser evil then Uncle Sam.

      Assuming that may lead to good night sleep ,but let looks around.

    4. Dear Tebing Tinggi.
      I don't think Mother China is very fond of their brethren overseas who are mainly Evangelist. What happen now in Hong Kong can be an example. They have become somewhat Anglophile, aka Yankeephile?

  35. Hai economic stress guy, those in the know say with the KLCI hitting an all time high at 1800 and the GDP exceeding 6%, not logic to talk about economic stress.

  36. Well, keep the change annie...inspiring..

  37. Its the same old story the past 10 years - doom gloom warning.
    Facts are lots of people are making lots of money from share and property market. Shopping complexes are full of shoopers-no car parks left. On holidays highways are bottleneck full even as early as Friday evenings.

    Its always good to "sediakan payung sebelum hujan" but its not nicelah to use this kinda of talks as a capital rather than serving well first.


  38. Is this post is about seeing the forest
    rather than the trees?

    1. I am piqued at this kind of comments. Appearing to criticize but not saying what the bloke means. It's a waste of readers' time, goodwill and respect for human beings' ability to communicate.

  39. "Dr Mahathir was known throughout the world for his forthrightness at the global stage. Malaysia, despite being a small country was well respected by others as it was doing well at that time."

    A respected American scholar on the global stage appreciates Malaysia :

    Knowledge, Sectarianism, Governments

    1. This is a good comment. Very clear in intent, thinking and methodology. Very reasonable, too - presumably the American's scholar's article praising Tun Dr Mahathir is long, he/she provides the link to it. Well done, friend.

    2. But the problem is Annie has not activated the link such that readers can just press on it and the article appears. I must admit to laziness in copying the link, going to google page, paste it and press the search button. I know I'm asking a bit much, but I have already admitted to laziness. It means I'm not an ungrateful ingrate, just lazy.

      Have a good day everybody.

  40. I must repeat what Annie says - The groundswell against the repeal of the Sedition Act ... seems to be very strong. Almost all Umno divisions had during their recent delegates' meeting wanted for Najib not to repeal the Act.

    I cannot imagine the reaction of the public if, despite all those, Najib repeals the Sedition Act. He must be deft, daft and dong if he were to do that. Yet he appears crazy, bent on getting developed nation status no matter what. He would go into history as the PM who disregards the wishes of the majority to get that status. Not just the silent majority, but the vast majority of the Divisions of his own party. Almost all Divisions, said Annie.

  41. Oooooooo, 101 comments now, Annie for slight over a day post. People must really dislike "the Ugly Americans" (they don't use that term any more these days maybe because their noses are sharper, eh) - thanks to the American Chingkie as their Ambassador to Malaysia.

    Or dislike Najib for wanting to repeal the Sedition Act.

    Or loving Annie, often called cute in here, sometimes referred to as an a** by a bloke said to have a flabby 3 ft wide backside.

    All told, it seems everybody is having fun being in here. And I'm endlessly praising Annie, mengurat, tapi tak dapat.

  42. Gud, gud, gud, now Deputy Home Minister Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar blasts the Chingkie US Ambassador and the US gomen.

    The United States should not meddle in the issue of the Sedition Act, he said.

    “We don’t interfere in what America does, so we ask the US Embassy not to interfere in our internal affairs,” he said after opening a Goods and Services Tax (GST) awareness seminar here yesterday.

    In a statement on Friday, the embassy urged the Government to “apply the rule of law fairly, transparently, and apolitically in order to promote confidence in Malay­sia’s democracy, judiciary, and economy”. What the fcuking hell kind of business the Chingkie US Ambassador has to say so.

    “The police carry out investigations and submit their papers to the Attorney-General, who will charge the suspects if there is sufficient evidence,” the Deputy Minister said.

    But the Ministry of Foreign Affairs still quiet, It's their bloody job to spiak. Still apple polishing maybe .. I mean, backside polishing.

    I like the Ministry of Home Affairs, Both the Minister and Deputy Minister, as above. They are the no-nonsense kind. Whack even the nonsensical Chingkie US Ambassador. Bravo.

    1. I've always guessed that there are many Malays who are open minded, but whose voices are drowned by those who are not.

      The 'I want to touch a dog' event is a pleasant surprise.

  43. not just US annie. our leadership is so accommodative with foreigners especially China and Singaporean. we gave them some strategic location for investment. we provide them with some info. we forgot sometimes with provide some strategic info. we forgot in the name of investment and development we sacrifice our sovereignty. we can see it in Iskandar Malaysia how foreigners conquered our country economy and investment. we are so proud with the numbers of investment, international destination for tourism, we provide them some area what we call it international zone or Special Economic Zone (SEZ) which once stated in Iskandar Malaysia Comprehensive Development Plan and at the same time our locals still left behind without proper long term planning. we bring back Colonialism and lets the colonial decide our destiny.